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BGM: Xion (Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMix)


Tai stared directly at the void above his home, noticing it was getting bigger by the second as the whole place started to shake around him as trees started to fall or get uprooted. Zwei let out a whine as he nuzzled against him.

"Looks like this is it, buddy…" Tai said, kneeling down and gently holding him as everything started to distort around him… unaware of his daughter calling him.

"Okay… how about Uncle Qrow…"

Qrow walked around Hyrule, seeing everything falling apart around him as everything started to distort. He let out a sigh and pulled out a flask. "Might as well go out drinking…" He said as he started to drink out of his flask the moment his niece started calling him.

"O-Okay… B-Byleth…"

Sothis stared directly at the void as she let out a solemn sigh. "I wish there was something I can do to… end this void… I've done all I've could."

A hand was gently placed on her shoulder as she looked to see it was Byleth. "Byleth… I… I'm sorry…"

"Don't be." Byleth said, gently kneeling down and hugging her tightly as Dorothea came in and wrapped her arms around the two as well, then all of the Black Eagles came over and started hugging them all… minus Hubert who only folded his arms and bowed his head while closing his eyes. Byleth didn't even hear her phone ringing as everything distorted around her.

"P-P-… Pit…?"

Pit stared helplessly in the void at Skyworld. "Lady Palutena… have you actually tried everything?"

"I have… there's nothing I can do, unfortunately…"

"Hey." A voice said as Pit turned to see the Forces of Nature approaching them, along with Dark Pit.

"The Forces of Nature?" Pit wondered.

"Thought you could use some company, Master Pit." Arlon said.

"Yeah… there's nothing we can do about it either." Phosphora said.

"Rrrgh… DARN IT!" Pit said, punching a wall in frustration. "Is… is this how it ends for all of us…?!"

"I'm afraid so…" Dark Pit nodded.

Viridi sighed, sitting down on the ground. "Might as well enjoy our last moments. Glad I'm spending it with you guys." She said as Cragalanche wrapped his rocky arms around everyone, with Palutena putting a gentle hand on Pit's shoulder.

"…Had I known this was going to be it…" Pit closed his eyes, a tear rolling down his cheek. "I… I didn't even say goodbye to her…" He thought, turning around and hugging Palutena tightly as everything started to distort right when his girlfriend started calling him.



World 8-4: The Final Battle

BGM: Castle Bleck (Super Paper Mario)

"I know we're close… I can feel it." Tippi said. "Blumiere, we're almost there… just a little further."

Ruby said nothing, her eyes were looking directly at the ground as the glistening shine in her silver eyes had disappeared… they were a dull blank color. Yang, Blake, Weiss… everyone. They've all perished… and all that's left is her, Mario and Akechi. She couldn't understand how Mario was able to keep going, even though his brother and his special one perished. "How… how are you able to keep going… if everyone had died…"

"Because it's who we are." Mario said. "I'm mourning just like you, but I'm saving my tears until after we finish this."

"I've got nothing else to lose." Akechi admitted. "Everything I've loved has been stripped away… okay, that's a lie. I still love my home in Shibuya. However… I've a feeling that too, had perished from the void. In a way, if you think about it… I'm the only Phantom Thief left… er, former Phantom Thief. We've all been through a lot, Ruby… we just have to keep moving forward, ya know?"

"Keep moving forward… right…" Ruby closed her eyes. I'm so sick of that phrase… I'm so sick of everything… She thought.

"Hang on, we got some monsters up ahead." Akechi said. "I'm not sure what they are, though…"

"I only recognize the Slimes." Mario said.

"Allow me!" Tippi said as she scanned them all. "Liege Lizard, Hooper Trooper, Overkilling Machine, Boss Troll, Lobster Mobster Goobonce, Bloodbonnet, Elysium Bird, Tantamount, Dullahan, Headless Horseman… wait, what's this treasure chest doing out here in the middle of the room? …Oh… oh my, that's a Pandora's Box! This thing's got a Kathwack that'll kill you in an instant!"

"Kill… I must… kill…" Ruby suddenly blurted out, getting into a battle stance and readying her scythe. "Kill… KILL!" She yelled as she rushed forward, but Thoreau threw himself and caught Ruby before she did anything drastic.

"Easy there, girl!" Thoreau said, bringing her back.

"Mmph… I'm not sure what came over me…"

"It's been a long day… or two… I've lost track." Mario admitted. "Just take a deep breath." He requested as Ruby closed her eyes and took a deep breath, then exhaled.

"…RIght… I feel better… kinda… not really…"

"Let's just move around them." Mario said as Slim flew over and turned them all paper thin.

"There ya go, pards!"

"I could've just subdued them, but this works better." Akechi said. "…Then again, those larger creatures are a bit intimidating…" He said as they walked around them until they were out of sight, then Slim uncovered them as they went forward before finding themselves in a maze, but luckily Tippi would find her away around and guiding them all to the doors that would take them to the final area.

"How did you know your way around?" Mario asked.

"I just… followed my heart, I guess." Tippi responded. "I'm not sure how, but… I knew the way."

"You have been saying Blumiere a lot." Akechi pointed out.

Tippi sweatdropped. "I thought I was whispering his name… Oh, never mind that, let's just go." She said as they wandered further until they reached the final door after getting past a few Liege Lizards, Slimes, Hooper Troopers and Headless Horsemen.

"Alright, are we ready?" Mario asked, turning to Akechi and Ruby.

"I'm ready." Akechi nodded.

"Yes… let's go…" Ruby said as they walked inside.


"Bleh heh heh heh, bleck! Welcome, heroes!"

BGM: Champion of Destruction (Super Paper Mario)

They would look up and see Count Bleck and Nastasia on their platforms. "How did you enjoy your tour around the castle? I bet it was a pleasant experience!"

"No… no it wasn't…" Ruby quietly said.

"I will admit, the castle caving in at certain points… those were not my doing." Bleck admitted. "I am not sure how it happened… and I am deeply sorry about your friends… they probably meant a lot to you." He tipped his hat. "Just like how Timpani meant so much to me…"

"Blumiere! Why are you doing this?!" Tippi yelled.

"…Timpani… it really is you…" Bleck whispered. "Mmmph… it's far too late!" He said. "Not even you can stop this."

"I have a question for you, Count Bleck." Akechi walked forward. "What exactly are all these monsters doing in this castle?"

"I am glad you asked. They are symbolic… the Pandora's Box represents me unleashing the void upon the worlds. The Dullahan, Tantamount, and Headless Horseman are the harbingers collecting the souls before they are consumed by the void. The Elysium Bird represents the souls entering the Overthere and the Hooper Trooper represents the Underwhere… but enough about that. This is where we are destined to fight after all."

"But do we have to fight?" Tippi asked. "We… I don't want to fight you. Blumiere…"

"It is written in the Dark Prognosticus…" Bleck said. "Forgive me, Timpani… but this is it."


"Nastasia, leave us."

Nastasia let out a small gasp. "No… I refuse. It's three against one… I wish to even the odds. I want to help you!"

Count Bleck tipped his hat. "If this is what pleases you, I will not stop you. Just do not get in my way."

Nastasia's nodded as purple flames surrounded her hands. "I am sorry about this, heroes… perhaps in another time, we could've been friends…" She said.

"Let's get started. Come at me with everything you have, heroes!"


BGM: Closing Battle (Super Paper Mario)

The Man Who Has Nothing Left to Lose - Count Bleck

The Secretary - Nastasia

Count Bleck hovered off his platform as more platforms appeared in front of them. "PERSONA!" Akechi yelled, as Loki appeared behind him as he jumped on the platforms and quickly slashed at Count Bleck, but a barrier blocked him from doing so. Mario came jumping over and hammered at the barrier but nothing came of it.

Ruby used her semblance and slashed viciously, but once again, the barrier prevented her from doing anything as Count Bleck raised his staff up in the air and fired lightning bolts, knocking the three away as Nastasia went running over and threw purple fireballs at Ruby, but she blocked with her scythe and slashed her, but she disappeared and then reappeared behind her, fire punching her in the back as Ruby nearly fell over as she turned around and slashed her, but Nastasia jumped back as she snapped her fingers as flames circled around Ruby and attempted to dive bomb her, but she used her semblance and then got behind Nastasia and slashed her, sending her away but Nastasia recovered and twitched her glasses, as a green aura surrounded her and healed herself up.

"Megidoloan!" Akechi yelled, hitting the barrier that protected Count Bleck, but it was no use.

"Farewell!" Bleck said, snapping his fingers as suddenly dark chains wrapped around Akechi and held him there.

"Nnngh!" Akechi grunted.

"Akechi!" Ruby said in horror as Nastasia flew over and punched Ruby down, knocking her on her back.

Forgive me. Nastasia thought. "Sit tight while I scrub your brain."

Mario overheard this. "No!" He said as he jumped down and got between the girls, taking in the full brunt of the attack. "Gah!" He yelped, falling on his knees.

"M-Mario!" Ruby said.


"I am so sorry…" Nastasia whispered as she flicked her glasses as Mario was hit again.

"Gyaaaah!" Mario yelled as he fell into a deep trance.

"Pencil in this new command…" Nastasia said, her voice nearly trembling. "Attack Ruby."

"Mario… no…"

Mario stood up, his eyes fully red. "Three cheers for the count."

"MAAAAAAAAAARIIIIIOOOOOOOOO!" Ruby shrieked, tears forming in her eyes.

BGM: Swordland (Sword Art Online) (Start at 2:15)

"BLEH HEH HEH HEH BLECK! Now this is quite the turn of events! Now Ruby… you must decide… fall in battle or take out your friend!"

"You… you fiend!" Akechi growled, struggling to get out of his chains.

Mario ran over to Ruby, ready to take her out as the young huntress stood there helplessly, not wanting to attack Mario as she helplessly blocked the attack with her scythe and activated her Rose Palm as she blasted him away with it, hoping to keep him at bay, but Mario came back and rushed at her as Ruby stood there in horror. The sound of Poke Balls opened up as Ruby's Pokemon came out and rushed at Mario, quickly holding him there to keep him at bay.

"Mario…" Ruby closed her eyes, falling on her knees and dropping her scythe. Helpless tears ran down her cheeks.

She felt… alone.

She felt… helpless.

She felt… as if she had failed and there was nothing she could do about it.

Ruby closed her eyes… bowing her head… this was the end…

A tear ran down Nastasia's cheek. I am so sorry

"No… no no no no no! BLUMIERE, STOP THIS!" Tippi pleaded.

Mario broke free of the Pokemon's grasp as he jumped over, readying his hammer and activated his Fire Brand, his Ultra Hammer catching ablaze as he swung his hammer down at Ruby…

…Until a Dragon Pulse struck Mario and sent him crashing to the ground.


"Huh?!" Nastasia said in shock.

"YAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" A blonde woman jumped into the fray and socked Nastasia in the face, sending her flying and smashing her into a wall.

"AGH!" Nastasia yelled, as she fallen on her face in defeat.

"Wh-what?!" Bleck said in shock.

"Mmm… huh…?" Mario wondered, snapping out of it.

"Hey Rubes!" A voice said as Ruby slowly looked up, and then let out a gasp as she saw Yang and Gloria in her Latias form. "Sorry we took so long!"

BGM: Departure to the Front Lines (Naruto Shippuden)

"Y-Yang…?" She whispered, tearing up at the sight of her sister. "Yang! Gloria!"

"What are we, chopped liver?" A voice asked as she turned her head to see everyone else approaching them, completely unharmed. "We're here too, ya know!" Bowser said.

"Turns out the floor caved in on us, and we harmlessly fell! We weren't squished at all." Roman said.

"I remembered a sleep spell that I had and put all of our minions to sleep after we… clobbered a few of the minions." Kamek said. "Anti-climactic, I know."

"It's better than getting killed, that's for sure!" General Guy said.

"We ended up in a ball pit! …Not sure why there's a ball pit in the first place, but it broke our fall." Hop said, causing Steve to shrug.

"We landed right on top of Bowser!" Peach said.

"Thanks for the migraine, by the way!" Bowser grumbled.

"And we… we're not sure how we survived that explosion." Marnie said.

"But we're okay!" Luigi said. "The others found us!"

"And we're ready to break stuff!" Nora grinned with Neo giving them a thumbs up with a smile.

"Guys…" Ruby quietly sobbed. "I… I thought you…"

"Nah, you can't get rid of us that easily!" Weiss said with a smile as Yang extended her arm to Ruby.

"Come on, sis! Let's finish this together." Yang smiled as Ruby wiped her tears.

"Y-yeah!" Ruby nodded, grabbing her hand and was pulled up, where Yang would give her a loving hug.

"It's going to be okay…" She whispered as Ruby hugged her back as the Pure Hearts appeared and surrounded Count Bleck, where they shined brightly and destroyed his barrier.

"What the?!" Bleck yelled in surprise as the chains disappeared and freed Akechi.

"Now! Let us all fight together!" A voice said as they looked to see a portal opening up as Arceus came out, and was joined by Palkia, Dialga and even Giratina.

"Come on, Rubes… this fight isn't gonna end itself!" Yang said.

"Right!" Ruby nodded, getting in her stance as did the others.

Gloria smirked, hitting the Mega Stone on her choker as she went into her Mega Latias form, which was just changing the red to purple, her bangs getting longer and shields were on her forearms. "Let's rock!"


BGM: I May Fall (RWBY)

The Mario Bros jumped on the platforms where the both of them got between Count Bleck as the two of them both jumped over and hammered him over the head. "Mmmph!" Bleck grunted, firing lightning bolts from his staff, making the duo jump down. Count Bleck aimed his staff up high and conjured up a massive void to suck them all in, but Kamek fired magic to counteract the void and hit Bleck head on, as a light appeared on Arceus's head as he let out a cry and unleashed Judgement, as meteors rained down and struck him.

Count Bleck had conjured up a barrier to try and stop most of the meteors, but a few had gotten past it. However, his back was wide open as Neo and Marnie jumped over together as they both slashed and stabbed with their attacks and pushed him away while Roman fired from his cane and hit him from behind. "Pyrrha!" Nora called her over as Pyrrha got into position as Nora swung her hammer at Pyrrha, causing the amazon to go flying as she swiftly slashed through Bleck and then turned around and launched a stream of fire while Nora fired thunder bolts at Bleck. Count Bleck would respond by firing icicles at the group, but Bowser would breathe fire at it and then jumped over and clawed him down while General Guy fired Bullet Bills at him.

Akechi jumped across the platforms with Jaune and Ren as Akechi and Jaune would slash through Count Bleck, then Ren would shoot at him with Lotus Flower before getting closer and kicking him. Bleck would hold Ren hostage with a void, but then suddenly he was pulled away from Bede's Gardevoir, and then unleashed Dazzling Gleam to which Bleck conjured up a barrier, but Hop had Zamazenta use Behemoth Bash, as Steve hitched a ride on Zamazenta as when Zamazenta used Behemoth Bash to destroy the barrier, Steve would swing his diamond sword at him, then Peach would jump on the platforms and then Peach Bombed him.

"ENOUGH!" Bleck yelled, conjuring up another void and a barrier, but it was then that Dialga and Palkia got into position as Dialga unleashed Roar of Time and Palkia used Spacial Rend, both of them slamming into the void and barrier, completely annihilating them as Giratina unleashed Shadow Force, popping up behind Bleck and striking him where Gloria would unleash a powered up Dragon Force and striking him with it, while Diancie used Diamond Storm, Manaphy using Water Pulse, Meloetta unleashed a Psybeam and Mew unleashing Ancient Power.

"RWBY, go!" Gloria exclaimed as Weiss would quickly make gravity glyphs for her teammates as she and Blake would jump on them as both would slash through him while Weiss would fire a few small icebergs at him, then Yang would jump up and used her gauntlets as a boost, unleashing a Shoryuken on him.

"Ruby! NOW!" Yang yelled as Ruby used her semblance to get above Count Bleck and readied her scythe.

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Ruby screamed, swinging her scythe viciously and cutting through Bleck.

"Aaaaargh!" Count Bleck cried as he fell to the ground. "Well done… all of you…" He said and slammed into the ground.


"Mmmph… agh…" Nastasia groaned as she got up, holding on to her arm and seeing Count Bleck. "…No!" She said as she ran over to him. "My count…"

"Blumiere…" Tippi said as she slowly floated to him, not caring about the Chaos Heart floating slightly above them.

"There… there was more symbolism with those monsters…" He said, weakly looking at Tippi.

BGM: Jolene (Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door)

"The Boss Troll, Liege Lizard and Lobster Mobster… leader-like monsters… they represent me becoming a transformation into Count Bleck… the Overkilling Machine representing my own desire in my mind to search for you, Timpani… the most important ones were the Goobonces and Bloodbonnets… two different monster that seem to always be together. They represent the both of us…"

Tippi let out a small gasp. "Blumiere…" She whispered. "What… what about the Slime?"

"The answer is so simple, it is the answer. A simple carefree life that you and I could have gotten… how you and I would have cherished those simple moments had my father not had ruined that dream. However… those simple times never last…"

"But… Blumiere, we're finally together again…"

"That may be true, TImpani… but… I have gone too far… I went out of my way to destroy worlds… there's no coming back from that. Some worlds have been destroyed already… I… I am a monster… I've no other choice but for my life to end. So please… end me."

"Blumiere… no! I won't do it! I love you too much to just end you!" Tippi said.

"…But I will." A voice said coldly as Ruby walked forward, her scythe ready to cut Bleck's head off. She got ready to swing… hadn't Yang stepped in and hugged her from behind, holding her there. "Yang… let go of me."

"No! I'm not going to let you kill him!"

"But he destroyed everything… how can you let this man live, if you can call him that?! He destroyed everything… Remnant, the Mushroom Kingdom, Garreg Mach, Skyworld, Onett, Midgar… EVERYTHING! He's too dangerous to be left alive! I must… I must kill him!" She said, struggling to get out of Yang's grip, but Weiss and Blake would step in and wrapped their arms around Ruby, even Mario jumped in and stopped her as Gloria would fly up and use Psychic to hold her down.

"Rubes… stop this! This… this isn't you!" Blake begged.

"BUT HE KILLED EVERYTHING! Our friends… our family… our significant others… he… he shouldn't be… alive!" Ruby desperately said, her voice trembling. "He… he can't… he can't… stay alive… not… not him…" Tears ran down her cheeks and started crying again, dropping her scythe. "Why… why do you not allow me to kill him?! He took everything from us!"

Bleck closed his eyes. "Ruby… I know what you're going through. I, too, lost everything I held dear. I had nothing left to lose… I was in full despair. I thought the only way our was to destroy everything including myself. Then… I saw her and heard her voice… Timpani… I have many regrets… but please, do me a favor… and not end up like me. You shouldn't go down the same path as I did. The path of despair is not a pretty one… I recommend you don't tread on it, because once you start, it's next to impossible to get out. Do me a favor… and stop struggling. Nastasia, if you please."

"R-right…" Nastasia nodded, walking forward as everyone moved away, but Gloria still held Ruby in place as Nastasia nudged her glasses, as red lights surrounded Ruby as she fell into a trance "Pencil in this new command. Do not fall into despair. Relax. Take a deep breath…" She moved her glasses again as Ruby closed her eyes and wiped her tears.

"Huh…?" She wondered as Nastasia nodded and moved away to be by Bleck's side.

"Blumiere." Arceus spoke up. "Is there a way to restore the worlds?"

"There… there is one way… but I do not think it is possible at the moment." Bleck said as Nastasia heard something and turned around, letting out a small gasp. "Timpani… I-"

"COUNT, LOOK OUT!" Nastasia screamed as she got in front of him… before taking the full hit of magic. "AGH!" She yelled before falling to the ground.


"Huh? Nastasia?" Bleck wondered as the trance that Ruby was in dissipated.

"Nnngh!" Ruby rubbed her head.

"Ahahahaha! Silly assistant. Absorbing my attack to protect him? What an adorably hopeless gesture." A voice said as Dimentio floated in. "I was about to give him the everlasting peace he so desperately wants!"

"Dimentio?! You're… alive?!" Tippi said in shock.

"Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! Of course, this is my moment! Even if the count dies, the Chaos Heart won't disappear if I continue to control it."

"YOU WHAT?!" Yang yelled.

"That will not be happening!" Arceus said, charging up a Judgment attack.

"Settle down there, "God"!" Dimentio said, snapping his fingers and disabling his abilities.

"What?!" Arceus said in shock.

"I did the same with your attack dogs." He said. "Goodbye!" He said, snapping his fingers and the four Pokemon disappeared. "Now… where was I?"

"Did… did he just…?!" Weiss said in disbelief.

"I needed the power of the Pure Hearts to beat him… I couldn't do that all on my own, however. So I had you do all the sweaty labor for me, and you even used your Pure Hearts to defeat Count Bleck! If they make greeting cards to thank people for helping with evil plans, I owe you one."

"What… what are you saying?!" Tippi said.

"I'm saying that you no longer have value to me, so I'm ending your games… well, most of them." He chuckled darkly, looking directly at Ruby before looking up. "They're all yours, Mr. L and the Phantom Four!" He snapped his fingers.

"Aaaah! What's going on?!" Luigi said as he and JNPR walked forward with their legs having a mind of their own.

"I… I don't know…!" Jaune said.

"Crap… this… this isn't good!" Nora exclaimed as their bodies went limp before they stood up straight… complete with five Floro Sprouts on their heads.

"Mr. L reporting for duty!"

"Phantom Yellow reporting in!"

"Phantom Red ready to burn!"


"Phantom Pink is ready to go."

"What is your bidding, Master Dimentio?" Mr. L asked.


"When I sent Luigi and JNPR here, I planted seeds in the fertile soil of their unconscious… and now those seeds have sprouted spectacularly!" He then lifted up the Chaos Heart. "Mr L and the Phantom Four, go ahead and run along to make your big entrance." He said as the five did so.

"NO!" Marnie yelled and then let out a growl. "You miserable…!"

"Now speaking of seeds… there's one final seed for to fully bloom. A seed… of doubt! A seed… of despair!" He said, snapping his fingers as suddenly everyone but Ruby was bound together in magic bonds.

"Aaagh! What…?!" Yang yelled.

"Nnngh! Not good!" Akechi grunted.

BGM: End of the World (Kingdom Hearts)

"Now then, Ruby… another question for you. Wouldn't you be happier if Ozpin didn't go and send you and your team on a quest to save the Mario Bros and the princess? Wouldn't you be happier if you didn't go to the Mushroom Kingdom? Wouldn't you be happier if… you just stayed home and let Yang had all the fun? Imagine that if you didn't go… you wouldn't have suffered all these nasty bruises along the way! Wouldn't you want that?"

"I… I would have loved that…"

"Ahahahaha… now, take the power of the Chaos Heart."

"No… no no no no! RUBY!" Yang yelled. "RUBY! NO! DON'T DO THIS! Remember keep moving forward?! You have to remember that!"

"…Keep moving forward…" Ruby trembled with rage. "KEEP MOVING FORWARD?!" Ruby turned around in anger. "What is the DAMN POINT of it all if everything is dead?! You've seen the Sammer Kingdom… but you just kept saying "Let's just keep moving forward!" How can one move forward if everyone is dead?! How can anyone move forward if their family or loved ones are dead… HOW CAN SOMEONE MOVE FORWARD IF THEIR WORLD HAS BEEN DESTROYED?! I am so… so… SICK of this phrase! I am so SICK OF IT ALL! I… I WANT THIS TO END!"

"And thus… the dam has been completely destroyed! Irreparable damage is soon to follow! Ahahahahaha!" Dimentio exclaimed.

"Dimentio! Why are you doing this to her?!" Weiss yelled.

"A hero will fall into despair and will succumb to the temptations of the Chaos Heart. That is what was written in the very last page of the Light Prognosticus… and lookie here, a hero has fallen into despair! Apparently… all it took was for the Sammer Kingdom to be wiped out. Who knew that it would be the youngest huntress to be the one to fall into despair? She's had so much stress in her life… but, it's what happens when Ozpin sends young children to do all the sweaty work for himself."

"That… that was written at the end of the Light Prognosticus…?!" Bleck said in shock.

"Ah, Count Bleck… I almost forgot you were there." He said, snapping his fingers and sending Bleck, Nastasia and Tippi away. "I'll dispose of you later. Have fun with the so-called God of Pokemon." He said as Ruby stared directly at the Chaos Heart, and her arms subconsciously picked it up, as she started to glow. "And now… ladies and gentleman! Without further ado… I give you…!"

Ruby stopped glowing as her red hair turned blue and her cloak turned into a mixture of blue and gray, Crescent Rose was turned black. She twirled around her scythe and pointed it at everyone.


"Ru-Ruby…?" Yang looked at her, as tears started to form in her eyes. "Ruby… no…"

"Oh, the girl has fallen into deep despair, she won't even recognize your own voice… nor will she recognize you at all. Ahahahahahaha! Surely, I can bring despair far better than an average school girl who lets a monochrome teddy bear do all the work for her." Dimentio chuckled. "Eat your heart out!" He then snapped his fingers as the Chaos Heart flew up and opened up a void as Mr. L and the Phantom Four went inside the Chaos Heart and formed Super Dimentio.



Aside from the Luigi head, the limbs represented team JNPR. The right hand was pink and had Nora's symbol on it. The left was red and had Pyrrha's symbol. The left foot had Jaune's symbol and yellow color. The right had Ren's symbol and green color.

"And now… with the power of Luigi and JNPR by my side along with Ruby… it's time for the greatest magic show of all time! Now it's time I add a little spice to this concoction!"

"DIMENTIO!" Yang yelled. "You're not going to-"

"Oh, but I will get away with this… my time… is now. MY TIME IS NOW!" He yelled as he went inside the Luigi head. "Ahahahahaha!"

BGM: The Ultimate Show (Super Paper Mario)

"Now the Chaos Heart is mine! I will use this to destroy all worlds… and create perfect new ones! So, shall we get started? Now I have all I need… to become the king of all worlds! And Ruby will be the princess of all worlds… THE PRINCESS OF CHAOS!"

Clown Prince of Universal Destruction - Phantom Dimentio

The Princess of Chaos - Chaos Ruby

Dimentio chuckled, snapping his right hand as lightning formed around and fired lightning bolts around the group as everyone got out of their magic bands. "We gotta take this monster down!" Bowser said.

"Yeah but… Ruby…" Gloria said solemnly.

"Rrrgh… I know it's gonna be hard, but we gotta win or else we're all gonna die!" Bowser said. "WBY, I hope you don't hold back on her!" He said as he jumped on the platforms to get to Phantom Dimentio, but Chaos Ruby would teleport over to Bowser and slashed him down. "Rrrgh! She can teleport?!"

"We gotta distract her!" Blake said as she rushed over at Chaos Ruby and slashed her, but Chaos Ruby would block and snapped her fingers as fire rained down on Blake, forcing her to activate her semblance and slashed her from the side and knocked Ruby back but she let out a sadistic smile and then clapped her hands before releasing a ton of energy and sending everyone flying, but Gloria would fly around and hit Dimentio with a Dragon Pulse, but it did nothing.

"Wot?!" Gloria exclaimed in surprise as Hop had Zamazenta use Behemoth Bash on him, but it would do nothing as the left leg kicked Zamazenta away, then the left hand aimed at them and fired a burst of fire at the group, as Bowser jumped over and ground pounded on Dimenio, but nothing happened.

"I can't hurt him?!" Bowser said.

"Let me try!" Kamek said, firing magic at him but nothing worked either. "My word!"

Yang rushed directly at Chaos Ruby, quickly delivering a punch but she would extend her hand and hold Yang in place. "Nnngh… RUBY! Listen to me! I know you're in there somewhere… please! Stop this now!" She begged.

"Die." She smirked, throwing Yang to a wall.'

"Nnngh!" She grunted as Mario and Akechi ran over as Mario would try to fire punch her and Akechi would try to slash at her, but she held them in place and slammed them to the ground before aiming her scythe at the two and pulled the trigger, as a laser burst came out of it and hit the both of them. Peach would quickly step in between the two along with Marnie.

"Neo, cover us!" Marnie said as Neo nodded and jumped in the way, aiming her umbrella at Chaos Ruby while Peach and Marnie went to healing the two. Chaos Ruby would rush over and slash at Neo, but she blocked with her umbrella while Blake would throw her Shadow Whip at her to hold her in place, and Weiss would stab the ground, encasing Chaos Ruby's feet in ice. However, Chaos Ruby would teleport out of the ice and karate chopped the back of Weiss's neck to knock her out as she would then thrust her scythe up in the air to try and stab her, but then a shot hit her in the head as she turned around and saw Roman aiming his cane at her.

"Red, I've faced you numerous times and let me tell ya… this ain't you." Roman said as she rushed over at him and slashed him, but Roman would block with his cane. "Come on, I know you well enough that you ain't a killer!" He said, kneeing her in the gut and then spun around and kicked her away. "I know you're not listening to me, and I don't care… but what I do care about is you going into full despair and destroying everything!" He said as Yang would activate her ARMS and wrapped them around Chaos Ruby, but another burst of energy would knock Roman and Yang away.

"AHAHAHAHAHA! There's nothing you can do about it! I am invincible and Ruby is no longer listening to any of you!"

"No… no we can't give up like this!" Blake said as Marnie put a Max Revive into Weiss's mouth to wake her up. "We've come so far… we can't lose like this!"

"We gotta try!" Weiss said as Chaos Ruby disappeared and then reappeared in front of Gloria, grabbing her by the throat.

"Aaagh!" Gloria grunted. "Ruby… lass… this… isn't…!" She tried to say but was thrown to the ground… but then Chaos Ruby was hit by an attack from Mew as she turned around as Mew closed her eyes and transformed into Mewtwo, aiming her hand at her as Chaos Ruby let out a wicked grin as the two rushed at each other.

"There's… there's got to be a way…" Gloria groaned.

"I'm open for ideas!" General Guy exclaimed.

"RUBY!" Yang yelled, hoping desperately that she'd hear her… but it was to no avail. She closed her eyes as tears ran down her cheek. "Ruby… please…"

"Gah! Can't there be SOMETHING we can do?!" Hop said as Steve was knocked near the group. "If anyone's out there… SOMEONE HELP US!" He yelled.

Pause BGM


"Rrrgh!" Tippi flew around anxiously in Dimension D, where the others were at. Arceus was kneeling down deep in meditation while Dialga, Palkia and Giratina were trying to smash their way out, but it was no use. "Gah! Blumiere, what are we gonna do?! They're probably getting killed out there!"

"I am not sure if it's possible." Bleck said. "Dimentio is invincible with the Chaos Heart… and Ruby… I'm afraid she's long gone."

"GAH! DON'T SAY THAT!" Tippi yelled, slamming into his chest as if she tried to punch him. "Blumiere, you always had great ideas when we were together… so let's try to rack our brains here! I did NOT come all this way to reunite with you just to see you give up! I love you, Blumiere… so let's try to think! There has to be SOMETHING we can do!"

"Timpani… I'm not sure if it's possible…"

"Don't give me that crud!"

"Did you not see him disabling their powers? I'm not sure if we're strong enough to take down Dimentio…"

"Do not lose faith, Blumiere. I am sure there is a way for us to get out of here." Arceus said calmly.

"See? If Arceus hasn't given up… then neither should you!" Tippi said. "Blumiere… tell me that you still love me."

"I… I still do, Timpani."

"And we love ye as well!" A voice said as O'Chunks and Mimi appeared before them.

"O'Chunks?! Mimi?!" Bleck said in surprise.

"Took us a while to get here, but we made it!" Mimi said.

"Yeh! And we're not gonna ye give up like this." O'Chunks said. "I was at the point of givin' up during my war days, but you rescued me out of my funk! …Sure, ye were a bit cruel and kicked me while I was down when we first met, but I knew ye meant well!"

"And while the ancients saw me as a failed experiment… you saw me as something else. You saw me for who I truly am. You gave me purpose, Count! You gave me a new life! A new name! A new purpose. You gave all of us a purpose… despite you being hell bent on destroying everything, we followed you to the end… and we will continue to do so!"

"Except for that Dimentio bonehead! I never trusted him!" O'Chunks said. "We get that ye had to find someone with the title "Pleaser of crowds" but that guy was nothin' but trouble! If anything, a rookie stand up comedian would've been better!"

"Agreed!" Mimi nodded.

"You guys…" Bleck tipped his hat with a chuckle when suddenly, the Pure Hearts appeared before them as they regained their color. "What's this?"

"It appears your love for them, and their love for you, was enough to restore them." Arceus mused as the Pure Hearts shined brightly as the Legendary Pokemon felt their powers returning. "Ah… I feel my strength returning." He said as one of the Pure Hearts went to Nastasia.

"Mmm…" Nastasia groaned as she stood up. "What happened… where am I?"

"You took a nasty hit from Dimentio, but the Pure Hearts revived you." Bleck said.

"Oh… oh! Yeah, now I remember!"

"I will take these Pure Hearts to the Heroes… they need it." Tippi said.

"No." Bleck raised his staff up. "We will go to the Heroes. All of us!"

Back with the heroes

"Mew!" Yang yelled, watching Mew fall to the ground… and then Chaos Ruby would fly over and slashed her down. "Aaaagh!" Yang cried, falling on her back as Chaos Ruby towered over her as she fired electricity at her. "AAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" She cried as Blake would jump over and slashed her down with Gambol Shroud, but then Chaos Ruby would fire a point blank laser at Blake and struck her down, then she teleported to Yang and grabbed her by the throat, slowly tightening her grip. "Nnngh…! So… this is how… you take out your sister… I…" Yang would try to punch her, but Chaos Ruby would use her free hand to grab it. "Nnnnngh…!"

"Yes, my dear Princess of Chaos! Dispose of them all!" Phantom Dimentio said as he fired lightning and fire at the Galar Quad as they tried to dodge the attacks. "Ahahahahahahaha! Had enough yet?"

"Ruby… please… come back…!"

Suddenly, the place started to light up and then the Pure Hearts suddenly appeared near Dimentio. "What?! The Pure Hearts?!" He yelled as they lit up, causing the invincible barrier to fall. "AAAAAAAARGH!"

Chaos Ruby turned her attention away from Yang, letting out a small gasp. She would turn around… only to get socked in the face by O'Chunks. "Rrrgh!"

Yang fell on the ground, gasping for air. "O-O'Chunks…?!"

"And company!" Tippi said as everyone felt themselves getting healed up by the Pure Hearts.

"Dimentio! You have some nerve!" Count Bleck said as he appeared. "Betraying me… using the Chaos Heart for your own gain… using poor Ruby against everyone? That is unforgivable. Now, heroes! Let us end this nightmare once and for all!"

"Right!" Everyone said.

"Are you alright?" Chaos Ruby asked.

"I am fine. Now let's put an end to these heroes!"


"After all… OUR TIME IS NOW!"

Resume The Ultimate Show BGM

Phantom Dimentio would unleash lightning and fire hell on the group, but Bleck would put up a barrier to block the attack where Chaos Ruby would aim her hand and shoot out fire, but Mimi would jump in and block the attack with her Rubees as Yang jumped over and punched at Chaos Ruby, but she would throw her to the ground with her psychic abilities… however Mimi threw the rubees at her, pelting her and making her lose focus as Yang got back up. "Sorry sis… HADOKEN!" She yelled, hitting her with a point blank Hadoken that knocked her away as Gloria flew over and threw a few Mist Balls at her. Chaos Ruby would attempt to fire a laser at her, but a purple fireball hit her as Chaos Ruby would get hit by the Mist Balls.

"Have some of this!" Meloetta exclaimed, unleashing Relic Song on Phantom Dimentio, then transformed into her Pirouette form as she rushed over and unleashed Close Combat while Palkia let out a cry and unleashed Spacial Rend right as Meloetta jumped away, as Manaphy would jump in and unleash Whirlpool.

"You can hurt me?! No… this shouldn't be possible!" He yelled as Count Bleck would raise his staff up in the air and fired a bolt of lightning where Bede's Gardevoir used Future Sight on him, and then O'Chunks grabbed Bowser and threw him toward Dimentio, as he body slammed into his head, then a Banzai Bill hit him from General Guy's Bill Blaster.

Chaos Ruby sprang back up as she teleported to Yang and slashed her, sending her sliding as Weiss and Mario would jump over as the former had Eiskönigin and slashed her, but Chaos Ruby blocked with her scythe, then her fist caught ablaze as she tried to fire punch Weiss, but the latter summoned her Schnee Orbitars and fired point blank shots at her, making her back up as Mario would hammer her in the gut and then Akechi would run over and slashed at her a few times before jumping back and used Debilitiate on her.

Chaos Ruby let out a chuckle and then snapped her fingers as lightning struck Weiss, but she shattered on impact as she and Neo would swing their weapons and hit her away, with Neo firing shots from her shotgun brella, then Marnie came running in and slashed Chaos Ruby as she teleported away and would attempt to slash her from behind but Blake would slash through her with her claws as Yang would run over and pulled back her fist, closing her eyes and punching her to knock her away.

"I'm going to get you out of this despair… no matter what it takes!" Yang declared as she rushed directly at her despairing sister.


Arceus charged up Judgement before unleashing hell on Dimentio as he was then hit by Roar of Time and Giratina unleashing Dragon Breath… and then Gardevoir's Future Sight activated and struck the jester, then O'Chunks and Bowser jumped over his head as they both body slammed on his head, then the latter breathed fire for good measure. Phantom Dimentio would conjure up a sword and would try to slash at them, but Mew would use Psychic to stop the sword as Diancie rained down Diamond Storm on him, then Steve jumped in and struck him with a Diamond Pickaxe.

"AAAARGH!" Dimentio cried. "No… No…! This is my time… I am not…!"

"This is the end." Count Bleck said, raising his staff in the air. "Timpani! Would you lend me a hand?"

"Of course!" Tippi nodded, grabbing the staff as a brief image of what Timpani used to look like raised the staff higher with Blumiere.

"PURE LIGHT!" Both of them yelled as a massive pillar of light rained down and struck Phantom Dimentio.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!" He yelled as he exploded as Chaos Ruby would turn around and gasped.

"No!" She yelled, as Yang jumped in and then back handed the back of her neck to knock her out.

"I'm so sorry…" Yang whispered, catching her and falling to her knees, cradling her sister.


Phantom Dimentio's head landed on the ground. "Hahahahaha… AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You may have beaten me… but I have one last surprise… ahahahahaha!"

"Would you quit your laughing!" Weiss yelled. "You've lost… Ruby is gonna go back to normal-"

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! You honestly think Ruby is going to go back to normal just like that? The dam broke! What happens after a dam breaks? Mass flooding and irreparable damage! She may be no longer be a princess of chaosbut the despair I have given her, the destruction of power that I gave her… it will never go away! Ahahahahahaha! Nothing will truly bring her back! She is good as broken… and not any amount of therapy will fix her!"

Yang let out a gasp, tearing up at the news and holding Ruby close to her. "Ruby…" She silently cried. "No… NO! You LIE!"

"Unfortunately…" Bleck tipped his hat. "He may be right…"

"Oh my gosh…" Weiss whispered as everyone stood there with their hands over their mouths in shock. Even Bowser and Roman looked horrified.


"You… you…!" Yang closed her eyes. "YOU BASTARD!"

"I know what I am! Ahahahahaha… and now for my ultimate surprise… I am going to use the remaining energy to destroy it all right here! I know very well that you will undo everything… BUT YOU WILL NEVER UNDO RUBY'S DESPAIR! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" He cackled as he exploded, the Chaos Heart burst out as Luigi and JNPR were shot out.

"Ooof!" Luigi grunted as JNPR landed on top of him. "OOOOF! …What'd we miss…?"

"Why is… Ruby blue?" Jaune asked.

"Despair… that's what happened…" Blake said solemnly, her ears lowered as Yang cried into Ruby's chest.

"Oh… oh…" Nora looked down. "He got to her…" She said as everyone hung their heads down in silence… but the place started rumbling violently.

"Gah! That's right… the Chaos Heart!" Akechi said. "What do we do about it?!"

"This way!" Bleck said, opening a door as they ran inside where they would find themselves at an altar.

"Wait… this looks familiar!" Luigi said.

"It does!" Kamek nodded.

"…Ooof, bad memories…" Peach shuddered.

"Blumiere… is this…?"

"Yes, Timpani… it is." Bleck nodded. "Do you still love me, Timpani?"

"What?! Of course I do… and I know you still love me, Blumiere."

"Indeed." Bleck turned to the group. "Everyone, it's been fun… but now is the time to say goodbye…"

"Goodbye? What exactly do ye mean?" O'Chunks asked.

"The moment we go to that altar… it is the last time you'll see us. We will never be seen again."

BGM: Bounding Through Time (Super Paper Mario)

"SAY WOT NOW?!" O'Chunks yelled.

"No! You can't leave us like that!" Mimi exclaimed.

"Count…" Nastasia solemnly said as a tear ran down her cheek. "I wish you and Timpani the best!" She said and turned to the others. "We all wish you the best…"

"Ooooh… I get emotional at goodbyes! Come here!" O'Chunks said, as he wrapped Blumiere and Timpani into a hug and then released them.

"So long… everyone…" Timpani said. "I hope Ruby makes a full recovery." She said as she and Blumiere headed off to the altar, as Yang would look at Ruby resting on her shoulders with a saddened look, where the two would be at opposite sides of the Chaos Heart.

"Timpani… the moment I've met you, I knew it was true love… I could never stop thinking about you."

"And I never stopped thinking about you as well, Blumiere."

"Through time… we came together looking different, but we are the same."

"Indeed… I love you, Blumiere."

"And I love you too, Timpani." He responded as everything started to glow around them, encasing everyone in a white void.



Dry Bowser walked through the room and let out a chuckle. "That was quite the show… and I think I have found my ally." He said, raising his hand up as magic swirled around before Dimentio appeared before him.

"Ooogh…" Dimentio shook his head. "Hmm? Ah, so you're the outsider that's been terrorizing Flipside and Flopside!" Dimentio chuckled. "…Well, I'll be darned… It appears that you have revived me. Why is that?"

"I came to this dimension in search of an ally. And I think I have finally found it."

"Ahahahaha… if it means causing more chaos, then by all means, I'm your guy! The Chaos Heart may no longer exist, but I will be happy to spread chaos!"

"Indeed. Now let's go." Dry Bowser started to walk off.

"And where exactly are we going?"

"Back to my dimension."

Dimentio let out a grin. "Lead the way!"

Goodness gracious, I can't believe I went through with that crazy idea with Ruby...

But yup! You're seeing it here folks! Dimentio is not done yet!