17th Century CE, Earth Calendar:

Induk, a green planet, with the population of a measly 20 Million souls. Andals, as they called themselves, were divided in 7 Kingdoms, and were not that technologically oriented.

They had technology, sure, but it was just enough to allow them transcontinental flight at most. They hadn't even discovered how to breach their own Atmosphere yet, let alone fly into Space.

But, despite all this, they had managed to repeal an invasion by a Kree Accuser, and his fanatic followers. 300 Kree Jets, along with the single 5000 year old Black Aster space ship, left in the capable hands of Zerek the Accuser had attacked Induk, after a smaller raid was left unsuccessful, and even they got defeated.

The Andals could somehow tap into the Mystic Energy of the Universe, this so called Magic, the way to access which most planets and empires have forgotten about, and use it for their own purposes.

Their fighter ships were inferior, and their weapons even more so, with a projectile missile their greatest non-magical weapon. Alas, they had numbers, and magic on their side. 10,000 Jets of the Andal to the 1000 of the Kree. But even that was nothing the group of Kree couldn't handle.

Unfortunately for the Kree, it wasn't all the Andals had. They called down lightning and rain, fire and wind, blades made of spells, and even a Golem or two, to defeat the grounded soldiers of the Kree, while groups of these Andals took down the ships by overwhelming them, and by using some of these Spells. Their guns and bows and arrows somehow never missed their mark, and one man even managed to send a fully armoured Kree flying 2 miles away from him, with a damn wooden staff.

Meanwhile a single Andal, covered completely in some unknown metal, had taken on the Black Aster, by herself.

This single Andal, flew from one end of the Black Aster, and came out the other, with nothing stopping it. None of the Black Aster's weapons managed to slow the Andal down, and in the end, the highly durable Black Aster blew up, taking its entire crew with it.

Zerek, the Accuser survived the explosion, and the fall, thanks to his Armour and his Cosmi Rod, however not for long.

The lone Andal managed to track him down and challenged him to a fight to the death. The Accuser, prideful of his superior strength, and the technology in his Cosmic Armour, accepted. The condition being a complete surrender from the Planet, to the Kree Empire, at the Andal's loss.

They fought for hours, both of them almost equal in strength, but where the Andal had stronger hits, and better durability, the Accuser was a better fighter, with an additional weapon in his hand. The Cosmi Rod.

The Cosmi Rod did actually manage to harm her the first few times, but she somehow became resistant to it, (or did she absorb it) and in the end, she came out on top, beheading the Accuser with a blade forming out of her hand. Or did her arm morph into a sharp blade?

And then, the people of Induk had claimed the Technology for themselves, to improve their own, so that they can be ready for another invasion.

By themselves, they weren't a threat. Sure, they were physically stronger than the Xandarians, and most of them had Magical abilities. But, they weren't amongst the smartest in the Galaxy, nor were they the most numerous.

The Kree could definitely defeat them, with enough numbers. Heck, a pair of Accusers could defeat the Andal woman on their own, if they lose their pride enough.

But, they were still a danger to the Kree, and the Kree won't forget it. They actually destroyed an Aster Class Battleship, which only a few empires had managed until now, along with a few stronger individuals. Which is why she was here now, two years after the attack.

She, the Nova Prime, was responsible for peace in the entire Nova Empire, which includes over 2 dozen different races, and planets. It was the strongest Empire in the Galaxy, and hence, it felt its responsibility to offer a helping hand to the Andals of Induk.

Before, some Science Vessels had approached the planet, and studied its people for a while, however, the presence of the guardian, which changed once every century, stayed their hands. However, now was a good opportunity, after a successful repealing of an attack by their own enemies.

The Nova Prime hoped that the offer of Alliance was accepted, because she did not want to be the one to attack a Peaceful race such as the Andals. Not while they were already almost 800 years into a War with the Kree themselves.

100 years later: Hala

Dinar, the Accuser was usually a very patient man. He had lived for 300 years, which is more than twice of any normal Kree, and it showed in the very apparent old look he sports. He was the current leader of the Accuser Corps, having been so for almost a Century now.

And Dinar was frustrated. Not many things had gone right in recent centuries, not since the War with the Xandarian Empire began. The Kree Empire had won a few planets from the Xandarians, and lost a few to them. While Torfa, a mining planet was safely in their own hands, being mined by the Slaves, two of the planets the Kree lost were rich in food resources.

And now, the resources were drying up, the War taking to much out of the other planets. Above all that, the Kree Emperor was being stubborn, sending his soldiers to die in meaningless battles, to protect unimportant planets, while ignoring the advice he got from the others.

Even the Supreme Intelligence was of no help, since It also wanted to expand the Empire to the entire Universe. Dinar wanted that, but he knew that the Kree don't have the capability to currently do that.

Amongst the stupid decisions made by the Kree Emperor, was the decision to send an Aster class War Vessel, along with one of the Accusers, to attack a simple primitive planet, Induk, M23, in the Andromeda galaxy, after a scout ship failed to report back.

And the Accuser lost.

He did not just lose a fight, no, he cost respect to the Accuser corps, with the Emperor having decided to remove Dinar from the Council of Advisors. This.. annoyed Dinar, despite his respect for the Emperor, and even the Supreme Intelligence.

Now, the Accuser Corps, despite being the strongest force in the Empire, was being forced into servitude to the Emperor. He did not like this one bit.

He liked the next order even less.

"You want me to attack the planet M23 again? After 100 years of silence?" Dinar asks, glaring at the old Emperor, wondering if this is an idea the Supreme Intelligence cooked up, or if the Emperor came up with it on his own.

The Emperor waves the disrespect away, and says, "Dinar, my boy, the Xandarians seem to have taken the.. Anlads.. Ansal? Andals?.. yes, Andals, under their protection. The Xandarians are teaching them, and learning from them. All in the name of friendship."

Dinar frowns, the implications not lost on him. If the Xandarians learn out how to defeat the Aster Class Warships, like the Andals did, it will be troublesome for the Kree Empire. Monsters they might be, but the Xandarians aren't stupid.

He says, "And what? You don't think two War Vessels will be enough to do it? You're sending the entire Accuser Corps after a single backwater planet? Are you out of your mind, my Liege?"

"You underestimate them, Dinar. A single Andal destroyed the Black Aster within 20 seconds. What's to say they don't have more of these.. Metal women." The Emperor says, playing the video the Accuser fanatics managed to send back, before their deaths, pausing at the metal woman punching through the highly durable hull of the ship.

Dinar scowls at the reminder of this failure, and says, "You overestimate them, my Liege. The Asters are made by the strongest metal we know of. Just because one woman managed it, doesn't mean everyone can do it. And besides, we can just bombard the planet with our Photon Torpedoes, or the OmniWave Projector before they even know we're there."

"Dinar." The Emperor says, the tone of which makes Dinar straighten up. He then says, "You will take the Accuser Corps to this.. M23, destroy the planet, and kill anyone that gets in your way. Don't bother calling the Accusers that are away, just take what we have here. That.. is an order straight from the Supreme Intelligence."

At that, Dinar nods. Despite not liking the order, he has no choice. Orders coming from the Supreme Intelligence are not something someone refuses. And he might think it overkill, to take 900 War Vessels to fight a single planet, but at least this way, he can be sure of the Planet's destruction.

The Leader of the Accusers sends out a command, for every Accuser to gather their crew within an hour. They have a planet to destroy.

Meanwhile, in the Realm of Andalok, hidden deep inside a cave, sat the 14 Gods of Induk. Loptr Valison, Vali, Manasi, Narfi, Bali, Jormungandr, Siddhi, Gauri, Atharva, Lila, Yamini, Kali, Chhaya, and their Skyfather, Me, Theos Jordson.

I had seen the meeting between the current Leader of the Accusers, and the Emperor, and I was furious.

The last time Induk was attacked by an army this big, was when the first Dark Elf Army banged on our doors, almost 10,000 years ago. They thought us an easy target, and we taught them a lesson by killing the attacking force. And now, the Kree are doing the same.

I had decided that the Kree needed to be taught a lesson, and so, I had called every God belonging to our pantheon to Andalok, even those that had gone away for some business or the other.

After I finish my tale, Jormungandr stands up, and slams his long warhammer on the ground. Thankfully, the ground of Andalok were not so brittle as to break.

He smirks at me, and says, "900 War ships, you say? Shall we make it a competition, Lord Theos?"

I chuckle, despite the occasion, and say, "You will have your competition, Jormungandr. You will have it. It should be a nice change to battling the Dark Elves from all those centuries ago."

The Xandarians will have to be kept in the dark, same for my Andals. I don't need them knowing that us Gods exist, at least, not yet. So, I need to take this battle elsewhere. I could find a planet suitable enough, I think.

My newest Guardian will be disappointed at not getting to fight, but at least the other Andals will be safe from the Kree.