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A New Year, More Hope For The Future

Roller Brawl smiled as she looked over at her sleeping husband and leaned closer, giving him a kiss on the mouth. She felt his arms come around her gently as he gently rolled over to her so that he was hovering over her and kissing her back. When they parted, the Fire/Undead/Water Portal Master smiled at his wife.

"Now that's a wake up call," he said, playfully grabbing her hips and giving them a gentle squeeze, making her giggle. "Good morning, Beautiful."

"Good morning, Handsome," she said with a smile.

"How are you feeling?" He asked, rubbing her stomach a bit since she had given birth to their twins only a few days ago.

"Pretty good," she said. "I got a wonderful doting husband and six babies that I couldn't be more proud of."

Blaze smiled. "Did you ever dream that one day we'd have six kids?" He asked.

"Before I met you, yes," she said. "Long ago, that was my dream to have a family and have six kids, though our kind can only give birth to five."

He smiled again. "And I've got a beautiful wife and six beautiful girls to dote upon," he said.

She giggled. "The boys better watch out when the girls are older," she said. "You're going to be one scary father chasing them off."

"You know it," Blaze said with a nod, still smiling. "Flaming swords and everything."

Roller giggled again. "And I'll be the same with my sharp teeth and skates," she said, making him chuckle before he kissed her again.

Just then, they heard the twins wake up and the Fire/Undead/Water Portal Master got up, picking up Luna and bringing her over to Roller before going to get Violet. "Shh, it's okay, girls," he said soothingly. "Mommy and Daddy are here."

Luna at once calmed down at her father's voice, but Violet kept whimpering a bit. The young man cradled her to his chest where she could hear his heartbeat and rocked her gently. "Daddy's here, Violet. Daddy's got you," he whispered soothingly. "Daddy won't let any monster get to you or your sisters."

The Undead Skater smiled as she fed Luna. "That never gets old," she said.

"What?" He asked with a smile as Violet calmed down and he began feeding her.

"You proving just how fierce of a protector you are of our daughters and then turning around and proving how gentle and loving you are to them," she said, nodding to Violet. "She knows her daddy means what he promises."

Blaze smiled and nodded. Just then, Flare came in with Azula in her arms while Viola and Astrid came in behind her. "Morning, Mommy. Morning, Daddy," the oldest girl said.

"Good morning, our little sparks," their father said with a smile.

Roller Brawl smiled and echoed her husband's greeting before perking up. "Hey, do you girls know what today is?" She asked.

"What, Mommy?" Astrid said.

"It's Azula's first birthday."

Blaze smiled. "That's right," he said. "Which means we're going to have a party for her."

Flare blinked before gasping. "Oh! That's what Aunty Rachel meant!" She said before handing her mother something. "She came in and asked me to give this to you."

Roller saw it was a note and opened it. "Roller and Blaze, hope you don't mind, but myself, Crystal, and all our friends and partners got everything ready for Azula's birthday. Whenever you guys are ready, just come to the Main Hall. Ghost Roaster has a breakfast buffet going and the gifts are pouring in from everyone. See you soon, Rachel," she read.

The Fire/Undead/Water Portal Master chuckled. "That's why she asked me if we were going to do a party," he said. "She and the others must have been planning this for us."

"And then with the twins being born just a few days ago, I had almost forgotten until this morning," the Undead skater said.

Astrid looked curious. "So our aunties, uncles, and cousins put a party together for our sister?" She asked.

"Yeah!" Flare said, giggling. "Can we go see, Mommy? Daddy?"

Blaze chuckled again. "How about we all get dressed and then we'll go to the Main Hall?" He suggested. "You can leave Azula here with us, Flare."

The oldest girl gently set her sister down on the bed near her father before she, Viola, and Astrid took off for their rooms, giggling as they hurried to get dressed.

Roller, seeing that Luna and Violet had finished eating, smiled. "Honey, can you get those new onesies that Mom got for the twins? I think they're in the bottom drawer."

Nodding, he found the onesies and then found a cute dress for Azula that was blue and red with black accents. "There we go," he said, helping with wife dress the twins and their one-year-old daughter. "I'll watch them while you change."

Moments later, the skater was ready and Blaze quickly got dressed before they headed out, seeing their three older children ready to go and they were soon at the Main Hall, seeing it was decorated with balloons and streamers and everything for a party. Rachel came up to them. "Hey, guys," she said. "Hope you don't mind that we got this all ready."

"Oh no, not at all," Roller said, smiling. "Thank you. We had almost forgotten with the twins being born."

"Thankfully, we've got good friends who didn't forget," the Fire/Undead/Water Portal Master said.

Crystal came up to them and grinned. "Blaze, I wanted to tell you, I asked Master Eon if he'd give you some time off so that you could spend time with your family," she said.

He blinked. "Well, thank you, Crystal, but what about your ninja lessons?" He asked as he had been training her in the ways of the ninja as Starcast and Boom Bloom had been away on their honeymoon the past few weeks after getting married.

The Life Portal Master grinned. "I asked Tae Kwon Crow if he'd be willing to teach me and he said yes," she said, looking up at her sister, who was trying not to laugh. Seeing the others look at her, she managed to stop laughing for a moment.

"She surprised Crow by sneaking up on him and pouncing on him when he was meditating," the Tech/Fire Portal Master explained. "He was so startled that he fell into the nearby river and Crystal teased him that he must have been daydreaming."

Roller Brawl laughed. "What did he say to that?" She asked.

Rachel chuckled again. "He caught her and tickled her to pieces and by the time I got to them, Crystal was tickling him in revenge," she said.

Blaze chuckled. "Looks like she ruffled his feathers," he said.

"She did," came the Fire Ninja Sensei's voice as he scooped Crystal up in his arms with a chuckle. "She's so much like her sister."

"I'll take that as a compliment," Rachel said. "For now, why don't we get this party going? It's Azula's first birthday."

"Then let's make it a memorable one," Crow agreed with a nod.

And what a party it was. Everyone mingled and helped out with the twins, which Roller was grateful for and Azula received many presents. Spellslamzer came up to them and he placed a blue bead with a new rune on it on the bracelet he had given the baby when she had first gotten her teleporting powers. "What's that, Spells?" Blaze asked.

"A shield rune," the spell punk explained. "If she's in immediate danger and can't get to you two, a strong shield will surround her, one that will only dissipate if someone that Azula trusts is there."

"Thank you, Spells," Roller Brawl said gratefully.

Clothes, toys, and other items the baby needed were also given to the parents and the baby, who giggled and laughed happily.

Rachel smiled. "She's having fun," she said.

Blaze nodded before noticing something. Kaos hadn't tried anything and he looked around, but felt a hand on his arm and saw it was the Tech/Fire Portal Master and she was still smiling. "Don't worry," she said. "I went over to Kaos' castle earlier and surprised him. He's cuffed down to a table that cancels out his powers for a certain amount of time and I asked some of my Imaginators to keep him busy."

He looked at her before it dawned on him. "And Glumshanks?" He asked.

"He should be over here in a moment," the young woman replied. "He mentioned he had found something he thought Azula would like."

Just then, the doors opened and Ambush came in with Glumshanks beside him. The troll looked a bit nervous, but then saw Rachel motion him over. He went up to her. "How's it going over there?" She asked him.

"Well, it's been quiet save for Lord Kaos' laughter," he admitted. "It's...actually nice to have a quiet day."

He then handed Blaze a small gift. "It's not much, but...I thought your daughter would love it," he said.

The young man opened it and couldn't help smiling as he saw it was a little rubber duck that had the fire, undead, and water symbols on it. "Thank you, Glumshanks," he said with a nod, seeing that while the troll worked with their enemy, he had a good heart, something he had proven more than once.

Flare giggled and hugged the troll, who jumped in surprise before gently patting her back. "Mr. Glumshanks!" She said happily before looking at him hopefully. "Will you stay and celebrate with us?"

He was surprised. "Well, um...," he trailed off, looking like he wanted to say 'yes', but was worried that he wouldn't be welcomed. Azula, seeing him, giggled and reached for him. Roller Brawl looked at her husband and he looked at her before looking at Rachel.

"What do you think?" He asked.

She smiled. "It's up to you guys, but I think it'll be fine," she said. "If he meant harm, Master Eon would have already alerted us."

The Fire/Undead/Water Portal Master nodded. "Okay, then. Glumshanks, you can stay for the party," he said.

The troll looked relieved at that as Flare cheered and he looked at the parents. "And don't worry. I'll keep quiet about the twins," he said.

"Thank you," said Roller before seeing the babies reach up for the troll. "Have a seat and you can hold them after Azula gives you a hug."

He did as he was told and Azula hugged him. "Glummy!" She said happily, surprising him before he blushed a little.

"Aww, she's given him a nickname," Rachel said, smiling.

The others smiled and as the party kicked up again, the magic of the new year and the hope for the future was in the air, felt by everyone and the ones they were with.

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