Author's note: Chapter 3 has been edited by PebbleDragon78

"Why do you think that was me?", Ryoken asked, his eyes totally focused on me.

"Only you have enough reasons and resources to do so, and my status as a normal country girl would make it next to impossible to get me enrolled in Den City School naturally", I deduced.

But Ryoken snorted as if it was riddiculus.

"Really? You almost tortured a person. You have a powerful deck and some cards that aren't supposed in the possession of a country girl. If I wasn't there, how would you have avoided prison?"

Damm, he was right.

I didn't know how to conceal my IP address, making Ryoken tracking me easy considering his intelligence and talents. But I think that was a good thing, making him go searching for me. I was lucky to run into Spectre in my first day in Link VRAINS.

"Thanks for your compliment. It is a great honor to be praised by the leader of Hanoi, savior of humankind", I said sarcastically while bowing. I then continued, "And to answer your second question, I can convince Flame to help me. You're my plan B."

"Flame?", asked Ryoken.

"An Ignis."

"Oh I understand, your friend's Ignis. Why I am your plan B?"

"Because I know you would definitely come to me after my performance. Besides, I also have this."

I opened my bag and took out my deck case. Ryoken watched me curiously.

I searched through my side deck. I remembered I put it here somewhere easy to search. Ah, here it was.

My ultimate bargain chip.

Borrelend Dragon, Link 5; Up, Left, Bottom-Left, Bottom-Right, Right arrows, 3500 ATK

Ryoken muttered when I took out the Link monster card. I gave it to him. He was shocked when he analyzed what type of card he was holding.

"How do you have this card?", the man asked with visible shock. "Even I don't have a card like this. There is no Link 5 monster in existence!"

There's no Link 5 monster in this world, precisely.

Please do not open your eyes so widely, Ryoken. It makes me think your eyeballs are popping out. It wasn't very suitable for the leader of the most dangerous organization on the internet.

How do I have Borrelend Dragon ? Simple, I just went to a local game shop and bought the Legendary Gold Box Booster Pack. It contained that card, so if you were lucky enough you could have it. My number one priority when I bought that pack was Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon, though. Too bad I didn't have it.

"I have many secrets", I explained with an air of mystery. "Also, I can assure you this card isn't a custom card and it works in the Duel Disk very well. I'll give you this card if you either defeat me in a duel OR if you help me unconditionally for when I need you for something. Don't worry, I'm not interested in any romantic or sexual relationship with you. You're not my type."

My Orcust deck was from Konami and it worked greatly. Why would Borrelend be any different?

I told him all of my conditions. I was confident that I covered up all possible loopholes at this point.

"Your conditions are too absurd. How about I buy it, instead?", He negotiated with me. "After I verify this card, of course."

Money didn't sound bad. Should I accept it? He was a rich and fair man, after all.

My phone suddenly vibrated. Shit, it was mom. I mouthed an apology to Ryoken and answered the phone.

"Hello mom."

"Kiku, dear, where are you?", asked my mother through the phone. "Do you know how much I was worried when Hana told me you both were ambushed by delinquents?"

Mom was basically shouting over the phone. What a protective mother I had.

"I'm fine, mom. They didn't do anything to me", I tried to reassure her while pinching my nasal bridge.

She didn't seem to buy it, unfortunately. "You're both lucky that there was a boy that helped you both with chasing away the delinquents. He even sent his bodyguard to protect Hana. Do you know him? I want to thank him."

Hana told my mother that Ryoken saved us? You are the best friend ever, Hana.

I looked at Ryoken. He shook his head silently.

"Sorry mom, he said he had some emergency work to do. He left right away.''

"His bodyguard told me so. He seemed like a busy man. Remember to go home soon, okay?"

"I'll remember. Bye, mom."

"Ok, goodbye, Kiku-chan."

After I turned off my phone, Ryoken suddenly told me, "You have a great mother."

"Thank you, Kogami-san. How about your mom?"

I never knew Ryoken's mom, only his father and his Knights.

"My mom died because of my birth."

"Oh. I am sorry to hear that."

"It's ok, I don't have any memories about her. Now back to business, do you accept the money?"

"Ok, I accept", I answered. "I'll leave you to decide the price. I believe you are a fair man."

"Ok, how about 40 million yen?", Ryoken nonchalantly asked.

Whoa wait.

Damn, that was huge.

But why was I surprised? He was the leader of Hanoi. With that amount of money, I didn't know what to think.

I didn't know how long I was silent until Ryoken snapped his fingers at me.

"Hey, do you accept? Is the price not high enough?"

Not high enough? Are you fucking kidding me? That amount of money was more than my parents ever worked for their entire life.

"No, it's just...", I stuttered. That was too much, I didn't know how to spend that much money.

"Ok, how about 50 million yen?", He offered me a new price.

Please stop Ryoken. The booster pack I bought was just 6 thousand yen. 50 million yen was way too much money, even for me.

"Ok, ok, I accept", I hurrily said before he offered me a higher price.

"Good, but I first need to confirm whether this card is usable or not", stated the white-haired man. Ryoken then pointed at me while continuing, "I challenge you to a duel, Kiku Kamishirakawa. If you win, I'll help you with whatever you ask for as long as it's not too absurd. If I win, you will join my ranks as a Knight of Hanoi. Do you accept the conditions?"

Ok, this was unexpected.

"Why me?", I asked. "I don't have any computer skills, and I'm not as intelligent as all of you. All I have is my friends and this deck."

I raised my Duel Disk with my Orcust deck inside it. He didn't need to know my Invoked Dogmatika deck, it wasn't wise if I revealed all of my cards and decks at once.

"You have way too much knowledge considering your status", Ryoken began as he listed the reasons with his fingers. "You know my identity; You know about the Ignis; You have cards which are not supposed in possession of a country girl. But most importantly, you are the strongest female duelist I have ever known. I need strong people like you for my next plan. Besides, I believe you know much more than you let on, I believe I can utilise your knowledge to my advantage."

As expected from the leader of the most dangerous organization on the Internet; He saw right through me.

I clapped my hands.

"You are right, Kogami-san. I know much more than you can imagine", I spoke to an unamused Ryoken. "Fine, I accept your conditions. But I have conditions if I join you too. First, do not touch Flame and Takeru, they are my family and our potential allies. Second, I refuse to do what I don't want to do, I will not become your puppet. Third, after your plan is done, I'll quit, I am not interested in hacking and coding computers. Finally, please analyze the Ignis that was created from Jin Kusanagi's consciousness, that Ignis is the key of human destruction."

Ryoken thought for a while at my proposal and sighed.

"Ok, I accept. I want you to tell me everything you know about the Ignis species, you seem pretty sure that Kusanagi's Ignis is the main problem. I'll recruit you mainly because of your knowledge. I hope you can share as much as you can to us by then."

Blame Lightning, that resolved everything.

"Ok, Kogami-san, I promise", I agreed. "I want to go home now. My mother is worried sick. How can I meet you in the VRAINS network?"

Ryoken then gave me a program card.

"Insert this into your duel disk", the man stated. "Until you log in, I will wait for you."

I inserted the program right away. It had notifications signaling the program was ready.

"Ok, I'll see you again, Kogami-san."

Ryoken just waved me before getting in his car. I got on my bike to go home.

After I returned back home, my mom began lecturing me until she eventually finished like 2 days later (I'm just exaggerating). I just hoped I never went through that ordeal again.

And just like that, I was on my room again.

I needed to modify my deck a little to counter him. This opponent was totally different from any opponents I had ever dueled so far. I couldn't underestimate him. Damn, he now had a Link 5 monster, too; It would be a pain if he managed to summon it.

Ok, this was good enough.

"Into the VRAINS."

Soon afterwards, I was standing at a place that looked like some sort of wasteland. It felt familiar. Where did I see this place before?

"So you've arrived, Kisara."

Revolver appeared right before my eyes. But he wasn't alone, beside him were both Spectre and Faust.

"Two of my Knights will witness our duel. Dr. Genome will witness from the real world. They are both very curious about your abilities."

"Ok, I accept, the more the merrier."

I then activated my Duel Disk and inserted my deck inside. But Revolver hadn't activiated his' yet.

"What are you waiting for?", I asked.

"Do not be impatient. Transfering a Link 5 monster card data to the network takes a lot of time."

Suddenly, there was a big roar from the sky, I looked up to the source of the roar. It was a transparent hologram of Borrelend Dragon.

Wow, Borrelend Dragon looked so powerful.

The dragon then became data and went inside Revolver's Duel Disk.

"This card is no doubt a usable and powerful card. I must thank you for this card, Kisara."

I simply nodded at his words.

"Now, prepare to duel", Revolver continued. "This place was the Tower of Hanoi, so you should feel honored that you're allowed to duel me here."

"It'll be my pleasure, Revolver. Destroying the leader of Hanoi is a wet dream for every duelist in the world."

"Wow, she's feisty, I like her already", Faust commented to Spectre.

"If you duel against her, you won't like her anymore", Spectre responded. "She has way too many disrupting cards in her deck; I couldn't even Link summon once."



Revolver: 4000 LP

Kisara: 4000 LP

"I'll go first", Revolver declared. "I activate spell card Terraforming, it lets me add a Field Spell card to my hand."

Sorry, you won't have Boot Sector Launch this turn, Revolver.

"I discard Ash Blossom and Joyous Spring to prevent you from adding a card to your hand."

A cute kenonomi appeared, rendering Terraforming negated and destroyed.

"A Yokai-girl card?", Faust asked to Spectre. "I can understand why you said she has many ways of disrupting. I believe she has 3 copies of that card in her deck."

Revolver simply chose another card in his hand and continued, "As expected from you, I activiate the Quick play Spell card Quick Launch, which lets me special summon a Rokket monster from my deck, but it's destroyed during the End Phase. I special summon Autorokket Dragon (1600 ATK - 1000 DEF). I then special summon Absorouter Dragon (1200 ATK - 2800 DEF) from my hand since I control a Rokket monster. Appear, the future circuit that lights up my path!"

The circuit for Link summoning then appeared, sporting 2 shining Link markers. I thought he would Link summon Striker Dragon to add Boot Sector Launch to his hand, this was unexpected.

"The summoning condition is 2 Dark Dragon monsters. Link summon! Appear, Dillingerous Dragon (Link 2 - 1600 ATK)."

"I activate a monster effect from my hand", I stepped in. "If you Link summon a monster except during the damage step, I get to special summon this card from my hand. Appear, Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay (2400 ATK - 1800 DEF)."

A humanoid figure with glowing wings and sword appeared, this card being the best card against decks relying on Link summoning.

In 2020, Link summoning was less popular during the rise of Dogmatika, Eldlich and Virtual World, which made this card appear less in the main deck. This card was still a good option in the side deck.

But in this world, this dragon was a beast. Luckily I bought many copies of this card.

"I activiate Fantastical Dragon Phantazmay's effect. When it is special summoned by its effect, I can draw cards equal to the number of Link monsters you control plus 1, then shuffle cards from my hand to my deck equal to number of Link monsters you control. I draw 2 cards and shuffle 1 card into my deck."

Good, now my hand was semi-replenished. I could return 1 copy of Orcustrated Return to my deck. Drawing 2 Orcustrated Return in the first turn was quite unlucky.

I ended up drawing Orcust Brass Bombard and Orcust Cymbal Skeleton. Not my ideal draw.

I hoped my next draw was better.

"What the fuck is that dragon?", Faust muttered. "It has good stats, it's too easy to summon, and can replenish hands. How can a monster like that even exist?"

You don't know anything, Faust. This dragon's abilities are much more dangerous than you can imagine.

"You may have many strange and ridiculously strong cards, Kisara, but I will still defeat you", stated the Hanoi leader. "Absorouter Dragon's effect lets me add a Rokket monster from my hand when it's sent to the graveyard. I add Silverrokket Dragon."

Revolver then continued, "I now normal summon Sniffer Dragon (800 ATK - 400 DEF). When it's summoned, I get to add another Sniffer Dragon from my deck to my hand. Appear, the circuit that lights up my path!"

This time it only had one Link marker.

"The summoning condition is 1 Level 4 or lower DARK Dragon monster. I set Sniffer Dragon to the Link Marker. Link Summon, Striker Dragon (Link 1 - 1000 ATK)."

There it is.

"When Striker Dragon is Link summoned, I can add Boot Sector Launch from my deck to my hand", Revolver stated as he added another card to his hand. "Appear again, the future circuit that lights up my path!"

Damn, I wish I had Nibiru. Clearing the board of a combo deck was the most satisfying of pleasures.

"The summoning condition includes two or more Dragon monsters. I set both Striker Dragon and Dillingerous Dragon in the Link markers. Link summon, Flash Charge Dragon! (2300 ATK - Link 3)."

A Link monster with strange Link markers appeared. Hmm, what kind of effects did this dragon have? I can't remember.

Maybe that card wasn't too dangerous, I bet he would try to summon a Link 4 monster next turn. Fortunately, I still had Fantastical Dragon on the field.

"I then activate Boot Sector Launch! I can special summon up to 2 Rokket monsters from my hand in defense position. I special summon Silverrokket Dragon ( 1900 ATK - 100 DEF ) to the field. It gains 300 ATK and DEF thanks to Boot Sector Launch."

A Link 4 monster was coming? Let's see which monster he summons next.

"Dillingerous Dragon can also be special summoned from the graveyard if a Rokket monster is special summoned, but it banishes itself if it leaves the field", Revolver continued, bringing back his indigo dragon. "I then activate the Spell card, Squib Draw. I destroy Silverrokket Dragon to draw 2 cards."

His hand was then replenished as he drew more cards. I only knew one of the cards he had was Sniffer Dragon.

"I set 1 card and end my turn. At the End Phase, when Silverrokett Dragon is destroyed, I can special summon another Rokket monster from my deck with a different name. I special summon another Autorokket Dragon (1600 ATK - 1000 DEF). It also gains 300 ATK and DEF since Boot Sector Launch is face-up on the field."

That's it? He finished his turn? Hmm, let's see.

"My turn, draw", I drew 1 card from my deck.


This day was suppossed to be a normal day for Ghost Girl to search for some treasures in Link VRAINS.

Looking at the wanted image of Playmaker, Ghost Girl simply sighed to herself. He was the hero of Link VRAINS who stopped the Knights of Hanoi from endangering the network, especially Revolver.

She still shuddered to remember her defeat at the hands of Revolver. He was playing with her the entire time. She still couldn't believe he defeated her very easily.

Then the worst thing happened to her after her defeat: she was trapped in coma. She couldn't do anything while trapped inside her own body.

She didn't want to experience it again.

Ghost Girl was brought out of her thoughts when she suddenly heard a big roar echo throughout Link VRAINS.

The roar seemed to emanate from the Tower of Hanoi.

That was strange. If the Knights of Hanoi and Revolver were defeated, then why were there activities at the tower?

With her curiosity in tow, she jumped on to her D-board and surfed towards the tower.


"My turn, draw."

Damm, must you appear in my hand now, Mecha Phantom Beast O-Lion?

"What happened, Kisara?", Revolver smirked at me. "Did your cards betray your expectations?"

With the remaining cards in my hand, I could still wipe away his smug face.

"You're right, but it's still enough to defeat you. I acitiviate the spell card Orcustrated Return, I can draw 2 cards by sending a Orcust or World Legacy monster from my hand or face up field to the graveyard. I send Orcust Brass Bombard to the graveyard."

I drew two cards.

Oh come on, not again. I drew Orcust Cresendo and Jet Synchron.

Today wasn't a lucky day for me.

Well, I must adapt, it's not like I can draw the perfect hand everyday.

"I now normal summon Knightmare Corruptor Iblee (0 ATK - 0 DEF)."

"A Cyberse monster?", Spectre questioned.

"I now activate Flash Charge Dragon's effect", Revolver spoke up. "When a monster is summoned to its Link markers, I can destroy 1 card this card points to and inflict 500 damage to the opponent. I destroy your Fantastical Dragon."

The monster's cannons started loading towards my monster. Shit, now I remembered its effect. I couldn't believe I was so careless.

Dammit, his monster's effect was non-targeting too, so I couldn't use Fantastical Dragon's effect to counter it.

My dragon was vaporized and 500 damage was inflicted to me.

Kisara's LP: 4000 - 3500

"It's still my turn", I stated. "Appear, my circuit from the different dimension."

The circuit had 1 Link marker. I was going show you why Knightmare Mermaid was banned in my world, Revolver.

"The condition is one Knightmare monster except itself. I set Knightmare Corruptor Iblee to the Link markers. Arrowheads confirmed. Link summon, Knightmare Mermaid (Link 1 - 1000 ATK). Knightmare Mermaid's effect: All monster on the field lose 1000 ATK unless they are co-linked. I can discard Mecha Phantom Beast O-Lion from my hand to special summon a Knightmare monster from my deck. I special summon Orcust Knightmare with this effect (100 ATK - 2000 DEF)."

"I told you, she's starting to swarm the field now", Spectre told Faust. "I wouldn't be surprised if she summoned a Link 4 monster to attack Revolver."

"She is much more better than Blue Angel or Ghost Girl for sure", Faust replied. "Let's see how far she can push Revolver."

"Knightmare Corruptor Iblee's effect", I continued. "I can special summon her to my opponent's field in defense position when she is sent to the graveyard."

"How generous, you have given me Link material."

"You will soon know why", I responded. "Mecha Phantom Beast O-Lion's effect now activates. I can special summon a Mecha Phantom Beast Token if it's sent to the graveyard. Appear, circuit from the different dimension. The summoning condition is two different monsters. I set both Orcust Knightmare and Mecha Phantombeast Token to the Link markers. Link summon, Knightmare Phoenix (1900 ATK - Link 2)."

"And now his set card is gone", Spectre sighed.

"What's its effect?", Faust asked curiously.

"You will see; It's simple but dangerous. Especially since her deck heavily relies on the graveyard."

"I activiate Knightmare Phoenix's effect", I continued. "By discarding Jet Synchron, I can destroy your set card, and if it is co-linked when it activates this effect, I get to draw 1 card."

His set card was destroyed, but...

Revolver smirked when he revealed Mirror Force in his hand. His set card came back with Mirror Force to the field at the same time.

Because the set card I destroyed was Mirror Force Launcher.

I fell for a trick I knew. Playmaker was baited like this too, but he didn't know Revolver's deck had Mirror Force Launcher like I did.

I knew he had that card, on the other hand, and I still felt for it. Damm, I was a fool. I would definitely need to get rid those two cards.


"You don't need to be so sad", explained the Hanoi leader. "Playmaker also fell for this trap before. This card is-"

"You don't need to explain, Revolver", I interrupted him. I was in no mood to hear what I already knew. "Appear, circuit from the different dimension. The summoning condition includes 2 or more effect monsters. I set both Knightmare Mermaid and Knightmare Phoenix in the Link markers. Link summon, Topologic Trisbaena (Link 3 - 2500 ATK)."

My initial plan was summoning Summon Sorceress. But his frustrating trap cards made me change my plans.

"Why am I not surprised?", asked Spectre before sighing. "I bet she also has Borrelsword Dragon in her Extra Deck, too."

"Maybe you're wrong", responded Faust. "How about Borreload ?"

"Wanna bet? How about a bonsai tree for me if I win?"

"Deal. If you're wrong and I'm right, then buy me a stag beetle as present."

They were betting about my Extra Deck? Well, you lost, Faust.

"I send a card from my hand to the graveyard to special summon Jet Synchron."

"It's coming", Revolver muttered.

"2000 damage is coming", both Spectre and Faust muttered, they know too well Trisbanea's effect.

"You three know what is coming, right? 3 spell and trap cards on the field, my Iblee and Jet Synchron were banished. You control 4 cards so I can inflict 2000 damage to you, Revolver."

Revolver's LP: 4000 - 2000

"So that was your plan when you summoned your monster to my field", noted the Hanoi leader. "But I will not receive damage alone. I special summon Speedburst Dragon from my hand in defense postion. I can inflict 2000 damage to you and I get to regain half of that by its effect."

Revolver's LP: 2000 - 3000

Kisara's LP: 3500 - 1500

I could still OTK you this turn, Revolver; Only 1 LP mattered. The other 3999 LP were only meant to protect the remaining LP.

"I now banish Orcust Knightmare from my graveyard to send another DARK Machine from deck to the graveyard except itself, but I can only special summon DARK monsters for the rest of the turn. I send Orcust Harp Horror to the graveyard."

"She's going to summon a Link 4 monster", Faust said.

"I told you before. Her graveyard is basically her hand", Spectre commented.

"I banish Harp Horror to special summon another Orcust monster, I special summon Girsu, the Orcust Mekk-knight (1800 ATK - 0 DEF) with this effect", I stated. "When Girsu is summoned, I can send a Orcust or World Legacy card from my deck to graveyard. I send World Legacy - 'World Wand'."

"She is gonna banish that card again."


Both Spectre and Faust kept commenting.

"I then banish World Wand to special summon a banished Orcust monster", I continued with my plays. "I special summon Harp Horror. Then I banish Brass Bombard to special summon Cymbal Skeleton from my hand."

I made sure not to trigger Trisbaena's effect.

"Circuit from the different dimension, appear now. The summoning condition includes 2 or more effect monsters. I set both Topologic Trisbaena and Orcust Harp Horror into the Link markers. Link summon, Topologic Bomber Dragon (3000 ATK - Link 4)."

"Tch", Revolver simply leered at the Topologic monster.

"Damn, if she attacks Flash Charge Dragon successfully, Revolver will run out of LP", Faust said worriedly.

"I believe in him. I've never seen Revolver prepare his deck so meticulously before", Spectre added with crossed arms. "He really wants to win and recruit her, and by her performance today, I can understand why."

He only had Sniffer Dragon and another random card in his hand. I won.

"Battle, Topologic Bomber Dragon attacks Flash Charge Dragon", I said before shouting, "You know your monster's effect all too well, right? I win, Revolver!"

Topologic Bomber reloaded its cannon then fired at Flash Charge Dragon. I could see that Flash Charge Dragon was destroyed.

After the dust, Revolver was on his knees and...

Wait a moment.

No way.

"Ho...How?", I sputtered.

He still had 1200 LP left. And a new monster had appeared on his field.

Revolver's LP: 3000 - 1200

"Luckily Revolver haven't lost yet", Spectre said with a smirk. "She's so terrifying, though. I can't recall the last time Revolver was this close to facing defeat."

"Neither can I", Faust added. "And from what I heard from Revolver, he was even defeated by Playmaker when he had Extra Link and Topologic Gumblar Dragon. And even at that point, he lost with a powerful board, and was not as cornered as he is now."

Spectre and Faust looked at me with respect.

Revolver then stood up and stated, "You are the strongest duelist I have seen. Only Playmaker defeated me once before. You were close to becoming the second."

He praised me before clapping politely.

"...What is that card's name?", I muttered.

"I'm sorry?", asked the Hanoi leader.

"The card that's keeping you alive", I repeated louder through gritted teeth. "What is its name?"

Revolver pointed to the monster behind him and answered, "Oh, it is called Checksum Dragon (400 ATK - 2400 DEF)."

The new monster only glared at me with a shrill cry.

How could he have both that card and Speedburst Dragon in his hand at the same time? No way he was that lucky.

Whatever, I still had 2 cards left in my hand. I will not let him have any monsters left.

"Appear, the circuit from a different dimension. The summoning condition includes 2 effect monsters including an Orcust monster. I set both Cymbal Skeleton and Girsu in the Link markers. Link summon, Galatea, the Orcust Automaton (Link 2 - 1800 ATK). Now, Full Overlap!"

I declared. Topologic Bomber spreaded the energy from its back.

"You really want to clear my board, don't you?", asked Revolver. "But your Galatea will be destroyed too."

"I know."

The Hanoi leader's board had vaporized completely. So had my Galatea.

"I now activate Cymbal Skeleton's effect. I banish it to special summon another Orcust monster from my graveyard. Come back, Galatea."

The beautiful purple-haired android reappeared on the field.

"Galatea's effect activates. I can shuffle 1 of my banished Machine monsters to my deck, to then set 1 Orcust spell/trap from my deck. I return World Wand to my deck to then set and activate Orcustrated Babel."

I couldn't believe I needed to summon him.

"This is not the end", I told my opponent. "You are the first person to ever make me summon my ace, Revolver."

The first person in this world, precisely.

"With this Link monster, I build the Overlay Network!"

"What? Those powerful Link 4 monsters weren't her ace monsters? What kind of monster does she still have?"

"Wait, the Overlay Network? Did I hear that right?"

Both Faust and Spectre asked shockingly.

"An XYZ summon? How can you do that?", Revolver was shocked too. "You don't have any monsters with the same levels."

I couldn't blame any of you. I also had a wtf face the first time I dueled against Orcust. Only I had an Orcust deck in this world, as far as I knew, so I doubted anyone knew this strategy.

Let's do a little chant, shall we?

I felt like I was a chuunibyou. But fuck it, this was an anime world.

"Oh, dear heartbroken warrior, come forth to me now, and destroy everything on your way. Release your pain on your enemies! I use Galatea for XYZ Summoning, and build the Overlay Network. XYZ Summon!"

A portal then burst out from behind me, spinning frantically in a bright light before releasing a new, majestic monster.

"Appear, Dingirsu, the Orcust of Evening Star! (Rank 8 / 2600 ATK - 2100 DEF)."

A fully armored man riding an armored horse appeared on the field, and raised his weapon in pride. 1 dark star orbited around Dingirsu meant there was only 1 Overlay Unit.

"She really did it. She really used a Link monster to XYZ summon", Spectre noted. "She truly never ceases to surprise me."

Revolver simply looked at the knight in silence.

"I now activate Dingirsu's effect!", I shouted. "I can attach one of my banished monsters as XYZ material. I attach Orcust Cymbal Skeleton with this effect, and end my turn!"

"Autorokket Dragon's effect activates", spoke up Revolver. "I can special summon another Rokket monster from the deck in the same turn it is destroyed during the End Phase. I special summon Shelrokket Dragon (1100 ATK - 2000 DEF)."

Revolver then said, "My turn, I draw."

He looked at the card he had just drawn and began, "I activiate the Spell card, Final Offguard. It lets me draw 2 cards if my opponent has more LP than me and if only my opponent controls a monster that is special summoned from the Extra Deck once per turn."

His hand was now replenished.

"The duel is not over yet, Kisara", Revolver declared towards me. "Since you decided to go all out against me, it is my job to do the same. Now watch how I tear down your field alongside your chances of winning!"

His eyes were full of determination. It was a scary sight to witness firsthand.