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BGM: Flipside (Super Paper Mario)

The heroes appeared on a tower where someone was waiting for them. "Gah!" Weiss exclaimed. "Where are we?!"

"I have no idea…" Mario responded.

"Ah, Tippi, back so soon?" A voice asked as they turned to see a wizard approaching them. "Oh! I see you brought company over." He said and then examined them. "A red hat, blue overalls… and a magnificent 'stache! Red hair and looks young and prosperous. White hair, looks graceful, definitely looks like an ice queen."

"…Ya know what, I'll take it." Weiss shrugged.

"Cat like ears, definitely has a feline look to her. Blonde, looks eager to punch things… and finally, looks to be a Pokemon trainer."

"That's because I am a Pokemon Trainer, lad! Hell, I'm even the champion of Galar!"

"Oooh, and is even Scottish. Wonderful! Tippi, you have outdone yourself!"

"They did fit the description of the Light Prognosticus. And their names are Mario, Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang and Gloria." Tippi said.

"Okay, what's going on here?" Blake asked.

"Ah, where are my manners? I am Merlon, a wizard who lives in the town of Flipside. You are far from Remnant and the Mushroom Kingdom."

"Flipside? Oh, I see… so we're in another world." Weiss said.

"In a certain point of view, yes… but, you are not in another dimension, in fact, you are in-between dimensions!"

"In-between?!" Ruby yelled.

"How is that even possible?" Mario wondered.

"…Oh gosh, was that what I sounded like?" Weiss sweatdropped.

"It's best if you don't think about it, it could lead to a massive headache." Merlon said. "Now then, you are here because we are all in very grave danger. Look up in the sky." He said as they looked to see a very small void that was forming.

"What the heck?!" Ruby wondered.

"What the bloody hell is that?!" Gloria wondered as well.

"That right there… is a hole in the very dimensional fabric of space! It is certainly a strange phenomenon. Is it near or far? None know. It may appear small for now, but in time, it will grow. And in the end, it will swallow all existence… all worlds, all dimensions… this void was created by our enemy, Count Bleck, who wields the Dark Prognosticus."

"Uh… gesundheit?" Ruby tilted her head.

"I did not sneeze. I said the Prognosticus."

"…The Proga what now?"


"Proga… nosis?"


"Just call it the prophecy. I don't think she'll ever get it." Tippi said.

"Oh, I can too! It's called the Progaladingdong." Ruby said.

"That wasn't even close!" Weiss facepalmed.

"Anyway…" Tippi cleared her throat. "A fair and lovely princess… a furious monster king… the union of these two will call forth the Chaos Heart, the consumer of worlds… and the Chaos Heart will ravage the sky, and bring forth The Void." She recited.

"Yes, the passage Tippi just quoted is from the Light Prognosticus of my ancestors. The book also says this: "The Void will swallow all… Naught can stop it… unless the ones protected by the dark power is destroyed. The heroes with the power of the eight Pure Hearts will rise to this task." …So it is written." He said and then opened his arms as a Pure Heart appeared before them.

"Whoa! It's so pretty!" Yang exclaimed in awe.

"Man, and I though the Crystal Stars were pretty." Ruby said.

"This is one of the eight Pure Hearts. You are surely the heroes spoken of in the page of the Light Prognosticus."

"That Light Prognosticus is one heck of a prophecy." Yang chuckled.

"Indeed." Blake nodded.

"Hooray for the Light Proggofucius!" Ruby smiled.

"…She's getting there, I hope." Gloria said.

"You are the ones who can defeat Count Bleck and save all worlds. Take this and save everything from destruction."

"We will." Mario nodded as he took the Pure Heart.

"Now then, take this Pure Heart and place it in the Heart Pillar that is in town. Tippi will show you the way."

"Follow me." Tippi said and then flew off.

"So… we go from Bowser, to the Shadow Queen, and now we're dealing with this Count Bleck." Weiss said. "How many world ending bosses do we have these days?"

"Probably a lot more." Yang shrugged.

"Bowser wasn't really into world destruction." Blake pointed out.

"I know, but I think the Shadow Queen started a trend." Weiss said as they made their way toward the Heart Pillar on the third floor.

"Here we are. The Heart Pillar… place the Pure Heart on here…" Tippi instructed as Mario did so, where a Dimension Door appeared on the top of Flipside Tower. "Now then, we must go back to the top of the tower." She said as they made their way to the top while also saying hi to some of the Flipsiders on the second floor.

"Ah, you've made it back." Merlon said. "The Pure Heart that you placed in the Heart Pillar revealed this Dimension Door. These doors will lead you straight to the next Pure Heart."

"So wait… we're just going to leave the Pure Heart behind? Suppose it will fall into the wrong hands because it's left unguarded." Blake mentioned.

"Yeah, it does seem kind of irresponsible to leave it there." Yang said.

"This coming from the chick who lives life on the edge…" Weiss deadpanned.

"I suppose there's an enchantment that will keep it safe." Mario said.

"Now then, there's something I would like to give you." Merlon said, giving them a Return Pipe. "Should you ever feel yourself in a pickle, use this to come back here safely where you can recharge, pick up some items and try again. But be warned, there may be times for when the signal to Flipside may not reach."

"Thanks for the warning, lad." Gloria said.

"There is something else I must say." He spoke up. "The Light Prognosticus foretells that the heroes will meet a Dimension Governor, and from him, they will learn various techniques. One of which is the Dimensional Technique. I am almost certain it refers to my friend, the Flip Wizard, Bestovius. Go seek him."

"You got it!" Ruby nodded.

"Let's get going…" Tippi said.

"Yeah!" Yang grinned and turned to Merlon. "See ya on the flipside, Merlon!"

"Argh! Of course you would make a damn pun!" Gloria groaned as the doors opened. "…I can't tell if I wanna smack you for that or not!"

"It was a good pun and you know it!" Yang grinned.

"Meeeeew!" A voice cried as they turned to see Mew appearing before them, and along with her was Diancie, Meloetta and Manaphy.

"Oh!" Mario said in surprise. "Well, this is a surprise to see."

"Hey you cuties! You wanna come with?" Ruby asked.




"Mana Mana!"

"Well, the more the merrier! Let's go!" Yang said as they went inside with the Pokemon following them in.

"Hmm, Pokemon…" Merlon mused. "I had a feeling this would have gotten their attention."



BGM: Count Bleck's Plan (Super Paper Mario)

"BLEH HEH HEH HEH, BLECK!" Count Bleck laughed. "The void has been ripped in the dimensional fabric! Yes, Count Bleck is pleased. All is gone as foretold in the Dark Prognosticus. Now it's just a matter of time before all worlds meet their end. Bleck!"

"Gee, that's just super, Count!" A burly "man" said. "First you'll get rid of all those nasty wars, and then build a new one in your image without war and all that icky stuff!"

"Ah yes, no one likes that icky stuff." A jester chuckled. "Ahahahaha… yes, a perfect world. Sounds magical."

"SORRY I'M LATE!" A voice yelled as the same burly man landed on the platform, but turned around and saw himself on a different platform. "WHAT IN BLAZIN' BOG RATS?! How'd I beat myself 'ere?! What's going on?!"

"Mimimimimimimimimi! Oh, O'Chunks, you big silly! Didja oversleep or something?" Suddenly the shapeshifter turned into Count Bleck. "I guess it's kinda hard to be on time when you got muscles instead of brains!"

O'Chunks angrily stomped on the ground. "'EY! Yeh can't fool me wit' that crazy shape-shiftin' hooliganry! It's Mimi, innit?! Show a little respect for the count! You can't go a'borrowin' 'is face, lass!"

"Bleh heh heh heh… how delightful, Mimi. Almost as dapper as… Count Bleck!"

Mimi then turned into Peach. "Aw, thanks count!" She giggled. "Hanging out with the count, that's my idea of a perfect world."

"Hmm, and here I thought Mimi's idea of a perfect world was a gem filled pool with hunky lifeguards…" The jester chuckled.

Mimi then turned into Bowser. "HEY! DIMENTIO! WERE YOU READING MY DIARY?! …Uh… I mean…"

"Bleh bleh heh heh… different strokes for different minions." Bleck chuckled. "Fear not, once these rotten worlds have been destroyed, Count Bleck will make all your dreams come true. But for that to happen, we must follow the instructions of the Dark Prognosticus."

"Ahem… I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I just got a memo from your inbox." The secretary said. "Apparently there have been some unapproved interdimensional travel as of late. I'm suspecting it's the heroes of the prophecy. We're gonna need an action plan for these guys."

"Dimensional interlopers! And possibly the heroes?! Are you sure about it, Nastasia? Interesting, mused Count Bleck… we must put an end to those interlopers."

"Just another FYI, there's another memo that came in. Apparently the Void caught the attention of the God of Pokemon himself and is currently putting a plan to stop it."

"Bleh heh heh…" Count Bleck chuckled. "Those fools are of no concern to Count Bleck. We can just easily trap them inside small pocket balls if they try to interfere."

"Ahem! Count Bleck!" O'Chunks spoke up. "Lemme get this right in me brain-"

"Bold of you to assume that you have one." Mimi snarked.

"Ignoring the lass…" O'Chunks grumbled. "These 'eroes that Nastasia be talkin' about. They yer enemy? Then yeh gotta cut me loose on 'em. Yeh gotta! I'll give 'em a nice taste of O'Chunks!"

"Very well, O'Chunks. I'll leave the hero chunking to you. Do not fail Count Bleck."

"Yeh can count on me, Count! I'll rain down like a fat thunderstorm! I swear it!" O'Chunks turned to Mimi and Dimentio. "Mimi! Dimentio! Yeh should tag along! Yeh could witness a proper chunkin'!" O'Chunks said and then hopped down.

"Mmm, I do love a good chunking… I must be off as well." Dimentio said and disappeared.

"Uh… this is awkward…" Mimi said as she flipped away.

"Bleh heh heh heh… so, heroes, you dare defy Count Bleck? Hurry then… for your worlds are about to end!"

World 1-1 - A New Adventure Unfolds!

BGM: Lineland Road (Super Paper Mario)

Everyone walked out of the door and found themselves in a new area. "So here we are, another adventure in front of us!" Yang said. "Man, this is gonna be fun!"

"Hell yeah!" Gloria grinned.

"Let's-a go!" Mario said as they took off running.

"…Goodness, are they always this excited for a new adventure?" Tippi wondered. "Wait up!" She said as she flew after them where Mario would jump over and landed on a Goomba to immediately defeat it while the others hit a few ? Blocks and then went over a large block structure, but they ignored it for now as they jumped over a gap where they saw a new creature in front of them.

"What's that?" Blake wondered, watching a Squiglet walking around.

"That's a Squiglet. They aren't very strong. They just mindlessly wander around until they see somebody, then they scurry on over and try to ram them with their heads." Tippi explained. "Considering these are weak enemies, I'd say just ignore them." She said, and then watched Ruby snipe it with her scythe. "Oooor you can just shoot it, that works too." She said with a sweatdrop as they continued onward until they came across a house. They opened the door… and found nothing inside.

"There's nothing here." Mario said.

"Strange…" Blake quietly said. "You'd think there'd be something in here."

"Allow me." Tippi said and disappeared from them. "Let's see… ah!" Suddenly a door appeared before them as Tippi reappeared. "Should there be something amiss, just let me know and I'll reveal it to you."

"Oooh, I think she'd be perfect at hide and seek." Ruby said. "…Would that count as cheating though?"

"No, Iris would be a massive cheater at hide and seek." Weiss responded.

"Good point." She said as they walked into the door.

"Hmm? Who are these people who dare invade my home?" A man asked. "I am the great Bestovius, and you are?"

"We're Mario, team RWBY and Gloria." Mario responded. "Oh, and company."

"Mela!" Meloetta waved.

"Wait a moment…" Bestovius got a good look at them. "Those clothes! The hair! That pathetic mustache that doesn't hold a candle to my mustache… yes, I see it now! You guys are the GREAT HERO… impersonators." He said, causing the group to anime fall from this. "Look at those costumes! You look like you jumped right out of the Prognosticus!"

"That's because we are the heroes of the Prognoseicus!" Ruby said.

"Prognosticus." Blake corrected.

"Prague-… what she said!" Ruby folded her arms in a huff. "I'll get it one of these times…"

"Indeed they are. Merlon sent us." Tippi said.

"MERLON?! His beard rivals my great mustache!" Bestovius grumbled. "So, you are here for the ancient flipping technique, correct? I shall also give the others unique abilities as well… for 10,000 coins."

"TEN THOUSAND?!" They all yelled.

"What the fock, lad?! That's steep, even for me!" Gloria complained.

"You can't charge the heroes of prophecy for that much!" Tippi scolded.

"Alright fine then… all the coins in your pockets."

"NO!" They all yelled.

"…Okay, fine. For free. Ya happy now, ya cheapskates?" Bestovius grumbled as they nodded. "Excellent. The one with the 'stache, step forward." He said as Mario stepped forward as Bestovius started chanting some words. "FLIPPOW!" He yelled as Mario felt a bit different while glowing a red aura. "There, now you can flip dimensions between 2D to 3D!"

"Ya know, I was gonna mention why we are suddenly in a 2D environment compared to the last two stories, but I didn't feel like breaking the fourth wall." Weiss said.

"I think you just did, lass." Gloria said.

"Oh! …Me and my big mouth…" Weiss grumbled while facepalming.

"Now then, young little red… step forward." Bestovius said as Ruby walked forward. "Hmm, ah yes, I know what to do." He said and then after chanting more words, Ruby felt herself glow a red aura. "Behold! I have given you the ability to slow down time. Give yourself some breathing room during a fight and prepare a counter!"

Ruby sweatdropped. "Great… hope I don't make Dialga angry."

"Ice Queen, step forward." Bestovius said as Weiss walked up where she would get a white aura surrounding her. "Congratulations. You can now make ice platforms so you can cross bottomless pits safely!"

Weiss sweatdropped. "Redundant, because I have my Gravity glyphs, but alright then."

"The one with the cat ears, step forward!" Bestovius ordered as Blake walked up. "I know what to do with you." He smirked and then Blake started glowing… and turned into a regular black cat.

"Mrow… MROW?!"

"Heheheh, good look for ya!" He said as everyone else looked surprise.

"MROOOOW!" Blake would jump over and clawed his face.

"OW OW OW! WATCH THE MUSTACHE! I'LL TURN YOU BACK!" He yelled as he pried Blake off of him as she landed on the ground where Bestovius turned Blake back to normal. "Sheesh… can't an old man joke around…" He grumbled. "Anyway, I gave you the ability to climb up walls… ow… I think you broke some skin…"

"Oh, you'll get over it." Blake said, her arms folded while looking completely unamused.

"Right… ow… that stings… blondie, step forward." Bestovius said as Yang walked forward, but not before fist bumping Blake where Yang would glow a yellow aura. "I gave you the ability to use your arms."

"Huh?" Yang raised an eyebrow and summoned her Xiao Long Arm. "You mean this?"

"No. Something different." He said as Yang dismissed it. "Put your arms in an X and thrust your arms down."

"Uh… okay…" Yang did so and when she thrusted her arms down, her arms immediately became springs. "WHAT THE?!" She yelled.

"Oh, I get it. ARMS like Min Min!" Ruby said. "And… all her other friends too. I still don't get Twintelle…"

Her ARMs in question were yellow and black as Yang raised them up, seeing that her fists were now just her Gauntlets. "Bumblebee. Nice!" Yang said and then dismissed her ARMS as they turned back to normal. "Yeah baby, I'm armed and ready!"

Gloria facepalmed. "Ugh… why'd you give the pun master that kind of ability…"

"Young Scotswoman, step forward." Bestovius said as Gloria walked over. "I shall give you these." He said as a Bee Mushroom, Boo Mushroom, Fire Flower, Ice Flower, Spring Mushroom and a Red Star appeared above her.


"Is that a metal mushroom? How are you gonna eat that?" Yang wondered as the Power Ups surrounded Gloria before they went into her bag.

"That is not all." Bestovius said as a purple aura surrounded Gloria. "With this, you will be able to talk normally when you use these power ups. You may thank me later." It may also come with a side effect. He thought to himself.

Gloria raised an eyebrow. "Oookay? Thanks anyway, lad." She said as they walked out, and once they got out of the house, they walked back to the large block structure.

"Hmm…" Mario mused and then used his ability to flip between dimensions and seeing the blocks were actually apart. "Ah, optical illusions, eh?" He mused as he flipped back to 2D. "Grab my hand!" He said.

"Uh, okay." Ruby said as she did so, where the others grabbed their hands and they flipped to the 3rd Dimension. "Wah!"

"Okay, that's gonna take a while to get used to." Blake said as they went into door after flipping back to 2D and they walked further as they came across some other Goombas that they stepped on and then they came across a large pipe that was in their way. "Alright, let's see what I can do here." Blake said as she grabbed onto the pipe and started climbing until she got to the top of the pipe. "Oh yeah, I can get used to this." She said as she pulled out her Shadow Whip and flicked it down where they climbed up, though Mew and her friends simply flew over while carrying Manaphy across, then they hopped down and continued to walk ahead while taking care of the Goombas and Koopas. Strangely, the Koopas had shades on them.

"What's with the shades? It's not that bright out." Yang said.

"Maybe they want to join a biker gang. I heard they're looking for a leader." Weiss snarkily said.

"Ooooh! You think they'd let me join 'em?"

"I was joking!" Weiss said.

Yang sweatdropped. "Oh… right, I knew that…" She said as they continued walking until they came across a large gap.

"Alright, let's see if this works." Weiss said, aiming Myrtenaster over the gap as a few ice platforms appeared before them. "Huh! It worked."

"Sweet!" Ruby said as they hopped across and landed right on a Squiglet that was minding its own business, then they hopped across another gap after climbing blocks and continued on to the next area where they came across a ? Block where Ruby hit it and three 8-Bit heads popped out. "Wha…?" She wondered as she hopped up and grabbed it, and right on cue, eight 8-bit Rubies appeared near her. "Oh my goodness!" She said, her eyes sparkling.

"Oh great. As if one dolt was bad enough… now there's nine of 'em!" Weiss said.

"A bunch of mini mes! Oh, they are so adorable!" She said, kneeling down as the 8-Bit Rubies looked up at her. "Hi there~!" She smiled.

Yang sweatdropped. "I don't recall mom giving birth to nonuplets… dad's gonna be in for a surprise." She said as they continued to walk and came across a spring enemy. "Oooh, what's this?"

"That is a Sproing-oing. They tend to hop around and if you hit them, they tend to multiply into smaller versions of themselves. Although, if you hit 'em hard enough, they could be defeated all at once."

"Like this?" Mario activated his Fire Brand as he shot out fireballs at the Sproing-oing, quickly defeating it.

"Yeah, that'll work." Tippi said as they continued ahead until they came across another ? Block, and when Ruby hit it, a massive Star popped out.

"Ooooh! Invincibility Star!" She said as she rushed over.

"Uh… that's a little big for a simple Invincibility Star…" Blake said as Ruby jumped up and grabbed it.


BGM: An Unrivaled Battle (Super Paper Mario)

However, instead of glowing like a rainbow, Ruby suddenly transformed into a massive 8-Bit version of her. "WHAT THE HECK/FOCK?!" Everyone yelled.

"Uh… she did grab a Star, right? Not a Mega Mushroom?" Weiss asked, trying to comprehend what she was witnessing.

"No, I saw it too!" Mario said as Ruby started running across the area, destroying everything in her path. Brick Blocks, ? Blocks, Pipes, Piranha Plants, Goombas, Paragoombas, Koopas, Squigs and even Squiglets… nothing stood a chance in her rampage. Just when she made it to the other side… she shrunk back down to normal size in the blink of an eye.


Everyone approached Ruby who was looking mighty weirded out. "You alright, sis?"

"WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED TO ME?!" Ruby yelled. "I was expecting to mow everyone down as a rainbow… not squish them as a giant!"

"You weren't just a giant, you were pixelated!" Gloria said.

"Mana Mana!"

"Mela Mel!"

"…I did grab a star, right? I didn't grab a Mega Mushroom… right?"

"Nope, you grabbed a Star." Mario said.

"That was known as a Mega Star." Tippi said. "With that, you can mow down anything that stands in your way."

"Mega Star… well, isn't that something…" Ruby said as they continued onward, where they would soon come across a mountainous area.

World 1-2 - Helping Hand

BGM: Mount Lineland (Super Paper Mario)

"Well, that's definitely a mountain we have to climb." Yang said.

"Nothin' that we can't handle, lass." Gloria said, pulling out the Red Star. "Let's see what this does." She said, absorbing it as she immediately turned into her Latias form. "LATIAAAAAS! …Wait, I turned into a Latias? Well now, this is pretty fockin' sweet!"

"I did not know humans can turn into Pokemon… how fascinating!" A voice said as Gloria turned around and looked at the Pokemon.

"Uh… did one of you say something?"

"I did!" Meloetta smiled.

"…Holy shite…" Gloria said in surprise. "I can understand ya!"

"You can? Oh my, this is a surprise!"

"Hmm, I guess that Bestovius fella gave you the ability to understand Pokemon while in those forms." Diancie said.

"Oh, that's cool!" Manaphy said.

"Uh…" Gloria turned to the group. "You lasses and lad can hear them too, right?"

"All I'm hearing is Mana Mana and Mela." Yang said.

"…Hey, I think we found our translator!" Ruby said.

"This is gonna take some time getting used to." Gloria rubbed her head as they walked ahead where Gloria and the Pokemon flew up the mountain while the former picked up Mario while Blake climbed up a wall, while Weiss made platforms for Ruby and Yang to climb over as they continued to walk while also knocking out the occasional Paratroopa that would attempt to dive bomb them. As they started climbing another mountain, Spiky Tromps would start rolling toward them.

"Uh oh! That doesn't look good!" Yang said.

"I got it!" Mew flew over and used Psychic to send the Spiky Tromps above and around them.

"Thanks lass!" Gloria smiled.

"You're welcome!" Mew said as they soon made their way up at the peak of the mountain where they would see a bottomless pit leading to a town.

"Alright, stand back." Weiss said.

"Hold on now!" Mario stopped her. "Maybe we oughta get the bridge back up. You never know when people will want to come in or go out."

"Yeah, good point." Weiss said as they looked at the Warp Pipe nearby as they hopped inside and popped out in front of a house where they walked in.

"Hello? Anyone in here?" Ruby asked.

"Ya know, one of these days, we oughta just knock instead of walking in like savages." Weiss said.

"Says the girl who walked in after Ruby." Blake teased as they walked up the stairs and saw no one there.

"Hmm, no one's here." Ruby said and then spotted a lever. "Oooh!" She used her semblance to get to it and tried to push her. "Grrrrk! Mmmph! Hnnngh…!"

"Want me to help?" Yang asked.

"I think I got it!" Ruby said. "Mmmph! Gaaaah! …Okay, I need help."

Yang walked over and tried to budge it. "Nnngh! What the devil… why won't this budge?"

"Have you tried moving it up?" Weiss asked.

"Oh." Yang did so, but the lever refused to budge. "Agh… are you kidding me?!"

"Put your backs into it." Tippi said.


"I wonder…" Mario mused and then flipped between dimensions and saw the resident of the house. "Hey there."

"Wha?! You can see me?!" He asked in surprise. "Hallelujah! I'm saved! I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and found myself trapped in this dimension, no one could hear me… I was trapped here for days! Just when I was about to give up, you showed up!"

"How did you wake up between dimensions?"

"Honestly, I'm not sure myself!" He said. "Now, take me back, my good man!" He requested as Mario grabbed him and flipped back.

"Wahoo! I'm saved!"

"Wah! Where'd he come from?!" Weiss yelled.

"Damned… lever! MOVE!" Gloria yelled as she was trying to get it to budge.

"Name's Red!" He said and turned toward the lever. "Now now, you're gonna break it! Allow me." He said and walked over and pushed the girls out of the way. "…Oh, before I do this, I gotta ask you a question. Which color is better? Red, Green or both?"

"Uh… I dunno, red?" Mario guessed.

"Red, obviously!" Ruby said.

"Can I saw none of the above? Because white's my color of choice." Weiss said.

"Yellow all the way, baby!" Yang grinned.

"Black's pretty alright." Blake said.

"I'm more fond of purple." Gloria shrugged.

"…Well, none of them are green, so I'll accept it!" Red said and lowered the lever easily, causing Ruby, Yang and Gloria to stare at it in disbelief. "There ya go!"

"We uh… loosened it for you…" Ruby sweatdropped as they walked out and then started to walk into town.

"Hmm, I wonder…" Gloria dismissed her Red Star power up and turned to the Mythicals. "Can I still understand ya?"

"I dunno… can you?" Diancie asked.

"That's a yes." Gloria said. Must be a side effect from Bestovius. She thought as they walked into town and continued walking to the other side, where they saw another bridge completely out.

"I guess we'll go to that house next." Mario guessed as they hopped into the Warp Pipe and made their way over to the Green House where they walked in and saw a man in green standing before a lever.

"Excuse us, we'd like to have the bridge be open." Ruby said.

"Sorry folks, I can't let yo- HEY WAIT A MINUTE!" Green yelled. "You! AND YOU! Both of you are wearing red!"

"So?" Mario asked.

"Sooooooo… BEGONE!" He yelled, pressing a button as a springboard shot Mario and Ruby out of the house.


"WHAT THE?! WAS THAT NECESSARY?!" Weiss yelled as Yang immediately took off running to go check on her sister and Mario.

"Now that the red folk are gone… I can't let you pass unless you have permission from the mayor."

"…Can I smack 'im for doing that shite?" Gloria asked, reaching for her lead pipe.

"Gloria, no!" Weiss exclaimed. "…Though it is rather tempting at the moment." She grumbled as Blake gave Green a "I'm watching you" gesture as they walked out the door.

"What? Green is superior! I don't need some stuck up red wearin' doofuses in here!"


"Mmmph! Mmmmph!" Ruby was pulled out of the sand as she shook the sand out of her hair. "What was that for?"

"Honestly, I'm not sure myself." Yang said. "But now I want to punch that asshole."

"Now now, let's not get too crazy." Mario said, dumping sand out of his hat as he put it back on as the others approached the trio.

"Apparently he has a hate bias for red for some reason." Weiss said.

"Yeah, we gathered!" Ruby groaned.

"We also need permission from the mayor… didn't even say what house he's in though." Blake said.

"Maybe we try the first house?" Mario guessed as they walked inside where they saw an old man.

"Hmm? Now who might you be? WATCH IT!" He yelled as they approached him.

"We want to get to the other side of town." Yang said.

"Hmph! Other side of town? What's it to ya?"

"We're the heroes of the Light Progadoofus… uh…" Ruby sweatdropped. "Crap…"

"Prognosticus." Weiss corrected.

"Yeah, what she said."

"HA! You think me, Old Man Watchitt, would believe that you are the heroes of the Light Prognosticus! Hmph! If you were such heroes, you'd have a Pixl in the shape of a hand! Now go on, skedaddle! WATCH IT!" He yelled as they walked out.

"Well, that was a bust." Ruby sighed.

"I guess we'll have to take a look around town." Yang said as they walked around and tried out each building until they came across one room that had a hidden pipe on the other side of the room as they hopped inside with the help of Mario flipping them between dimensions.

Pause BGM

BGM: Underground Room (Super Paper Mario)

As they got out of the warp pipe, they would see Thwomps blocking the way as they slammed into the ground repeatedly. "Hmm… oh, I know!" Ruby got into position and clapped her hands together as everything slowed down around her. "Neat!" She said as she grabbed Mario and pushed him toward the other side while waiting for a Thwomp to rise up. She hurried over and pushed everyone else to the other side and then time went back to normal.

"Uh… what just happened?" Blake asked.

"I pulled a Bayonetta. You're welcome~!" Ruby cheerfully said and then walked off.

"Why do I feel as if that's a majorly bad thing?" Weiss shuddered.

"Still a bit sore after that Smash match?" Blake asked.

"…A little." Weiss muttered as they went into the next room, and with the help of Tippi unveiling a door for them, they walked into the next room… and a cage appeared in front of the door. "Oh! Great… we're stuck."

"Trapped with that big treasure chest." Yang said as they walked toward it as Mario started to open it up.



"OH CRAP, NOT AGAIN!" Ruby yelled as a Pixl flew out. "…Oh! Oh thank goodness, I thought we were gonna get cursed!"

BGM: Strange Company (Super Paper Mario)

"You too, huh?" Yang sighed with relief.

"…I think I should be glad that I'm not in the know." Gloria quietly said.

"Agreed." Meloetta nodded.

"Sweet freedom! I am free!" The Pixl exclaimed. "Name's Thoreau, nice to meet all of you!" He said. "I was quite concerned when the ancients stuffed me into this chest, but hey… I now know my true purpose after 1,500 years."

"Well, that's good to kno- WAIT, WHAT?" Weiss yelled. "How have you not gone crazy yet?!"

"I'm surprisingly patient." Thoreau said and then spotted Tippi. "…Oh! Are you a Pixl too? Strange, I've never seen that type of color before. You a newer model?"

"I… uh… what? Um… no, I don't think so…?"

"Huh, well, you're definitely a unique one then!" Thoreau said. "Now then, allow me to help you on your journey! See that block over there? Throw me at it and I can help ya carry it!" He said as Mario did so, where the block was grabbed and Thoreau placed it in Mario's hands. "Alright, now throw it at that ! Block right there so we can get out of here!"

"…The what now?" Ruby turned to see it on the ceiling. "Oh…"

"How did we not even see that?" Weiss facepalmed as Mario threw the block at the ! Block, which got rid of the cage.

"Let's-a go!" Mario said as they took off back to Watchitt's place.


Resume Mount Lineland BGM

"Eh? Now you got that Pixl? Well, how about that! Just give me a moment." He said and then pulled out a phone. "Hey Green, it's Watchitt. …Watch it. Watch it! WATCH IT! I said Watchitt, not botch it!" He said. "Yes, they're here with me now. You can let them pass. …That stays between us, alright? Good." Watchitt put it away. "Phew, now I can retire! Feel free to go that desert now… but always remember… WATCH IT!"

"Uh… noted." Ruby said as they walked out as they stared at the house in the distance.

"I'm going in there." Yang said. "You guys stay behind. …Gloria, you come with me!"

Gloria smirked. "Perfect!" She said as they hopped into the Warp Pipe and went into the house, where about a minute later, they saw a massively more detailed bridge appear before their eyes.

"Oh, now that's more detailed than that rickety old bridge." Weiss said.


"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" A voice cried as Green slammed into the dirt near them. "Mmmph!"

"Oh, I see that conversation went well." Blake sarcastically said as Yang and Gloria returned as Yang deactivated her ARMS and Gloria put her lead pipe back.

"That was for Ruby and Mario!" Yang said as they started to cross the bridge toward the desert.

"Uuugh… what did I do…?" Green wondered, trying to get himself out, unaware of Magearna walking by.

"Hope I'm not too late." She said and continued onward to catch up with them.

"Mmmph? Hello? I'm stuck! Anyone? Anyone?" Green grunted, trying to pry himself out… but no one came.

Red vs Green... doesn't really have the same appeal as Red vs Blue, but what can you do? Pffft.