"I would love a woman who is like a fairy in that she is innocent and kind, and she loves me for who I am." – Arthur Kirkland (England)

Prologue: How They Met

[Late August 1863]

It was a warm summer afternoon. Flowers were soaking up the rays of the sun and a cool breeze lightly blew through the trees. The grass was beginning was a beautiful green and little birds sang happy songs. The sun shined bright in the clear blue sky above radiating warmth making it a beautiful day but someone was not enjoying it. A little boy with pale skin, emerald green eyes, messy blonde hair and bushy eyebrows. He is eleven years old. The boy was running through a large field of grass towards the large forest on the other side. Upon reaching the forest he decided to hide behind a big tree. His parents had always warned him about the forest saying it got dark in their real fast and there were wild animals and it was dangerous but with how upset he was he pushed that thought out of his mind and decided to enter. As he walked into the forest he started admiring all the beautiful plant life around him and started to feel a little bit better. He looked up and watched the sun's attempts as shining through the tree-tops. Just then a blue butterfly appeared and landed on his nose. He tried to catch it but it disappeared as quickly as it appeared making him a little sad. He then heard faint giggling meaning someone else was in the forest with him. Maybe it was one of his older brothers coming to torment him some more which was the reason he even ran away from home, to begin with. Getting angry he decided to confront them and make them very sorry they ever tried to mess with him. He quietly picked up a stick. Holding it like one would hold a sword, he tip-toed towards the sound till he came to a very large and green bush full of purple flowers. The giggling person was on the other side. Quite certain it was one of his brothers planing on scaring him, he leaped through the bush shouting "Leave Me Alone you Bloody Wankers!" but to his surprise, the giggling person wasn't one of his brothers…it was a little girl. She has very pale skin, shoulder-length raven black hair and piercing emerald green eyes She couldn't have been more than seven years old. It was then that he noticed this little girl was having a tea party as there was a small table and four chairs. Two of the chair being filled by a black cat on the right side who was licking its paw and a stuffed rabbit on the left side who was missing one of its button eyes. The girl seemed surprised by the interruption but she quickly gave the boy a smile.

"Hello, would you like to join my tea party?" she asks the boy. At first he was about to say no as he wasn't in the mood for a tea party, but something about this girl made him want to stay.

"Sure I would very much love to join your tea party" he says with a friendly smile gracing his face as he walks over and sits down in the seat across from her.

"I'm Alice Liddell" she says holding out her right hand, "It's a pleasure to meet you" she adds.

"I'm Arthur Kirkland and the pleasure is all mine Miss Alice" he says pacing a kiss on the back of her hand making her blush.

"Welcome to my tea party Arthur" Alice says before pouring him a cup of tea and handing it to him.

"You brought real tea with you?" He asked curiously.

"Of course...what's a tea party without tea" Alice replies with a smile on her face.

"That's true, but usually people pretend that the tea is real" Arthur replies before taking a sip of the tea.

"They do?" she asks in a confused tone making Arthur realize she must not have very many friends.

"You don't have many friends do you?" Arthur asks with a curious look on his face.

"Of course I do, I have Dinah" Alice replies as she begins motioning to the black cat who stares at Arthur with a look of curiosity, "and of course rabbit" she adds as she begins motioning to the stuffed rabbit next, "I also have loads of friends that I visit in Wonderland" she finishes quickly catching Arthur's attention.

"Wonderland what's that?' he asks with a curious look on his face.

"It's a whole world that I go to every night when I go to sleep" she replies, "I have tea party's all the time with The Mad Hatter and his friends, then The Mock Turtle gives me a ride on his train through Wonderland to the card castle to play croquet with The Queen of Hearts" she says as she leans towards as if to tell him a secret, "Don't tell anyone, but I always let her win since she's such a sore loser" she says with a giggle, "Especially if The Cheshire Cat arrives to mess with her" she adds, "If she loses or things don't go her way she beings pointing at her subjects and shouting "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!" Alice said giggling as Arthur became quite curious.

"Tell me more about this Wonderland" he says with a look of excitment on his face.

"Okay" Alice replies as she begins to tell him all about her Wonderland and its colorful cast of characters.

"It truly sounds like a wonderful place" Arthur replies with a friendly smile.

"It is" she replies happily before a look of surprise graces her face.

"Arthur do you see what I see?" she asks him pointing behind him as a flying mint green bunny appears.

"What do you see?" he asks with a hopeful look on his face.

"A flying mint green colored bunny" she says with a look of surprise on her face.

"You can see her too…?" he asks, his eyes widening with joy.

"Yes" she replies with a nod of her head as he gives her a big hug. The bunny then flies over with a look of worry on its face.

"Arthur are you okay?" the bunny asks in a concerned tone, "You ran away crying" it adds as Arthur pulls away from Alice and nods with a smile on his face.

"I'm perfectly fine Flying Mint Bunny" he replies, "In fact, I even made a new friend" he says before motioning to Alice, "This is Alice, Alice I would like you to meet my good friend Flying Mint Bunny" Arthur says introducing them.

"It's wonderful to meet you" Alice says with a friendly smile, "Would you like to join our tea party?" Alice asks.

"I would love too" Flying Mint Bunny replies with a smile as the three of them sit down and have tea and talk. After a few hours, Arthur looks up at the sky and sees it's starting to get late.

"I have to go home now Alice…but I and a wonderful time" Arthur says as he begins getting up to leave.

"Wait" she says reaching out towards him as he turns around towards him, "Will I ever see you again"? she asks with slight hope in his tone

"I hope so" Arthur replies with a smile on his face, "Bye Alice" Arthur says waving at his new friend before turning to leave.

"Bye Arthur, Bye Flying Mint Bunny, it was very nice to meet you both" Alice replied as they walked away. As they were leaving Arthur turned to his imaginary friend.

"Do you think I'll ever see her again?" Arthur asks his imaginary friend in a hopeful tone.

"I don't know maybe someday" the bunny replied with a smile.

"I hope so" Arthur replied happy to have made a friend because being royalty he didn't get to make many friends with others his own age. He does have three older brothers but their all jerks who tease him and make fun of him for talking to magical creatures and say that is the reason he'll never be king…since he talks thin air…he hates how cruel his older brothers are and wishes he was an only child. As he walks home he notices how dark it's getting, "Darn it…mum's gonna be awfully sore when I get back" he says to Flying Mint Bunny. As he walks home he thinks about Alice again and what a fun time he had with her…what he doesn't realize yet since he's so young is that he's fallen in love with her…he's just too young to understand his feelings…he can't wait to see her again…if only he knew of the dark, horrible trauma she was about to endure.

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