Chapter 5

Lightning Speed

"The icy blast!" Cure Freeze shouted as she attacked with her ice power.

"And there you have it, folks. As we just saw, we have another Pretty Cure in the city, who along with the first one, stopped the flaming monster and stopped all the fire," the newswoman explained. "Right now, our news anchorman is on the scene. How is it going there?"

"Thank you. Right now I am at the scene of the attack. Just behind me are the Super-Tech Security Force or SSTF is currently investigating under high security. Some of the buildings, mostly commercial buildings or stores were destroyed by the fire, but not so many buildings were destroyed, fortunately, thanks to the two superheroes who go by 'Pretty Cure'."

The news media was right; the Super-Tech Security Task Force was investigating the burned buildings at the street where the fire skull monster attacked.

"Man, this place is crisped!" One officer commented.

"How's the thing going over here?" The officer turned to see two men approaching and gasped to see one particular.

"Oh, Captain Kamitani and Captain Koji, sir!" The officer saluted.

"Enough with the formality. Anything you or anyone found something?" Kamitani asked. He was the man with a body of a bodybuilder, dyed blond hair, tan skin, and five o'clock shadow.

Koda was his partner, who was shorter with brown hair and fair skin.

"Yes sir! We only detect a high level of Precure Energy and negative energy. Though, the initial energy is much higher than the latter due to the recent presence of two Pretty Cure, not just one like last time," he explained.

"Two, huh?" Kamitani pondered. "Thanks for your report. Keep up the work here."

"Yes sir!" he obeyed as he went back to work.

"What do you think, Koji?" Kamitani asked.

"You mean about the job or how that guy was a bit scared of you?" Koji said jokingly.

"Ha. Very funny…" His partner rolled his eyes. "I'm referring to how this city has not one, but now two Petty Cure."

"Ah, actually it's Pretty Cure," Koji corrected.

"Yeah, whatever," he replied.

"Well, all I can think about them is that they managed to stop the monster, and saved the buildings or at least what was left of them. If anything, I don't see them as a threat or anything," Koji said. "What about you, Kamitani? What do you think of them?"

"Hmmm…. I don't know. All I can say for now is I don't want to conclude yet if these Sailor Moon lookalikes are good guys or not," he stated.

- Pretty Cure –

Two days have passed since that incident and Yuki Korri deciding to become a Pretty Cure, Naomi Lee began her routine in the morning. However, due to her mother being a bit busier, she had been eating breakfast by herself, but she didn't mind it.

Besides, she had been feeling just peppy because of…

"Yuki-chan!" Naomi ran over to Yuki Korri, who jumped in surprise to see the peppy girl. "Good morning!"

"Um, morning," she replied as she was hugged by the girl and looking embarrassed while at it.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"Um, let's get going," Yuki shrugged as she let go from her.

Yuki and Naomi arrived at the school, walking down the hallway to get to their homeroom.

"I don't know about you, but I am not looking forward to the result of the math exam. I don't think I did well…" Naomi moaned.

"Didn't you study?" Yuki asked.

"I… was studying… a bit." Yuki looked at her suspiciously, which made Naomi nervous. "Ok! Ok! I wasn't! I was a bit distracted because of the new issue for the Arachnid-Man comic."

"Again? This is like the third time this week," Yuki said. "I don't understand your reason behind this obsession with a comic book of yours."

"It's not an obsession! It is my hobby and joy," Naomi argued proudly.

"Well, you should study a bit more and read comics less," she scolded.

"Yes, maim…" Naomi moaned.

"Excuse me! Coming through!" Suddenly, something passed by the duo but accidentally bumped Naomi, causing her bag to fall to the ground and all her stuff out.

"Naomi, are you alright?" Yuki asked.

The passerby turned around and gasped to see what they did. "Oh, I am sorry!"

"That's OK," Naomi replied as she picked up her stuff.

"Here you go." The said passerby handed her pencil.

"Oh, thank….you!?" Naomi looked up to see a handsome face. It was a young "boy" with short, spiky yellow hair with one bang swept to the right. The eyes were orange-like citrus. He was wearing the male student uniform.

"Uuuuhh…." Naomi stared as redness swelled over her nose.

"Are you OK?" The person asked.

"Oh yeah! Um, thank you." She accepted her pencil.

"OK. Sorry to bump into you earlier. See ya!" The boy winked and dashed away.

"Who was that guy?" Naomi asked.

Yuki snapped her finger in front of her, which snapped her out of it. "Come on, Naomi. We need to get to our homeroom, too."

"Oh right! I don't want us to get late!" She exclaimed.

After some class periods, lunch break came and began. Naomi was pondering about that handsome student she met this morning, and couldn't stop thinking about "him".

"Naomi! Naomi!" The girl snapped out of her thought. "What are you day-dreaming about?"

"Oh, sorry Yuki-chan, did you say something?" Naomi asked while holding her chopstick with rice on it.

Her friend sighed and got up. "Come on. I need to show you something."

Naomi looked confused but curious about what her friend wants to show her, so she followed. They came to the school's tracking field. It was a big tracking field, and there some students practicing.

Naomi looked around with interest in her eyes. Then, she noticed "him."

"Uh! Look, Yuki-chan! It's that… that guy!" She pointed excitedly.

"Yes. I noticed," Yuki said calmly.

The "guy" noticed the girls and walked over to them. "Hey, what's up!"

"OMG, he's talking to us!" Naomi looked nervous. "Is my hair OK?"

"Your hair and appearance are fine," Yuki deadpanned, rolling her eyes.

"Hey, you two are the girls I bumped earlier today! Ah! Are you two interested in joining our racing team?"

"Well, no, actually we are here…" Naomi said nervously as her face reddened.

"No, we are not," Yuki said bluntly. "However, I bought my classmate to clear some misunderstanding."

"Misunderstanding?" The guy repeated. The said person looked at Naomi, who looked away a bit and acting weird.

"Oh! Well….!" He then laughed. "I see, I see!"

"Huh? What's so funny?" Naomi asked.

Yuki smirked a bit and let out a bit of chuckle.

"Yuki-chan, you too? What's so funny?" Naomi asked, looking a bit flustered.

"Sorry about that! It's just that as much as I appreciate the feeling, your friend here is telling you that I am not a guy. I'm actually a girl!" She revealed.

Naomi gasped comically. "Nani?!"

"Finally you realize it," Yuki said.

"Don't sweat it, though. I get that so often, so I am used to it. My name is Hayato Hayami, first-year," Hayato introduced.

"Hayato? That's a sound very… boyish name," Naomi commented. "But wait! I saw you wearing a boy's uniform this morning!"

"That's because Hayami-san here is accepted to wear a boy's uniform," Yuki spoke up. "If you sign and give a document to the school, they can allow you to wear either boy's uniform or girl's uniform, whether you are the same gender or not."

"Wow! Really? I've never known this school was so translucent in that," Naomi exclaimed. "Oh, my name is Naomi, Naomi Lee, by the way!"

"And I am Yuki Korri," Yuki followed.

"Well, it's nice to meet you both. Yeah. Though, it seems like I'm the only girl in the school who wears the boy's uniform. Plus my name sounds like a boy's name, so it's no wonder why a lot of people would mistake me as a dude," Hayato explained as she laughed about it. "Sorry to ruin it your crush."

"Oh, no. I am just surprised," Naomi said as she laughed about it, too. "No offense taken."

"Hayato-san, you're up next!" Her fellow runner teammate shouted.

"Oh! Well, they are calling me now. Gotta dash!" Hayato went back to her practice.

"Wow… She's so cool! Stylish, outgoing, and even radical!" Naomi awed.

"I see that you are not love-struck, but now idolize her," Yuki pointed out.

"Don't you think so, too, Yuki-chan? I think she's just a really neat person!" Naomi suggested excitedly.

"Waaaah!" They turned back to the tracking field when they heard someone's scream.

"What was that?" Yuki asked.

Naomi quickly ran over to the commotion, with her friend following after her. Naomi looked at what had happened; one of the runners was sitting on the field and looking in pain.

"What had happened, Hayato?" Naomi asked the boyish girl.

"It's terrible! Someone had put a rock in the shoes I shared with!" Hayato raged.

"Don't worry, Hayato-kun. I'll be OK." Her teammate tried to get up but twitched her eyes as she felt the pain.

"Stop moving, Masumi! We need to take you to the infirmary room, pronto!" The captain of the team declared.

"Why does this always happen to me?" Hayato muttered, looking upset and frustrated.

Naomi noticed Hayato's look and nodded to herself.

Later that day, while Naomi and Yuki were walking home together since the direction is the same, Naomi spoke up. "I've decided!"

Yuki felt a shiver down her spine. "I have a bad feeling about this, but what is it?"

"We should help Hayato-san and her racing team… No, we should help Hayato-san and find out why someone is trying to hurt her!"

"Why would we do that?" Yuki asked.

"I talked with her teammates in the racing team. According to them, a lot of strange accidents have been happening around Hayato-san for the past couple of days, and it usually involves her getting almost hurt. I think someone's deliberating trying to hurt her!" Naomi declared.

Yuki nodded with her hand on her chin. "I see. Multiple accidents happened to the same person doesn't add up to be a coincidence."

"Exactly!" Naomi exclaimed. "I think we should investigate into this."

Yuki looked at how determined Naomi was, so she sighed. "Well, there's no way to stop you even if I decline. I will aid you, but so that I can keep an eye on you."

"Thank you, Yuki-chan! You're the best!"

The next day, Naomi and Yuki began their investigation. They were keeping an eye on Hayato Hayami whenever they can. Though, Naomi was doing a bit extreme to the point that she was wearing an army helmet with leaves attached to it, which was usually used for camouflage.

'Why did I agree to do this?' Yuki moaned in the thought.

"It looks like Hayato-san is doing fine right now." They watched Hayato Hayami going around and doing her routine work.

They followed her to her homeroom class. They watched her at the library while she was studying to herself. They kept an eye on her while she was practicing running. They even followed her to the girls' restroom by sitting at the toilet next to her. At the end of the school day, they continued following her as she was going home with her classmates before they departed away.

Naomi and Yuki came out of their hiding.

"Rat! We didn't find anything strange to happen to her today!" Naomi complained as Yuki looked at her, which she quickly changed the topic. "Ah, I mean, that isn't a bad thing, but!"

"I know what you are trying to say," Yuki said. "However, I do agree with you one thing. It seems like we haven't found the culprit. Whoever did all those accidents to Hayami-san must be by now being cautious."

"What do you mean?" Naomi asked.

"It means that the culprit must already know that we are 'safeguarding' Hayami-san, therefore whoever it is now acting cautious," Yuki explained.

Naomi understood as she began looking around. As she did, she noticed a shadow moved at the corner of the street before it disappeared.

"Hey, you there!" Naomi shouted as she chased after it.

"Naomi, where are you going? Wait up!" Yuki then chased after her, too.

"Hm? That sounded like Naomi." Hayato noticed.

"Come back here!" Naomi yelled as she chased after the shadowy figure. She turned left, then right, and then left again until she cornered the figure into a dead-end.

"I've finally caught you!" Naomi jumped on the person.

"Aaaah!" Someone screamed. Just a few seconds later, Yuki arrived at the scene.

"Naomi, are you alright?" Yuki asked.

"Yeah, and I caught our culprit!" Naomi exclaimed as she tied up the said culprit.

The caught culprit was a brown-haired girl with hazel eyes in the same school uniform as theirs.

"Please let me go," the culprit demanded.

"Hey, you guys!" They turned to Hayato Hayami coming to the scene. "What's going on?"

She looked and gasped to see the person that Naomi caught. "What the?! Cheetah?"

"Cheetah?" Naomi repeated, looking confused.

"I believe she's referring to the person you caught, Naomi," Yuki pointed out.

"Cheetah, what are you doing here?" Hayato asked.

"Hayami-san, allow me to explain. We caught your culprit!" Naomi exclaimed.

"Culprit?" Hayato repeated.

"She means that this person here is the one who's been causing all those accidents to you, including what had happened yesterday to your teammate," Yuki explained.

"What?! But why?" Hayato gasped.

"But there is one thing I don't get…. Why is this person's name Cheetah?" Naomi asked dumb fondly.

Yuki sighed, and Hayato showed a beat of sweat drop.

"That's my nickname," the girl spoke up and then standing up, revealing herself to be quite tall. "My real name is Chiya Takamori."

"Cheetah here is my senior from 3rd-year and part of our racing team," Hayato added.

"I see," Naomi nodded.

"So then explain yourself. Are you the one who did all those accidents?" Yuki asked firmly.

"I…. I did," Cheetah admitted.

"But why, Cheetah? Why did you do all those kinds of stuff?" Hayato asked sadly.

"I…. I was jealous." She said in a low tone.

"Ah pardon? I didn't quite hear you," Hayato said.

"I… I was jealous of you, OK! Why would they pick the first year like you over me, who's been part of the team for three years?" Suddenly, she burst through the girls, running away again.

"Hey, wait! Come back here!" Naomi shouted.

"No, Naomi-san! Just stop, please." Hayato stopped her.

"But she's getting away!" She argued.

"I know, but it's fine. It's fine…" Hayato said, looking upset.

Just a little bit later, Naomi and Yuki decided to hang out with Hayato and have a conversation. They stopped by a nearby fast-food restaurant. They also ordered some food while at it. Naomi was enjoying her French Fries while Yuki and Hayato have a warm green tea.

"Hayami-san, why don't we start from the beginning? First, could you explain more about Takamori-san?" Yuki asked. "If I heard correctly, she is your senior in the third-year."

"Yeah," Hayato said. "She is a third-year student, and she is one of our best runners in the team, no in the entire school. She is kind of my idol, too. When she was in the first year, she was the only first-year student to win first place in the Inter-High! Isn't that amazing?"

"That sounds awesome, and she was just first-year!" Naomi exclaimed.

"I know right! She was the only first-year in the team then, and thanks to her, the racing team got popular and a lot of first-year students became motivated to get into racing. You can pretty much guess the reason why I joined," Hayato said as she blushed while she scratched the side of her cheek.

"I see," Yuki nodded. "I remember that I read an old news article about it. She was indeed famous for it. Even the mayor congratulated her."

"Wait. Was famous? Isn't she still famous?" Naomi asked while eating her fires.

"Well, that's because of the accident that happened to her when she was in the second year," Hayato answered. "She got into a car accident, which injured her legs. Due to that, she never got back into the racing team, and participate in any of the tournaments for one year."

"That sounds awful," Naomi commented, feeling sad for Chiya.

"Now we know the reason behind her jealousy, but I guess that you already know, isn't it, Hayami-san?" Yuki said.

She nodded. "Yeah. Actually, she did decide to return this year. She went for the recruitment, and I was there too. You wouldn't believe how happy and exciting I was when she came back. We passed the recruitment test and got into the team together, but surprisingly, they chose me as their ace over her."

"I see. Then that is where the jealously began, adding all the struggles and works she went through to get back into racing," Yuki summarized.

Silence scowled over them and Naomi looked at each other before she banged the table, surprising the other two. "Well, now we understand more, I think we know what to do next!"

Yuki felt a similar silver down her spines, but she reluctantly asked. "What would that be?"

"We should go and talk with Takamori-san! The best solution is Hayami-san here to talk with her," Naomi declared.

"Talk with Cheetah… I am not quite sure," Hayato admitted.

Hayato's doubtful, sad look changed to a surprised look when Naomi grabbed her hand with hers. "Hayato-san, I know that it may be a bit scary at first, but talking out your feeling to someone is a good way to understand each other. It is not right to keep all in you."

"Naomi-chan…." Hayato looked at how determined and sincere Naomi looked and smirked at that. "OK. Let's go and see Cheetah."

"That's the spirit, and we'll help you, right, Yuki-chan?" She turned to her friend.

"Right." She agreed.

"But before that…. I need to head to the restroom!" Naomi ran off to the ladies' room while crutching to her stomach.

Yuki and Hayato looked at each other in silence, and then laughed it off.

- Pretty Cure –

Meanwhile, Cheetah aka Chiya Takamori ran to the river. She panted from all the running today, and she was tired.

"I… I can't run… anymore. I got to rest," She huffed.

"Here, have a water bottle, young lady. You looked you need a drink."

"Oh, thank you. I apprecia…." Cheetah looked up and gasped to see a strange-hooded man in front of her, appearing out of nowhere. "Who are you?!"

"My, my. What a feisty one you are, but perfect for a source of negative energy," the hooded figure said.

"Wh… What are you talking about? What is negative energy?" Cheetah questioned, but then yelped when the hooded figure staved his hand into her.

"Relax. Just relax. Everything will be fine. I am giving you the power to help you. You will now use your jealously to destroy the one who hurts you."

"I…. will…. Use my… jealously." The hooded figure let go of Chiya, who wobbled a bit.

She wobbled away until she clutched her stomach and screamed. "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!"

A dark aura covered her body, transforming her into a feline humanoid monster that had the same fur pattern as a cheetah.

"Rawrrrrrr!" She roared as she ran off.

"Now let's see how my new pet will do. Looking forward to when those Pretty Cures show up." The hooded figure snickered before he disappeared.

- Pretty Cure –

Naomi, Yuki, and Hayato were looking around to find Cheetah, but they couldn't find her anywhere.

"Where could she be?" Hayato asked, looking a bit worried.

"I wonder where she went?" Naomi thought aloud.

"Perhaps we should check if she went home or meet her tomorrow at school," Yuki suggested.

Suddenly, Naomi's and Yuki's Precure Changer began glowing inside their backpack, which they noticed.

"What's wrong?" Hayato asked.

Suddenly, they heard some kind of commotion nearby. They ran off to see it. They came to a shopping mall with people screaming and running out of the mall.

"What's going on?" Naomi said.

"Ah, a monster is attacking inside the mall!" One customer yelled as he was running out of the mall.

Suddenly, the SSTF arrived with their heavily militaristic vehicles, soldiers, and robots. The robots guarded and kept the civilians away from the entrance.

"Oh, man. Things are becoming serious!" Naomi exclaimed.

"Please! Let me back in!" The girls saw a frantic woman trying to pass through the guards.

"Maim, please stay still!" The guard yelled.

"But my child! She's lost somewhere inside the mall!" The mother said frantically.

"There are still some people in there, including some students at the Sports store!" One man stated.

"Sports Store? Could it be…. Ah, Cheetah!" Hayato Hayami dashed away from the crowd of people to the backside of the mall, where it was unguarded.

"Hayato-san?!" Naomi gasped. "Where are you going?!"

"Come, Naomi. Let's follow her and we should change, too," Yuki declared.

"Right!" She nodded.

The duo hid in the alleyway without anyone seeing them. They took out their Precure Changer and said together, "It's hero time, Pretty Cure!"

Two lights covered them, one pink and one blue for Naomi and Yuki respectfully. Both of them shimmered, spinning around before a white uniform with their respective main color appeared in place of their normal clothes. A pair of white gloves formed for them. For Naomi, her shoes were replaced with a pair of pink high heels. For Yuki, hers were replaced with blue go-go boots.

Naomi put her hands over her chest, making a pink bow with a purple button, and the heart in the center appeared. Her ponytail extended and grew down to her thighs, turning into a pink color. A pink tiara with a red star in the center formed over her head as the front portion of her hair split into two bangs to make it looks like an upside-down V. Her eyes became pink like the majority of her uniform.

Yuki's uniform formed with a snowflake design all over as it sparkled. Her hair grew bigger, extending it to her thigh, and became a snowy white color. She opened her eyes, revealing a shiny whitish-blue color. The blue bow turned big and attached itself to her back.

Naomi punched in the air and did some kicks as she chanted. "The hero of strengths who protects and fights for justice and love! I am here, Cure Power!"

Snow gathered in transformed Yuki's hands before she blew them away, showing off her cold breath. "The hero of ice who freezes the enemies of justice! Face my cold chivalry! Cure Freeze!"

In the shopping mall, the Cheetah monster was rampaging the Sports store, where two female students and a little girl stuck and too terrified to move.

"Mommy, help!" The little girl cried.

"Somebody please help!" The older girls screamed.

The monster turned to them and roared as she had her claws ready to strike on them. The girls screamed when suddenly, something hit the monster, which caught its attention to the thrower.

"Leave them alone!" Hayato demanded.

"Ah, Hayami-san!" The two older girls recognized her.

"Kiki! Sanako! You two get out of here with the little girl! Her mother is waiting outside!" Hayato exclaimed.

The duo did what they were told. They took this chance to get out of the mall to safety while their savior stayed behind.

"You!" Hayato raised an eyebrow, having a strange feeling that this monster looked familiar. "Rawr!"

"Aaaaah!" Hayato screamed.

"Hi-yah!" Cure Power showed up, and shoved the Cheetah monster away, making her crash through a glass.

"Whoa! Hey, you guys are that Pretty Cure from the news!" Hayato realized.

"Please get out of here. It's too dangerous for you to be here," Cure Freeze ordered.

"Head up, Cure Freeze. It's getting back up!" Cure Power warned her.

The cheetah humanoid got back up. She roared and moved at superspeed, which surprised the trio.

"Where did it go?!" Cure Power looked around to find the disappeared monster.

"I don't know, but keep an eye!" Cure Freeze declared.

Hayato also looked around to be careful and saw the monster was behind Cure Power. "Hey, behind you!"

"Huh?" Cure Power glanced back, but the monster was too fast and attacked her with its sharp claw. "Aaaah!"

"Cure Power!" Cure Freeze started shooting ice wind at the monster but dodged out of the way while Cure Power agonized in pain as she stooped to her knee.

"Are you OK?" Hayato asked.

Meanwhile, Doctor was watching their fight through the security cameras that he managed to hack into the system. Even he couldn't see the monster moving because he already knows what was going on.

"Cure Power! Cure Freeze! That monster is moving at super speed! You have to find a way to stop it!" Doctor stated.

"Yeah, we're trying!" Cure Power replied, speaking through the commlink before she got pushed by the fast-moving monster.

"And get that boy out of there!" Doctor demanded, mistaking Hayato as a boy.

Suddenly, a glowing yellow light emanated from his briefcase. He opened it and saw that the last Precure Changer was reacting to something.

"It's reacting, but how?" Doctor thought for a second and then turned back to the monitor. He zoomed on Hayato. "Could it be this boy… no, this girl is the last Pretty Cure?!"

Without hesitation, he closed the briefcase and took it with him out of his secret hideout to the mall.

Meanwhile, Cure Power and Cure Freeze tried to catch the monster, but it moved too fast for them and they were getting tired. They stood side by side on their back.

"It's no use! It's too fast for us to catch!" Cure Power stated.

"There's got to be some way to stop it. At this rate, we'll be just tiring us out," Cure Freeze admitted.

Hayato watched helplessly as the Pretty Cure were helpless themselves. "Damn! They need help, but…. What can I do? It's not like I can out-speed that monster. Is there no hope?"

"There is still a hope." Hayato gasped and turned around. Doctor had arrived and showed her the briefcase as he opened it. "Use this to fight the monster."

He handed her two rings. One had a plus sign and the other one had a minus sign, but the pair was a yellow color with orange lightning bolts for design.

"Rings? What can these two stupid rings do?" Hayato asked bluntly.

"Those rings can help you to transform into Pretty Cure, like them," Doctor admitted.

"What? You mean with these rings I can become like them." Hayato looked over to Cure Power and Cure Freeze struggling.

"Yes," he nodded. "You can feel the rings, can you? It is resonating with you, meaning you are the one who can use it. Now, say the chant, 'It's hero time, Pretty Cure' to transform and quick!"

"OK," Hayato accepted it straightforwardly as she stepped in and put on the two rings, one on each middle finger. "It's hero time, Pretty Cure!"

She placed her two rings close together to create electrical energy in-between them, and then a bright yellow light consumed her. Her body was shimmery as a bolt of lightning coursed through her body. Her uniform formed with a yellow lightning bolt design on the body part. A pair of white gloves with yellow highlight appeared over her hands and the front half of her arm that reached to her elbow each. Yellow earrings shaped of a lightning bolt formed and pierced her ears as her eyes flashed with lightning, turning into a yellow color. Her hair turned blond and spikier with a white lighting stripe of hair through her swept bang. Her shoes were replaced with yellow go-go boots with orange lightning bolts for emphasis.

"Hero of speed who can move with ease and no villain can catch up! Never letting injustice to get away, I've arrived! Cure Dash!" Cure Dash finally appeared.

"Look, Cure Freeze! A new Pretty Cure! Hayato-san became a Pretty Cure!" Cure Power said cheerily.

"Incredible," Cure Freeze awed.

The monster stopped moving and looked at Cure Dash. "You…. I will defeat you! I am the fastest around! No one can outspeed me!"

The monster roared and moved to attack Cure Dash. When she sliced her, she somehow missed, and Cure Dash didn't look fazed or affected.

"Huh?" The monster looked confused. She did again but still missed.

"Hmm?" Cure Power and Cure Freeze looked and saw something unusual.

"What's the matter, Pussy Cat? Am I…" Cure Dash appeared behind the monster when she was just standing in front of her. "Too fast for you?"

"Rawr!" The monster slashed at Cure Dash but missed again.

"Amazing! Cure Dash has the super speed for power! She can move just as fast as that monster!" Cure Power stated.

"Not just as fast, but faster!" Cure Dash corrected her as she moved so fast that even the monster couldn't' keep up with her as she tied up the monster with a rope made up of clothes.

"Nice job, Cure Dash!" Cure Power cheered.

"Thanks!" She gave her a peace sign, but the monster used her claws to set her free.

"It's not over yet, you two!" Cure Freeze pointed out.

"Power, Freeze, Dash!" Doctor shouted at them. "Now that you are all together, you three can perform your strongest attack!"

"Really? What is it?" The trio turned to the Doctor, with Cure Power's eyes sparkled with excitement while Freeze and Dash looked normal.

"Together, you must raise your arm and say 'Precure Energy Beam'!"

"Got it!" They nodded.

They raised their arms, causing their body to glow a bit in their respective color. "Precure Energy Blast!"

With Freeze on the left, Dash on the right, and Power in the center, they fired a mixture of colorful energy ball at the monster, which it hit her.

"Rraaaaaaaawwwwwrrrr!" The monster form crumped away, leaving only her true form back to normal. "My… jealously…. feels gone."

"We did it!" Cure Power cheered. "We pulled off an attack together!"

"Yes, we have," Freeze agreed.

"Cheetah!" Dash ran towards Chiya, who was unconscious. "Cheetah, speak to me! Say something!"

"Do not worry about her," Doctor said. "She is just unconscious for now. She will recover and wake up in an hour or so."

"That's a relief," Cure Dash said, looking relieved.

"That's good to hear, right, Hayato-san?" Cure Power asked.

"Thank you, Cure Powe… Hey, how did you know my name?" She asked. "Now that I think about it, you two look familiar…"

"Oh! I guess that the secret is out," Cure Power blushed as she rubbed the back of her head.

"Let's first get out of here before the STTF or police come here," Freeze insisted.

- Pretty Cure –

"I see." Hayato pondered. "So you and Yuki became a Pretty Cure to fight off against monsters and helping this guy, the Doctor."

"That's right," Naomi nodded. The girls and Doctor went back to the secret hideout in the city sewer.

"We didn't want to tell you at first who we are, but just like me, you were chosen to become a Pretty Cure," Yuki said.

"That's right." The trio turned to Doctor, who was sitting at his desk. "Now all three Pretty Cure have finally assembled. Even so, that doesn't mean that the future fights against the monster affected by the negative energy will be any easier than the last. All of you must work together and find the monster, and recover them back to their normal human self."

"If that's so, then anyone, like Cheetah can become a monster." Hayato looked down, thinking in thought before she decided. "Then, I will help! I don't want anyone I know, like Cheetah to get hurt or turn into a monster! And if they do, I will do whatever I can to save them!"

"And we'll be there to help you, Hayato-san," Naomi assured her.

"Indeed," Yuki said.

"Thank you, Naomi and Yuki, but please, call me just Hayato," Hayato said as they smiled.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the city, the mysterious hooded figure was walking alone until he stopped by under the bridge.

"Well, well, well. It looks like your little plan foiled again, Lodestone." A voice said, belong to a man who appeared out of the shadow.

This man was a tall man with a cloak and top hat. He looked like a magician or phantom thief based on the clothes he wears.

"Hmph, what do you want, Charade?" Lodestone narrowed his eyes at the cloaked man.

"Oh, don't be angry at me. I'm only just checking on you to see how you're doing, and quite honestly, you are not doing too well," the cloaked man said, cackling.

"Very funny. You're here because you're hired to make a report back to HQ," Lodestone said as he walked past the man.

"I saw that fight. Now we have three Pretty Cure? Just letting you know that everyone at the HQ is quite upset that there were two, but just imagine how will they react when they hear there are now three!" The cloaked man laughed.

"Oh, don't worry about that. I will deal those pesky girls personally by my hand," Lodestone declared as he removed the hood.

His human was a normal looking, very hairy, and big man, but his true self revealed quickly. His body was mildly fit, but with rocky texture in complete black color. His eyes had no pupils, completely yellow. He had one metal spike on his forehead like the horn of a unicorn. His shoulders were spiker at the edge, making it look like he's wearing armor.

Random bystanders were walking on the bridge as he threw his can away over the bridge, but it quickly attached to Lodestone's hand and he crushed it easily.

"Uh! It looks like someone's serious! Why so serious?" Charade laughed even more before he disappeared into the shadows under the bridge.

At the Super-Tech's building, VP Shoko was working at her desk when someone called her.

"What is it?" She picked up the call.

"Miss Shoko, the local officers at Section 2E have the evidence you ask for," said the secretary.

"Bring it in," she stated.

The call ended and the door was opened with the secretary coming in. In her hand, she was holding a disc and handed it to VP Shoko.

The VP pressed something at her desk, causing the blind to cover all the windows and projector screen to come down out from the ceiling. She inserted the disc, and played it, causing the projector screen to show some footage.

The footage showed Pretty Cure fighting the cheetah monster.

"There she is," VP Shoko smirked.

"There who, maim?" Secretary asked.

"Right here." She zoomed in on the footage to show the Doctor. "It is the person we've been looking for. This footage confirms that she is hiding in this city and the one who gave these three girls the power to become Pretty Cure."

"So this man… or woman is the one, maim?" The secretary asked further.

"I think so," she nodded.

"Shall I report this to our main branch office? I can call them immediately and get to the CEO," the secretary suggested.

"No." The VP raised her hand. "That won't be necessary."

"Are you sure, maim?" She spoke.

"I'm positive. I believe the employees at our branch can handle this. The next task is to identify these three girls, these Pretty Cure. I want to find out their true identity and apprehend them," VP Shoko declared.

"Yes, maim. I will give out the orders," the secretary agreed as she then left the office.

VP Shoko pressed a button at her desk, causing the blind to be opened and the projector screen to be put away.

She looked over the Megatropolis, illuminating in the night as she smirked to herself. "We finally found you, you pesky worm… Serena."

Back in the secret hideout in the sewer, the Doctor looked over some kind of research paper. It had many complicated formulas and writings on it, but interestingly, all of them are referring to Pretty Cure, and some of them showed pictures of other Pretty Cure, dating back to 17 years in timeline.

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