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BGM: Peach's Castle (Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam)

Ghirahim teleported inside the attic of Peach's Castle. "Alright, where is that book." He wondered as he looked through a small stack of books on a shelf. "Hmph, you'd think you'd find these in a library." He quietly said as he found one particular book that was poking out of the shelf. "Oh?" He walked over and pulled it out, checking the cover of the book. "Aha, here it is." He said as he then heard a squeak. He looked up and saw a Scaredy Rat peeking out of the shelf. "What are you looking at? Shoo." He said as he heard a door slowly opening. Better make myself scarce. He thought and disappeared right as Toadsworth walked in.

"Let's see… there's gotta be some party supplies for the Star Festival…" He said to himself. "Goodness, it's all dusty in here!" He complained, coughing a few times as he looked around, then heard a squeak as he turned around and saw the Scaredy Rat. "Bah! Filthy vermin!" He said, whacking it on the head with his cane. "Goodness gracious, we oughta fix that hole in the wall. Who knows what'll happen… it could be the start of another incident." He let out a chuckle. "Heh, right, as if that'll happen… ah, streamers! Just what I was looking for." He said and then walked out, closing the door behind him.


Ghirahim teleported near Dry Bowser who was busy conjuring up fireballs in his bony hand. "I have returned." He said as Dry Bowser turned around.

"Good." Dry Bowser smirked as Ghirahim put the book down.

"By the way, you never really mentioned why you needed this book."

"The reason is simple. Perhaps there is something in here that I could use for our army or to get my skin back. Either way, perhaps there will be something in here that will help me get back to full strength."

"Interesting." Ghirahim mused. "You think it'll work?"

"Absolutely." He said as he clapped his hands together. "I am warning you though. Time may work differently in this universe. It may be slower, or it may be faster. Don't be surprised if I come out a few weeks later."

Ghirahim chuckled. "Understood. I will keep an eye on this book."

"Good. See you on the other side." Dry Bowser said as he opened the book up and chanted a spell where he found himself lighting up and then disappearing into the book, where it closed behind him.

In the Paper Universe

BGM: Mario Bros House (Super Paper Mario)

"Ah, this is nice, isn't it?" Luigi asked while drinking tea. "Just a normal ordinary day."

"You said it." Mario agreed.

"Yup." Ruby nodded as Yang, Blake and Weiss quietly drank their tea as well.

"Mmmph… it's a bit too quiet though." Luigi said. "If only there was something that could make this day more exciting."

"We could go go-karting." Ruby suggested.

"Play some tennis?" Blake suggested.

"How about some Mario Party!" Yang grinned.

"…I'd rather not get myself killed by random luck." Weiss said. "How about something simpler… like golfing."

"Hmm, well, we can always just go around town and find something interesting." Mario suggested.

"Sounds good to me!" Luigi said as they got up and walked out the door.

"Heeeeey!" A voice called out as they saw JNPR approaching them, along with the Galar Quad.

"Oh hey guys." Yang waved.

"You guys bored too?" Nora asked.

"Yeah." Ruby nodded.

"Oh gooood, it's one of those slow days for everyone." Hop said with a chuckle and then turned around. "Hey, wasn't he with us too?"

"He?" Weiss wondered as they saw Steve approaching them. "Oh!"

"Ah, there he is. Probably got side tracked." Marnie said. Surprisingly, Steve was the only one not in paper form unlike the others. Not that anyone didn't even notice or cared.

"HEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!" A voice cried as they turned to see a Toad running toward them.

"What's up, little guy?" Yang asked.

"It's… it's awful! Peach's Castle has been raided! Princess Peach has been kidnapped!"

"KIDNAPPED?!" Everyone yelled, though Steve simply wrote it on a sign that he brought out.

"Oh goodness gracious, is it Tuesday already?" Nora wondered.

"Welp, guess we found something to do." Jaune said as Hoopa came out of his Pokeball.

"Allow me!" He said, opening up a ring portal.

"Let's-a go!" Mario said as they all ran in.

"Good luck everyone!" Toad smiled as the ring portal closed.

Meanwhile, at Bowser's Castle…

BGM: Evil King Bowser Here (Super Paper Mario)

"Bwahahahaha!" Bowser cackled. "Today is the day where we invade Peach's Castle and destroy those plumbers and those teenagers!" He declared.

"YEAH!" The Koopa Troop cheered.

"Go Lord Bowser go!"

"Lord Roman, you got this!"

"Go go Neo! Go go Neo!"

"Kamek and General Guy! Kick their butts!"

"Guys? We're under attack!"


"Heheheh, 'we're under attack'. You guys are the best." Bowser chuckled. "…Hey, wait a minute, why do I see a few minions with hair on their lips? We shave around here, minions!" He said as he leapt into the air as the crowd dispersed to reveal the Bros, RWBY, JNPR, the Galar Quad and Steve. "Bah! It's the Mario Bros, the teenagers and those Pokemon trainers! …Oh, and the blockhead too. How did you get past Kaiju!"


"Tyrana…" Kaiju sighed happily as he was sitting in a lava bath as a few Dry Bones was accompanying him.

Back in the castle

"Argh! That lazy bones!" Bowser complained. "Ugh, somehow I'm not surprised… I wouldn't be surprised if we somehow go on a space voyage and he's busy either taking a nap or taking another lava bath…"

"Oddly specific." Ruby said.

"But what I want to know is how you got past the gate after you got past Kaiju!"

"The gate was open." Yang said. "Walked right through it after we got out of Hoopa's ring portal."


"Enough fooling around!" Mario said. "We're here to take Peach back!"

"Peach? We didn't even take her yet!" Roman said.

"Huh?" Weiss wondered. "Wait, she's not with you?"

"Uh… no?" Kamek tilted his head. "She's not with you?"

"What does it look like?" Luigi folded his arms.

"Okay, I'm confused." Bowser said.



Suddenly, Peach was warped into the room, and was inside a cage. "Peach!" Everyone exclaimed.

"Bleh heh heh heh, bleck!"

BGM: The Evil Count Bleck (Super Paper Mario)

Suddenly, someone appeared out of thin air. "It is I who took the maiden… Count Bleck! Bleh heh heh heh!"

"I don't know who you are, but you have our lady trapped!" Bowser said. "Now give 'er back to us! …Specifically for the Koopa Troop! Not these clowns!"

"Hey!" Ruby glared at him.

"I'll save you, Peach!" Mario said as he jumped up to try and destroy the cage, but nothing happened. "Eh?"

"I got it!" Ruby said, quickly using her semblance and slashing the cage but bounced off. "Huh?" She wondered as Yang, Weiss and Blake did the same thing, and even Gloria got a running start and tried to smack it with her lead pipe.

"What the bloody hell is this?" Gloria wondered.

"Bleh heh heh heh! Your attacks are useless, says Count Bleck!" Count Bleck said. "Begone!"

Suddenly a dark void surrounded Mario, RWBY and Gloria and started draining their energy. "GAAAAAAAH!" They all yelled before falling to the ground in defeat.

"Gloria!" Marnie yelled.

"Bro!" Luigi exclaimed in horror.

"RWBY!" Jaune yelled.

"These people deserve ridicule. Weaklings cannot win against Count Bleck!"

"Rrrrgh!" Bowser growled. "No one beats them up but us! I don't know where you came from, but you messed with the WRONG crowd! Now release the princess right now OR ELSE."

"Bleh heh heh heh… your princess shall not be returned to you… by Count Bleck! In fact, Bowser, King of the Koopas… Count Bleck will take you too!" He declared as a void started to suck up everyone excluding the ones who were KO'd. "BLEH HEH HEH HEH! BLECK! Count Bleck's preparations are now in order! All that remains is for the dimensional void to appear, as foretold in the prophecy!" He said and then disappeared, leaving the others behind.



"Uuugh… where am I…?" Peach groaned as she opened her eyes and found Bowser in a tuxedo. "Huh?!" She wondered and looked down, seeing that she was in a wedding dress. "WHAT THE?!" She yelled as Bowser turned around and waved to his fellow minions.

"Uuugh…" A voice groaned as Peach turned behind her and saw Neo and Marnie in dresses.

"What happened…" Marnie wondered. "What the… why are we bridesmaid outfits?!"

"You think that's bad? Apparently I'm his best man!" Roman said as he was in a tuxedo. "…Not that I'm complaining, I am his right hand man. Heh."

"Good, now everyone is awake!" A voice said as Count Bleck appeared before them, along with his secretary.

BGM: Wedding Waltz (Super Paper Mario)

"Count Bleck, our preparations are complete." She said.

"Good. Now the wedding can begin!" Count Bleck smirked. "Now, Bowser, the great Koopa King, do you take Princess Peach to be your lawfully wedded wife until your games are over?"

"Are you kidding? Marrying Peach? HECK YEAH, BABY!"

"And do you, Princess Peach, take King Bowser to be your lawfully wedded husband until your games are over?"

"NOW WAIT JUST A MINUTE!" Peach yelled. "You expect me to marry Bowser? No way! Bowser and I are just good friends… ish. There's no way I'm marrying him!"

"Yeah, you go girl!" Marnie whispered.

"I got no gripes over this side of the altar, Bleck old boy!" Bowser grinned. "I don't really get the details, but he really took the time to make all of this for us! Just relax, we'll be married, we'll be in love… and it'll be awesome!"

"Are you kidding me? We were just at the castle a few seconds ago!" Marnie pointed out.

"Ugh, no! And for the record, who picked this dress out? It's tacky! I'd rather hire my own seamstress! Take me back to my castle so I can take this stupid dress off of-" Suddenly, Peach was hit by some red electrical lines. "MMMPH!" She grunted as she fell over.

"Yeah, no. This outburst is extremely frowned upon, kay?" The secretary said. "Now, let me ask you again, Princess Peach. Do you take Bowser to be your lawfully wedded husband until your games are over?"

"N-no…" Peach weakly said.

"Impressive… but no one can withstands my super hypnosis. So sorry about that. "I do". Say it now, kay?" She ordered as she hit Peach with another dose of Super Hypnosis.


"Alright, that's it…" Marnie growled. "Neo, hold my flowers!" She said, handing Neo her flowers as she equipped her Orichalchum Claws as she jumped up to try and slash at the secretary, but she backhanded Marnie. "Agh!" She yelled and slammed on the ground, landing on her back. She was then held in place by her super hypnosis attack. "Aaaagh!"

"Marnie!" Neo signed and gave the secretary a glare while immediately being right by Marnie's side.

"Gah! Don't hurt my minion!" Bowser exclaimed.

"Geez… this is hard to watch…" Roman muttered.

"No interruptions." She said.

"I… I do…" Peach hypnotically said, when suddenly a black light started shining out of the pillar between them as the place started to shake… right as down below, Luigi, JNPR, Steve, Hop, Bede, Kamek and General Guy woke up.


BGM: Champion of Destruction (Super Paper Mario)

"Ugh… where are we…" Hop wondered. "Why is the place shaking?"

"I think we're at a wedding." Bede said.

"Guys, look!" Pyrrha said, pointing to the altar above. "Isn't that Peach and Bowser?"

"Oh hey, it's about time… is what I would say if I didn't find this suspicious!" General Guy said.

"Indeed. Something is majorly wrong here." Kamek said and turned to the others. "Let's move!" He said as they nodded and ran off as a black heart emerged from the pillar.

"Bleh heh heh heh! BLECK! Yes! All precisely as written in the Dark Prognosticus! Already it is unleashed! THE CHAOS HEART!"

"Yeah, um, congratulations, Count…" The secretary sounded less than enthused.

"HOLD IT!" A voice yelled as the others approached the altar.

"And just who are you? …Asked Count Bleck."

"We're not gonna tell ya anything!" Nora said. "We're objecting to this wedding!"

"And we're gonna punish you in style!" Luigi declared.

"No! I am going to stop you right now!" The secretary yelled. "If you interrupt this RIGHT now…" She said as Luigi jumped into action and landed right on Bowser's head and right on the Chaos Heart as he landed near Marnie and Neo as the others climbed up on the altar.

"And this is where we rescue Peach and… and… what the heck is going on?" Luigi wondered as they were starting to get enveloped in light. "Yipe!"

"Oh, this doesn't look good!" Kamek said.

"Luigi, I'm blaming you for this!" General Guy exclaimed.

"Guys, I feel weird!" Hop said as they were all enveloped in light… and then above them, Bleck appeared with the Chaos Heart along with a small dark book and the secretary appeared next to him.

"Are you alright, count?"

"Nothing that Count Bleck is concerned about. Fools, foolish acts like these will only bring you pain… from Count Bleck! Now that the Chaos Heart is secured, we have no further use for this ragtag group."

"Um, Count… now that we have it secured, this means that you may turn to a new page of dark prophecies."

Count Bleck opened up his cape. "Open your mouth, darkness! Consume everything and destroy all worlds, as told in the prophecy!"


Back at Bowser's Castle…

"….Ake…. P…. Ario… BY… Oria…" A voice distantly said. "…Wake up! Mario! RWBY! Gloria! Wake up!"

"Wha…?!" Ruby was the first to sit up. "Ow! Ow ow ow…." She rubbed her head. "Got up too fast…" She groaned as the others slowly rose.

"Ugh… that could've gone better…" Yang dusted herself off.

"Mama mia…" Mario muttered.

"Good, you're awake." A voice said as they turned to see a butterfly. "My name is Tippi, and I'm a Pixl… I'm sort of like a fairy. But anyway, I was looking for you."

"Looking for us?" Blake asked as they got ready to fight her.

"No, I am not evil. But listen, you must come with me." She said as suddenly boxes appeared around the six.

"Eh? What's all this?" Mario wondered.

"Come." She said and then disappeared along with the others.

"WHOA!" They all yelled.


"Tum tum te tum~"

"ARCEUS!" A voice boomed.

"Mmm… it never fails. You get in the bath and someone wants something." Arceus quietly said as he stood up from his spring as he walked out and shook himself off as Palkia landed in front of him. "Why hello Palkia, what can I do for you?"

"Someone is messing with space time." Palkia said. "I can sense it… they're planning on destroying everything."

"How bad are we talking?"

"There is a void that will consume all worlds."

"Oh my. This is serious. Gather all the Legendaries and Mythicals. We need to have a meeting."

A few minutes later

BGM: Slumbering Weald (Pokemon Sword & Shield)

Portals started opening up as all the Legendaries and Mythical Pokemon approached Arceus. "Good, everyone is he-… Latias, why are you in your human form again?"

"Because I like walking around Alto Mare?" Latias shrugged. "No big deal."

"Not everyone is here." Heatran spoke up. "Zacian and Zamazenta are with those trainers, including Eternatus."

"Yes, I know." Arceus nodded. "Now then, it has come to my attention that space time has been messed with. There is a void that is going to consume all worlds."

"I tried cutting it because it is a worthless object! …It is still in one piece." Kartana said. "SO I TRIED CUTTING IT AGAIN! …It is very difficult to slice it in half to my surprise."

"Remind me why these ragtag Ultra Beasts are here?" Mewtwo wondered.

"You have a problem with that?" Pheromosa asked as Mewtwo let out a "hmph".

"Has Palkia decided to go on a rampage like someone we know?" Yveltal asked with a chuckle.

"No. Because unlike Dialga, I do not go on killing sprees when someone messes with space time." Palkia said, hearing a "hmph!" from Dialga.

"I have seen the void appear Tin Tower." Ho-oh said. "It makes me uneasy."

"Did you cut it in half! Because it is a worthless object!" Kartana said.

"Please, if it was useless, it'd be gone already." Tapu Lele snarked. "Tell me more about how you're the best at cutting."

"Don't make me cut you!"

"No, I did not cut it… but it is concerning."

"One appeared above the Smash Mansion." Mewtwo said. "The Smashers are suggesting it's one of the villains. Some are saying Ridley. Some are suggesting Dark Samus. Cloud is suspecting it's Sephiroth."

"There was another at Alto Mare." Latios spoke up. "The humans are a bit concerned about it."

"So… someone is definitely responsible for this." Arceus mused.

"As we speak, Mario, RWBY and that Scottish trainer are currently traveling in-between dimensions, heading to this place called Flipside." Genesect pointed out. "The others, we have no idea where they are."

"I see… then I say we should accompany them and figure out who is responsible for this. Mew."

"Yes?" Mew perked up.

"You, Diancie, Meloetta and Manaphy are to go to this Flipside and help out the heroes. You will be known as Team Mythical."

"You got it!" Mew saluted and turned to her team as they nodded. "Let's go!" She said and disappeared with the three.

"Magearna." Arceus turned to her. "There is a place called Lineland. Go check it out."

"Understood." Magearna said robotically and then disappeared.

"Let's just hope we stand a chance against this new adversary."

Super Paper RWBY is a go! Let's get this paper party started!