A/N: This is currently a one shot, that I might continue.This is just one of the many Prologue chapters. There's at least 5 chapters filled only with Prologue, before the MC even gets born.For those wondering, the MC is a Celestial, who I'll probably introduce in the next 3 chapters. Tell me if you like it!3 Million Years ago:

Eson The Searcher.

That's what they call him. He's a Celestial, who was brought into being by the First Firmament, many Universes ago, along with thousands of his brethren. And he's been doing his duty to the Universe ever since.

Despite all the civil wars, despite all the Rebellions by the mortals, and despite the sweet talking by the handful of the Watchers that dared break their vows of non-interference, he had done his job.

But.. not all was well. Someone was killing Celestials, stopping them from doing their jobs. And the enemy was definitely strong, as not even Godhead survived an encounter with him.


He was only weaker than Tiamut, One Above All, and Exitar. Other than those three, he was the strongest Celestial.

Right now, after a million years since the attacks began, Eson was on a planet that had been judged unworthy to survive.

Torfa. A simply amazing planet, when you look at it objectively. The metal that was found on this planet was simply one of a kind.

But, the mortals living here were the ones judged unworthy. Arishem The Judge had.. judged the planet as one to be purged, but unfortunately, he had perished in an ambush by the Celestial Killer, before he could call for Exitar, the Executioner.

That was 100 cycles ago, and the condition of the planet had only gotten worse.

But, since Arishem had perished, there was no way to call for Exitar, the Executioner. And Tiamut and One Above All were nowhere to be found. So it was, that it came to Eson, as the de facto leader of the Celestials, at least amongst those currently within this Universe, to destroy all life within the planet, so it can begin a new in a few million years.

'Only this time, it will grow as I want it to.' Eson thinks for himself, nodding grimly, caressing the Infinity Stone currently within his Staff.

The Loss of Arishem, and Exitar with him, meant that the Celestials could not purge the planet without completely destroying it. So, they had to depend on the Power Stone to do it for them.

And it also gave an extra insurance against Knull, the Lord of the Abyss. Hopefully.

Landing softly on the surface of the planet Torfa, with one other Celestial with him, Eson points his left palm towards the planet, and uses his ability. The Universal Eye.

This Eye, which only he has, has the ability to find anyone he wants, if he knows them personally, and even shows the deepest hearts of the one you point it to. He can also see into the future using this Eye. This Eye was the reason he had gotten the name, The Searcher, or The Seeker.

"What is the verdict, Eson?" Zgreb asks, ignoring the fearful screams occurring beneath them.

Eson uses his ability, and states, "They would have exhausted this metal ore in Three more centuries, resulting in the planet imploding on itself. The verdict is Cataclysm. The future will handle itself." There was no remorse in his voice, as after doing this for hundreds of Billions of years, almost nothing bothered them anymore.

Zgreb nods, and signals Eson to continue, who without any delay, slams his Staff on the surface of the planet.


A purple blast of Cosmic Energy, made up of pure unadulterated Power, blows out of the Power Stone, using the Staff as a conduit, and covers a few miles in a second, and keeps going, ignoring the two Celestials standing in the epicentre of it all.

Within a few hours, all life that lived on the planet is killed, blown up and turned to ash. None of their bodies were able to handle the pure Strength of the Power Infinity Stone.

Surprisingly, even the planet failed to contain the Energy completely, evident by the few small rocks that got separated from the planet and out into deep space.

Eson looks at the now desolate planet, and says, "Let's go. We can't stay away for long."

Zgreb nods, and waves his hand, teleporting both of them towards a distant Galaxy, devoid of all life, save the last few hundred remaining Celestials.

They appear on the planet, making Eson smile. This was their home, at least until Knull finds them. So far, he hasn't, but there's not telling when he actually will find them.

Eson takes a step forward, towards the small settlement they had set up, only to pause when he hears a choking voice call out, "No-o- ugh!"

Already dreading it, Eson turns around, and takes a step back in fear. There stood Zgreb, lights dim, and his life being sucked out of him, slowly, but surely. Standing behind him, was the one being that scared the even the strongest Celestials.

"Knull!" Eson whispers, gripping the Staff tightly, looking at the 10 foot tall figure of Knull, floating at Zgreb's neck level, his Necrosword passing through the neck. That one stab was enough to poison a Celestial, and Zgreb's death was already fixed.

The Lord of the Void, the God of the Symbiotes, turns towards Eson, and waves his hand. Smiling amusedly, he says, "Oh, hello Celestial. I'll be with you in a moment."

Not waiting for him to continue whatever he's doing, Eson points his staff at Knull, and fires, pouring even his own Cosmic Energy through the Power Stone.

The powerful burst of Energy penetrates the body of the Celestial in front of him easily, and through him, slams into the All Black symbiote of the Void God, Knull, sending him flying back into space.

Ignoring the now dead Zgreb, Eson sends a call to all the Celestials on the planet, and says, "Convene at my Location. The God Killer is here."




Like this, a lot other voices sound out through the secure Celestial channel, so he yells, "SILENCE!" Almost immediately, every voice gets silenced.

Nodding in satisfaction, he says, "Knull is strong. Too strong for any one of us to defeat alone. But not strong enough to defeat all of us. Those that want to flee, I won't stop you. But remember, you will be branded a traitor and killed." He later adds, only to himself, 'If we survive, that is.'

Gulping, or doing the Celestial equivalent of it, one brave soul asks, "What is the plan?"

Eson looks at him, now that they've all teleported over to him, and says, "We will use everything we have to kill him. If not, we will trap him within his own planet. I can use the Power Stone to fuel the trap."

Before anyone can say anything else, a now 2000 foot tall Knull slams into the centre, blowing everyone away. All the 305 Celestials, that had circled around Eson, had been blown away, when Knull landed right in front of Eson.

Eson himself was the only one remaining standing, thanks to his possession of the Power Stone, and waits for the dust to clear.

Knull slashes his Necrosword from his left to his right, sending the airborne dust away, showing him bleeding. There were some burn marks on his body, which were slowly healing right in front of their eyes, while the All Black armour had begun repairing itself.

Knull pats some dust off his shoulder, and says, "That actually hurt me. I will be sure take care of that Stone once I pluck it out."

By now, the Celestials had begun standing up once again, and the fight begins. The Celestials fire all kinds of Energy blasts at him, while the close quarter combat specialists run forward to fight him head on.

Smirking, Knull creates a shield out of the Living Abyss, absorbing the Energy attacks, and slashes his Necrosword at the closest Celestial, scratching him on his armour.

Unfortunately for the Celestial, that one scratch is poison enough, and the Celestial drops down, his death a few minutes away.

Ignoring the fallen Celestial, Knull continues his attack, killing Celestials left and right. While some Energy attacks do manage to hit him, and harm Knull, he heals quickly and continues attacking.

Eson, seeing many of his Brethren die off at Knulls hands, makes up a plan, and divulges it to the 30 or so Celestials standing behind him.

These 30 Celestials were currently the strongest Celestials alive. Except for Exitar, but no one knew where he was.

"I'll do it." One brave Celestial says, listening to Eson's plan.

"Are you certain, Json?" Eson asks, looking at Json. No relation.

Json nods, and says, "Yes. The trap will need the life of a Celestial to fuel it, along with every bit of energy we all can spare. Once you trap him on his planet, leave this Universe for a few thousand years in the least. That will allow you all to recuperate."

Eson nods, knowing he was correct. He says, "Be ready to teleport right on my location as soon as I give the signal, everyone." This time, every Celestial alive hearing him.

Immediately, Eson uses his Staff to block the sword strike made by Knull at a younger Celestial, and uses the Power Stone again, using it to teleport both himself and Knull to the surface of Knull's planet.

"Oh? You mean to sacrifice yourself, Celestial? On my planet, even?" Knull says, amusement still in his voice, and adds, "You know, I killed the first if your kind here. He's floating over there somewhere." Knull points his finger over to his left, and adds, "At least his head is. I have no idea where the rest if his body is."

Executioner. The name of the First victim of Knull.

Ignoring the direction for now, Eson says, "I am not here to sacrifice myself, Knull. I am here to trap you!"

Saying this, Eson fires a beam of focused Cosmic Energy at Knull, using the Power Stone as a source. Knull puts his shield in front of him, allowing it to take the brunt of the attack, which still manages to send him back a bit.

Fortunately, for Eson that is, a small percentage of the Energy still manages to penetrate the shield, and hits Knull, blowing a hole through his shoulder.

Gritting his teeth, Knull whispers, "I am going to enjoy killing you, Celestial!"

"NOW!" Eson yells out through the connection to his brethren, and increases the concentration of Cosmic Energy.

The remaining 250 Celestials all teleport in, surrounding Knull, and fire their own Cosmic Energies at him.

Knull ignores the other Celestials, and slowly walks towards Eson. By now, there are even more holes in his body, that are healing slowly, thanks to the corrosive energy of the Power Stone.

While Knull walks towards Eson, intent on killing him first, Json does his own task. He, along with 5 other Celestials, focus on the Cosmic Energy within themselves, and the Universal Energies surrounding them.

Json combines the two, to make it even stronger, and lays a barrier around the planet.

'Say whatever you want about mortals, they know how to keep stronger beings behind a barrier.' Json thinks to himself, thinking of the Elder God of Earth, Agamotto.

This barrier, fuelled by the Life essence of Json himself, and the Cosmic Energy of the 250 Celestials, will make sure nothing ever leaves this planet, not for a billion years at least, if everything goes right.

On the other side, Eson is now beginning to hurt himself, by channelling even more Power within his attack, harming Knull even more. Unfortunately, Knull was beginning to adapt to the radiation, as indicated by the healing wounds on his body.

Knowing this is his last chance, Eson orders through the connection, "EVERYONE GET OUT! Transfer every bit of your energy to Json, and flee to your Dimensions!"

Almost immediately, Json receives an influx of Energy, and a silver barrier begins forming around the planet.

Knull looks up at the barrier, still shielding himself from the Power Stone radiation, and horrified, whispers, "No! NO!"

Seeing him get distracted, Eson plucks the Power Stone out of his Staff, sending pure Power into his body, and punches Knull on his head, knocking him down, but still conscious.

Using the last vestiges of his Strength, Eson picks his staff up, and stabs it into Knulls head, and through it, into the surface of the planet. And then, he flees, back to his own Dimension, leaving only the Power Stone in his place.

The last conscious thought he has, before getting unconscious, being, 'I hope Json succeeds.'

Back on Knull's planet, the 6 Celestials transfer their remaining Energy to Json, and teleport out, right before the barrier completes itself.

Json, now with an influx of Cosmic Energy from over 250 Celestials, and the Power Stone, sheds his physical form, and becomes pure energy, as signified by the now floating cloud of Golden Energy.

The cloud of Golden Energy covers the downed body of Knull, while a small part of it flies towards the Silver barrier, taking the Power Stone with it.

As soon as the cloud touches the barrier, it flashes Golden, and then becomes invisible. The body of Knull begins shrinking back down to his normal size, with the Golden Energy still surrounding it, and slowly starts sinking down into the ground.

Now, until the Energy of the Celestials runs out, which will take at least a billion years, as it does not have a body, Knull will not heal and continue to stay asleep, frozen in time. No mortal, or God, will ever find this planet, making sure nothing happens that can wake Knull early.

The purple Power Stone, meanwhile, floats outside the effects of Gravity, and moves in an arbitrary location.

A few thousand years later, it lands on the planet Morag, where 9 Beings try and fail to share the Energy of the Power Stone between them, and die, making the Elders of the Universe hide the Stone in an Orb.

And thus, in one night, a planet gets wiped out, Celestials flee to their Dimensions, never to be seen in the Mortal world again, and the Void God, Knull, gets trapped on his own planet, never to wake up.

And thus, ends one chapter of the Universe.

A/N: The MC is yet to be born, and won't be for a million years at least.

Again, this is currently only a One shot, so don't get your hopes up. In case this remains a one shot, this is the story of how Celestials became extinct within the MCU Universe, and how Knull became trapped.

As you know, Gorr exists in the MCU, and we'll probably see him soon. But him being the Godkiller means he found All Black, I think, I'm not actually sure. So, Knull had to have been trapped.

But, Symbiotes don't exist in the MCU, so how was he trapped then? Well, this is my theory.

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