Chapter 7

Origin of Precure Energy

Pretty Cure has defeated another monster and turned it back to a normal human being, but a new foe confronted them.

"Who are you?" Cure Power asked as the trio looked severe at the mysterious new foe.

The figure was dark-skinned, but looking at it showed a rockier-like texture and glowing yellow light. The eyes glowed in yellow color, too, just like the body. A metal spike pointed out in the middle of the forehead, like a horn. The shoulders were spiker at the edge, making it looks like it was wearing it like a shoulder pad for armor.

The figure smirked slightly. "The name's Lodestone, and I am here to defeat you all, Pretty Cure!"

"You want to fight us? Then, come and get it!" Cure Dash declared as she ran fast towards him.

"Wait, Cure Dash, stop!" Cure Freeze shouted, but it was too late.

Cure Dash was an inch or two closers to punch the mysterious Lodestone's face, but then suddenly, her body moved by itself and slammed to the streetlight on her right.

"Gah!" A burst of air came out of her lung as she yelped in pain.

"Cure Dash!" Her two friends cried.

"That was too obvious," Lodestone said mockingly as he looked at the other two. "Now, let's see what you two can do."

The duo looked at him as they wanted to help their friend, but they had to stay cautious. They didn't know what just happened when Cure Dash slammed to the streetlight. It was almost like magic, but there was something strange about it and this Lodestone.

"Freeze, distract him for me while I sneak him behind," Power whispered.

"Got it!" Freeze nodded in agreement as Cure Power flew off and Cure Freeze started attacking.

"Freeze, Beam!" She shouted as she shot a beam of ice from her hands.

The beam hit Lodestone as he was walking towards her, freezing him in the process. The duo watched, looking a bit relieved until the ice cracked and Lodestone was quickly freed out of it.

"Is that all you can do?" Lodestone asked.

Cure Freeze was getting annoyed. "Icy Breath!' She breathed in and then breathed out a cold breath attack at Lodestone. While he was distracted, Cure Power was coming behind him to grab him.

However, Lodestone knew what they were up. "Oh, please. You are too predictable."

Suddenly, a nearby utility hole cover wiggled out of the hole and went straight towards Cure Power, hitting her.

"Kyah!" She yelped as a utility hole hit her.

"Power!" Freeze cried as she ran towards to help her friend.

However, Lodestone appeared quickly in front of her, surprising her as she gasped in response.

"Where do you think you're going?" Lodestone said as she stepped back twice.

"Get out of my way!" Cure Freeze demanded.

"Pathetic," Lodestone pushed his hand forwards, causing Cure Freeze to be moved without being touched, and then her back slammed to a garbage pin.

"Doh!" She yelped in pain as well.

Cure Power watched as she saw two of her friends immobilized, just like her with the utility hole cover stuck to her back.

"Freeze! Dash!" She cried.

"Just… what's going on?" Dash asked.

"What is this? Why am I stuck on this garbage can?!" Freeze questioned.

Meanwhile, the doctor was watching the entire fight through a monitor connected to the hacked public camera. His eyes widened as he was shaking a bit.

"No! It can't be! He is the same one, the very same being who attacked the lab that many years ago! It's back!" Doctor exclaimed as he slammed his fist on the table.

Lodestone looked around. "Hmph! Is this all-what Pretty Cure can do?" He thundered. "I expected a much more exciting fight, but you three are just amateurs! I guess fighting all those Tainted I created was all just a bluff."

"Tainted?" Power thought to herself.

"I guess I will finish all of you here," Lodestone declared as he began raising his arm, but then he stopped when he heard a siren.

"Hmph, saved by a bell. I will take my leave for now," Lodestone said as a dark portal opened behind him.

Suddenly, the Pretty Cure was able to move again.

"Wa-Wait! Where are you going?!" Cure Power yelled.

Lodestone looked over his shoulder. "The next time we meet, I will not go easy on you. Get stronger then." He walked through the portal before it disappeared with him.

"Who or what was that?!" Cure Dash said.

"I don't know, but we better not stay here," Cure Freeze stated. "Power, let's go back to the hideout."

Power didn't look happy, but her friend was right. They left the scene before the police or SuperTech's Security Task Force arrived.

Some minutes later, the Pretty Cure came back to Doctor's secret hideout for recovery. Fortunately, they didn't get any significant injury. Just some minor bruises, but that didn't change the fact that their morale was destroyed.

Yuki made some cups of teas for them as she handed one to Naomi and Hayato.

"Thanks," Hayato said as she accepted the tea.

Yuki looked over to Naomi, who looked a bit sad or disappointed. "Here you go, Naomi."

"Huh? Oh! Thank you, Yuki-chan," Naomi said calmly as she took the cup.

Everyone was silent for a minute or two until one of them spoke up.

"OK, if nobody is asking, then I will say it. Just the who the heck was that?!" Hayato stated.

"Do you mean that… whatever who he or it was? That monster?" Yuki asked.

Hayato nodded before he turned to Naomi. "What do you think, Naomi?"

"I… I don't know," Naomi said honestly.

"I think I can answer the question, and perhaps all of them." They turned their attention to Doctor.

Yuki glared at her. "What do you mean?"

"You know something about that monster, Doc?" Hayato asked.

"The truth of the matter is, yes, yes I do," Doctor said, which surprised the girls and made them all gasped in their thought.

"I was planning to explain this all after you three gets used to being Pretty Cure a little longer, but after what had happened and the encounter with that mysterious being, the time has come," Doctor said before he started. "It all began 17 years ago…."

- Pretty Cure –

'I was a young scientist working with a team of other scientists, led by a rational and inspirational man. His name was Dr. Futo Hikari, but everybody calls him by his nickname, Dr. Cure.'

"Dr. Cure!" The man with the name turned around. He was a man with a big white beard and white hair, wearing a white lab coat, black trousers, and brown shoes.

"Yes?" He responded.

"Take a look at this. The reading looks normal, but this part seems a bit unusual," said a fellow scientist as he showed him.

"Hmmm, I see," Dr. Cure said. "What do you think?"

'I was his assistant at that time. Dr. Cure was a very brilliant man who was near on a breakthrough.'


'That means that he was going to discover something profound, something that nobody else has yet.'

'Oh! I see!'

'So, what was his breakthrough, Doc?'

'He was the one who discovered and studied the Precure Energy.'

The girls who were listening to the tale were shocked.

'Dr. Cure, the team, and I were studying a new form of energy, and when we discovered it, we were delighted. We discovered something amazing, something that no human in history has even imagine existing, but we proved it does! We discovered a new kind of energy that links to the human emotion, mostly from a strong, positive emotion, and we called it Precure Energy!'

'Then, what happened next?'

'After discovering Precure Energy and its counterpart, we worked hard to put it all into our report and announce it to the company we were working for, and then eventually to the public. To contain Precure Energy, we created four special devices that can absorb and harness the energy. Dr. Cure believed that our discovery would change the world for the better good of humanity, but then it all happened.'

At the laboratory, an explosion happened, and several monsters came inside.

"Dr. Cure, are you alright?" Dr. Cure was stuck under the rumble as the fire burned around them. One of his assistants tried to get the booms off from him.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" They turned to a voice, who revealed to be Lodestone.

"You… What are you?" Dr. Cure asked as he coughed in pain.

"The name's Lodestone, and you, sir, shouldn't have done what you did here. Messing things you humans can't comprehend," Lodestone said.

"Come on, Dr. Cure! Let's get out of here while we have the chance!"

"You are not going anywhere!" Lodestone raised his right arm, causing Dr. Cure and his assistant scientist to float in midair, and then slammed into whatever object nearby.

"Gah!" Dr. Cure yelped.

"Dr. Cure!"

'That was when we met him, Lodestone!'

Lodestone calmly walked over to Dr. Cure as the fire around them getting more intense.

"Now, Doctor. May I ask where you put your fancy inventions? You know, the things you call Precure Changers?" Lodestone asked with a smirk.

'That was when we found out that Lodestone and his monsters were after the Precure Changers. So, Dr. Cure made his decision!'

"…. You….. They are after the devices! You must take them away from here! Protect the devices at all cost!"

"Y-Yes, sir!"

"You won't get away from me!" Lodestone used his power to throw metal objects at the assistant, but Dr. Cure pushed the villain, distracting him while giving his assistant a chance to run off.

"You old fool!" Lodestone yelled as he dealt a final blow on the poor doctor.


'Dr. Cure…. He sacrificed his life to give me the time to get the Precure Changers out of the burning laboratory center. I managed to save three of the four devices. Only one perished in the fire.'

- Pretty Cure -

"That's…. Wow," Hayato awed as she couldn't comment on it.

"That's incredible and yet so sad," Naomi admitted.

"Burning laboratory? Doctor, are you happened to be the only survivor of the incident?" Yuki asked.

"What do you mean, Yuki-chan?" Naomi asked.

"17 years ago, there was a news that covered about some laboratory center burned down to the ground. According to the media, nobody survived, and the cause of the fire was declared as an accident, but it appears that wasn't the case," Yuki explained as she looked at Doctor. "Is that right?"

Doctor smirked. "Hmph, that's correct. You have a keen eye, Yuki, but you are right. The burning of the laboratory where Dr. Cure, everyone, and I worked was not an accident. We were attacked by a mysterious foe, Lodestone and his monsters, which we learned that they are called Tainted."

"So you knew who or what this Lodestone was, and you haven't told about him until now?" Yuki asked in a harsh tone.

"Hey, hey, take it easy, Yuki!" Hayato defended. "I know that we are surprised by this, but Doctor had a reason to not tell us until now."

"However, it wouldn't have been easier if he told us more about it. The truth," Yuki argued.

"I apologize for not telling the truth earlier," Doctor said, stopping the tension between the girls. "I didn't expect Lodestone to appear, but then again, I should've known that he will appear eventually and should've told you this matter earlier, but I chose not to."

There was a moment of silence among the group. Naomi, who didn't look sad, now looked a bit more serious. She got up from her chair, spook them, and then looked at each of them, smiling.

"Whether you win or lose... You can always come out ahead by learning from the experience," Naomi stated.

"Ah, pardon?" Yuki said, looking confused.

"What's that about, Naomi?" Hayato asked.

"It is something I learned from reading a certain manga, but the point is we lost today to our possibly first arch-nemesis, and we should learn from it. Every fight we have, we should always learn for our experience," Naomi explained.

Yuki and Hayato looked at each other and then chuckled. Soon, their chuckles turned into a laugh. Naomi looked confused and asked, "What's so funny?"

"Sorry, but I just didn't expect you to say something…profound," Yuki admitted.

"Yeah! To me, I always thought you were not that kind of person, Naomi!" Hayato laughed.

Soon, they looked at Naomi with calmer looks.

"However, you do make a good point," Yuki said. "We should learn our failure for the experience."

"Yup, I agree! Besides, what you just said kind of cheer me up a bit," Hayato exclaimed. "Let's do our best!"

"You guys…." Naomi said as her eyes become a bit watery, but she dried it off quickly. "Yeah! We won't let some villains stop us! Let's just train to do better next time!"

Doctor grinned a bit. "I've been working on something about that."

"Huh? About what, Doctor?" Naomi asked.

"Give me a couple more days, and it will be ready," Doctor stated.

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