Natsu jolted awake drenched in sweat and gasping for air as tears rolled down his cheeks.

He threw himself off his hammock and slammed his door open, startling Happy awake as he sprinted into the darkness.

He ran. Racing through the streets of Magnolia, he leapt over carts and fences, ducked under awnings, and steered around corners to get to his destination.

He pushed himself faster as the building he was searching for came into view. Not bothering to slow down, he jumped up to the familiar second story window. He slid it open and climbed inside, still frantic.

It was dark in the room, but he could clearly see the body on the bed.

He crept closer noting her even heartbeat and breathing. Lucy was asleep.

Sighing in relief, he climbed into the bed next to her and cuddled her snuggly to his chest as his heartbeat slowed down.

He pressed his nose to her hair and breathed in her wonderful scent that always managed to sooth him.

He really hated these nightmares.

He pressed his lips to the side of her head gently squeezing her tighter, thankful that it really had been just a dream.

Lucy nuzzled his chin, sighing contently. He leaned down nuzzling her back.

To his surprise, she lightly pressed her lips to his, softly murmuring his name, before drifting back into a deeper sleep.

It was rare that she did that and he loved it when she did. He knew she was in love with him, but she was so shy about anything remotely romantic. He was beginning to wonder if he'd ever wear her down.

He pressed his lips to hers again, then to her cheek, and her temple twice… maybe a third time.

He finally settled back down as Happy flew through the open window.

"Is she okay?" he asked Natsu sleepily rubbing his eyes, already knowing the answer.

"Yeah," he sighed again, pulling her closer. "She's safe."

Happy closed the window and put Natsu's sandals of the floor. "Okay," he yawned as Natsu lifted him onto the bed.

He laid on Lucy's feet and promptly fell back to sleep.

Natsu silently kissed her temple again before settling. He slowly fell into a restful sleep.

Lucy woke the next morning feeling safe and warm. Sighing contently, she tried to get up and start her morning.

But she was stuck. Again.

Natsu had snuck in and had velcroed himself to her back, again. And was that Happy on her feet, again? Of course, it was. Who else would it be?

She sighed in annoyance.

Yes, she was in love with him, but he was too dense to notice, much less do anything about it!

This was cruel.

She loved it when he held her like this. She felt so treasured. Why couldn't he do this when he was awake?

She tried to extricate herself from her fiery friend's grasp only for him to pull her back even more securely than last time.

She was stuck. AGAIN.

Natsu knew she was getting frustrated. He bit back a laugh as she tried again to leave his grip. This time, he had to bury his face in her hair to get himself under control.

Or so he thought.

"Natsu Dragneel!" she scolded him, finally having felt his chest rumble.

He couldn't hold back anymore and began cackling still not releasing her.

"Let me go," she demanded crossly pushing on his arms.

Natsu only laughed harder.

"Natsu!" she whined as she continued to struggle.

He was tempted to take pity on her for only a moment before deciding against it.

As she nearly managed to climb off the bed, he pulled her back once again, this time turning over and dragging her with him as she squealed in protest.

She pouted at him as he pinned her under his weight.

"HA!" he grinned at her in triumphant mischief.

Lucy tried to stay angry at him. She really did. But how in the hell was she suppose to resist him? She really did need to think of a way to teach him a lesson.

But he was just so adorable!

The goofball had laid his head against hers, nose to nose, smiling like he was on top of the world. She couldn't resist nuzzling him, smiling softly.

Realizing her mistake, she'd almost begun to panic when Natsu closed his eyes and nuzzled her back, sighing in comfort.

Happy quietly snuck out of the apartment, hoping one of them would finally make a move.

As Lucy calmed back down, Natsu rubbed his nose against hers more, gently coaxing her. He wanted to kiss her for real one day and really wanted that to be today. She seemed open to the idea…

At least she hadn't kick him out of her window, yet.

The blonde beauty sighed into the dragon slayer's hold. He watched her smile pleasantly.

Just a little further and their lips would touch. He tilted his head just a bit and licked his lips.

Please, don't let her freak out! He begged every god and ancestor he could think of for just a little bit of luck.

His mouth fell open, nearly panting, when he nudged her again. His hot breath on her mouth made her open her eyes.

His intense eyes trapped her once more, and her mouth fell open as she struggled to regain control of her own breathing. What was he doing to her?

She may have been lost in onyx, but he was drowning in chocolate and couldn't think of a better way to die.

His head was so heavy from trying keep from kissing her. Oh, she was so hard to resist!

Without warning, their lips touched. Just barely. A feather would've applied more pressure.

Lucy gasped. Natsu exhaled hard.

"Natsu?" Lucy questioned nearly silent as her eyes drooped. Her head tilted just slightly as she began breathing even harder. Her heart was now pounding through her rib cage.

The word caused their lips to touch again, and Natsu didn't need any more prompting. She was his, and he wasn't letting her go.

He closed his eyes as he fell forwards claiming her lips.

Oh, he could get use to this!

****Greetings Y'all! I don't how I managed to knock this one out. I literally worked on it for an hour... That doesn't happen for me. Oh well, I hope y'all like this one! Is just a bunch of fluff!