Chapter 01

This was it, he thought as he stared out the window of Colonial One, the ship he'd departed the colonies on some four or so years ago now. After so much everything, here they were.

After all this time, the President's 'visions', Starbuck returning, from the dead. Or whatever it was that she'd done.

New Caprica and the everything that had happened there, the promise of so much and the angst and agony of what followed, everything they'd lost and regained.

Out of the corner of his eye he could see the majestic view of the Cylon basestar.

He briefly wondered if he was the only one in the fleet that thought of it in those terms. Majestic. It just seemed to hang there in space. Not like the Colonial ships; in contestant movement. The basestar just seemed to hang there, yet it moved at the same velocity as the fleet.

"Harry Potter," he whispered to himself. "Welcome to Earth," as he shifted his view away from the majesty of the basestar and instead focused on the blue planet they were in orbit of and wondered to himself silently why it looked so odd.


He'd managed to get himself onto one of the landing parties, not the first, not even the second.

But he was on it, technically his qualifications were as an engineer, that was what he plied as his trade throughout the fleet. He'd also managed to avoid being drafted in directly under Galactica's command. The Quorum had defended his and other's decisions, that there needed to be some independence of workers. Even if they were doing exactly the same job as those under Galactica's command.

He'd also managed to earn himself a name as being a little bit odd, that Harry reflected might just be his personality. He'd had to adapt to so many different things since his arrival in the Twelve Colonies. It had been a lot of a shock, and now having escaped nuclear apocalypse, perhaps it was his method of coping, he didn't really know, or really care to look into his psyche.

Some said he was an 'abstractionist', solving complicated problems in unexpected ways. While having a different point of view to the majority of people. Even the Gemenese.

He didn't get that reference when he'd first arrived in this frakking place, he'd needed to learn all of that, and he done it in a mostly relaxed way. Perhaps too relaxed sometimes.

He'd asked to come down, though he hadn't really justified it well, just as his skills as an engineer, in case anything went wrong.

He never mentioned his special affinity with this planet. At least he thought he had a special affinity with the planet.

If it was Earth.

In the end, he'd basically said that Galactica was running a lot of raptors to and from Galactica in atmosphere. That was something they hadn't done for any extended period, not since New Caprica or the algae planet. If he was down on the ground that would save them risking another raptor to bring someone down while the scientists did their things there.

No one had really argued with this, there were few independent engineers in the fleet, and after it had become known, though not widely known that there was some remaining radiation that had stopped all the curious people quite quickly.


Harry took a deep breath of the air, radioactive as the planet was, the air wasn't deadly, Harry made himself remain, looking around in curious amazement, as the other people were for a short while.

The teams were just beginning to start to dig and make proper excavations of the ground and ruins.

He took another deep breath, savouring the smell and feel of fresh air, something that he sorely missed, even on the Argo which at least held proper foliage, the only ship that did since the destruction of Cloud Nine it wasn't the same as breathing real air. Even slightly radiation-laden air.

Once he was sure no one was paying him any attention he slowly walked away from the group to a secure location from where he couldn't be seen and took another deep breath and started to mentally prepare himself.

Back in the Twelve Colonies he'd had to re-learn apparition, on Earth, back in the day apparition was something he'd learnt, something that came naturally, especially in lengthy war.

But the colonies were all different planets, with a different feel, a different texture to them. Every time he apparated it felt different, and required a lot more mental preparation than he had ever needed to before.

Especially as he knew he couldn't mess it up, there was no one else, no one at all to help him if he messed it up. If he messed up an apparition and splinched himself he would have to get himself out of it.

Now that he was on a planet again, the first time since the algae planet, and like that planet it felt different, a different texture, a different sensation, it wasn't just feeling, it was something beyond the physical senses that he felt for it.

He needed to prepare to apparate, he visualised the landmasses he'd seen from orbit, what was meant to be there, and what wasn't and then there was a barely noticeable displacement of air and he disappeared.


Harry widened his eyes in surprise and fear and took several steps away from a very high and jagged edge of a very high cliff.

The radiation meter was wobbling around more indicating a higher level of radiation, still within safe levels, but much higher and on the less safe side of the scale.

Extracting the probe of the radiation meter he waved it around making notes of how high it was and how it was wobbling around before tucking back onto the outside of his pocket.

Disappointingly, Hogwarts wasn't here.

Instead there was a cliff where he'd been expecting to find Scotland.

The landmass he was standing on was barely the size of a small island. He could just about see the other side of it with similar ruins to where they'd landed.

Harry closed his eyes as he realised how much he'd been on autopilot and how fast his heart was actually beating.

He drew in another breath of the mildly toxic air, trying to calm his heart and his being.

Apparating wasn't exactly something he could do within the fleet, the relativistic speeds involved made it only a theoretical possibility.

Indeed he'd had several conversations with the physicists that were in the fleet about 'matter transportation' ideas.

Mostly as a theoretical concept rather than something that was actually achievable.

The calculations alone were, while theoretically possible were more than slightly impractical and likely suicidal.

There were so many calculations to take into account, so much data to compute, if a computer could do it, it would need to be networked and likely prone to some errors.

If he were to do it, which he would be, he'd need to know, need to keep in mind so many different variables, it just wasn't worth it, wasn't worth the trouble.

It was far easier to get a craft like a raptor to give him a lift. Far easier and safer.

Harry looked up, shading his eyes against the considerable glare. It seemed to be permanently overcast on this planet, or that might have something to do with the nuclear winter that the planet was still experiencing.

He walked, and apparated and walked around the island, there was nothing, nothing that indicated it was his Earth.

This was the Earth of the scriptures, of the prophecy of the legend, just sadly not his Earth.

Looking around Harry sighed.

He could live in hope.

-/ - \\-

Harry sat in the back of the raptor…with the remains that had been uncovered.

This essentially confirmed it, that it wasn't his Earth, it was also something of a revelation.

The Thirteenth Tribe was Cylon.

"This really is a week of revelations," he said to no one in particular. Caprica Six looked over at him curiously.

Harry shrugged and continued to talk to himself. "I thought, space, space, space, Earth…interesting, radiation not so good, then this," he chuckled to himself. "You sit around for 4 years with nothing aside from attacks, riots and stuff happening then this happens," Harry shook his head. "It's brilliant isn't it?"

"You're taking this very well," Caprica Six observed.

"It's enlightening," Harry beamed at her. "Revelations like this, I think are amazing, bizarre and unexpected," he paused. "But considering how we got here, is it so unexpected?"

"How so?" Caprica asked him.

"That we find something like this, after Starbuck comes back from the dead," Harry raised an eyebrow. "I would have been a little disappointed if we hadn't found something like this. If it had just been an ordinary boring planet, which would have been good for our food supplies I suppose," Harry mused to himself. "But this, is fascinating."

"You're a very odd individual Potter," she commented.

"Caprica Six," Harry smiled. "It has been said of me more than once that statement. I like to think I'm not going to be shocked or scared," Harry reflected on how he'd first found himself in the Twelve Colonies and found that he'd needed to force himself to 'roll with things' otherwise he might panic or want to throw himself out of an airlock. "I just need to keep an open mind and hope that whatever has happened before, there is some reason to it."



This is a story I wrote in 2009. I'd finished about 90 percent, and then left it to sit in my 2009 documents folder. I edited it, added to it, didn't quite finish it again in 2016.

Now in 2020, in a bit of a creative slump I've been going through my half or more finished stories and trying to finish them. (And now reading through and editing again in 2021 before I post it)

Originally I wrote this as a single document, broken up with statements saying 'this chapter takes place between [episode titles]'. I don't remember if I intended to keep these in or if they were just references for myself. But I'm leaving those intact for future chapters.

I seem to recall I wrote the original story barely a few weeks after the broadcast of season 4 of BSG.

Hence in part why it starts where it does. I also think it's an interesting place to start the story. Missing out a lot of the introductory stuff of the BSG universe and skipping right to the end.

I'm still not entirely happy with the story, but it's as good as it's going to be, without leaving it for another 5 years or so.

Thanks for reading