The DeLorean rolled to a stop on a hard-packed dirt driveway in front of an L-shaped building. Just behind the building was a tall, scary, old house on a hill.

Two pirates, William Turner and Captain Jack Sparrow, climbed out of the car and into the rain.

"Jack, where are we?" Will asked.

"I don't know," Jack replied.

Will groaned and shook his head. "Let's go inside that building and ask. We should get out of the rain anyway." They walked through the first door they came to.

"It looks like we're in some kind of office," Will said.

Jack started playing with some light switches. One turned the light on inside the office. The other turned on a neon sign outside.

"What was that?" Will asked.

They went back out of the office. The sign now read "Bates Motel: Vacancy."

A young man looked out the window as the sign turned on. He ran out of the house and down the hill to the motel.

"I'm sorry. I didn't hear you in all this rain. Go ahead in, please," he said. He nudged Jack and Will back into the motel office.

"Dirty night," the third man said as he went behind the counter. "My name's Norman Bates, by the way. Welcome to the Bates Motel."

Will asked, "Do you have a vacancy?"

"Oh, we have twelve vacancies," Norman said. "Twelve cabins, twelve vacancies. They, uh, they moved the highway."

"Where does this highway go?" Will asked. "Jack! Maybe we can use it to go back home!"

Norman looked dejected. "I know you must have gotten off the old highway," he said as he pushed the register book towards the pirates. "Nobody ever stops here unless they've done that. But there's no point in dwelling on our losses. We just keep on lighting the lights and following the formalities. Sign, please."

Jack wrote "Captain Jack Sparrow" on the register with a flourish. He handed the pen to Will, who hesitated before signing "Orlando Bloom." He started to push the book back to Norman.

"Your home address… Oh, just the town will do."

"Port Royal," Will said.

"Tortuga!" Jack said.

"I meant write it," Norman said. The pirates did so.

"Would you like separate rooms?" Norman asked.

Will was about to say something, but Jack interrupted, "Oh, definitely!" He made a snipping motion with two fingers and pointed to Will. "He's a eunuch," he whispered to Norman. Will rolled his eyes.

Norman pulled down two keys. "Cabins One and Two," he said. "They're closer, in case you two want anything. Cabin One's right next to the office."

"I'd actually like to get some sleep," Will said.

"I want food!" said Jack.

"Well, there's a big diner about ten miles up the road, just outside of Fairvale," Norman said.

"Really? Where's that?" Will asked.

"Fifteen miles. Here, I'll get your bags."

Will said, "We don't have any."

"Oh, well, I guess I'll show you to your rooms, then."

The three men left the office.