Welp, here it is. The final chapter of The Celestial God, since I'm quitting the story.

I would have given excuses for not writing more, but I think many of you already saw this coming. It is my fault, completely, and I know that. I'm sorry about this.

But, as promised, I have written a small Summary chapter, for the sake of closure. Beginning after the last actual chapter, this summary takes you through a quick journey to the end of Theos's mission.

I hope this gives you the closure that it gave me, just writing this. Be advised that this is a summary, and not a story chapter. It is fast paced, so read everything. It is divided according to the Arcs that I wanted to write, so, read on!


1. Captain Marvel:

After their embarrassing, and broadcasted defeat at the hands of 13 people of extraordinary strength(Gods of Andalok), the Kree managed to somehow become stronger in their weapons department.

Their Ships became almost 10 times stronger, more durable, and their necroblasts turned into actually death rays. The blasts were now able to blow holes through Vibranium, so strong were they now.

But, afraid of the retaliation on Hala,(and afraid of the strength of the 13 Gods of Induk), they refrained from attacking Induk again.

When Captain Marvel tries using her newly awakened enhanced powers to defeat the Kree quickly, she fails. Her blasts destroy the ships easily enough, but she cannot fly through the ships to destroy them.

Theos appears, helping her take the ships out. Even he has a bit of a hard time with it, but nothing his Dargonite couldn't handle. And then stands in front of Ronan's ship when he appears to destroy Earth. Ronan recognises Theos as the man who destroyed thousands of Accuser ships, and retreats, not wanting to fight him right now, seeing that Theos easily destroyed yet another horde of Kree ships

Carol Danvers is suspicious of Theos, and punches him at first, actually sending him flying back, but accepts his helping hand after a few reassurances, and then, once the fight is over, she talks with him. He tells her, that he is one of the few Guardians of Earth, and that he has another planet out there to protect. Carol remembers her lessons about the Destroyer of Accusers, and recognises him as the leader.

Knowing that someone so strong as him is protecting Earth, she leaves the planet without worries, to go find the Skrulls a new home. Theos returns to his ship, which is now hidden inside the Sun, and sees the things he has gathered in all these years.

All 6 True Infinity Stones, those outside having been copies, all kept separately contained, 13 separate versions of Mjolnir from his Time/Dimension travelling, many Gungnirs, Twilight Swords, Necro helmets of Hela, made from the piece of Knull's All Black that landed on Asgard during her birth, the eyes of a dead Watcher, multiple Jarnbjorns, one even made out of Dargonite, Quantum Bands, the full body suit of a Kang, a lot of stuff belonging to each Avenger, and even many Magical artefacts. (inspired by Kang the Conqueror.)

All of the stuff he collected by his Time travelling is just for collections sake, with no additional purpose.

He also has a removable Gauntlet made out of his Cosmic Material, so he can use all 6 Stones simultaneously, without first learning how to.

Because he knows, that as soon as he puts the 6 stones together (or even two Stones together) many Beings across the Universe will realise that the Stones outside are fake, and then they can also detect the True Stones, doesn't matter what Protection he hides behind, he doesn't use them at all, depending on only his own strength to fight.

But, the Pseudo Stones aren't weak, they're just as strong as True Stones, and they will work the same if used in an Infinity Gauntlet.

2. Avengers:

The next time he actually interferes, is during the Avengers movie, where he shows up as the Guardian of Earth, when Thor appears on the Helicarrier with Loki arrested. Fury knows about him, thanks to the Skrulls and Kree telling him, and Thor knows about him, because he had heard of a Being destroying the Kree Accusers.

He uses just his Divine form(Thunder God) to fight, and his spear. Thanks to his presence, the fight is over within a few minutes. Shield still sends a nuke over, to take care of Theos, because they think him a danger to Earth, and even Fury is reluctant to stop the missile. But, knowing that he can't just destroy the island of Manhattan to kill one man(God), he informs Tony.

Tony sends the nuke over to the Mothership, killing the rest of the fighters that were trying to come in. It was necessary for Tony himself to do that, because that moment defines his later life, his morals.

After the fight is over, Theos just disappears, after confirming that the Timeline is still on the track he envisioned for it.

3. Age of Ultron:

The next time he returns, is during the Age of Ultron. Ultron, being an AI born of the Pseudo Mind Stone, has some of its powers over the Mind, and is able to hear the thoughts of anyone close to him. He can also sense and activate the Pseudo Mind Stone, even when he isn't close to it, thanks to a connection between them.

(The Mind Stone not being the True one meant that a lot more of it's Power leaked into the AI Matrix during its creation, which is why he has powers.)

Theos is the only one able to break the connection, before the birth of Vision, since even Wanda failed to fight Ultron's mind powers.

Even Vision gains a few more powers, due to the same reasons as Ultron, and gains Telekinesis, Telepathy, Astral sight, and Possession.

The final fight happens the same as in the movie, except this time, Wanda is under Ultron's Mind Control, an illusion making her believe that Vision is the one who killed her parents, and that Theos helped him. She quickly defeats Vision, and is almost about to kill him when Theos interferes.

When he defeats Wanda after a very short fight, Theos finds Ultron to be too dangerous to be left alive. He takes out his Ultimate weapon, the Ultimate Nullifier, and completely destroys every trace of Ultron. Tony still destroys Sokovia, with Thor's help, after bringing all the humans to safety. Pietro survives.

He does not interfere in the any of the other movies until Civil War, not even Doctor Strange. (He knew that Dr Strange had Dormamu perfectly handled, and even if he doesn't, he was ready to interfere.)

The only difference during the Civil War, is that Pietro and Wanda both fight for Team Steve, and Tony brings in an AI driven independent Vibranium Iron Legion, called Speedbreaker, to fight Pietro's speed, and defeats him. He salvaged some of the Vibranium he found in Sokovia's wreckage.

Zemo's family still died in Sokovia, and he still killed T'Chaka, and everything happens the same.

4. Gorr, the God Butcher:

During the same time as Civil War, Theos receives a Vision once again, that Gorr is going to the past to do two things. One, to take the heart of the First Elder God, and two, to kill Theos, whom he had finally managed to remember from the erased timeline.

He goes into the past, 14 Billion Years ago, and sees the birth of the First Elder God of the Universe, an unknown older sibling to the Olde Ones, and to the Proemial Gods. Gorr arrives, and tries to kill the God, but Theos interferes, with his Light of the Universe Symbiote(the part of the All Black that he and his mother purified until now, adding every additional fragment or symbiote he finds to it.)

They fight, and Gorr holds his own against a Godly Theos, even injuring him a few times. Theos starts using his Cosmic Energy to gain advantage, and realising that he won't win, Gorr escapes out of the Time stream. Theos realises that the fight was a distraction, and the Elder God died anyway, from the fight between Theos and Gorr, and a Black Berserker had stolen its heart.

Theos realises that Gorr won't attack his baby form anymore, and follows Gorr into the very far future of an alternate Universe, where he doesn't exist, where Gorr has conquered the entire Universe with his Symbiote and Black Berserker Army.

He sees three different Thors battling and losing to the stronger Gorr, and sees him activate the God Bomb, which he created using the Heart of the Elder God. Being an Elder God himself, Theos leaves Gorr for the three Thors, and goes towards the God bomb. As it bursts, to kill every God in the past, present, and the future, Theos absorbs all that Energy into his Throne World, leaving it to slowly filter into his own Divine Magic.

He sees the three Thors defeated, and about to die by Gorr's hand, who had gotten angry about his failed plan, and kills Gorr, not holding anything back. He takes Gorr's body, and destroys every little part of it using the Ultimate Nullifier, not even leaving a single drop of blood.

He then wakes the three Thors up, and helps them defeat the now completely Berserk Black Berserkers, and the All Black, which had taken the shape of Knull(not really Knull, as he's still trapped in Klyntar). King Thor becomes the King of the Gods after All Black's destruction, and Theos leaves him be, going back to his own Universe, and his own Time.

5. The Infinity War: Part 1

During Ragnarok(and a little while before it), Theos manipulates Loki into creating a refuge for Asgardians, on a big planet, where he has him hide away most of the Asgardian treasures, books, save for the Eternal Flames, the pseudo Tesseract, and some of the people.

Theos creates a Planet for them, connects to it, and has Loki move Asgardians there a few hundred at a time. Thanks to this, when Surtur destroys Asgard, about 50% of the life survives, even with the massacre Hela caused.

When Thanos arrives to take the Tesseract, attacking the Statesman, Theos fights Thanos, and subdues him, but the Black Order manages to subdue Hulk, Thor, Loki, Valkyrie, and Heimdall. They make a deal.

Thanos, for the Five Asgardians. Loki tried to use the Tesseract against Ebony Maw during their fight, and got it snatched off of him. Ebony maw teleports the Black Order and Thanos to their ship, and Thanos destroys the ship using the Pseudo Power Stone he now has. Theos lets them go, not wanting Thanos to know he's still many steps ahead.

The exploding ship sends them all flying, and Theos watches Thor fly towards the bodies of the few Asgardians that Thanos killed during his attack. He teleports Heimdall, Loki, Valkyrie, and Hulk to Earth, to warn Earth of Thanos' arrival, leaves Thor to be picked up by the Guardians, and leaves to go gather his Gods.

6. The Infinity War: Part 2

Iron Man and Valkyrie fight, and kill Cull Obsidian, but Dr Strange gets captured by Ebony Maw. Spiderman, Loki, and Tony follow after them, to go to Titan, while Heimdall and Bruce call Steve.

Steve and his group fight with Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive, the same as in the movie, and the two flee. Steve, Sam, Nat, Wanda, Pietro, and Vision go to the Avengers Compound, and meet with Rhodey, Heimdall and Bruce.

Heimdall decides to stay with Wanda to protect the Mind stone, while Shuri tries to take it out of Vision. The rest of the Avengers, and Wakandas Army stay down to fight with the Outriders, and the Leviathans, this time with Scott Lang and Hawkeye's help, calling them out of retirement. Scott brings in Hope too.

In the middle of the battle, Thor drops down using the Bifrost, his new Axe, Stormbreaker, Groot, and Rocket with him, at that same moment, Chhaya, Kali, Manasi, Lila, Yamini, Bali, and Gauri appear in Wakanda, to help the Avengers in their fight.

On the other side, Peter and Tony defeat Ebony Maw, with Loki distracting him and actually doing the killing. Loki wants to leave for Earth, where Thanos isn't, but Tony is the one who can fly the ship, and he takes them to Titan. Dr Strange tries to create a portal to Earth, but fails thanks to some protections on the ship, or due to the ship being in between Jumps.

They meet the Guardians, Dr Strange visits the multiple futures, and in each one of them, sees that he needs to give up the Infinity Stones, or many Avengers will die, even if they win the War.

The joined group fights with Thanos. Thanos uses the Power, Reality, Space, and Soul stones to keep an advantage, almost defeating them all, as Loki tries sneak attacking in between. Then, Jormungandr, Vali, Narfi, Loptr, Atharva, and Siddhi appear, to try and take Thanos down.

Knowing he's outnumbered, he calls in his allies, in the form of the Collector, and his small army of Mind controlled slaves, including a squad of Dark Elves, an Accuser, a group of Asgardians from 10,000 years ago, wielding Berserker staves, and a group of Sorcerers from thousands of years ago, all of them kept immortal thanks to being in Tivan's collection.

Loki fights the Accuser, The Guardians of the Galaxy, along with Nebula, fight the Dark Elves, The Andal Gods fight the Asgardians, and Dr Strange fights the Sorcerers with Loptr's help. Tony, Jormungandr and Peter take on Thanos himself.

This distraction gives Thanos enough time to threaten Tony's life, at the same time that Dr Strange defeats the Sorcerers. He gives Thanos the Time Stone, in return of sparing Tony's life.

Thanos then goes to Earth, intent on gaining the Mind Stone, while leaving the Collector to deal with the remaining Gods and People.

The rest of the group then defeat the enemies, wake the knocked out members, as Chhaya heals Tony Stark, and then within half a minute, they go to Earth, to continue fighting, the enemies on Titan all dead, save for the Collector, who fled to Knowhere once the Defenders were distracted.

Thanos makes quick work of Heimdall, Valkyrie, and the Avengers, and is about to take the Mind Stone from Vision's head, when Jormungandr appears and fights him, together with Thor.

Thor and Jormungandr fight Thanos for a long time, two Gods of Strength proving a Match to Thanos, with the other fighters helping in between, but Thanos with 5 Infinity Stones proves too much for them, and they get defeated eventually. Wanda destroys the Mind Stone with her powers, like the movie, and Thanos reverses time, gaining the 6th and final Infinity Stone.

Thor arrives, once more, stabbing Stormbreaker in Thanos' chest, and Jormungandr hits his hammer on Stormbreaker, pushing the hammer deeper. Thanos uses the Time Stone to reverse time around himself, to heal his wounds, and uses the Reality stone to turn them and their weapons into ribbons.

He is about to snap his fingers, when Theos finally appears, stopping Thanos' snap. He makes quick work of Thanos, then cuts off Thanos' left arm, right from the shoulder, and removes the Gauntlet.

After some taunting, while he wakes every Avenger up, he snaps his fingers to turn all of Thanos' army into dust, save for Thanos himself. Even the Chitauri, and Outriders that were away from Earth turn to dust.

He then returns Vision back to life, with a Magical Gemstone in place of the Mind Stone, and offers the kill of Thanos to the Avengers, since they're the ones he hurt the most.

Wanda kills him, as the others debate over the morality of killing Thanos, a downed opponent, breaking his neck, and turning him into dust using sheer strength of her Magic, and then flies away with Vision.

The Snap(or the Blip) never happens for the Universe, except for Thanos' Chitauri, and the Outriders, and the Children of Thanos who were on his side. Gamora is still dead, but Nebula survives, and stays with the Guardians, the only connection to her sister remaining.

Theos hands the Mjolnir he had gotten from his half brother Thor, from the previous cycle to the current Thor, with a few words of Wisdom to not lose hope, and after giving a few glimpses of the Previous Thor. Thor hands Stormbreaker to Loki, and declares him official King of New Asgard, now known as Asgardia.

Loki finally has a reunion with his children, and grandchildren, after regaining some of his past memories thanks to Loptr's Magic spells. He invites them to Asgardia, but in the end, they refuse, not wanting to leave Andalok, which is their home now. In the end, Asgardia and Andalok become allies, with both of the Pantheons becoming larger and stronger.

Theos then destroys all of the 6 Pseudo Infinity Stones right in front of everyone with a snap, making everyone believe that he actually destroyed the Infinity Stones. And then, he leaves for Donna, to finally have his complete rest, leaving Andalok in the hands of his children.

Thanos is dead, Celestials are keeping to themselves, Gorr is dead, the Brood are all now benevolent creatures thanks to an experiment of Theos, living in an isolated corner of the Universe, and the Horde are hidden, waiting to begin their attack.

The TVA don't interfere again, thanks to this actually being a part of the Sacred Timeline. Theos's presence in this Universe meant that all this was actually supposed to happen.

The only threat remaining is Knull, and for that, Theos has the True Infinity Gauntlet, ready for if he finds defeating Knull too difficult.

And then, the story ends, with Knull not making an appearance.

This is how I had planned on ending the story, leaving it open at the end. After the fight with Knull, whenever it happens, I had a few things in mind for Theos.

Becoming the Personification of Light, in the Multiverse, thanks to the Light Force(Enigma Force/Captain Universe.. remember, The Never Queen called him her Enigma) choosing him as a Perfect Vessel, and merging with him completely. His new name, LIGHT.

Absorbing the Infinity Stones into himself, while trying to defeat Knull, who proves too strong with his Symbiotic Celestial Army, he becomes the Cosmic Entity, NEMESIS, joining the other Cosmic Beings into watching over the Multiverse.

He stays a Celestial God, staying in the mortal Universe and interfering when necessary, coming into fights with other Celestials repeatedly.

He becomes the Personification of Nature, a Cosmic Entity by the name of SAGE.

In conditions 1, 2 and 4, he becomes a Multiversal Entity, making it so he comes into existence in every related Universe in the Multiverse simultaneously, as the Entity Light, Nemesis, or Sage, even of he didn't exist in any of the other Universes before.

But, he is also forced to dispense with the Mortal world, since a Cosmic Entity cannot interfere there. He still creates Avatars for himself, as pure Gods, that live out their Godly lives on Donna, which becomes his planet.

His family grows old, and dies when their time comes, with his kids staying as Gods of Induk for a very long time, and giving rise to more Gods of their own. The total number of Actual Gods in Andalok always stays 14. All the other new additions of Andalok are also called Andals, with the 14 Gods ruling over them, and a single King ruling over them all. The second King of Andalok, Lila, and her Queen, Yamini, take over after Theos, and move on to create a big happy family for all of them.

This is it. This is how I had wanted my story to go. Unfortunately, even if I know how I want it to go, I cannot put it into words right now. I stretched it too thin, and I made the story boring. Welp, sorry bout that.

Thank you for being with me throughout this journey, thank you for supporting me. Truly, I am thankful for all your well wishes, criticisms, praises and curses. You're all the best! And now, this is the end of this story, the end of my Plot Bunny that I should have quit after 3 Prologue chapters lol.

If you have any questions for me, clarifications, then please do ask. I'll try to answer all of them.

For the final time for the Celestial God fans, Tata!

Thank you for everything!