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"Two unhappy people cannot dispel each other's sadness…although sometimes there are exceptions" - Unknown

Chapter 1: An Unusual Reunion

[March 2, 1875] - [12 years later]

It was a dreary, depressing afternoon in London England's east end. As usual, the weather was bleak and cloudy blocking out any of the sun's light from reaching the earth below. Sitting in an office was an eager young man waiting to begin his first day of his internship. He has pale porcelain skin, round-shaped deep emerald green eyes that make you want to swoon, short golden blonde hair that reaches the middle of the back of his neck and gives off the messy bedhead look. He has rather bushy eyebrows however they don't take away from his incredible handsomeness. He has a very handsome round-shaped face, a round-shaped jaw, a small nose, and average-sized naturally pale pink lips. He has a thin and slim, slender figure with wiry muscles. He's 5'9' tall. and he is wearing a white button-up shirt and a white and grey striped necktie covered by an olive green waistcoat, tan dress pants, a black leather belt with a silver belt-buckle, black dress socks and black dress shoes. His name is Arthur Kirkland, Queen Victoria's middle son and fourth in line for the throne. Since Arthur knew he wasn't going to be king anytime soon he decided to follow his dream of becoming a doctor. After the loss of his younger twin brother Oliver, he decided that he wanted to know everything it took to save someone's life so no other family would go through the loss his family went through. Arthur began taking classes at Oxford mainly in the medical field. However. to obtain his degree, he also had to take a course in psychology to get a better understanding of the field he wishes to work in. To help with the psychological aspect of his degree, his professors called a former student who passed with exceptional grades and has been doing wonders for children with traumatic pasts. A man by the name of Dr. Angus Bumby. Arthur's professor's offered an agreement with Dr. Bumby allowing Arthur to become his intern and watch how he helps the children in his care. After much negotiation and excuses, Dr. Bumby reluctantly agreed. Also, Arthur had made a deal with his professors before leaving that they would not tell Dr. Bumby about him being a prince as he wanted to be treated like a normal person and that is how Arthur found himself at Houndsditch Home and Refuge for Wayward Youth. Arthur was very intrigued with how Dr. Bumby used hypnotherapy to help his patients forget the horrible memories that plague their minds. It was all very fascinating to Arthur and he looked forward to seeing how this all worked out. As Arthur was taking notes Dr. Bumby turned towards him. Dr. Bumby appears to be slightly middle-aged with a slim figure and broad shoulders, his face is very long and thin with a pointy chin and defined cheekbones. His nose and hands are also very bony, he has dark brown hair cut to the nape of his neck, it is combed into a side parting to his right-hand side. He has a full beard and mustache, he has small pale eyes covered by black round-framed glasses and he wears black trousers, a white button-down shirt, a grey waistcoat with a red necktie

"Arthur, before we continue, I must warn you my next patient can be a little hostel" Dr. Bumby explains.

"I don't think that will be a problem doctor" Arthur begins in a relaxed tone, "Some of the kids so far have seemed a little rude but I don't think it's anything I can't handle" Arthur adds as a serious look graces his face.

"Yes but you see this particular patient has a short fuse, and a sharp tongue…plus she spent ten years locked in Rutledge" Dr. Bumby replied.

"She was in Rutledge?" Arthur asks with a loom of shock on his face.

"Yes…her family died in a fire twelve years ago and it sent her into a fit of madness" Dr. Bumby explains.

"What's her name if I may ask?" Arthur asks with a loom of curiosity on his face.

"Alice Liddell" Dr. Bumby replies as an even more curious look graces Arthur's face.

'Alice Liddell, Alice Liddell…where have I heard that name before?' Arthur thinks to himself as the door opens. He looks towards it and comes face to face with someone from his past. Someone he never thought he would see again. Someone he was surprised to see changed so very much and not in a good way. Her skin is now an unhealthy and sickly shade of pale skin. She has almond-shaped piercing emerald green eyes that upon close inspection have dulled since the last time he saw them. She has disheveled raven black hair that reaches slightly past her shoulders. She is 5'2 3/4' tall and she has an underweight and fragile figure. Plus she has a very small waist. She has an oval-shaped face, a small nose and average-sized pale pink lips. She also has dark circles under her eyes as if she is tired or has been crying for hours on end. She is currently wearing a black and white horizontally striped long sleeve shirt and a black skirt with a dirty and tattered white pinafore over the top of them which bears a white and black checker border, black stockings and black ankle-high boots with buckles plus a tattered and beaten white bow around her waist.

"Hello, Dr." Alice greets Dr. Bumby as she walks into the room.

"Hello Alice, I would like to introduce you to Arthur Kirkland…he's an intern from Oxford here to observe the sessions and learn from experience" Dr. Bumby explains.

"It's very nice to meet you Mr. Kirkland" Alice replies simply as she takes a seat.

"You as well Miss Liddell" Arthur replies sending her a smile whilst hiding his shock at what became of his childhood friend.

"Okay, Alice let us begin" Dr. Bumby says pulling out a key on a chain out of his pants left pocket and beginning the hypnosis as Alice lays down on the sofa.

'How could all these horrible things have happened to her' he thinks to himself getting lost in the memory of the day he first met Alice. He was only eleven then and she could have been no more than seven at the time. He remembers how she was able to see his imaginary friend and how she told him about the world she created, Wonderland is what she called it.

"Come now Alice, it's only a dream." Dr. Bumby's voice says pulling Arthur out of his thoughts as he looks over towards Dr. Bumby and Alice. Alice is seen laying on the sofa her eyes tightly closed and an upset look on her face as she balls up her fists.

"It's not a dream, it's a memory. And it makes me sick!" Alice says disgust clear in her voice.

"Now, focus. Wait, you're floating again. Weightless. A cipher, relax" Dr. Bumby says as Alice's face gets scrunched up and fear crosses her face.

"Fire! I-I'm in hell!" Alice exclaims terrified as her body shivers.

"Forget it. Abandon that memory. It's unproductive. Go to Wonderland" Dr. Bumby commands.

"Wonderland?" Arthur whispers before a smile crosses his face, "So she still believes in her Wonderland" he thinks to himself.

"I can't. I'm trapped... in my past" Alice says softly making a look of heartbreak cross Arthur's face.

"No Alice, discard that delusion. Forget it! Go to Wonderland" Dr. Bumby commands a little harsher.

"I'd rather not doctor, my Wonderland's shattered, it's dead to me" Alice says as if she's on the verge of tears but has none left. If Arthur's heart wasn't already breaking at the sight of his formally happy friend, he knew it would be now.

"Your preference doesn't signify girl. Now Alice, where are you?" Dr. Bumby asks.

"I'm sailing, with a friend. It's...different somehow. Things have changed" Alice replies, her face relaxing as she calms down.

"Change is good, it's the first link on the chain of forgetting" Dr. Bumby says.

"What's happening? Are you mad?" Alice asks in a curious tone confusing Arthur.

"I'm not mad!" Dr. Bumby exclaims with a shake of his head.

"Rabbit!" Alice calls as she reaches out with her right hand as Arthur looks at her again…did she mean The White Rabbit she told him about when they were little.

"That's not right. What's he doing here?" Dr. Bumby questions.

"Oh no, not that!" Alice says as fear fills up her features make Arthur wonder just what she is seeing.

"Don't struggle, Alice. Let the new Wonderland emerge" Dr. Bumby says.

"Pollution, corruption, i-it's killing me! My Wonderland's destroyed, my mind is in ruins!" Alice screams as she begins thrashing, grabbing at her hair and face startling Arthur. He looks at her in shock.

"Just what the bloody hell has happened to her?" he thinks to himself before he is pulled out of his thoughts again.

"Forget it, Alice! Block that dream, wake at the sound" Dr. Bumby commands waking her up.

"Ahhhhhh!" Alice screams bolting upright. She then catches Arthur looking at her, 'Is that worry on his face, why would he worry about me, we don't even know one another' she thinks before blushing and turning way, 'He was probably just uncomfortable around me like everyone else is' she adds in her own head.

"There, Alice, better now aren't we?" Dr. Bumby asks.

"My head's exploded and there's a steam hammer in my chest" Alice spats back at him with a sharp glare.

"Yes, well, the cost of forgetting is high" Dr. Bumby explains in a firm tone.

"My memories make me vomit. What can I-" Alice begins before Dr. Bumby cuts her off.

"Remember other things" Dr. Bumby says nonchalantly as Arthur looks at him a little shocked as that is not an easy thing to do.

"I want to forget! Who would choose to be alone, imprisoned by their broken memories?" Alice asks clearly offended as she looks down at her hands, fury dancing behind her eyes.

"I'll set you free, Alice. Memory is a curse more often than a blessing" Dr. Bumby says simply.

"So you've said, many times. And-" Alice replies turning away from him dismissively before Dr. Bumby cuts her off again.

"And I will say again. The past must be paid for." he replies in a stern tone before relaxing somewhat, "Now, before our next session, collect those pills from our High Street chemist" Dr. Bumby says as Alice stands up.

"Very well, doctor" Alice says clearly trying to contain her annoyanve as she starts to head to the door.

"Oh and Arthur…would you mind accompanying Alice?" Dr. Bumby asks.

"Um no…I wouldn't mind at all" Arthur responds standing up and grabbing his black suit coat and approaching the door with Alice.

"I am perfectly capable of going there myself" Alice responds, annoynace clear in her tone.

"Alice I have other patients…please don't argue and just get going" Dr. Bumby says exasperated.

"Fine" Alice responds annoyance clear as day as she opens the door the door to reveal a small pale blonde boy about the age of eight.

"It's my turn to forget, Alice!" the boys says walking in the room as Alice and Arthur leave the room and head down the hall.

"Ah, Charlie. Your pa was hung for killing your ma who beat you. Let's forget that, shall we? The past is dead, Charlie" Dr. Bumby is heard saying as Arthur closes the door and follows Alice. As they make their way down the hall one of the little kids says something rude to Alice.

"What's wrong with you now Docter's pet?" she asks Alice in a harsh tone.

"I deserve my bitter tears, want some?" Alice spats back as she walks down the stairs with Arthur following. A curious look begins to grace his face as he speaks up.

"Um excuse me for intruding Miss Liddell, but I was just wondering what your part in this orphanage is as you don't seem young enough to be among them" he says motioning to the others.

"I'm Doctor Bumby's assitant" Alice replies, "I help take care of the children and do the housework" she adds in a flat tone, "I also see him for therapy sessions just like the others" she adds simply as Arthur nods in understanding, "Also you can call me Alice, Mr. Kirkland" she adds with a slight smirk on her face.

"Only if you call me Arthur" he replies with a smirk of his own.

"Deal" Alice replies as they walk down the flight of stairs leading to the first floor. As they're approaching the door Arthur notices a room that they pass. With a curious look on his face, he steps inside. Like the rest of the building, the room is plain and dreary. The view from the one window which is to the right of the door, is of the first floor of the building next door. AI'm'mturns around, Arthur notices that there are drawings that appear to have been done by let usild on the wall above the bed that is shoved up against the left wall. Also on that wall is a portrait of a family in an oval-shaped frame. A father, a mother, an older sister and a younger sister who Arthur immediately recognizes as Alice.

"You know it's not polite to enter a woman's room without her permission" Arthur hears a voice startling him. He turns around to see Alice leaning against the door frame with her eyes crossed and a blank look on her face.

"O-Oh u-um I-I" Arthur says stuttering and blushing in embarrassment before stopping and bowing, "I am so sorry!" he says as a slight smirk graces her face.

"It's fine, you seem like an actual nice person, so I feel like I can trust you to not go through my things" Alice replies as she uncrosses her arms and approaches Arthur.

"Oh um…thank you" Arthur replies as he smiles back at her before remembering something, "You know I don't think we were properly introduced" he adds.

"You're correct, our introduction was pretty rushed" Alice replies with a nod of her head.

"I'm Arthur Kirkland" Arthur says holding out his right hand.

"I'm Alice Liddell and it's a pleasure to meet you Arthur" Alice says shaking his hand with her right hand. He then takes her right hand and brings it up to his lips as he places a kiss on the back of her hand.

"The pleasure is all mine love" Arthur says making Alice blush and turn her head to the right. She then has a smalla lothback of an eleven-year-old boy with the same messy blonde hair, deep emerald green eyes and large eyebrows kissing her hand like this when she was seven but she pushes the memory away.

"Um, so shall we go now?" Alice asks trying to stop her blush.

"Yes of course, but before we go I wanted to ask…is this your family?" Arthur asks pointing to the picture of Alice and her family.

"Yes" she replies with a nod, "I don't know who sent it as there was no return address on it but i'm very grateful to whoever it was" she adds as she walks over to the portrait and begins admiring it, "I wish I could thank them" Alice replies before turning away from the portrait and walking back towards the door, "Come on let's get going" she adds as she walks out the door to her room.

"Coming" Arthur replies following her out of her room and out the front doo into the street. They immediately turn left and then right and walk forward on the cobblestone street into the downtown area. As they do Alice sees a small white cat.

"Mrrrow!" The cat meows at her and Arthur.

"Hello puss! Puss puss puss! Don't be afraid!" Alice says to the cat as it turns away from her and Arthur and walks down a dark alley which she begins to go down to follow before Arthur grabs her left arm with his right hand to stop her.

"Um, Alice where are you going?" Arthur asks with a concerned look on his face.

"I'm curious to see where that cat is going" she replies simply as he lefts her go, She turns away from him, "If you want to come with, you better hurry" she adds as she begins chasing after the cat as he sighs and chases after her. They run through a few alleyways before stopping in a small area at the back of the alleyway, surrounded by buildings on all sides.

"It seems following small furry creates down dark holes has become a habit, I hope it's not a vice" Alice says simply as she takes a look around, "Now where has that cat gone" she says before bumping into someone. She turns around to apologize when sees a man with the Jabberwocks's head. Horror fills her face as she backs up into someone else. Turning around she sees numerous Jabberwock men appear and begin to approach her and Arthur..

"Alice, do you see what I see?" Arthur asks unease filling his voice as the two of them are now standing back to back.

"What do you see?" Alice asks him curiosity filling her voice, mixing with the horror she was feeling.

"I don't know what they are…but there's allot of them" He replies, fear mixing with his tone, "They look like people but their heads are green and dragonish" Arthur adds as Alice gains a look of shock on her face.

"You can see them too?" Alice asks as she turns her head over her shoulder towards him.

"Of course I can bloody see them!" Arthur exclaims with a shake of his head, "Now what are these monstrosities?" he adds as they both tense up as if ready for a fight.

"How should I know" Alice lies still in slight shock that he can see them as well before another memory fills her mind.

"Arthur do you see what I see?" a young raven-haired girl asks a blonde-haired boy as she points behind him as a flying mint green bunny appears.

"What do you see?" he asks with a hopeful look on his face.

"A flying mint green colored bunny" she says with a look of surprise on her face.

"You can see her too…?" he asks, his eyes widening with joy.

"Yes" she replies with a nod of her head as he gives her a big hug.

Alice pushes the memory away as Arthur stands in front of her trying to shield her away from the monstrosities as a boney hand grabs Alice's shoulder from behind. Alice turns around startled and sees an elderly woman with pale wrinkled skin, she has short grey hair pulled back into a bun, she is short and hunched over, she has small black round-framed glasses and a large potato-shaped red nose, her hands are very boney and she is wearing a navy blue button-down shirt with an olive green sweater tied around her shoulders, a dark-colored skirt that reaches her ankles covered by a white knee-length apron, she has red bags under her eyes and puffy white sleeves under her navy blue button-down.

"My stars and garters, Alice Liddell! Slumming again, are we?" the old woman asks her in what some would think is a gentle tone but Alice knows better.

"Nurse Witless, what luck. Twice in as many months" Alice replies dryly with an undertone of disgust.

"You look frazzled, dearie. Not doing well?" Nurse Witless replies with a slightly smug tone, setting off alert bells in Arthur's mind.

"Not really" Alice spats back as Nurse Witless takes notice Arthur.

"And who are you dearie?" she asks him as he walks up to her and holds out his hand.

"Arthur Kirkland, it's a pleasure to meet you miss" He says introducing himself.

"Pris Witless" she says shaking his hand, "Have you got a suitor Alice…does he not know who you are".

"He's just a friend" Alice spats as she crosses her arms.

"I'm a medical student at Oxford and i've been interning with Dr. Bumby and he asked me to escort Miss Liddell" Arthur explains trying to difuse the situation.

"Oh well, then Alice dear come along home, then, and look at my pigeons. Pretty birds... like you" Nurse Witless says, her tone sounding as if she has thrown out a lore og bait.

"I don't think so. Our last visit cost me several pounds and got me nowhere" Alice spats back causing Arthur to raise his eyebrows in confusion.

"I might recall where your mangy rabbit got to" Nurse Witless says getting Alice's attention. Arthur then notices the dark smirk grace Nurse Witless' face as she realizes that her bait was taken.

"Very well then…Arthur i'll meet up with you later after I have a visit with my "friend" here" Alice says in neutral tone, however the way she said the word friend like she wanted to vomit lets him know that she really doesn't want to be in the woman's presence at all.

"Actually Alice I think it would be better if I came along" Arthur says with a tone finalty.

"You really don't have to" Alice says with a slight smile.

"Non-sense" Arthur replies with a smile of his own, "What kind of gentleman would I be if I let you go by yourself" he says as he chuckles slightly, "Face it your stuck with me" Arthur says smirking as Nurse Witless glares at him but realizes he's not going anywhere any time soon so she just gives up.

"Fine then come along" she says turning around in a huff and walking off as Alice and Arthur follow.

"Thank you" Alice whispers with genuine relief in her voice.

"Anytime love" Arthur whispers back while winking making her blush again before turning to face forward as they follow Nurse Witless.

"Still a mess, no surprise. Her kin roasted like chestnuts right before her eyes!" Nurse Witless' voice is heard as visuals of a burning house is shown before it changes to a scream Alice being held down by orderlies in the asylum, "Ten years in Rutledge Asylum wasted everyone's time" her voice continues as the visual changes to new one consisting of Alice with her face in her hands as she has a therapy session with Dr. Bumby, "Doctor Bumby won't do better. Still hauling out her questions, the fire, her memories" Nurse Witless' voice continues as the view pans backward and out the open doorway to show her spying in on the conversation, "I deserve consideration don't I? Who found her, her new clothes? Who got her a place at Bumby's?" Nurse Witless' voice continues as she rolls her eyes in annoyance before walking away from spying on Alice's therapy session as the visual changes to the street as she walks by three anorexic prostitutes, "Where'd she be without me, on the street selling her backside!" she adds in a tone of disgust as three pigeons fly by her. "Likes my pigeons though" she says as the visual changes again to a scene of Alice on a roof holding five bottles of gin and other alcoholic drinks in her arms, "She's doled out the odd pound or two" she adds as the view does a 180% change to show Nurse Witless feeding her pigeons, "But what I know is worth more than that" she adds as the visuals grow darker, Kept her secret, haven't I?" she adds as the visual shows the burning house again before switching to a visual of a young Alice with a traumatized look on her face as she holds her stuffed rabbit tightly, "Heard her say, "All died on my account, I couldn't save you!" Nurse Witless adds trying to mimic Alice's voice as the visual of a young Alice transforms into the current 19-year-old Alice, "I've told her, my silence if for sale cheap!" she adds as the view pans backward to show Alice watching Nurse Witless feed her pigeons before the visual changes again to show a rather busty woman maining a bar before it pans backward to show a rather large man by a fireplace holding Alice's stuffed rabbit, "I'm a good sort really, not like her nanny that uppity whore, or that lawyer fellow Radcliffe took her stupid rabbit" she adds as the visuals darken again before revealing a frightened and cowering Alice, "Need money, warned her I'd tell the coppers if she didn't make a donation to my upkeep" Nurse Witless adds as the visual changes to show a scene of her extorting Alice for money/alcohol, "She yells and goes off her head, days she can't even remember her name, what I've heard" Nurse Witless's voice is heard finishing as the visuals fade to black

A few minutes later a door opens and Alice and Arthur step out onto a roof-top. They walk forward past some cages with pigeons in them which is across from the door. They walk over a little wooden bridge to the roof next door. As they are passing over the bridge Alice looks to the right at the horizon which is a smoke and ash filled sky above the tall buildings.

"Disgusting…look at all the pollution" she says with a shake of her head as she keeps walking forward.

"I know, it is quite the disgusting sight" Arthur agrees before quietly sighing, "How could mum let things get this bad" he thinks to himself with a shake of his head as he attempts to block that thought, The two of them then step onto the other roof and approach Nurse Witless who has her back to the as she is feeding some of her pigeons.

"Nurse Witless, do you mean to harm me? To send me back to the asylum?" Alice asks in a judgemental tone crossing her arms and glares daggers at the woman before her.

"I won't say no, I've got a thirst you could photograph" Nurse Witless replies as her voice turns grows lower and monstrous as two small pink dragon wings poke out of her back "Need a drink. More than my whistle needs whetting!" she exclaims as she turns around and it is seen that she has gained a pink version of those green dragons faces both of them saw earlier. She then starts walking towards them as Arthur gets in front of Alice again trying to protect her from The JabberPris. Arthur and Alice both start walking backward when the stone beneath them begins shaking and cracking before it gives way and they both fall down a rather large hole. As they are falling through the hole they see various pieces of furniture, parts of machinery and teapots which are seen floating around them. The hole is a translucent seafoam green, sky blue and dark magenta in color.

"Pretty birds, like you" Pris's voice is heard saying.

"Go to Wonderland" Dr. Bumby's voice is heard.

"Killed her family" Another voice is heard.

"It's only a dream" Dr. Bumby's voice is heard again.

"Pollution, corruption…" Alice's own voice is heard saying as a pipeline with eyeless baby doll heads are seen. As they are falling both Alice and Arthur stand upright and in a blast of bright light and blue butterflies both of them change outfits. Arthur changes into a light green button-up shirt plus a deep green necktie covered by a green military jacket, green trousers that tuck into deep brown knee-high boots, and a Sam Browne belt with a strap that loops over his right shoulder under an epaulet while Alice changes into a knee-length blue dress with short puffy sleeves worn with a white pinafore over the top and a fanned-out skirt that is cut to about mid-leg. To complete the outfit she wears a simple white apron over the dress with a white bow in the back that features a skull, black and white horizontal striped tights underneath, and black knee-high boots which are secured with silver buckles. The pockets on her apron feature the symbols for Eris and Jupiter plus there are blood splatters on her apron. She also wears a silver necklace with a pendant of the Omega symbol on it. Also, her skin gains a healthier complexion becoming more like porcelain, her hair now teaches her waist and gains blood-red highlights in the sunlight, she is also wearing pink eyeshadow, dark pink lipstick, and heavy black eyeliner. Both Alice and Arthur slowly float down into a world full of color.

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