Episode 1: A Change in the Eggman Empire's Management

On a brand new sunny day, Sonic, Eve, Manic, and Sonia, along with Mina and the Forget-Me-Nots are at New Mobotropolis Coliseum setting their instruments and deciding to practice. It's been a few days since they have finally defeated Dr. Eggman and stop the Eggman Empire from taking over and so Sally and her family decide to have a celebration in the Coliseum for everyone to enjoy with the Sonic Underground and the Forget-Me-Nots as musical entertainment. As everyone gets their equipment together, Sonic and Eve are distracted.

Come on, guys. This concert is for you as much as the rest of us, and you both moped enough," Manic says.

"We're not moping!" Sonic says.

"Well… we're just… y'know," Eve says.

Concern, Jazz worriedly says, "Chao Chao. Chao Chao Chao."

"I'm okay Jazz, just feel a bit out of it. That's all," Eve says.

"Are you both still worried about Eggman? This isn't the first time we've thought we defeated him," Sonia asks.

It's not that. We know we got him this time. We saw him very close to snapping. He almost fell apart right in front of us," Eve says.

Sonic says, "We've beat him plenty of time before, but this felt different. Like we almost did something to him worse than just kicking his but. If Eve didn't stop me the way she did, I think things might have gone too far this time."

"Nevermind the unspeakable things he doesn't. I feel that Sonic and I are not making any sense, huh," Eve says.

"Maybe not, but it just shows that you two show a sense of justice and all that," Mina says.

"And you shouldn't worry about him. Snively said that he'll take care of his uncle," Manic says.

"And it's not just that. I don't know, but I have this feeling," Eve says.

"Feeling?" Sonia asks.

"She's not the only one. I got this feeling too, like something is going to happen very soon. I don't know," Sonic says.

"Hmm, let's focus on having a great celebration of defeating Eggman, and then we'll deal with what other trouble is left in the world," Manic says.

Ash then walks over, "Alright, all the instruments are connected to the speakers and everything on stage is ready."

The group then turn their heads to see the Freedom Fighters of New Mobotropolis, the Royal Acorn Secret Service, and the Chaotix arrive. Maria is also here with little Shun, Ichigo, and little Dimitri in a stroller.

"Hey guys, you came to see us practice?" Mina replies.

"We sure are. Thought it will be great to see our two top bands practice before the big event," Sally says.

"Yeah. We can't wait to see what song you guys are going to play," Tails says.

"I can't wait either," Cosmo says.

Eve walks to the others with Jazz flying next to her.

"Hi Maria, how are you and the little ones?" Eve asks with a smile.

"We're doing fine, but Shun and the twins miss you," Maria says.

Eve giggles and picks Shun up in her arms. Then pat on the twins heads.

"I know. I've been away for some time working on stopping Eggman and any of his robots. I guess it will be good to be able to have some quality time with my family," Eve says.

"Hey Eve," Mina calls out.

Mina steps off the stage and says, "We're going to start practicing, how about your band start us off."

"Okay," Eve says.

Suddenly, someone calls out, "Hey guys!"

The group turns their heads to see Team Dark walking to the coliseum. Shadow, Rouge, Omega, Leon, Molly, and Topaz.

""Hi Shadow. Hello everyone," Maria happily says.

"Hi Maria, it's good to see you again," Molly says.

"What are you going doing here?" Knuckles asks.

"We heard that you were able to defeat Eggman and decide to come visit," Leon says.

"We're glad that you're here. We're just about to do a practice concert before the big one," Sonic says.

Maria happily says to Shadow, "Yes. We're going to hear Eve and the others play."

"Well then, let's find our seats and watch the show," Sally says.

Soon, everyone sits in the audience chair and is ready for the show. Mina, Shadow, and the Forget-Me-Nots are waiting next to the stage for their turn. Back stage, Rotor gets the lights on as Sonic, Sonia, and Manic play their instruments. Eve is soon at center stage and soon holds her microphone close to her and begins to sing.

Eve Hedgehog:

Kanashimi ni tsubusare sou demo

(Even if you feel you're being crushed by sadness)

Sonna kao wa yamete

(Please don't make that face)

Okazari no Cheap na Pride wa sutete shimaou

(Just throw away that cheap pride you wear!)

Eve then begins to walk on the stage as she begins to sing.

Eve Hedgehog:

Taiyou no moto de hitomi somukezu ni ikite ikou

(Keep on living under the sunlight. Don't look away)

Everyone watches as Eve and the Sonic Underground gives a great performance.

Eve Hedgehog:

Sou da yo waraitai hashagitai sunao ni

(Yeah, I can feel it, when you're honest with yourself)

The lights on the stage continue to shine as Eve walks along the stage singing her song with a smile.

Eve Hedgehog:

Kanjirareru mabushii Happiness

(You want to smile, to laugh out loud! Dazzling Happiness)

Zettai akiramenai darenimo ubaenai yume ga aru

(You'll never give up. You won't give in to anyone. You have a dream!)

Ima sugu tsutaetai tsukamitai aserazu

(I want to tell you! I want to seize it!)

Shinkokyuu shite

(Take a deep breath. Don't rush)

Taiyou ga niau yo tobikiri no egao misete

(Show me your wonderful smile, bright as the sun!)

The groups begin to cheer and clap with excitement. Shadow simply sits in his chair as he shows a calm smile at his sister's performance.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the sky, Leader of the Shijin Warriors who is a fellow Freedom Fighter, Monkey Khan is riding on the cloud as he hurries to his destination with a determined look. Soon, the sound of music begins to catch his attention.

"What is this? The voice sounds familiar?" Monkey Khan says.

He listens carefully to hear musical instruments and the sound of Eve's singing.

Eve Hedgehog:

Glorious Sunshine!

Taiyou no moto de hitomi somukezu ni ikite ikou

(Keep on living under the sunlight. Don't look away)

Monkey Khan says, "I was right, that's Eve's voice. And Sonia and the others must be close. I just hope I'm not too late."

Eve Hedgehog:

Soshitara megami mo higamu you na Kiss o Tokimeiteru

(That way, even a goodness would be jealous of your passionate kiss)

Back in the Coliseum of New Mobotropolis, Eve continues to sing as Sonic Underground continue to play their instruments.

Eve Hedgehog:

Mabayui Happiness

(Brilliant Happiness!)

Sono mune no oku yuruginaki hikari tsuranuita kimi koso

(There's an unwavering light piercing your heart.)

Hontou no kagayaki no imi o mitsukeru hito

(You, and only you, can find the true meaning of that radiance)

Taiyou ga niau yo yorokobi no uta utaou

(Sing a song of thanks, bright as the sun!)

When Eve stops signing, the song comes to a close and the hedgehogs finish the last melody. Soon, everyone claps and cheers with excitement. Suddenly, the sound of thunder clashes in the sky, catching the attention of all those in the coliseum. Soon, a Monkey Khan flies from the sky on his cloud and calmly lands on the ground. Everyone is surprised to see their familiar friend appearing out of nowhere and decides to make a sudden appearance with the thunder, lightning, and dark clouds.

Meanwhile, Espio is meditating in one of the guest bedrooms. Suddenly, he senses something is wrong. He looks outside the window to see thunder clouds and lighting at the coliseum.

"Trouble at the coliseum…?" Espio replies.

Then hurries out, "And why does it feel like the beginning of something terrible…?"

Espio remembers that the others including the Chatiox are already over there.

Back in the Coliseum, the thunder and lighting continue to appear in the sky, and soon begins to clear down as it arrives. Of course, seeing a familiar friend and fellow Freedom Fighter is a big surprise, especially for Sonia. The one responsible for the sudden thunder and leader of the Shijin Warriors of the Dragon Kingdom: Monkey Khan.

"Ken!" Sonia happily says.

"Sonia," Ken says with a calm smile.

Sonia jumps off the stage to greet him. Of course, Sonic, Eve, and the others are surprised to see him here and wonder if Dulcy and the rest of the Freedom Fighter Group are with him.

"It's great that you're here. It's been a long time since we saw you," Sonia says.

"Indeed it has," Ken says.

Manic walks over, "Yo M.K, it's great to see you, and just in the time for a party."

"A party?" Ken says, confused.

"Yeah. We're about to have a celebration," Sonic says.

Ken makes a serious face and says, "I'm afraid I didn't come here for a celebration. In fact, I came here to warn you. We have no time to play around when the Eggman Empire is…"

"We defeated Dr. Eggman a couple of days ago. The Empire should be in collapse," Sally says.

Ken turns his head to see the Freedom Fighters, Chaotix, and Team Dark walking towards them.

"Collapse?! All you did was change who's in charge!" Ken sternly says.

Eve grows concerned, "What do you mean, change who's in charge?"

"Ken, something happened, didn't it?" Sonia asks, even more worried.

"I'm afraid so. I came here on behalf of the Shijin Warriors to come to you for assistance and to inform you once we discover it. Dr. Eggman may be off his throne, but… now she's in charge," Ken says.

"She?" Sonic says confused.

Ken answers, "The Iron Queen."

Sonia, Tails, Eve, and Cosmo, exclaim in shock, "The Iron Queen?!"

"No… it can't be…" Cosmo says, shocked.

"We defeated her the last time we're in the Dragon Kingdom, when she took control of you," Sonia says.

"Yes, but now she's back and has the four clans of the Dragon Kingdom with her," Ken says.

"I remember you telling me about the Iron Queen before. You said that she wasn't that easy to defeat at first," Shadow says.

"Yes. And now she has planned something big," Sonia says.

Eve says to Ken, "You better told us the whole story."

In the Egg Dome's, there is the Iron Throne room where the Iron King and the Iron Queen are sitting. Snively is standing between them acting as their steward.

Snively announces, "Hail to the Iron Queen, New Empress of the Eggman Empire."

"Thank you, my fine steward," The Iron Queen says to Snively.

The n turns to see the Lynx woman and two bat ninjas, "Conquering Storm, your report?"

Conquering Storm kneels to her, "the Yagyu Clan has scoured the city. New Megaopolis is in complete ruin. Only the Egg Dome is operational."

"I'm sure we have my cute little steward to thank for that, don't we?" The Iron Queen says, turning to Snively.

Snively chuckles, "Well, I do my best…"

Jun Kun known as the Iron King slams his fists on the arm chair, "Bah! We had everything back in the Iron Dominion. What's so great about this trash heap of a city?"

Then glares at Snively, "And I don't like how your runty steward keeps announcing only you. And keep acting so familiar with you. And keep breathing…"

Snively yelps in reply.

But the Iron Queen says, "Now-now, my king. Remember that this is only temporary. We'll move the seat of the empire back to our holding in the Dragon Kingdom soon."

The Iron king huffs in reply.

"Not all is lost, my kind. A-all the weapons within the r-ruins can join your collection," Snively nervously says with a smile.

The Iron King snort out smoke from his snout. He gets up from the throne and walks away.

He says in a bitter tone, "Bah! I might as well look for something of use since our army here is so weak. Conquering Storm, come with me."

"Yes, sir," Conquering Storm says, and follows.

As the two walk down the aisle and leave the throne room, Dimitri comes in on the scene.

He says, "My apologies for arriving unannounced, your highness, but I come in regards to your 'weak' army."

"Grandmaster Dimitri of the Dark Egg Legion, correct?" The Iron Queen questions.

"And another of your humble supporters, your majesty," Dimitri says as he bows in reply.

"Such a gentleman! Plead your case to you queen," The Iron Queen says.

Dimitri says, "When Dr. Eggman supplied my people with their cybernetic, he took the liberty to add explosive devices to ensure our unwavering loyalty. Given your support of your Coup De Tat, I would hope you could give us peace of mind and remove them."

"I have already reviewed your plight, Grandmaster, and I'm afraid the Doctor's work was too through. I cannot remove the explosive," The Iron Queen says.

At the same time, Snively brings out some kind of case from behind the throne.

"I have, however, developed a microchip that will disable the detonator signal and will thus still be providing your people with their freedom," The Iron Queen says.

Snively gives Dimitri the case as the Iron Queen says, "Install them into all of your people, and may my blessing be with them always."

Reluctant, Dimitri takes the case and firmly stares at the pair.

He then turns his head and walks away, "I will at once. You have my utmost thanks, my queen."

Dimitir continues to walk away until he is no longer in the throne room.

"Poor trusting fool," Snively says.

"And at last we're alone," The Iron Queen says.

The next moment, Snively is sitting on the Iron Queen's lap and they both begin laughing.

The Iron Queen happily says, "Oh, Snivy-kins! Everything is working out splendidly!"

"Of course it is, Regina! We're brilliant!" Snively says.

"It won't be very long now. We'll crush the rebels in New Mobotropolis, dispose of my oaf of a king, and rule the world with an iron fist," The Iron Queen says with glee.

Snively happily says, "You say the sweetest things, my dear. All that's left are those pesky hedgehogs… and then nothing will stand in our way."

Deep in the Egg Dome, Dr. Eggman is still sleeping after his latest defeat. He begins to move and stir, almost like he is on the verge of awakening.

Back at the Coliseum, Ken has finished explaining the situation to them, "And that's where it stands. Most of the Ninja and their clan leaders are still in the Dragon Kingdom, but she's moved a large force to cement her take-over."

"This is not good," Cosmo says, worried.

"Mon dieu…" Antoine replies

"This is very serious. If what you're saying is true, then it will be a matter of time before the Iron Dominion sends the Ninja clans here," Eve says.

"Well sis, it looks like your intuition is right. And I'm willing to bet Snively was a part of it," Sonic says.

"Still, I never even considered that the Iron Dominion was allied with Dr. Eggman, especially their queen," Eve says.

"We need to do something and fast," Galaxina says.

"We need to act now," Tails says.

Sally turns to Antoine, "Antoine, if you would inform my parents, brother, your and Tails's father? We need to discuss on how we're going to deal with this threat."

"Still, you did the same thing you did with Dr. Eggman! Nothing has changed for you. Your fight isn't over yet…" Ken says.

"It's just beginning," Sonic says.

"Sonic?" Tails says, unsure.

"Easy Sonic. We still need to plan our next step. But Khan's right… we have work to do," Eve says.

"She's right. Right now, we have the Iron Dominion's invasion to worry about," Sally says.

"Yeah. And we've had plenty of experience with invasions and not just here," Sonic says.

"Right, and what worked before can stand to work again. We need to coordinate with the Freedom Fighters of the Dragon Kingdom," Sally says.

"But remember, Ken said that he had to leave there alone so that Stormtop Village can be protected in case the ninjas show up," Sonia says.

"In that case, Eve, Khan, and I can zip over to New Megaopolis and just kick them out now," Sonic says.

"Absolutely not!" Sally denies.

"Come on, Sal! We've already tangled with these jokers. They're not all that tough," Sonic says.

"Those spiders aren't push-overs and neither is the Iron Dominion, Sonic. And four clans and the Iron Dominion had control of the Dragon Kingdom and took over the whole Empire!" Sonia sternly says.

But Ken says with a smirk on his face, "No. If he thinks he's so mighty, I'd be happy to show him just how out of his league he really is."

"Big words, little man! Think you can keep up?" Sonic questions.

Eve groans, "Honestly."

Sally groans as well, "Okay, go, but this is for recon only."

"And if we happened to liberate Mobius along the way, it's a happy bonus! Got it," Sonic says.

Eve sighs, "Sonic!"

Shadow says, "I'll go with you, just to be sure that you stay out of trouble."

"I'll come too. This sounds very interesting," Rouge says.

Maria asks, "Can I go too?"

"Sorry Maria, but you need to watch the little ones. Plus, this could get dangerous," Eve says.

"She's right. From what Ken said it's true, it will be too dangerous for you to go until we have a plan. We'll go on ahead to the Egg Dome and see what is going on," Shadow says.

Topaz says, "Then the rest of us will stay here and help whatever we can."

"Thank Topaz," Rotor says.

"Then let's go," Rouge says.

Soon, Sonic Eve and Shadow speed away from the scene as Ken makes a cloud appear and rides on it with them. Rouge also flies after them.

"Follow us, M.K. We'll show you how this despot toppling thing is done," Sonic says.

"Sonic, focus," Eve says.

"Yeah yeah, I know the drill," Sonic says.

"Sometimes you're too much, Sonic," Rouge says with a grin.

Ken says, "I will never understand how the princess could be with you or Sonia has you as a cousin."

"Well, we are Hedgehogs after all," Eve says.

Meanwhile, out in the streets of New Mobotropolis, Espio is running to the Coliseum while Nicole appears.

"Nicole," Espio says.

"I'm here, Espio," Nicole says.

"Why are there lightning strikes in the Coliseum? It's a clear…" Espio asks, but senses something off.

Espio brings out a shuriken and throws it.

"Wha-?!" Nicole says, shocked.

Suddenly, it's been caught by Lightning Lynx, one of the Destructix.

He chuckles and says, "You're getting slow."

Espio then charges with a kick, and Lightning quickly blocks.

The Lynx says, "Alright, maybe not that slow."

Soon, both ninjas begin to fight. Nicole uses her data and notices something off, "Something's wrong. I'm not detecting the rest of the Destructix here."

Lightning gabes Espio by the wrist, "Because I'm not with them anymore. I am here on Clan business - 'brother'?"

"...What?" Espio asks, shocked.

"The Clan Wars are over. The Bride of Four Houses rule us all now," Lightning says.

"Impossible," Espio angrily says, and takes his hand away

"It's true. She slew the Bride of Rich Nights and took the Yagyu Clan as her own. The others fell into place in short order," Lightning says.

Espio angrily says, "Lies! The Shinobi Clan would never…!"

"I bring orders from the Bride of Constant Vigil herself. Orders she entrusted to me," Lightning says, holding a paper rolled up and tied with a red ribbon.

Espio takes the paper and unties the ribbon around it. He then unrolls the paper and reads what's inside.

Stunned, Espio says, "But… you're not…"

"I am now. The Bride of Conquering Storm saw the value in an agent already established in the region," Lightning Lynx says.

Confused, Nicole asks, "Espio, what is Lightning talking about? What brides? What Clans?"

"I… cannot explain," Espio says, clutching his fist.

"But why not? Maybe the Freedom Fighters can help?" Nicole asks.

"No," Espio answers.

"I have been summoned. I must fulfill my duties," Espio says as he turns his head to see Sonic, Eve, Shadow, Rouge, and Ken heading out of the city.

Then turns to Nicole, "Tell Knuckles I… Never mind. Goodbye, Nicole."

With that, Espio and Lightning are leaving the city together.

Nicole calls out, "Espio… wait! I don't understand! They won't understand!"

The two ninjas jump over the city wall and head to their next destination.

Lightning contacts a communicator in his ear, "Master, do you read me? Sonic, Eve, and that pretender to the throne are ahead of us and headed your way. They are also with Shadow the Hedgehog and Rouge the Bat"

Espio then glares at Lightning as the Lynx says, "Yes, I've made contact with Espio. We're on our way to intercept and receive one of our targets."

Confused, Espio asks, "Targets?"

"Yes. We are to retrieve two specific Mobians that the Iron Queen wants to obtain. She already sent one group to obtain one of the targets while we obtain the other," Lightning says.

"And who are the targets for this?" Espio asks.

Lightning smirks and says, "You and I are to retrieve Rouge the Bat meanwhile, the Arachnis retrieve Obsidian the Hedgehog."

"What?!" Espio says, shocked.

The targets the Iron Queen wants are Rouge the Bat, and Eve's mother: Obsidian. Question is, what does she want them for? She remembers that Eve's mother was once the daughter of the Hedgehog Clan, but what does Rouge have to do with it and why?

Back in the Egg Dome throne room of New Megaopolis, Snively and the Iron Queen are having a wonderful time together.

Suddenly, Conquering Storm calls out, "Your highness!"

The two quickly drop their lovey dovey act and possess themselves.

The Iron Queen clears her throat and says, "Report!"

Conquering Storm says, "My agent has reported that Sonic, Eve, and Shadow the Hedgehogs, Rouge the Bat, and Monkey Khan are heading for the city together!"

"How considerate of them!" Snively says with a calm and evil expression.

The Iron Queen thinks the same, "Indeed! The fight for this continent will be over before it begins!"

Glorious Sunshine: Shugo Chara