A quiet afternoon at NASA. Maj. Nelson had just finished lunch, as was on his way back to his office. Along the way, he saw Dr. Bellows stumbling down the hall. He had just gotten back from a special lunch he attended.

"Hi, Dr. Bellows," said Tony.

"Oh, hiya, Major Nelson."

"How was the luncheon?"

"It waz the best luncheon I've ever attended! On a scale ov 1 to ten, I'd give it a 100!"

Tony was really concerned! "Are you all right, Dr. Bellows?"

"All right? Why, I'm wonderful!"

"Dr. Bellows, you're drunk!"

"I'm am not drunk; why I'm az sober az a judge! Now, excuz me, Major!" He stumbled away.

"Dr. Bellows is drunk! What do I do?" he said to himself. "Roger is away on a mission…I know!"

He ran into his office.

"Jeannie? JEANNIE!"

She popped up, wearing a red dress. "Hi, Master!" She hugged and kissed him.

"Oh, Jeannie, I really need your help! Dr. Bellows is drunk!"

This shocked her. "Drunk, Master?"

"He just came back from that luncheon I told you about. He apparently had too much to drink at it! We've got to get him home before he gets into trouble!"

"Oh, yes, Master! What do we do?"

"Follow me!"

He led her out back into the hallway.

"Let's see.. he went that direction."

They waled down the left-hand hallway. This led to the main entrance. Not seeing him around, they walked outside.

A circular fountain was by the doors. And in it was Dr. Bellows! He was standing underneath one of the jets, getting soaked!

They ran to the side of the fountain.

"Dr. Bellows!" they shouted.

"Come on in, the water's fine!"

Tony sighed. "We might as well go in after him, Jeannie!"

"Yes, Master!"

They got in the water (Jeannie slipped her shoes off, first) and walked over to him.

"Hi, Major! " He flicked water at them!

"Sir, you've got to get out of the fountain!"

"An' why should I?"

"Because…it's not suitable for a NASA employee to do that!"


He began running around in the fountain. They ran after him. He suddenly lied down in the water in the center of the fountain. They went over and knelt beside him.

"Dr. Bellows!"

"I think I'll take a little nap!

He closed his eyes and settled into a drunken sleep!

"Jeannie, what'll we do!"

"I have got an idea, Master."

She blinked.

The three of them ended up at Dr. Bellows' house.

"Great idea, Jeannie!"

He knocked. Amanda answered.

"Hi, Mrs. Bellows."

"Hi, Major Nelson. What's going on?"

"Your husband had a little too much to drink at the luncheon. Jeannie and I are bringing him home."

"I see! Please come in!"


They brought Dr. Bellows inside and put him on the living room couch.

"Say, why are the three of you soaked? And why are you barefooted, Jeannie?"

"Dr. Bellows got into the fountain at NASA, and we had to fish him out," said Tony.

"I forgot to put my shoes back on," explained Jeannie.

"I see! Well, thanks for bringing him back home!" said Amanda. "Alfred doesn't hold his liquor very well, I'm affraid!"

"You're welcome. I guess we'd better be getting back," said Tony.

Amanda led them back to the front door. "Thanks again, Major Nelson."

"Anytime, Mrs. Bellows."

"Bye, Jeannie, darling."

"Bye, Mrs. Bellows."

They went back outside.

Jeannie blinked them back to NASA.

"Thanks, Jeannie."

"No problem, Master."

She put her shoes back on and blinked the two of them dry. They she kissed him and disappeared. Tony walked back inside the building and into his office.

The next day, Tony went back to work. While in his office, he was met by Dr. Bellows.

"Good morning, sir."

"Major Nelson, thank you very much about yesterday. I drank much more than I intended to!"

"No problem, sir. It can happen to anybody."

"My wife tells me that I ended up in the front fountain, and that you and Jeannie had to get me out. Is this true?"

"Yes, it is, sir."

"I must have been really stewed!"

He smiled. "Like tomatoes, sir!"

They both chuckled.

"Did anybody see me?"

"No, I don't think so, sir."

"Good! Thanks again, Major."

"Anytime, sir."

Dr. Bellows shook Tony's hand, and left.