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Pain, it was all that Izuku could feel at the moment. Hearing not so distant sounds of a battle he forced his eyes open. His vision swam around blurry and ringing in his ears was subsiding slowly, only then he noticed a frantic voices of his classmates.

"Midoriya, hey all you alright!?"

A blurry form of Shouto Todoroki, his friend was trying to get his attention.

"Can you hear me? Are you alright? That piece of debris got you really hard."

His head cleared in an instant, memories flashing through his throbbing head, they were at the Kamino Ward, their mission to stealthily rescue Katsuki went completely sideways when heroes arrived.

Tenya Iida, Eijiro Kirishima, Shouto Todoroki, Momo Yaoyorozu and Izuku himself, after disguising themselves, successfully followed after the signal of a tracker that was put on one of the Nomus at their train wreck of a summer camp. They sneaked up between buildings to a window to peek inside, Iida boosting Kirishima up, Izuku doing the same with Yaoyorozu. And then Mount Lady literally kicked open that hornet nest, a large warehouse that was a place where the infamous League of Villains was storing their abominations called Nomu. To the horror off the whole group a single man in a black suit and a strange device on his head defeated the whole gathering of top heroes, and proceeded to summon remaining members of the LoV using some sort of a gray sludge.

In the middle of the Villains showed their rescue target, Katsuki Bakugo. To their relief he looked relatively well, and not disappointing anyone he started blasting his attackers left and right using his quirk. The group of friends were going to help him when the symbol of peace arrived. All Might in all his glory feel from the skies like a meteor, cratering the asphalt under the force of his landing. Not wasting a second he attacked the leader of the LoV sending him a few blocks away from the young heroes.

As they were implementing a plan that Momo proposed, to use Kirishima with his Hardening quirk as a battering ram to go through a weakened wall that acted as their hiding spot, and Izuku with Iida holding him up and acting as propulsion, Todoroki would then create an ice ramp with his powers for them to soar above the battlefield and evacuate with Bakugo launching himself up with his quirk. A lot off maybes and ifs but that plan was the best they had at the moment, and as they were going to launch themselves a large piece of debris launched by Katsuki fs misfire struck Izuku and Momo down.

"... Yaoyorozu." Izuku croaked from the pain.

"She is alive, wounded but fine, Iida is helping her. Are you okay? Your leg is bleeding."

Looking down at his leg, Izuku just started to feel his injury, nothing critical comparing to his earlier stunts but they plan needed to change now.

"I'll manage. We will need to change the plan though, i won't be able to use the force necessary to launch us in this condition, you will have to change place with me." Limping he got up to his feet. "Iida, how is Yaoyorozu?"

"Not good..." That statement startled them all. " She is alive, unconscious though, she got hit in her head and is heavily bleeding from her abdomen. We need to get her to the hospital."

"We need to rescue Bakubro too, they are starting to wear him down." Kirishima stated, from his lookout near the crumbling wall.

After a few seconds of silence Izuku spoke. "Change of plans, Shouto is going to replace me in the formation, with my leg i can't launch us with the speed needed."

"I don't have enough strength to pull that of." Todoroki cut in.

" I know I will need you to make an ice construct behind you all so i can push you with my hands, i will launch you with all my strength, sacrifice an arm if necessary. Then i will carry Yaoyorozu in the opposite direction using you guys as a distraction. Rest of the plan is unchanged."

" Guys we need to hurry, i think that All Might and that suit guy are coming this way with their fight." Kirishima voiced with urgency.

" I patched her bleeding stomach the best i could, when you launch us, get her to the nearest hospital ASAP." Said Iida standing up and making his way to the trio.

"Will do. Now there is no time. Get yourself in the positions and remember Kirishima, you are the only one that can get his attention, he will probably go straight to you guys, then Iida, you will use your Recipro to steer in the air and hopefully, Kachan will be able to help you all with the landing." When Izuku was recapping the plan for the team, Todoroki finished making the construct of ice that will be used to launch them.

"Let's meet back at the station we arrived here from Musutafu after this. Everybody ready?"

After getting three nods from his team Izuku powered up to 20% of OfA and with a grunt of effort pushed them with all his might. Just before that Todoroki using his quirk removed all the friction he could using ice, and they were launched through the wall, making a giant ice ramp that shielded the duo of teens that was left behind. Without wasting any time Izuku immediately went to his classmate fs side, checking the wound he missed her half open eyes.

"I... Izuku..." Momo groaned out, startling the young man.

"Yaoyorozu, you are awake. How are you feeling? Stupid question right, I'm sorry i know it probably hurts i need to take you to a hospital, we need to get you help."

He tried to pick her up only to just now realize that he couldn't use both of his arms. 'I barely felt the pain... Is this adrenaline working? I can't move my hands...' as he paused his movements in a slight panic, Momo, with barely any strength, raised one of her delicate hands and cupped the boy fs face getting his attention immediately.

"Izuku... You need to leave me here, I'm loosing a lot of blood... I won't make it in time..."

Horrified Izuku froze like a statue, never in his wildest dreams he would thought he would find himself in a situation such as this. His wide green eyes meet with her steel gray ones, for someone who knew the end was coming she looked calm, serene even.

"No..." He whispered. " You will survive we just need to get you to a doctor, you are going to be fine, Iida said it wasn't that serious. He patched your wounds and all... Just stay strong, we will think something out... I will thing something out..."

As the terrified boy started to mutter more to himself than to his classmate she smiled at him a little.

"Thank you." At her words Izuku stopped his monologue focusing back to the situation at hand. He tried to scoop the young girl in his arms to carry her but to no avail his arms were like lead. After all the punishment they went through and true to what the Doctors said, his arms gave out. All he was able to do was to clumsily embrace the wounded girl, now kneeling beside her and holding her in his arms.

"In the hospital..." She started but was interrupted by a heavy explosion behind Izuku. After a shower of ice and debris that hit them, with Izuku shielding her battered body with his own she looked at his panicking face, as he tried to thought up a plan to save her.

"After the camp, i had an argument with my parents... They wanted for me to drop out of the hero course..."

Once again Izuku focused on her, after checking if her wounds were okay, not even noticing the ones on his back. The glacier created by their peer now shattered in two, from the power of a stray attack that came from the titans battling nearby.

"I shouted at them in frustration, said words i shouldn't... I wish I could say to them how much I love them... That I am sorry..."

Listening to Momo, his own quarrel with his mother came to his mind. Inko Midoriya wasn't at all pleased that her one and only child had to fight for his life at the training camp, how his arms now that he thought about it probably were damaged for good.

"You will tell them." He blurted out.
"Parents will be parents, my own mother wants me to leave the heroics course too. I argued with her about that through the phone... We will both apologize to them when we will get home okay? If needed I will help you, and everything will be alright"

Yaoyorozu looked him in the eyes, full of fear and hope that they will make it, she smiled again.

"Can you do something for me?" She whispered to him just loud enough for him to hear. He moved his head closer to her to hear better.

"Can you... Would you kiss me please?"

At that he froze as if struck by a lightning, he straightened up a bit and when his mind rebooted from this out of nowhere attack, she continued.

"I never kissed anyone... Would you do this for me?" She pleaded, somehow even weaker than before. Only now Izuku realized that her skin looked paler, and her body slowly was getting colder.

"I... I never did that too... " As he looked down, the embarrassment he felt slowly seeped out of him, Momo was looking at him with pleading eyes, she was crying, tears slowly rolled down her dust covered cheeks, leaving a bit of a trail. Even in this situation, in this state, she was the most beautiful girl he ever had seen. He slowly lowered his head and delicately connected their lips. With all the grace the teenage boy could muster the kiss lasted for a few seconds, Momo delicately moved her lips, giggling a bit.

"The girls would throw a fit if they found out i stole your first kiss..." She laughed a bit.

Izuku couldn't even comprehend how she was taking this so lightly. Here she was, bleeding out in his arms, and she was laughing through tears about something so trivial.

"Yaoyo..." She playfully smacked her hand and his face to stop him.

"You can... call me Momo... you know?" She smiled again at him.

"M... Momo you need to hold on, the help is surely on the way, you will make it through... I will even take you on a date if you want, just hold on for a bit longer!" Izuku started panicking again when he noticed how erratic Momo's breathing was. He embraced the girl in his broken arms to get her a bit closer.

"It would be nice..." She started to slur a bit, clearly loosing consciousness.
"It's so cold... But you are so warm..."

The dread of the situation fully settled in Izuku now. The poor boy started to look around, trying to find a solution, sadly not finding any.
"Don't go to sleep! Stay with me Momo!"
He shouted in an attempt to keep the girl from falling unconscious.

With tears in her eyes, she looked at him again, visibly straining to keep her eyes open, he couldn't even tell if she saw him or if she did that too somewhat calm him down.
"I think... I love you... My hero..." At the last word her form slumped in his arms. Momo Yaoyorozu died in Izuku Midoriya arms in the ruins of the Kamino Ward. Speechless Izuku couldn't comprehend what was happening, denial at first and then dread and sadness settled in. He hugged the battered form of his classmate, of the beautiful girl that had the whole future before her, just snuffed out because of some relic of a villain from ages past. He felt pure agony at the thought, hot tears slowly streaming down his face, not the over the top waterworks of Midoriya family, but slow, painful tears of loss and sadness.

A loud explosion behind him broke him or of his stupor. Looking to the source of the commotion his whole body froze at the sight.
Not to far away stood the villain in the suit, battered and scuffed after the fight with the symbol of peace but seemingly winning. All Might in his withered form was kneeling on one knee just to keep himself up with his head slumped down, his bloodied hands before him steaming from the force they had to withstand. With the hero as the center, deep trenches were carved to his sides as if bomb went off just in front of him, and behind his form the unconscious bodies of few heroes and civilians were visible.
In this moment something in Izuku snapped, the cold ice on his veins slowly melted, and his blood began to boil in anger.

For the first time in his life Izuku Midoriya felt raw and pure Rage.


Toshinori Yagi was panicking. As he was soaring through the skies in the direction of the second raid target in his All Might persona, he was trying to come up with a strategy. When his friend detective Tsukauchi Naomasa reveled to him that the police found out the League of Villains hideout he was prepared to face of with his nemesis All for One from the get go. Of course rescuing the kidnapped student, Katsuki Bakugo, was top priority but he knew that he was probably the only one able to fight with that monster. The whole operation got a lot more complicated when young Yaoyorozu woke up in the hospital and gave them a receiver for a GPS tracker she placed on some Nomu at the camp. He still couldn't comprehend how she achieved that, even with the help of the other students. After determining a second target for the raid the teams were set and the mission began.

Only to go sideways after 30 seconds from the start. Toshinori's team successfully secured a few Villains including the teleporter and the supposed leader, who threw a temper tantrum like a child and as they were cuffing them up with quirk suppressing cuffs the only ones they managed to apprehend was that man-child Shigaraki and mentioned before Kurogiri. Probably because of those aforementioned handcuffs the transporting quirk didn't trigger on them as all the other present suddenly threw up a lot of black and grey sludge and we're teleported away and in their place Nomu showed up.

In the same moment the warehouse team sent an S.O.S and went dark. Leaving the rest to the nr.2 hero, Endeavor, as he was disposing of those monstrosities left and right he launched himself in the direction of the second raid team with all his strength.
Still in the air he saw the monster himself slowly stepping into the open from the ruins of his hideout. A few mutilated Nomus were lying on the ground and the whole strike team of heroes scattered before him, battered and bruised, even the top ones were in a tragic state.

In the blink of an eye All Might flexed his muscles causing a massive shock-wave to push him self down just before the villain cratering the ground upon landing.

"Well you took long enough to get here symbol of peace." All for one said in his grating, mocking voice. "You are getting old my friend, slower too."

"All for One... Today you will meet your end!" Toshinori roared and launched himself at the human monster punching him in the gut so hard he flew a few hundred meters away only to hit a wall of a warehouse at the end of the street.

Not wasting any moment, All Might chased after him and started pummeling him to kingdom come with all the power he could muster, squeezing every possible dregs of the power. In the past a roaring inferno, now just embers but still potent enough to unleash devastating force upon his enemies.

AfO unfortunately didn't take the beating lying down. As he powered quirk after quirk to either block, redirect or nullify Yagi's mighty blows. Responding himself in shots of fire, air and electricity, until at least he got a lucky shot with his Air Canon sending the hero back the way they came, to the ruins of his base.

In the middle of this commotion All Might saw an explosion with the corner of his eye and a huge, sky reaching glacier from which three people launched themselves over the battlefield, seeing that young Bakugo flew right to them and disappeared beyond the buildings that reminded standing. At least one of his worries was over.

"It seams the passage of time didn't show you any kindness All Might. And here I hoped that you will be more entertaining than the failure which was your predecessor." Super-villain didn't stop mocking the hero. Causing All Might to use more and more power as his anger grew.

"Don't you even say her name with your filthy mouth! You murdered her in cold blood, she was a hero to the end, stopping you so the other could escape. And today i will defeat you, even at the cost of my own life! " All Might shouted preparing for one of his biggest moves.

"And what about the lives of others, hero? " AfO laughed as he powered his quirks in a deadly combination, his right hand struggling to contain the power he was building up. He pointed his arm away from the symbol of peace to Toshinori's confusion who hazarded a look in that direction. His eyes widened as he saw civilians and heros alike strewn around haphazardly, most of them not even conscious.

Running on instinct alone, using all the possible fibers of his being he moved with the speed he probably would never feel again as he appeared in front of already fired attack, crossing his arm before himself and taking that devastating force head on.

After the aftershocks passed over him Toshinori knew that it was the end. His strength slipped away, leaving him in the most vulnerable state. Once gallant and heroic form shrunk down into the shell of a man that was left behind.

"Now that looks is more befitting of you, symbol of peace." AfO taunted him.

"This is how it should have ended last time we met, you won't be getting any second wind this time. I can feel it, your power is at the brink of exhaustion. Just like your dear Nana, when i ripped her head off with my own hands." The super-villain continued his mockery.

"What will you do now, hero? I sure hope you still have something in you to entertain little old me." Saying that AfO started accumulating more power in his right arm to finish All Might and all those behind him in one go.

As Toshinori was ready to give up he heard a faint voice.

"All... Might... You can't... Please don't give up... You need to fight... We need you..." As he glanced back, not so far away a civilian, a woman barely after her twenty's was pinned in the rubble, she was looking at him with hope in her eyes, blood and tears slowly going down her face. And then in the distance he could hear a crowd of people chanting his name, calling for him to fight on.

"Oh, do you hear them? They still think that you will be able to win. How precious. You were supporting this notion of being a sole pillar for this fickle peace and community of theirs and they just can't seem to even entertain an idea of you losing to anyone. Let's show them the truth shall we?" After a bit of monologuing, AfO smiled mockingly at Toshinori, nearly ready to blast him apart.

Kneeling in front of his nemesis on one knee, All Might mustered all the leftover power he had, bulking up back to his hero persona. As blood started to seep through his clenched teeth, and he rose to his full imposing height one more time he was about to respond to the most powerful and vile villain in human history when his eyes widened to the maximum.

There before him moving at the speeds even he couldn't hope to achieve in his prime, was his successor clad in deep red lightning that arced around melting anything it touched. The whole scene played so fast that even his superhuman senses had trouble to comprehend.

With the primal roar of pure rage and fury, Izuku appeared out of nowhere just beside the head of the villain with his leg being bathed in so much power it was visibly vibrating. Even as AfO reacted by instinct and stabbed him in his stomach with those black and red tendrils of his, he was not able to stop what was going to happen.


When Endeavor was told he was going on some rescue mission with All Might of all people, he didn't expect such a fuckup. When the operation started all the planning and preparation went belly up not even a minute in. The hostage was teleported away with nearly all of the Villains, only two being apprehend fast enough. Then those beasts appeared and started attacking the police force, second strike team sent an S.O.S signal before going dark and as always, All Might took of in their direction in seconds, leaving him the clean up.

After a couple of minutes he was nearing the battlefield, because you couldn't call it anything else. Shouts for help and of despair were heared all around, in some intact shop display there was a live feed of the ground zero showing All Might's form taking a powerful blast, accompanied by a loud crash from up the street. Just when he was about to run past it he saw something that he couldn't comprehend, and judging by the looks of disbelief all around he wasn't alone in that.

"What happened to him..." Said one voice.

"He is all shriveled up, he is barely standing!" Another yelled.

'This isn't the time for gawking, he needs help!' As the number two hero chastised himself he started to run with more effort than ever, for the first time in his life feeling something different than jealousy of the number one. A slight ember of fear ignited in him when he realized that if that suited villain was to powerful for the symbol of peace, he himself would stand little chance.

Just after crossing the top of a hill made of concrete rubble he saw something that would stay in his memory for life.

As he spotted the emancipated form of his rival, just when he was getting up end swelling back with muscles, in this bizarre transformation of his, a green flash of light catch his attention. Squinting he saw not far away from him the form of a boy hugging closely a slumped form of a girl behind a cover made of ice. As the boy delicately put her unmoving body on the ground an erratic green bursts of electricity started dancing of his body, connecting with everything around scorching the concrete and melting the ice.

As if having a mind of their own the bolts of electricity avoided the body of the girl. When the boy turned around, only then Endeavor recognized him as the one who fought his son at the school festival, the one who at long last made his son accept his full power. His momentary stupor come to an end when the energy radiating from the boy rose tremendously, even from 20 meters away he felt his hair standing on end, as if faced with an ultimate predator, or even a force of nature itself.

The look on the boys face slowly twisted into anger and then rage, and as of responding to his feelings, the color of the lightning emanating from his frame changed slowly from emerald green through yellow, straight to the deep red of blood. Then the boy vanished barely disturbing anything behind himself as if he never existed, only thing that enabled the flaming hero to track him was the trail of molten ground that he left behind.

Turning back to the fight of the All Might and the overpowered super-villain the only thing he could see was a red spray of blood as the leg of that boy and the head of the villain came into contact, vaporizing both in the most powerful attack he ever seen. As if the laws of physics themselves started working again after the unbelievable action of the young hero, a titanic gust of wind blew all the rubble, dust, smoke, and even clouds themselves away in a show of pure power never to be seen again.

Stirring into motion, using whatever strength he had left, All Might caught the boy before he even could hit the ground, and all went still.


As medics started to arrive at the scene, All Might himself carried barely conscious form of the young boy to the nearest ambulance. One of Izuku fs legs missing, the other dangling uselessly as if boneless. His hands bloodied and battered. Even then Izuku wasn't ready to pass out.

"A... All..." He tried to say.

"Hush my boy it will be alright, you will live, recovery girl is on her way, everything will be alright."

"Mo...mo..." As Izuku rasped that out he lifted one of his broken hands in the direction he came from, easily identified by a straight line of glassed ground, that led to a crumbling wall.

Toshinori fs eyes widened in horror, and his neck hair's stood on end when he understood what his young protege meant.

"Young Yaoyorozu is there?" He asked hoping for all that's holy that he was wrong.

"Y... Yes... She... She's... I couldn't..." As he tried to say anything between coughs and wheezes, his eyes streaming tears.

When paramedics started to patch up Izuku in any way they could, Toshinori sprung into action and went where his young charge directed him. Walking as fast as he could, nearly running, and calling for someone to help him. Nearing the cracked piece of a wall that miraculously survived this whole ordeal he saw number two hero Endeavor with one of his sidekicks Burnin, the latter was covering up a body with a blanket, sad look in her eyes. All Might paused, quickly scanning with his eyes the surrounding area, still hoping that it wasn't what it looked like. Sadly the truth was what it was. Stepping closer to the other hero he spoke.

"Enji..." As if just only acknowledging his existence, Endeavor spun around facing him now.

"All Might! What was that... What the hell was that?!" He roared, more still in fright than from actual anger.
"That child, just annihilated a man that brought you to your knees! And what the hell is with that look?!"

"Enji... I'm out... My quirk burned out... I overworked it to hard and it is just barely there anymore... And that young man... He sacrificed himself to save me... To save everyone by defeating that demon of a man." Toshinori didn't like to lie but there was no way around that now. Everyone saw his near skeletal form. It was time to retire, especially with the threat of that man gone. There were more important things now.

"Is... Is she in presentable state?" It wasn't a question he thought he was ever going ask about one of his students. With that thought, it just only occurred to him that he lost one of his charges, the heavy feeling of guilt started to set in his stomach.

"She is..." Burnin replayed still crouching beside the body.
"Do you know who she is?" Heroine asked revealing the head for him to see.

Toshinori Yagi was a powerful man, but death wasn't something totally unfamiliar with him. Even the strongest ones sometimes were to late for someone, one person can't save everybody. But seeing the unmoving and white as snow form of his student, splattered with her own blood, the pool of witch was starting to form slowly under her... He felt weak...

"Yes... I know her... Yaoyorozu Momo, heiress of Yaoyorozu Enterprise's, and one of the top students of UA's 1A hero course."

Endeavor looked at the man, who was visibly shaken, now he looked more like an old man with one leg in his grave than the pillar of justice and peace...
"And the boy?" He asked, more to change the subject than from curiosity as he recognized him earlier.

"Midoriya Izuku... The same as her..."
Still visibly shaken, the skeleton of a man knelled beside the girl, who looked more as if asleep than dead and prayed for her.

Covering her back he stood up and walked back to the ambulance that was getting ready to hurry back with the wounded youth. All might sat down near his unconscious protege as they drove back.


The only thing keeping Midoriya Inko from fainting was the fear for her son, and her motherly instincts that were screaming to her that she didn't have any time for that. When she got that dreaded phone call she was with her closest friend Bakugo Mitsuki. Her little boy, Katsuki, was kidnapped at the summer camp, that UA insisted was the safest place for their children to be.

As time showed up it was just a lot of crap. More than half of the students were in a coma because of some toxic gas, the rest wasn't better, battered, tired and injured. Inko's own son was nearly mutilated as he was fighting for his own life, his hands loosing a bit of feeling in them, because of those accursed injuries he got in the school. She wasn't happy, she wanted to get him out of there but he refused, it was their first real fight. It ended when Izuku said he had a visitor and he hang up on her not even waiting for a response. He never hung up on her...

Now they situations reversed, Mitsuki driving like a demon on a mission going on multiple red lights and barely avoiding collisions and accidents. Any other day she would scream at her, for breaking law and creating so much danger. But now she couldn't even think about anything other than her son.

In a power slide straight out of action movie, Bakugo's family station wagon skidded to a halt just before the Kamino Ward hospital, scaring the pedestrians. Inko shot out of the seat not even waiting for her friend as she went to the reception.

"My Son! Midoriya Izuku! Where is he?! How is he?! What happened?!" Inko started to shout at the poor woman just to get her shoulder grabbed by a bandaged hand. As she turned around she saw the man that promised to keep her son safe, now in his emancipated skeletal form, looking at her sadly.

"Miss Midoriya i will show you to your son, please come with me." And he started walk shifting his calloused hand from her arm to her hand delicately tugging her along.

"Your son... He was the real hero of today not me... Or us in that matter..." Toshinori started.

"He isn't a hero! He isn't even of age, he just started your accursed hero course and he spent more time in the hospital in half a year that our whole family on our lifetimes! He is just a child!" Inko cut out All Might before he could continue. The man slowed a little his pace and closed his eyes...

"I know that its true... He went on a mission to save his classmate without our knowledge... He and his friends were at the ground zero and they successfully saved young Bakugo..."

He stopped beside a room with a window in the corridors wall. Behind it, on the bed was laying the form of Izuku. Connected to a lot of tubes and wires. He was breathing for himself for now only an oxygen mask on his face.

"He... He is in a critical condition..." Toshinori began as he was looking at his successor.

"He lost his right leg just below the knee to defeat the super-villain that had me on my knees... His left leg has to be amputated... They said that it was a miracle it didn't fall of by itself... And the worst is an unknown infection in his abdomen..." As he looked at the mother beside him his heart clenched, she looked like her whole world crashed before her eyes, there was no famous Midoriya waterworks, there was no screaming in agony and sorrow just silent slow tears rolling down the cheeks of a mother that was seeing her son to the other side.

"Is he awake?" She silently asked.

" I... I don't really know... He lost his consciousness when first responders were patching him up... He lost a lot of blood. I don't know if he will wake up."

"Can I go inside? To be beside him?" Her voice was begging to crack with sobs and tears.

"I'll arrange that immediately, please wait here." As Toshinori walked the fastest he could searching for someone to authorize her entry to the intensive therapy room, Inko slowly put her head on the window looking at the beaten and battered form of her son. She remembered their last conversation how he said that even if she never were to understand and support his choice he would still become a hero. They ended it with words she was now regretting, she shouted at him that she will get him away from that cursed heroic school by force if necessary... She wanted to speak with him again...


Izuku woke up in his mind space. He remembered the all encompassing blackness and soft rainbowy glow of a star in the middle. Unlike before he could move, his hands responding like they used to, his legs though, booths made from blackness itself, coiling under him like the thickest smoke he ever saw.

"You did great kid." Soft feminine voice startled him, pulling him back from his thoughts. As he looked behind, there stood the form of a woman clad in black bodysuit with a white cape.

"Who... Are you?" He asked not expecting anyone to show up in this place. He ended there sometimes in his dreams, almost always when he progressed with the control of One for All. But then he would end up just staring at the start in the middle... The representation of his quirk, or its core. Glowing gently, often relaxing and healing his anxieties.

"That oaf didn't even tell you about me? Weeeeeelllll you could try to guess if you want." She told him with a playful smirk.

His analytical mind went into overdrive in a millisecond, muttering in a very low voice at a pace that made his mumbling unintelligible.

As this was going on Nana Shimura sweat dropped at the sight. When she was about to cut in, she was stunned by what she heard next.

"Maverick" Izuku blurted.

She looked at him in disbelief, she knew for a fact that she was dead for over 25 years at this point. She continued looking at him with her mouth hanging open in shock.

"I mean... You look a lot like her, you have identical suit, white cape, the winged belt buckle, your hair is even styled in the same way... Now that I look at you... All might was right, you look a bit like my mother..." Izuku droned away, talking half to himself, half to... Her?

When Nana broke out of her little stupor she looked back at him. He looked different than before, when she was just watching him from the core of OfA, he was skittish and afraid nearly of anything and anyone... Now he didn't even react, just got startled at the start by her presence that for him was unnatural.

"Izuku, sweetie... Yes I am the hero Maverick, or at least a piece of me, or my soul... Or whatever we are. I was the user of OfA before Toshi."

That got Izuku's attention, he stopped talking and listened, gesturing for her to continue.

That... Wasn't what she expected. Maybe grief and sadness, some screaming at the unfairness of the world. She was there with him in spirit as he was holding his slowly dying friend. She felt that rage within him, fearing that he will destroy everything. She saw with her own spirit eyes how the head of that monster that destroyed millions of lives turned to mist from the power of this short and unassuming boy.

"Our mission... One for All's mission is complete... AfO is dead, there is no need to pass this quirk now. This much power cannot get into wrong hands, it's better if you take it with you."

He didn't even question her. He felt the wrongness in his body, he felt that his legs were not there anymore, he didn't know how, he just felt it.

"So... This is the end of the line..." He somberly said.

"Sadly... We can't do anything from here, and even if... I'm the only vestige left... Others... They were really glad you managed what the rest of us could not."

"So the stored power is no more? If they left... Is this thing empty now?" He said gesturing to the floating orb in the middle of the room.

"Oh far from it, the quirk still works as intended, it stores power all the time. Even as we speak it stores your power bit by bit. Maybe slower but it works, still. We... We will just let go, by ourselfs... We survived for so long by latching to this immense power, we wanted to see that bastard pay for his atrocities. So we just... Like, hitched a ride at the last second? We were hoping to one day be of use to future users, if not with power then with our wisdom maybe... But you my little hero... You ended it all... Is just a shame that the tragedy couldn't be avoided..."

As she looked back from the glowing star to the boy she saw the sadness his eyes held. She would give anything to save him... But no one could do that anymore.

"I'm... I'm just really sad that i couldn't talk with my mother one last time... And Momo... She wanted me to pass her last words to her parents..."

Nana smirked a little, seeing a way to lighten the atmosphere even a bit.

"So... How was your first kiss? With the prettiest girl in the school no less?" She expected even just a bit of a reaction from him but...

He looked at her and sighed.

"I would give my life for her, just to give her the chance to be alive now... I... I felt her life leaving her... How she became more and more cold... But she smiled... To the end she was smiling... I just hope that she died peacefully, and wherever she is... I hope she isn't too mad at me that i didn't survive..."

Well... Crap she really was rusted over in this cheering up department...

"You are still alive, you know right?" That statement caused his head to swivel in her direction so fast she was sure it would just break of if it was in the real world.

"You know what... As a parting gift from one hero to another... I'll try my best to wake you up. Just... Prepare for a lot of pain"

"Thank you..." Izuku said with a small smile.

"Well it was an honor kid. If you see Toshinori, tell him that Nana is proud of him." With a wide smile on her face she waved to him and his whole world exploded in colors and sounds...


As the night of the second day after the battle arrived Inko was still seating at the side of her son's bed. Only by the efforts of Mitsuki did she have anything to eat. Well eat was a generous term, as the mother of Bakugo family looked in worry at her friend she was trying to wrap her head around what happened.

Earlier that day a boy named Kirishima arrived at the hospital. Stating that it was his fault that the Yaoyorozu girl died, and that Izuku was so grievously injured. He was in a state of shock and panicking, he knelled on the ground before Inko, smashing his forehead into the tiled floor so hard it showed cracks and started apologizing to her profusely. She was about to throw him out when Inko got him to sit back up. She was smiling a bit seeing that her injured son had such friend and asked him if he knew what exactly happened.

What he told them both was shocking... They went after the biggest terrorist organization that attacked them a few times already because they couldn't wait for the heroes to act. So they banded up together and tracked the Villains using their classmate's quirk. Just to save Katsuki even if a few minutes earlier... It was crazy... What was crazier those kids succeeded in their plan, and only because of Izuku, when they were going to act, a stray piece of rubble stuck him and the girl, she was down after that. Kirishima was sure that she was only lightly wounded and cried that he would never leave her behind if he knew. After a bit of calming the poor redhead boy down, they heard how Izuku changed the plan, as he used so much power to launch them that they cleared almost half of the city, so far from the battle they didn't even hear it.

It was insane, what happened after that... Only real source of information came from the news. They were showing it at all the channels. The Kamino incident as they dubbed it. A battle between two titans destroying seven city blocks, miraculously the casualties were low... Only around 300 people dead all thanks to the fact it happened in an industrial zone, and the biggest of the news... All might saved by an unknown man that showed up in a flash of red lightning, killing that monster with a single attack.

Mitsuki couldn't believe that little Izu that liked to hug her so much when he was little, that short shy boy, with a quirk that showed not even a year ago was capable of such feats.

As she looked at the sleeping form of the boy, she teared up. For such lovely and kind boy, to end up in this state... This world was unforgiving. Checking her watch she sighed

"Inko, i need to go. They will close the hospital for any visits in a couple of minutes, i know that it is hard but please get some sleep."

"Thank you Mitsuki... I'm sorry I kept you away from your family for so long. You should go check with your son... He was friends with Izuku. He probably is blaming himself like this boy from earlier."

The blond woman stood up and once again embraced there greenette. It was such a tragedy... First her husband just up and went like the smoke, never to be heard from again.. and now her only son was dying, a matter of hours according to the Doctors.

"I will see you in the morning, i will be back the first minute they let me in." With those words she left the room, now with only the Midoriyas occupying it.

Seating in the room, alone with her son, Inko starter to slowly sob... She scooted closer with her chair and laid her head near his heart, still beating but not as strong as always. Life was slowly escaping him and no amount of praying would change that.


All Might was drowning in guilt. His successor, his pride and joy, the closest person he has to a son was dying. He gave him this power, it was meant to help people, he wanted to be a bright beacon of hope, a pillar to support justice and law. Now young Midoriya was dying because the all powerful hero... Wasn't that all powerful... He knew that, he knew that better than anyone and still he played right in the hands of that monster.

Now after the fight he saw it clear as day, that AfO wasn't really that strong. He was bluffing probably more than Toshinori himself, but played his cards right.
Taunted by that man he used more and more power... Until it simply dried up. He was so used to having it, the pulsating well of power that was his quirk that he forgot that he had a limit now.

If it wasn't for his protege, he would not stand there at the window observing the crying form of a woman, hunched over her son... He should be there not that bright boy. It was so wrong.


As the night came Toshinori way dozing off in his hospital room. Tired out by his guilt and nightmares. Suddenly he felt a jolt. He sat up as if haunted.
His quirk was acting up... It never did, it felt as if something was pulling him by his hands, straight to the wall before him. At first he thought it was someone messing with him. Someone that didn't have anything better to do in a hospital at three in the morning. Quickly sobering up from his sleepiness he went out the door and felt that tugging sensation again... Right in the direction of his successor...


Inko was having a dream. She sat at the couch in their little apartment, Izuku fatigued after his training. Feel asleep right beside her and in some funny and bizarre way ended up with his head on her lap.
She was stroking his green fluffy hair. A tad bit darker than her own but still the Midoriya blood was strong in this one. She didn't even know where it come from, probably some quirk mutation, but that beautiful emerald color was in their family as long as she remembers.
As she looked at her boy, sleeping peacefully she heard him call to her.

"M... Mom..." It was faint, as if speaking come to him with great pain and difficulty.

She looked at him again, his serene face wasn't moving, she couldn't even tell if he was breathing. A bit of dread started to creep up her spine.

"Mom... Please, wake... Up..." She felt someones hand gently shaking her.

Inko opened slowly her eyes, still remembering that feeling of fear for her only child. As she slowly sat up and saw those green eyes looking at her with tears beginning to spill, she was wide awake in a blink of an eye.

"Izuku!" She shouted, not carrying that she was at the hospital in the middle of night. Only then she noticed that's something with him wasn't right, it looked like his veins were glowing in a faint red color, only visible because it was dark outside, from time to time there were miniscule electric discharges along his body, delicately arcing around him. And those eyes she was so glad to see again were glowing emerald green.

In shock she didn't hear as Toshinori nearly busted trough the door, as he was already walking in their direction when he heard her scream.

"All Might." Izuku croaked, visibly straining and shaking with effort.

Older man reacted immediately, going to the other side of the bed, taking the bizarre form of the boy in. He was sure that it was the work of OfA but he didn't know why.

"Hush my boy, don't speak. You need to save your energy, we will save you no matter what." He tried to ease the boy, but he only saw a little smile on his face. It didn't go unnoticed by the boy's mother either.

After a wet cough Izuku started to spoke. "I won't make it... I feel it in me... Even Nana says that it's the end."
At this comment from the now coughing boy Toshinori froze. He never told him about her... Did he? No, he was fairly certain he didn't say a word. And Gran Torino surely wouldn't say anything too... So where?

As the symbol of peace was in thought, Inko helped her son to breath normally again. "Sweetie, you will by alright, you shouldn't use your quirk right now, please stop it. What if it makes you health even worse?" She wasn't even sure if he was doing it on purpose.

"I'm sorry mom... I'm sorry for shouting at you... Through the phone." Inko delicately took his hand in hers, now ironically the least damaged part of his body.
"Is okay honey. You don't need to apologize, I understand why you did that... And why you went after Katsuki. Your friend, Kirishima was here today, he told me all he know."

At that, Izuku visibly relaxed closing his eyes and slumping a bit into his pillow, scaring both of the adults.

"So they made it out... How's Kachan?" He opened his eyes now glowing a bit dimmer. When his mother noticed that she felt for some reason that it want good.

"They made it out all thanks to you my boy." Toshinori praised him. It was really saddening that the real hero of that incident was laying here waiting for the death's embrace. At that thought All Might fs smile faded a little.

"Did you... Find Momo...? She wanted... Wanted me to tell... Her parents... She's sorry... She loves... Them" slurring last words, nearly coughing them up Izuku's head lulled a bit to the side, his mother taking his cheek in her palm to help him. Her brain gave her a morbid thought that his time was up, that he was looking like a toy with its batteries drained. The glow of his veins was barely visible now, just as the lights in his eyes dimmed significantly.

Inko started to shed tears in silence, holding one of his hands in hers, more forcefully now as if afraid to let him go, the other hand gently cupping his cheek, looking at his tired eyes.

"Don't worry my boy, i will personally deliver that message for you." All Might declared looking at the boy.

"Thank you... Toshi... Nana said... She said... She's proud..." As the monitor beside the bed started beeping erratically, Inko just hugged his hand harder to her chest, still looking into his eyes she saw a powerful spark in them as he said his last words.

"I love you Mom... Please stay... Safe..."

In the next moment the last wielder of One for All passed away. Ending two centuries of fighting between the ultimate quirks.


Izuku was sure he died... So how was he seating, slumped in a chair... He looked around, spotting only darkness around him, marred with countless star like dots. Opposite him was an ornamental chair, one of the most beautiful he ever saw with his own eyes. As this space was really alike to his mind space, he didn't even feel a bit off... Just to look back down and spot that his hands were laying on his knees... That he shouldn't posses anymore.

It was strange how he felt at ease in this place and the sight of his missing legs growing back was what started to frighten him, and then again his hands... They were normally moving... Covered in countless scares yes but... They felt like new. No kinks, no pains when he moved them, even the crooked fingers that he got after the festival didn't hurt and had full range of movement.

In his awe for his now seemingly new limbs he was startled when a young woman with silver hair spoke to him, just... Appearing in the chair in front of him, as she opened a large book that has thick leather cover.

"Ah, here you are..." Her soft voice was clear even without her speaking loudly.

"Izuku Midoriya, welcome to the Afterlife!"


Authors Note:

Hello. After a long time of just grinding my gears and thinking of ideas, i decided to start writing them down. And this little pilot story, a chapter 0 if you would, is what I wrote. I'm not intending to just retell the story with different cast. I want for this story to be a bit darker, more serious. I will probably use other works of fiction as reference. With that said I definitely will try to make it more comedy than drama.
It fs easy to spot that there are differences with canon. I will try to explore them a bit later, explain it in the story. I hope I will be able to pull that off.
English isn't my language really, i mostly learned it myself from movies and video games so I'm bound to have some mishaps in this regard. I don't have any schedule, and don't know how often i will update. If this story is to your liking, I'm really glad, if not please write a constructive comment telling me how i can make my writing better.