The day I got to Dread Isle, a boat-plane thing dropped me off at a dock on the island. From the sky, I saw the pink beach, so I wanted to make that my first destination. I just needed to find a map of the island first.

I walked up to the dock, past the sailboat, up the little beach, and into the main building. I checked in, then was shown my room.

I decided I'd unpack my bags later. I had a beach to check out.

I found the map on my nightstand, so I went out to one of the golf carts on the driveway and drove to the beach.

I about missed the parking lot, but luckily there was a sign: Sangre Beach.

I walked out to the beach. Not two seconds after that, I was bombarded by this stereotypical-looking nerdy Asian kid.

"Hey! You're Riley Poole, aren't you? I'm Sonny Joon, your biggest fan!"

Did I mention he acted like he had too much sugar in his system?