"Have I told you that you're completely mad?" a woman asked.

"Sure you have," a man replied. "Just a couple of times, though."

"Yes, a couple of times per hour!"

The man, a Korean-American named Sonny Joon, and the woman, Jamila El-Dine, a Muslim Londoner of Egyptian descent, walked down the dark alley in the heart of London.

"I saw a man dropped these keys while running around the city with a girl. And I saw them coming from down here. I swear to the Annunaki that it was the Doctor and Martha Jones!" Sonny said.

He ruffled his blue-and-purple hair and adjusted his purple-rimmed glasses as he abruptly stopped walking.

"You know I don't really believe in aliens. I've made that clear countless times," Jamila said, knocking her hijab loose as she ran into her friend.

"How do you explain that, then?" Sonny asked, pointing to something.

"What?" Jamila finished readjusting the blue cloth around her head. She looked up at an old blue police box and said, "Oh, the BBC must've left that prop there."

Sonny put the keys in the lock, turning them as he pushed the door open.

"I stand corrected. Maybe," Jamila said.

"Let's see where she can take us!" Sonny said.