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With a bright flash of white light, that would have been blinding if the place wasn't barren, I teleport on the surface of the Earth's moon, and throw the beast, Mangog, onto the ground.

Mangog lands a few dozen yards away from me, as I float in place. Standing up, now free of his bindings, he growls, "You're no God!"

Receding the armour around my head, I shrug and answer, "I am much, much, more than a God, Mangog. I am what's known as a Celestial. A Sky God, if that's preferable."

Mangog stays in his spot, probably wary about attacking me, and asks, "Why did you stop me from killing Odin and his ilk?"

Allowing him to stall, I say, "Odin and I have.. had a deal. My part of the deal was to ensure Asgard's survival for a long enough time."

"Asgard's destruction is no business of yours, Sky God! Odin was supposed to die by my hands today! And you prevented that!" Mangog yells, taking a single step forward.

I say, "Odin will die, and so will every God in Asgard. But it won't be by your hands, Mangog. Speaking of.. there, Odin's dead."

I was still keeping an eye on the situation in Asgard, now able to use my Echolocation to do it. I don't know what Odin did, but he died. Although, I don't get a good feeling about his actions.

Mangog growls and jumps at me. I move sideways, still flying, allowing Mangog to fly me by. I say, "While I wouldn't have minded you killing Odin, as I know that you over all have a right to his life, I couldn't allow you to kill everyone there. And I know that you had the rest of Asgard in your sights, once Odin had died."

Mangog turns around to glare at me, and snarls, "Doesn't matter now. Odin is dead, and not by my hands. You're just like them."

I narrow my eyes at him, and warn, "Be careful, Mangog. Your entire existence is in my hands right now, and I can still kill you."

Mangog scoffs, and starts walking towards me. He says, "God or Sky God, you're still all selfish, vile, vain! You threaten me when I insult you? Is that what you do to the mortals too?! Kill them all when they insult you the tiniest!?"

With a movement too fast for Mangog to see, I shoot towards him and punch him straight on the face. The force of the punch sends Mangog flying miles away from my position, and as he finally stops, I'm there to hold him by the neck.

I stare at Mangog in his hateful eyes, now not having to look up, and whisper, "I am nothing.. like Odin! I haven't killed a single mortal being that had not already damned themselves. And even they were Demon Sorcerers, empowered by a Hell Lord. Many a mortal have insulted me, right to my face, but other than a fair beating, while temporarily binding my powers, I did nothing malicious. Do not presume to know me, when you have a single-minded view about Gods."

Mangog snarls, his spittle flying at me, and punches his right fist on my head. I allow the punch to hit, which just forces my head to tilt slightly to the left. Dropping a now wide eyed Mangog to the ground, I say, "I am not your enemy, Mangog. But, if you try to cause needless destruction, like you did at Nornheim, and what you had planned at Asgard, I will be."

And with that, I turn my back to Mangog, to observe the happenings in Asgard, and the Realms.

I am distracted, however, when I feel a sharp tail approaching at speeds that don't suit Mangog's size. Sighing, I mumble, "So be it."

I turn around and stare at the tail, that- to me- is moving at almost slow speeds. Once again, I let it approach me, at many times the speed of sound, and let it hit my armour, right on my chest.

With nary a sound, my Celestial Armour stops the highly sharp tail in its spot, not getting even a single scratch. Having listened to the story of Mangog's formation, from Loki, I look at the wide eyed, and now finally fearful Mangog with sad eyes.

"For all it's worth, I am sorry about what happened to your race, Mangog. No matter the offence they might have carried out against Asgard, or Odin." I whisper, and before he can even say he's sorry, I summon my Axes to my hands, flow Cosmic Energy through it, cross my arms in front of me, and swing.

My right axe comes from the left, while the left axe comes from the right, catching Mangog's neck in the middle. With a splat sound, Mangog loses his head, and his body drops down on the Moon's land, almost soundlessly. His head, meanwhile, shows the pain he went through in his last moments, with eyes wide.

"Sorry for the mess, Uatu." I say, looking at the body of Mangog with a sad smile on my face.

Uatu, now the same height as me, (or am I the same height as him?), joins me in looking at Mangog's body, and says, "Some things are inevitable. Even if a product of injustice carried upon by Odin Borson, Mangog was still a threat to everyone around you. Do not be upset for his death, Theos."

I snort, and say, "I am upset that it came to this, not that I had to kill him, Uatu. Odin caused him to be born, I know that, but his actions were still his own. Calling all Gods Evil, and then indiscriminately killing everyone with Divinity within them is not something I could ever condone, even if every God was actually like Odin."

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Odin is evil. I'm saying he's an idiot, who thinks that he's the only Right there is. Everyone else is wrong, for him. The list of his mistakes is very long, and not even these 495,000 years are enough to list them all.

And Mangog, even if his race had tried to kill Odin in the past, did not get a carte blanche to kill every God there is.

Uatu asks, "Why did you allow him a chance to escape then?" as he turns away from Mangog's body, and towards the Earth.

I cast a spell on Mangog's dead body, that will erase every trace of his DNA, no matter where it is, and join Uatu in watching the Earth.

Smiling at the irony of a Celestial doing the Watching, I say, "No matter how evil he might have been, I know that someone like Mangog is necessary to keep the Gods in check. Although, he could have been a lot less.. extreme."

And then we stay silent. As Mangog's body disintegrates behind me, his Energy (because he doesn't have a Soul), returns to the Universe. We both keep looking at the happenings in the Yggdrasil.

"The armour suits you, Theos. You should wear it more often." Uatu says, as we see it happening.

With a bright flash of light, seen from all around the world, but brightest in the Nordic regions, Yggdrasil is destroyed, the Gods Above Gods no more, and the Energy of it all dispersing.

Seeing the barriers around Earth shudder, and tear a bit, I say, "Yeah. No more hiding myself now, Uatu. I'm embracing the Celestial within me now."

Uatu chuckles at that, and I join him too. Yes, I might have gotten outed as a Celestial, but it's not the end of all things. I am still me, and I have my family. Chhaya, Kali, Manasi, Mother, Agamotto, and even Uatu, however distant the last two might be.

At least I won't have to hide my Cosmic Energy on Earth anymore.


In Muspelheim, Thor senses the departure of Theos from Asgard, and moves on with his battle. With a single swipe from a lightning infused Mjolnir, Surtur dies and crumbles to dust.

With a mighty swing, Thor throws Mjolnir away from him, breaking dimensional barriers like paper, and doing the same to the spatial barriers. Smiling sadly, at what his half brother might experience in the future, Thor brings Jarnbjorn to his hands, and teleports to Nornheim.

He pauses near the corpses of his once friends. Volstagg, Hogun, Fandral, and fierce Lady Sif. All four of them had died in trying to take down the Mangog, alongside Queen Karnilla of Nornheim.

'Maybe if I was here, they could have been saved?' Thor muses to himself, before shaking his head, and moving on.

He walks towards the crumbled castle of the Norn Queen, not stopping at the literally hundreds of corpses spread all around, and then turns to go around it.

Once behind the castle, he puts his hand on an inconspicuous looking boulder, and chants a long, drawn out spell. Once the spell is cast, Thor is transported underneath the Castle, in a long corridor.

At the end of the corridor, stands his destination. The Tapestry of Fate.

"DON'T DO THIS! YOU KNOW WE WILL FIND A WAY!" A loud voice booms out, as soon as Thor is near the covered Tapestry.

Smiling, Thor says, "I know." Despite knowing that he knows they won't. Ever.

Lifting Jarnbjorn above his head, Thor ignores the warnings in his mind, sent by the Gods Above Gods, and activates the God Bomb hidden in an unconscious Buri's chest.

In the Realm of the Gods Above Gods, Buri, who was knocked unconscious by a ritual carried by the Gods Above Gods, suddenly gasps as he wakes up. He has just enough time to widen his eyes and stare at his glowing chest, before the God Bomb explodes, burning those around him faster than they can heal.

The explosion of the Bomb burns the Gods Above Gods with a ferociousness higher than the flames of Hellfire, and ignores every attempt at stopping them. However they don't get much time to do it, as within a single microsecond after the Bomb explodes, the Gods Above Gods die, their screams of pain dying with them.

Thor, meanwhile, swings his Axe down on the Tapestry, completely destroying it right as the Bomb explodes in the Hidden Realm.

All around the Realms of Yggdrasil, the energy of the Bomb burns, destroying each and every piece of Yggdrasil within a single moment.

And so, in Nornheim, Thor dies at the same time that everyone on Asgard, Jotunheim, Vanaheim, Alfheim, Swartalfheim, Nidavellir, Niflheim, and Muspelheim, dies.

On Midgard, the Shockwave of Energy travels all around, originating in the Nordic regions, and covers the entire planet within a few seconds. As it does that, it kills anyone with a connection to the Yggdrasil. The Demigods of Asgard and Vanaheim, and even the children of fire demons, Dwarves, Giants, they all die painlessly.

Some descendants of the Yggdrasil residents, who had retained some of the gifts from their ancestors, immediately lose consciousness. When they eventually will wake, they will have forgotten all about Yggdrasil, their Divine ancestors, and their gifts.

The Energy doesn't stop there, and flies away from the planet, tearing through the Barriers around Earth, in search of anyone still connected to Yggdrasil.

In the other Pantheons, every God of Earth, no matter the Pantheon, all forget about Asgard. They do remember Yggdrasil, but don't recognise its significance.

The members of the Council of Godheads, however, all remember. They remember everything. Including the revelation they had been graced with recently.

Meanwhile, I, unknowing but suspecting of all that's happening on Earth, let the energy of the Yggdrasil's destruction wash over me, harmlessly. Smiling sadly at Asgard's destruction, but now knowing that they will be free of Fate in their next life, I teleport away, to Donna.

Time to add more Gods to our Pantheon, before the Energy Wave reaches Induk.