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Arche took some time to look at the other Worker Teams.

She recognized Dragon Rush- and noticeably their leader most of all, namely the armor that he was wearing that glittered in the morning light in various shades of emerald. Though it might have seemed like snakeskin initially, Arche knew that it was actually made of dragonskin.

She had heard stories of this of course. Namely the fact that it had been a rather young dragon still, to kill a dragon was extremely impressive. Not many adventures could say they had to go toe-toe with one of the strongest creatures in the world.

If Arche remembered correctly, the leader, Parpatra, was known to be extremely prudent.

As they say, beware the old man in a profession where they die young.

Rumors were that he had survived for this long in the Worker business by being extremely prudent.

Granted, there were tales of him being too cautious and missing out on a big payload as a consequence, of course. But it appeared that the pay was high enough for him to want to come to this sort of place.

Next to them was the Worker team Heavy Masher.

They were notable for having fourteen members in total, though she counted only six at this time. Some of them may have been resting and recuperating and had likely chosen to not participate- a larger team of course had its advantages in having more people to rely on, but it also meant that the rewards were thinner as they were split up among more people.

It was while Arche was watching them that she didn't realize that someone was watching her. And that someone had recognized who she was.

"Arche-senpai!" a voice called out to her.

Arched turned to look at a young boy.

He was about half a head shorter than Arche. And what was notable about him, or rather, the only notable part about him was the eye patch. He wore it over his left eye. Arche was sure that she had seen the boy somewhere before- but where? "Senpai, I never thought I would be able to see you here," he said.

"Do you know this kid?" Hekkeran asked her.

Arche found she could see the faint aura of magic around him, but it was not strong- he was a first tier caster.

So that could mean given his age... "I'm sorry," Arche said, "But are you someone I knew at the Academy?"

The boy shifted his eyes- or rather, only his right eye. Arche couldn't tell what the other eye was doing behind that eyepatch. "Well... you didn't exactly know me but I saw you at the Academy and everyone always talked about how great you were. And, well, when I saw you here, I just like... well, I decided to come over and say 'hello.'"

"Oh, I see," Arche said.

She gave the boy another look now. He was dressed up in very plain clothes, and Aside from the eyepatch there was nothing really unique about him. He had bags under his right eye and had a somewhat sickly looking complexion though he probably wasn't actually sick given his energy.

"So, why are you here?"

"Oh, I'm here to participate in the raid," the boy said.

Arche was a bit taken aback. The boy was a simple first-tier magic caster. And, first tier magic was- well, one could not say it was useless, but it was rather difficult to use in combat. First tier spells were usually lifestyle or such similar spells, and casters who had only reached that level were usually employed full-time in such occupations like making paper or water.

Arche then looked around. "So, where are the rest of your team members?" she asked.

"Oh, I don't have any," the boy said. "I came on my own. They were also hiring individuals for this job."

Arche was taken aback even more.

"You do realize this is dangerous, right? We will be going into the wilderness."

The same thing could, of course, be applied to her, but Arche was an experienced worker, she had had her bones broken more times than she could have counted, and as such was used to danger, but the fact remained though, that if you worked in the business for long enough, all that would await you would be a shallow grave with very few exceptions- like Parpatra for example.

But of course more worryingly, the difference in power between a first tier and a third tier caster was immense.

Arche was quite confident that she could take on a hundred first tier casters if she had to in a fight.

"Yeah, I know it's dangerous," the boy said. "Oh wait, sorry, I never introduced myself. My name is Jet Testania. I'm currently a second year at the Imperial Magical Academy. Pleased to meet you."

He bowed his head and Robberdyck and Imina returned the greeting.

"They told me I didn't actually need to fight on the front lines. So, I'll try to avoid that if possible." He told her. Arche didn't get it.


At this, Jet seemed to lose some of his enthusiasm.

Or at least, it seemed to be from Arche's perspective that he realized that he had said more than he should have. "Um, well, they offered me fifty gold pieces to accompany them. They said there would be a silver bonus for every demihuman killed but that even if I didn't fight in the front line, I could still be paid that flat rate."

Arche blinked.

Fifty gold pieces was a large sum. Why would they throw it away on someone so... (she didn't want to be rude, but there was no other word for it) weak?

With fifty gold pieces they could easily get a third tier caster for this kind of mission. If Arche had been alone, she would have certainly considered the job for that kind of pay- especially given the potential bonus attached to it.

Why then offer it to a boy like this?

"Are you really ready for this?" Robberdyck asked.

He seemed to share Arche's, concern as the boy seemed quite young. He was probably no older than 16.

"And shouldn't you be at the Academy studying?" Arche asked. This was a bit hypocritical coming from her, but she had had a good reason to leave the Academy. After all, she had to support her family and her parent's debt.

She's about to berate him further when she realized with a jolt that it was entirely possible that Jet had a similar reason that he could not pass up this job.

"Does this mean that you've decided on becoming a worker?" Arche asked.

He was not going to be able to complete many jobs being just a first-tier caster. It was likely that none of the currently established teams would want him on their rosters either. "Um, no." Jet responded. "I need the money, but I don't really intend to go on any further jobs."

"I see," Arche said.

She was an entirely unsure whether she should speak the next part- given the fact that she was essentially pledging something on behalf of her teammates, but she also felt like she couldn't pass this by. "Well, if you ever feel in danger or if you need any advice, or if you just need some backup, you can try sticking with us, okay? Just don't do anything reckless."

"Alright," Jet said.

Now considerably brighter when Arche had said this, he ran off. Arche turned to her teammates to apologize but they shook their heads.

"No, I understand why you said that. Still, it makes me wonder what kind of issue could make him want to take up a job like this. I'm worried as to why they paid him such a high sum," Imina said.

"Indeed," Robberdyck said.

"Is he really strong? He doesn't look it," Hekkeran said.

"No, he's just a first tier caster," Arche told them.

"Well, that really makes little sense," Imina said. "Is he also maybe specialized in fighting instead?"

That could be possible, Arche thought, perhaps he was a magical swordsman or the like and his true talent lay in swordsmanship. But based on how he moved and how his body was, she didn't think it was very likely.

"Well let's hope he doesn't get himself killed," Robberdyck said.

"And of course, if things get really bad-" Hekkeran said,

"-we leave him behind, of course." Arche completed the sentence for him.

Before their conversation could take a more macabre turn, a carriage drove out towards the front of the mansion.

From the carriage, three figures emerged. The first was a female rabbitman dressed in a maid's outfit.

She observed them, bowed meekly and then turned aside for a rather average appearing person to step forward.

No, Arche thought- there's something off about him. The way his face looked... he looked like he was complete idiot.

That a bit judgmental, Arche thought, though she didn't think that she was wrong. It almost felt like her IQ was dropping the longer she looked at him.

The man behind them, however, was the most enigmatic.

He was dressed in a scarlet robe and his features were those of someone who had been dehydrated for several days.

Arche and her friends had once been asked to rescue a group of Imperial Knights who had wandered somewhere out in the desert. Thanks to Imina's training, they had been able to find them relatively quickly. And even they had looked less skeletal and haggard than this man. His eyes were sunken. From other people, she could hear whispers commenting on his appearance

"Hello, and a very good morning to all of you," the person who said this was the second one who had emerged from the carriage. "My name is Philip Dayton L'Eyre Montserrat, I am a ah... officer working under my employer, the illustrious Fluder Paradyne- former Court Wizard of Emperor Jircniv Rune Farlord El Nix. It is my pleasure to greet all of you. I will be the administrative head of this operation. If any issues pop up which cannot be otherwise resolved, do please feel free to bring such matters to my attention."

"Now, as many of you know, the job that we have been recruiting you all for is dealing with a group of demihumans that are currently near the base of the Azerlisia Mountain Range known as Quagoa Many of you may be wondering what a Quagoa is, and for that-" he motioned to the female rabbitman who went into the carriage and with surprising strength pulled out something wrapped in cloth which looked to be very large and heavy.

The maid opened it and revealed the body of a demihuman.

Philip said, "I recognize many of you may not have seen one and so we decide to bring a live specimen along with us."

Arche flinched a bit at the site. She had seen many dead monsters before but this was a bit too... sudden.

Several Workers attempted to get closer to the corpse to get a better look at it.

Philip continued. "Uh, you will have enough time to examine the body later on, please allow me to finish." With these words, the Workers backed off. "During this mission we will be traveling into the wilderness. And while you carry out your task, these adventures have been hired to protect your luggage." He motioned to a group of gold-ranked adventurers.

"Well, I hope they're up to the task, it would be a shame if our things were stolen," a man from behind Arche said.

She turned and heard Imina let out a hiss. The moment she saw the man Arche realized why this was.

Erya Uzruth- the famed swordsmen of the Slaine Theocracy whose skill was said to match that of Gazeff Stronoff. However, that was not what he was most famous for, in Arche's opinion.

It was his other three team members. Well, calling them 'team members' was a bit generous- if that had really been the case then no one would have a problem with him. But the thing was, that they were his possessions so to speak. The Slane Theocracy was currently engaged in warfare with the Elven Nation and routinely captured elves in enemy territory. In order to finance their operations they sold many of their captives as slaves.

The elves were of course, broken first starting with having their trademark needle-like ears mutilated- cut down so that they look like little more than stubs.

The Empire did not enslave other races and as a matter of fact, had outlawed human slavery very recently just a generation ago. However, it did not recognize the rights of those who were not humans and as such it tolerated the likes of people such as Erya. If perhaps the Elf Kingdom had more power diplomatically, they could have put pressure upon the Empire to outlaw elven slavery.

As an example, the Dwarven Kingdom, and the Baharuth Empire had been close in the past and as such dwarves had never been enslaved in the Empire's history.

"Do not worry," Philip said, waving his hand. "Nothing will happen to your luggage."

"Hmm," Erya said seemingly not convinced. Several dirty looks were shot by the gold plated adventures at him.

But as it was, it could not be denied that he stood head and shoulders above nearly everyone there, his skills would place him on an adamantite ranked team easily. Of course, the Adventurer's Guild would not tolerate having slaves as teammates, which is likely why he was plying his trade as a Worker.

It did not slip Arche's notice that all of his slaves were female. And, given the fact that they could not refuse him, it left little to her imagination with what they must endure every night.

"Now regarding the Quagoa," Phillip said. "I'd like to give you all a bit more information as we will be fighting them. They are demihumans which live in the Azerlisia Mountain ranges and they are nocturnal creatures. Or that is to say they prefer to live in the darkness of caves. Their eyes are adapted for the darkness much as that of goblins. And as such, they can see almost perfectly well in the dark, not to mention their other senses of smell and sound are adapted for such an environment. They are omnivores, and when they are young they feast upon mineral ores, which then later get transferred to their skin, making their hide as tough as the minderals they eat. As such, there are reportedly Quagoa whose skin is tougher than adamantine armor. Their claws grow similarly sharp. Most weapons cannot breach this natural armor that they have- though they do have crippling racial weakness to lightning-based attacks."

To many of those gathered there this made sense. Wearing armor tended to increase one's weakness to lightning, which is why many enchanted armor pieces were enchanted with lightning resistance to try to compensate for this weakness. It would make sense that if their hide was like natural armor, they too would be weak to lightning.

"Are there any questions?" Philip asked.

One person raised their hand, "Do the Quagoa eat humans?"

Regarding that question Philip replied, "We have not heard of any reports of them eating humans. I've no doubt that they could, if they wished to being omnivores however, they seem to have no predilection for eating humans and mostly eat lizards and other such small animals."

"In that case," the person who had asked the question continued, "Why did they attack a humman settlement?"

Phillip explained.

"A few days back, a human village was attacked by these creatures and while they were repelled successfully, they cost significant damage and a large number of them are still gathered within the base of the Azerlisia Mountain range, clearly readying for a second strike, and must be eliminated before then. As to why they attacked us- we are not entirely sure at this point. However, giving their huge numbers, we have reason to believe that they may have been driven out from their natural territory by another force or stronger monster. Either that or their numbers may have simply grown too large for them to remain within the mountain ranges and therefore, they have decided to expand onto other ground."

Another person raised their hand. "Do the Quagoa have powerful magic casters, or do they rely simply on their claws? Or do they have capable warriors as well.

"As far as we can tell," Philip said, "they seem to have very few magic casters. We have encountered the rare shaman or two among them who is capable of casting at best first tier magic. There could be stronger magic users within the Quagoa who we haven't seen before, but we cannot be sure. As for weapons their level of technology is extremely primitive and they do not have the ability to make armor or swords. As such their strongest warriors are those with strong claws. The Quagoa are not inherently very intelligent however, the fact remains though that they do have a tribal level of governance at the very least. As such we can expect some organized resistance from them."

There were no further questions, and so more carriages began arriving to take the Workers- and their luggage- across the border.

Immediately after they had finished speaking with them Arche noticed something about the man standing behind Philip.

There was a bright glow of magic about him- he was a third tier caster, probably somewhere on Arche's level- but he had been throughout the entire announcement been looking straight at someone in the crowd- and that someone was Jet.

As a matter of fact, Jet was running towards Arche and her team right now, looking like he had just seen a ghost.

"Um, yeah. Do you mind if I tag along for a bit?" he asked Arche, taking her up on her previous offer. Arche was not sure what he had seen, which caused him to go into this weird state of panic, but it was likely that man.

"Who is that man? And how do you know him?" Arche asked him.

"Uh, no one," Jet said, "I mean, no one important. As a matter of fact, he is actually the one who offered me this job. Um..." His eyes shifted, and it was clear that hee did not want to talk further about this. "Um, I'm sorry, sir, is it true that you are a Divine magic caster?"

"Indeed I am," Robberdyck said. "Are you experienced with fighting the undead?" Jet asked.

"Well yes, I mean all of our team are- that's what we were doing for the most part on the Katze Plains."

"I see," Jet said. A plan seemed to be forming in his head, but Arche couldn't make heads or tails out of it, whatever it was- the boy was hiding something from them. And she wanted to get it out of him. However, Imina and Robberdyck had other questions on their mind.

"Hey- did you find out anything else about our client?" Imina asked.

"Fluder Paradyne?'

"No, regarding Suzuki Satoru?"

"I learned that he has a ranch of Ignonick near the village that was attacked- and that it suffered some damage from the Quagoa invasion. He likely took quite an economic hit from the incident."

"Those monsters that explode when they come in contact with water?"

"Yup, no clue how he manages to control them- but he has and he has a massive ranch with them and he's made quite a fortune selling their meat, if tales are to be believed," Hekkeran said. He then shrugged. "Maybe the Quagoa really like the taste of Ignonick meat?"

"Right," Arche said.

"So, shall we take a look at the Quagoa?" Hekkeran said as the Worker teams had gathered into a neat line to examine the corpse of the demihuman. It was hardly interesting, Arche thought to herself. The picture didn't do it any justice, and quite honestly it looked like an overgrown giant rat.

Surprisingly, it did not smell likely because a spell had been cast upon the corpse to prevent its decay.

They apparently come another colors too Hekkeran told her. "Red and Blue, and those with exotic colors have harder skin." That was to be expected, as it was similar for many monster breeds.

They then packed their bags and the morning would've gone without further incident... if not, for a sudden scream. Arche turned her head to see that one of Erya's slaves now had a bloody mouth and one of her teeth were lying on the gravel. Given his stance, it was clear what had happened- he had either slapped or punched her in the face.

"That's what you get for dropping this!" he screamed. A box was on the ground, hardly touched by the fact that it had been dropped, but this had been enough to invoke Erya's wrath.

Everyone glared at Erya. No one approved of such behavior. But at the same time, no one really thought it was their place to interfere. As it was given the fact that the Empire acknowledged enslavement of elves indirectly, if they tried anything, they would be the criminals. Not to mention despite his other flaws Erya was a skilled swordsman. It would probably take all of Foresight to take him down, and even then it would be quite a close fight.

"Whatever, just leave him," Imina said.

Given the fact that Imina of all people had said something like this, the rest of them had no cause to further trash him.

Robberdyck said, "I heard his skill was on part with the Warrior-Captain's, but he seems to lack his honor and integrity."

The strength of Gazeff Stronoff was well known even within the Empire- given he had slain two of the Imperial Knights in battle. His skill was such that the Blood-Emperor himself had once gone onto the battlefield in an attempt to coax him over to their side, but the man had refused.

Erya on the other hand, seemed to value little more than money and prestige. He likely could have climbed up the ranks to be an Imperial Knight if he wanted to, though he likely had no inclination for the same. He had too much pride to be taking marching orders from someone else.

Arche liked to imagine that he was actually weaker than the Warrior-Captain, but she had no idea whether that was true or not.

While they were in the carriage, Arche turned to Jet, who had tagged along with them. "You don't need to do this, you know?"


"I can think of why a boy, like he would be inclined to join this kind of a job," Robberdyck said. "It's about your eye, isn't it?" He pointed towards Jet's eyepatch. "You need money to afford healing magic to fix it, don't you?"

"Oh, no that's not it-" Jet began.

"Don't worry, it will just take a second," Robberdyck said.

Arche smiled, "Don't worry about the temples finding out. When you go back, you can just say that you were injured in the wilderness and we had to heal you as part of the job. It's as easy as that."

The temples maintained a stranglehold upon their monopoly of healing magic. And while they could not restrict people from healing others, if a Worker healed someone who was not on their team, a fee would still need to be paid to the Adventurer's guild. But healing someone's comrade in battle was naturally something that they could not protest again.

Such restrictions clashed with Robberdyck's ideals, which is why he became a Worker in the first place.

"Uh, no, you don't understand," Jet said. "It's true though, that I'm doing this to pay for healing magic but it's for my mother. It's not for me. She's sick and I couldn't afford her medications any more and go to the Academy at the same time."

"Oh, I see," Robberdyck said. That raised a problem because it was far harder for him to find an excuse to heal Jet's mother than it would have been to heal Jet.

Granted, there were stories of adventures who healed their family members or their relatives. But this was something reserved only for adventurers- and Robberdyck was already on shaky terms with the temples.

"Still, the gold will be more than enough," Jet said.

"So, what is the deal with your eyepatch then?" Imina asked.

"I... kind of want to keep that a secret, if you don't mind, ma'am," Jet said sheepishly.

Even Arche wanted to prod further, but maybe it was because the boy was one of her underclassmen that she decided to just hold off and gave Imina a sign that it was better to stop digging into the matter.

"Well, whatever,' Hekkeran said. "You don't have to actually fight- right? You're getting paid a flat fee."

"Well, yes," Jet said. "They said I could stay away from the frontlines and I would be doing other tasks as requested, but it wouldn't involve direct fighting."

That made Arche think that Jet had some sort of strange talent which would be worth paying him that amount for- perhaps an ability much like her own? But again, it was rude to pry into such matters, so she would let it slide for now.

Suzuki was riding on a bus.

There were a lot of other people on the bus with him though he could not remember their faces- and he was swapping stories with them, sharing meals and drinks, and singing along when the bus came to a rest stop.

Suddenly, he had the urge to use the restroom and disembarked, though once he got back, he saw the bus was nowhere to be found.

"Hello!? Hello!" he ran around, seeing the bus trailing off in the distance- which had left him behind. "Hey- you forgot me!"

But there was no use in running after it at this point. He'd never catch up to it. And as such, he was left there.

At the rest stop. All alone, waiting for another bus to come by.

But none ever came.

"Grrgh," Suzuki groaned as he got up. He hadn't meant to fall asleep, he was testing out another gear set and had removed the item which removed his requirement to sleep in the process. He had unwittingly fallen asleep- and that weird dream he had reminded him why he no longer wanted to sleep anyway. He adjusted his magical items to what they were before- not even a hollow shell of what he had in Yggdrasil, but it would have to do.

The upcoming campaign was proceeding smoothly- though Albedo did have some questions on some of his decisions. His desire to use Workers rather than Adventurers was simply an emotional one, he did not want fellow Adventurers to possibly be casualties of the upcoming conflict.

It would've been fine to use Undead as well- but the fact remained that the enemy had used the Quagoa as a proxy to strike at Suzuki- and as such, he intended to respond in kind.

As it was, if everything worked out as he had hoped, they wouldn't even see him coming.

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