"Kosaka, you said our parents are fictional characters to you, too ?"

A brown hair girl leaned her back on the chest of a black hair boy. They were watching movies on laptop.

"As I said, the VRAINS anime is the 6th series of Duel Monsters franchise where Yusaku aka Playmaker is the protagonist. The 5th series is called Arc V where a counterpart of our dads is the protagonist. Sound confused, isn't it ?"

Kosaka chuckled. He had no idea why his and Miyu's parents were them.

"Does it count us as counsin ? But why are you so sure they are those characters ?", Miyu questioned.

"My dad is using Phantom Knights, my uncle is using Raidraptors. That's enough for me. Not to mention their names and appearances. They are not cousins in here, don't worry. Which decks do your parents use, Miyu ?", Kosaka asked.

"My dad uses Speedroid and my mom uses Windwitch.", Miyu replied.

"See. Our parents definitely are the people I know. Do you ever wonder why our dads' names start with Yu ?"

"I get it. But it is still extremly strange that our parents are also main characters to you too, Kosaka."

Miyu muttered.

"I am a reincarnated person is a strange thing already, Miyu. I'm so glad that I can trust you to share to you."

Kosaka said as he hugged Miyu tighter.

"You have a mind of a middle-age man and you date a teenager. I should expect you are a big pervert, Kosaka.", Miyu teased.

"Hey, my old life was cut short, remember. I never have a girlfriend and I was very young when I died. Total age of mine is just 35 years old.", Kosaka protested.

"Still too old for me. But luckily for you that I like mature man."

Miyu said as she hugged Kosaka's arm. Two of them cuddled each other in silence.

"It is quite sad that you died so young. You just only lived for 17 or 18 years. So many dreams and ambitions were wasted.", Miyu suddenly said.

"It is the past, Miyu. In the past I had cancer, I couldn't do anything. Actually my death is a relief to me. With my death, my family didn't need to pay my hospital fee anymore, I was free from the pain I had been through. Playing Duel Monsters was something help me forget the pain. I just never expected I was reincarnated here. But in here, I finally have the chance to live and do something I desire."

Kosaka said. Finally he had a healthy life he desired.

"Then live at your fullest. You maybe are an old man but you should be lucky that you are my type."

Miyu continued teasing.

"I told you, I'm not that old, I'm just..."

Just before Kosaka could finish his line, a warm feeling on his lip cut him up. Two of them kissed just for a second then the door was opened.

"Opps, maybe I intrude your privacy. Remember to use protections.", a woman had long dark hair smiled teasingly when she saw the scenary before her.



Kosaka and Miyu shouted in surprise respectively. Their faces were in heat.

"Oh, your uncle is coming, Kosaka. Two of you should meet him.", Ruri smiled warmly as she closed the door.

"Your mom is still beautiful and full of energy. Are you sure our moms are the counterpart of each other ? My mom is very grumpy and strict.", Miyu sighed.

"Each of them portrays each aspects of a person.", Kosaka scratched his head, he didn't know what to say about their parents' situation.

"So you are lucky, I envy that. But I guess it is just payback of your luck in the past. Shun is coming, right ? How about we ask him to escort us again ?", Shun Kurosaki was the person who mainly escorted them to duel in the underground.

"Yeah, that's fine. I want to test my new Pendulum deck. Selling Darkfluid to Ai and I have enough data materials to create a whole new deck.", Kosaka smiled when he showed Kiku his newly made deck.

"Giving to him a card you never use and you have a new deck in return. A win-win situation. But do you know how to use this deck ? And why is the card text so long ? It's like...150 words ?", Miyu questioned incredulously when she analyzed 1 card of the deck was supposed to be the Ace of the deck.

"Actually it is more than 200 words if you count its Pendulum's effect. I know how to play, don't worry.", Kosaka assured his girlfriend.

"Why does this kind of card exist ?", Miyu muttered.

"I don't know. Ask Konami. There are many mixed opinions about this. Personally, Pendulum is quite unique and I still enjoy it.", Kosaka replied.

Two of them got out from the bedroom. A tall man with straigt blueish-black hair sat on the chair while Ruri was making tea for her brother.

"Oh, you guys are here. I thought Ruri is going to be a grandmother soon.", Shun said with a straight face made Kosaka and Miyu didn't know what to say and their faces were beat red because of embarrassment.

"The tea is great as usual, Ruri.", Shun praised his sister then he sipped his tea.

"Thank you, brother.", Ruri gave her brother a smile then she returned to the kitchen.

"Are you immortal, uncle ? How do you never get old ?", Kosaka asked teasingly. He really didn't know why Shun was still exact the same since the first time he met him in this world. That was 10 years ago.

"That's funny, Kosaka. I intend to escort 2 of you to Underground Dueling Arena. Are two of you interested ?", Shun asked.

"Of course. I hope this time they find for me an good opponent. I enjoy the duels we had together, Shun.", Miyu smiled to Shun. But he just snorted.

"You really make your opponents want to kill you, do you know that ? Your playstyle is too irritating.", Shun said in annoyance.

"Well, Kaiju is the ultimate creature after all. That's their fault that they didn't have MST. Just a MST is enough to clear Mystic Mine.", Miyu shrugged.

"You were lucky that I protected you, kid.", Shun muttered.

...Kiku's POV...

So, what's next ?

Everything was over, Bohman had been defeated. 4 Ignis were still alive.

That's why I did a research about history of this world.

What a surprise ! 40 years ago used to have a legendary duel between Blue Eyes and Dark Magician. The duelists were a certain King of Games and a certain billionaire. There was also a duel between Yugi and Diva.

This was fucking Yugioh manga world, precisely Dark Side of Dimension timeline.

SOL Tech was just a branch company of Kaiba Corp. Neuron VR technology had been evolved to become VRAINS.

Yugi was the head of game developement of Kaiba Corp. He and Kaiba were the masterminds behind all the advance summoning methods.

No one knows about their personal life. Kaiba Corp also hold the media of the world.

Even they were almost 60, they still looked quite young despite of their age.

Just 50 years and almost all kinds of summoning methods had been created, that was extremly fast for anime. I guessed that was because Kaiba had total control of this game. Yeah, Pegasus was dead very soon in manga.

Well, maybe I would enjoy my new life. But first, I needed to tell Takeru my secret, he deserved to know this. Luckily today my period was over.

Deserved to know his old Kiku was gone.

I just sat with Aoi in the class listened to the lesson boringly. I didn't know why but sometimes Aoi sent me some strange glances.

In the class, people are allowed to use tablet. I used it to send the message to Takeru.

I didn't know this was university or high school. The lecture in this world was much more advanced than my old high school. Luckily I could still manage to catch up.

But in primary school, there is an elective subject called Duel Monster. Yeah, of course most of students would pick that subject. And of course, Duel Academies were opened too by Kaiba.

Finally the class was over. I stood beside stairs lead to the school. A redhead approached me.

"So finally we can talk. I want explanations."

Takeru said his demand to me.

"Come to my apartment. I want this in private."

I said as I walked away.

We just went to my apartment in silence. He trailed behind me.

After I closed the door, I came to my bag to take out my cards.

"Tea ?"

I asked as I took out some tea bags.

"Yes, with sugar please. Your apartment is quite... big."

Takeru commented as he looked around.

"Blame Ryoken. He insisted I stay here. It is too extravagant for me.", I sighed.

"You are his left hand, I could understand."

Takeru grunted. I prepared a teapot with sugar and honey.

"Believe it or not, he is not my type, just pure work. Now Bohman has been defeated, I don't have any reasons to work for him anymore. He said he gave me this apartment as the last gift before I quit. Now ask, I promise I will answer your every questions."

I said as I poured some honey to my tea.

Takeru still stared at me through his spectacle.

"First question, who really are you ?"

Takeru started.

"A childhood friend of Homura Takeru, but I guess you don't sastify with that answer."

I chuckled. Takeru nodded in confirm.

"Do you believe in reincarnation ? I used to be another person until I died then woke up in this body with her memories and personalities. I don't know how to describe it. But I'm the Kiku you used to know and I'm the person who died neither. Imagine I am the Fusion Monster have materials are the me who died and the old Kiku."

I continued as I sipped the tea.

"So who really are you before your reincarnation ? How do you have those cards and decks ?"

Takeru continued.

"A young boy who love dueling died in traffic accident."

I choosed to be honest with him, I was tired of keeping secrets.

Then I started explain to him everything. I answered every questions he asked me.

After an amount of time I didn't know, he finally stopped asking questions.

"I cannot have the feelings or desires as a boy anymore. It isn't important much to me anyway except menstruation. Do you have any questions left ?"

I asked him after answering the last question. He was still in shock.

"No wonder you act so cocky and arrogant."

Takeru muttered.

"Yeah, imagine you have broken decks with knowledge. I believe everyone would be like that. I'm so sorry for keeping these secrets from you. Do you hate me now ?"

I asked. I wouldn't be surprised if he said yes.

"No, I am quite happy that you choose to be honest with me. It's just weird that a part of male is inside your soul."

Takeru pointed out.

"You should consider it is lucky that part of my soul was male. Now give me your Salamangreat deck."

I said to him impatiently. He took out his deck and gave to me hesitantly.

Oh boy, his deck had 50 cards and many cards were situational. It would kill the consistency.

"First lesson, make your deck as thin as possible unless you use That Grass Looks Greener. It will increase the consistency of your deck very much."

I said as I took out many cards from his deck. Luckily I excluded Flame out of our conversation. I wanted privacy.

"Second lesson, Salamangreat is a heavy control deck, not an aggro beatdown deck. Your deck grinds the opponents until they are out of resources by recycling Rage and Roar with Sunlight Wolf. Monster removals are mainly Miragestallio and Rage, Heatleo should only use as spell/trap removal. Pyro Phoenix is mainly used as board wipe with Anti-Spell Fragnance. But the most common playstyle is controling the field by using Sunlight Wolf to recycle Rage and Roar and using Gazelle to search. Violet Chimera is a good OTK monster, but that monster is better known as the ultimate weapon against Salamangreat in my world.", I explained.

"How is that possible ?", Takeru questioned.

"Well, you see. Because of this card.", I showed him Super Polymerization.

"I understand now. Dueling in your world is so complicated when everyone can access to every cards.", Takeru muttered.

"Every decks has weakness and people in my world will use every possible ways to exploit them. My deck could be totally shut down by cards like System Down or Artifact Lancea and any cards could shutdown graveyard like Necrovalley, Dimensional Fissure and Marco Cosmos. Not to mention some decks could heavily counter my deck like Cyber Dragon or Infernoid.", I shrugged.

"Is that normal to have that knowledge ?", Takeru questioned.

"To duel in my world, you must know the basic functioning of meta decks and popular decks if you want to win. Your deck and my deck are meta decks and your deck is extremely popular. That's why I must know the advantages and disadvantages of my decks and opponent's decks.", I replied.

"This is insane. No wonder your knowledge is so wide.", Takeru groaned.

"Deal with it.", I smirked as I sipped my tea. Well, I should preapre more tea. It was run out of tea.

"So why do you add some Rank 4 XYZ monsters ?"

Takeru questioned.

"Even with traps and handtraps, it still isn't enough to stop combo in my world. That's why sometimes you must use more drastic solutions. That's when these boys do their job."

I brought out Number 41: Bagooska the Terribly Tired Tapir, Abyss Dweller and Tornado Dragon.

"These cards can shut down most of the decks depending on the match up. But how to summon them in the 1st turn ? My deck doesn't have much lv 4 monsters."

Takeru questioned as he saw the cards.

"Playmaker has 1 of the best rank 4 engine in the game."

I smiled as I showed him Formud Skipper and 3 copies of Parallel eXceed.

"This is so insane."

Takeru muttered. Main characters' monsters were very generic.

"This is just normal. You don't know what is the true insanity is. Trust me, you don't want to know."

I grimaced as I remembered 2017.

I didn't know much the Dragon Rulers and Spellbook era or TeleDAD. I started playing seriously since Duelist Alliance format, but just online and Duelingbooks until I bought Orcust.

But I remembered the dark time of Zoodiac, True Draco and Spyral very clearly. Master Peace was the card I loved dearly. That monster was unaffected by 2/3 cards in the game, cannot be destroyed by battle once per turn if Dragonic Diagram is on the field. Not only that, with its floodgates in True Draco deck and Spell Speed 2 destruction, Master Peace, the Fun-slaying King was the one the most healthy and balanced cards in history.

Not to mention a lot of FTK decks were born just because someone forgot a line of hard once per turn in the text of Firewall Dragon. The rest was history, only Yusaku had an Ace with 2300 ATK unlike other protagonists.

"Well, maybe I didn't need to know."

Takeru muttered as he saw my expression.

"Yeah. Here is the deck has been rebuilt."

I rebuilt the deck with just standard built with 3 Parallel eXceed and 1 Formud Skipper. I cut down Blaze Dragon and Pyro Phoenix for Transcode Talker, Splash Mage, Accesscode Talker and some Rank 4 XYZ monsters.

"I cut down some cards in your Extra Deck for some new cards. Accesscode Talker is an ultimate finisher and it is very easy to summon with Splash Mage and Transcode Talker. If you want to guarantee your victory, you can run Update Jammer. But remember, the Salamangreat Extra deck core mustn't be changed. Duelists in my world had found the best way to build after a lot of experiments. I just copy it."

I instructed.

"Now I understand why Revolver evolved so fast and easily destroyed Windy. In the duel I had with him, he was extremely strong already and now he is even stronger. You must give him a lot of advices.", Takeru said.

"That's my job. I was paid for it.", I shrugged.

"In your duel with Revolver, you were extremely carelessly. Revolver's deck could summon many monsters and link climb very easily and you just only had an unprotection Heatleo and a set card even though he didn't have any disruptions ?", I asked him incredulously.

"Well, I have Geyser as my set card so..."

Takeru scratched his head.

"Ok. If Revolver summoned Autorokett in 3 Rokket monsters were summoned by Quadborrel, you really think you can survive ? After destroying Heatleo, he could link summon Borrelsword and change Autorokket to defense position. What was that scenario if Revolver was a little luckier ?"

I asked him, he must know the punishment of the opening field like that.

"Autorokket could send my set card to the graveyard and Borrelsword could attack twice."

Takeru muttered. He knew that monster very clearly. That monster was the monster deal the finish blow to Go Onizuka.

"That's just a theory. Now is the actual lesson. He summoned all of his monsters in defense position, am I right ?"

I asked. Both Revolver and Takeru had a lot of mistakes in that duel. But why did I feel Revolver hold back in that duel ?

"Yes, he is.", Takeru confirmed.

"Here is the deal. Revolver can summon his Silverrokket in Attack Position then Link Summon Triple Burst Dragon. Triple Burst Dragon has 2400 ATK and it can negate effects once per turn during Damage Step. Your set card could be useless if you activiate your card during the Damage Step and the stats of his remaining monsters are high enough to OTK you, especially when Boot Sector Launch could buff the stats of his Rokket monsters."

I said my analysis. Takeru just listened in silence.

"About the latter of the duel, you saw Revolver used Zeroboros to banish the whole field, right ? The thing is... he threw away his field spell, 1 monster can negate everything and 1 monster can reduce 500 ATK/DEF of a monster which cannot be responsed just for Karmacept Dragon ? That was an extremly reckless move."

Then I paused, Takeru was still silence. He waited for me to continue.

"He could just summon another Link 4 monster like Topologic Bomber Dragon or Topologic Gumblar Dragon to finish you instead of Zeroboros. Those 2 Link monsters' stats wouldn't be changed so Violet Chimera's effect wouldn't be triggered. If I remember correctly, you only had 900 LP after the attack from Borreload Savage. If Gumblar or Bomber attacked you instead of Zeroboros, you would be done for sure, not to mention Bomber's effect. Or he just Link summoned Triple Burst Dragon by using 2 Quadborrel then attacked you if he didn't have those 2 Link monsters. Maybe he couldn't finish you but you were basically over at that point. During the End Phase, 100% he would summon Autorokket to get rid of your Equip Spell card in your turn by Borreload's effect, Autorokket's effect is 'send to the GY', not 'destroy'. What ever card you drawn in your Draw Phase would be useless when he had Borreload Savage on the field can negate anything."

I finished my analysis. There was no doubt Revolver was holding back. He couldn't be that amateur.

"So why didn't Revolver play that way ?"

Takeru asked me as if he was afraid of the truth.

"We never had conversations about this matter. But I have my doubt and today I reveal it to you. I promise that I will be honest today, remember ?"

I sighed. Maybe revealing to him this piece of information wasn't a good idea. Revolver had a lot of mistakes in that duel to the point it seemed he wanted to lose, especially Zeroboros and Borrelsword. Revolver didn't need to summon Zeroboros and he could use Borrelguard Dragon for Borrel Half Replace.

Takeru just sat in silence.

"Look, it is just theory. That's just my doubt, maybe Revolver's mental wasn't strong enough to calculate the best move. He was also heavily affected from Lost Incident too."

I tried to console Takeru. I really hoped my words are true. Takeru's mental was very unstable in this situation.

"Yeah, you are right, maybe his mental wasn't strong enough to calculate."

Takeru convinced himself.

This was bad.

"Do you want to eat dinner with me ? I will cook for you the best dish of my old country."

I smiled. The best way to console a person is through his stomach.


"Takeru said he wanted privacy with her."

Flame nochalantly answered as he stood on the duel disk of a young man. Yusaku was still busy with the customers. Somehow Nagi Cafe sold much better this day.

"Shouldn't you help him a little, Ai ?"

Flame asked the young man had dark purple hair.

"That's his job. Not mine."

Ai shrugged. Then his eyes suddenly went widen as he spotted a couple.

"Stop it, do you have manners ? Do you believe I will cut your penis tonight ?"

A woman had indigo hair tied into yellow ribbon threaten a man with two-toned purple hair was trying to warp his arm around her.

"We have done this for 20 years already. Why couldn't I enjoy the feeling of my wife a little ?"

The man seemed like he didn't mind at all the threats from his wife. He just smirked then two of them sat down to order the food.

Jin Kusanagi got out to greet them. His smile was full of energy.

Ai smiled when he saw the joyful face of Jin. Ai just did what Lightning had done to him. He took the memories of Lost Incident inside Jin's conciousness then convert them into data. Someday, if Jin was strong enough to face it, he would return them to him.

"Ai. Everything is over, right ? We don't have to worry about anything anymore."

Flame said as he saw the peaceful sight before him.

"Who knows ? Humans always manage to find a way causing troubles.", Ai answered doubtingly.

"Ai, I see you pay attention to that couple. What is so special about them ?"

Flame questioned. He focused on the purple indigo couple.

"It's not fun at all if hearing spoilers, right ? How about witnessing it yourself ? The show is begin now."

Ai smirked.

"Here is your orders. Sir, ma'am."

Yusaku politely gave the couple the hot dogs they ordered and managed to get away.

But the man just grabbed his hand, he didn't allow Yusaku go away.

"Please prepare for me a coffee, Kusanagi. Oh hi, Fujiki."

Aoi sheepishly waved Yusaku as she spotted him, her cheek turned pink.

"Order's checked."

Jin confirmed as he went inside to prepare coffee for Aoi.

"She is quite a cutie. I bet she is head over heels to you. I imidiately know it just by looking at her. Exactly that expression from this feisty woman 25 years ago."

The man with purple hair teased Yusaku while wraping his arms around his wife. Both the woman's and Yusaku's faces were extremly red.

"Stop it."

The woman muttered in shame.

"Oi, why are you so long, Yusaku ?"

Shoichi Kusanagi called out. It was supposed just 10 seconds. Shoichi got out then saw Yusaku stood with a couple. He immidiately understood.

"Yusaku, you can have a rest. Just rest as much as you want. Ai, come over here. Today is a busy day."

Shoichi said to Yusaku then he called out to Ai.

"Why ?"

Ai moaned as he got inside the truck with annoyance.

"Thank you, Shoichi.", Yusaku replied.

"You know what, Yusaku. If it wasn't your handsome face, I really thought that you were born by this woman all herself."

The purple hair man teased.

"I hope so. I didn't understand why I choose to marry you, Yuri."

The woman muttered.

"But look at him, Serena. He is so handsome, as much handsome as me. The last time we met him, he wasn't tall like this."

Yuri said. Then he stared directly into Yusaku's eyes.

"I'm very happy that you grow up well, kid. But..."

Yuri couldn't finish his lines.


Serena shouted to the face of her son, her only son. She was crying, hard.


Yusaku sputtered, his tears were leaking.


"Told ya, Flame."

Ai said as he saw the reunion.

"Yeah, Yusaku is lucky that he still has his parents waiting and looking for him, unlike Takeru."

Flame said in sadness.

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