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"Alright," Jess sighed after being given a green light from Odette to ask her something for a change. "So why are you pretending to be Mrs. Huntzberger, what's in it for you?" he asked the most burning question in his mind. She was too good looking, too intelligent, even too pleasant to not have better options than being the beard for Logan Huntzberger.

"I have my reasons," Odette replied briefly, knowing that he was asking for a more in-depth explanation. "I'm not sure we know each other well enough to go into all the details, but I can assure you it has nothing to do with money," she added. To her it seemed the most logical reason anyone would do something like that, and having people, well Jess, as he was pretty much the only one who knew about the arrangement who wasn't in on the whole story, and that assumption made her a little self conscious, feel cheap even. She was too proud to marry anyone just for the money and she wanted to make sure he knew that.

Jess sensed her tense up at the question, and her bringing up the question of money made him feel a little bad.

"Hey, I'm not judging," he replied apologetically. "You don't have to tell me, I was just curious why someone...," he began, hesitating a little whether this was in fact the moment to make a compliment. "Let me just rephrase that," he began again, not wanting the express the assumption that was forming of her in his head but to rather focus on the facts and impressions he'd gotten form her. "You seem successful, you're clearly gorgeous, you can keep up an intelligent conversation and you don't seem pompous or wacky." he listed, adding the last adjective somewhat jokingly. "It's just not something that a mere mortal, like myself, from humble beginnings, fully grasps, you know," he added.

Odette folded the napkin she had been holding into a tiny triangle, before glancing back up at him. Truthfully it had been a while since she'd had the pleasure of being out with a guy who she hadn't been either set up with or who would genuinely give her a compliment without being necessarily after some association with her family or the family money. She felt almost anonymous with him, and realized that he was in fact the only person who knew at least to some extent of their arrangement with Logan, even if not all the details, and seemed to accept it.

"Let's just say that there are controlling parents, and then there are controlling parents," she opened up. "And thank you," she added, humbly.

"You're welcome," he exhaled, stood and cleared up their table to the bin.

They strolled back along the same streets that had brought them there, Odette glancing at her phone, having gotten a status update on Rory.

"They're running a few tests but it seems Rory will be fine," Odett said, noting the time. It was still just barely 9 PM, and the prospect of just going home alone didn't seem all that appealing to her.

"Good," Jess replied. "Do you want to go get a drink or something?" he asked, feeling not quite ready for the evening to end.

She gave it a moment of thought, continuing to walk.

"Listen, Jess, you're a good looking, intelligent and interesting guy, but I have to be honest with you. As much as I've enjoyed our non-date or whatever this has turned out to be, it's not really in my plans to date anyone right now," Odette said, feeling like if she just said 'yes' he might get the wrong idea. She wanted to say something more, but she wasn't sure how to approach the subject. She wanted something, but she didn't want the strings.

"That's fine," Jess relented. Perhaps he'd read her wrong, maybe he was in fact not classy enough for her, maybe she was just doing the minimum that was expected - making sure the dinner guest was fed.

"I just…," Odette began, still searching for words. "I've decided that my main goal, in the next year or so, is to have a baby. And I'm ready to do that on my own, and seeing anyone isn't really in my plans. It just complicates things," she added with one breath.

"What, like an insemination or something?" he inquired, having not expected to hear that.

"That's right. I already tried it once, without success. And don't get me wrong, I have no intention of taking advantage of you or some other random guy off the street to make that happen. I do find you attractive, I'll be honest. But apparently, as I've been told, the reason behind the failure could be that my body is exhibiting stress symptoms and it isn't too difficult to figure out why thanks to recent events..., she added, recalling that Jess really didn't know about any last minute holiday and wedding anxiety she'd been through. Shira had been driving her crazy the entire month before the wedding, and her visit to her own parents with Logan in Janurary had been ever worse, the question of Logan's and her babies popping up from every other relative, and then, on top of everything Logan deciding to switch her great plan of escape to marrying Rory instead. She wasn't mad, she understood, but she was disappointed and without a real plan, how to make her disappearance happen without any legal support from the Huntzberger name, she felt stuck, waiting helplessly for the ball to drop. "So if you feel like you would like to go out for a few drinks and see if we can have a great evening together, relax, without reading too much into it, I'd welcome the idea," Odette added confidently.

"You mean, you want me to get you off?" he asked, raising his eyebrow sceptically. Despite the fact that she told him that this wasn't about taking advantage of the guy, he couldn't help but to feel a little bit like a boytoy in this suggestion. But there was something about that boldness in her that he liked, making his mouth smirk back at her.

"You make it sound so cheap," Odette replied with an undertone of disappointment, but it did sound like the typical male thing to ask, simplifying the idea to its essence. "But essentially, yes," she admitted, deciding to take it with humor instead. There wasn't a note of embarrassment or hesitance in her tone, but she just hid them well. Begging was something she'd never done before, not that this was quite that, but while the pretence was still ongoing, she couldn't just ask anyone to do this or land some random guy from the bar. It needed to be someone in on the secret, someone trustworthy, someone who wouldn't just go exposing her affairs to the press for a few grand that might reach her family through the yellow pages - and for as far as she knew - Logan and Rory trusted Jess. So she didn't really have a lot of prospects.

"Huh," Jess reacted with a slightly elevated pitch, continuing to ponder. If the woman had just made a move on him, he would've gladly complied, but talking about it, so coldly, was killing the mood for him. He was the guy to whom the thrill of the chase was part of the foreplay.

They continued to walk down the street in silence for a while.

"So you want to go get that drink?" he asked a few moments later, giving his answer. The woman was gorgeous, she was definitely the most promising outlook he had for the evening, but they needed to let loose, let it happen and not force it like a transaction of some sort.

They settled into the far end of an random, half-decent bar, at the corner booth, along with gin-martini for her and scotch for him, while they talked books and 'worst dates ever', the latter proving to be a good ice breaker. She was physical, definitely knowing what she was doing - smiling, sitting up close, biting her lip just a little, playing with her hair, holding onto his forearm as they laughed, the toe of her boot brushing against his shin; and he certainly didn't hold back either, his knee pressing against her, his hand finding a comfortable position on her thigh, moving slowly upwards.

A couple of drinks in, Odette had him lean towards her, with the beckoning of her finger, to whisper in his ear, "je veux t'embrasser," realizing she was really playing into the stereotype. But did it really matter if it worked?

His French was a little patchy but not nonexistent, he desperately wished he could recall how one said 'Oh, do you now?', but the hot air against his ear made his mind go blank and the sound sending a slight shiver down his body. His fingers lifted up her chin and allowed the tension to carry as his lips approached hers, before kissing her hungrily.

She hadn't expected the kiss to affect her the way that it did, to feel it in her gut, and the rush of endorphins along with it, lifting the expectations of this evening so much higher.

Neither of them really paid much attention to how they got back to the house, just a few blocks away. The climb up the stairs was a bit of a struggle, their derailing kisses making the path all the way up to the third floor a long one. As the door of her room slammed shut, Odette pushing him against it, for another deep kiss, her finger intertwining with his, as if to delay whatever he wanted to do with them.

She made a gesture with her hand, telling him to wait, as she moved over to the bed seductively, deciding to give him a little bit of a show. Only the small lamp on the dresser was lit, illuminating the room just enough to make out the way her hips moved as she walked, how her arms curved as she removed her blouse, how she demonstratively removed her boots and slid down her pants, tilting her hips.

Jess really didn't need more of an invite, the distance between them disappearing as his hands slid across her skin facing her back, the first touch causing her to let out a gasp of anticipation. He pushed aside her hair and kissed her neck, his stubble slightly tickling her, as she leaned up against him, arching her back and feeling his fully dressed body on her nearly naked one. Jess' fingertips traced the curves of her shoulder down her arms, then down her waist onto her hips, as she raised her arms allowing them to fondle his hair enjoying each sensation.

As Odette finally turned, to unbutton his dark dress-shirt, exposing his lean muscles, her palms enjoyed the firmness underneath. He continued kissing her while she undid his pants, without looking, allowing them to drop to the floor with a thump.

The corner of her mouth smirked, as he pulled her flush against him, her abdomen feeling hollow momentarily at the sensation of his undoubtedly aroused member between them. She was just about to turn again, usually preferring positions that took her from the rear when his kiss along with his firm arms pulled her back, leaving her almost melting in his arms due to his assertiveness.

His hands traced her chest, taking the simple nude colored bralette she had been wearing, with just bits of lace at her cups, along as they moved downwards. Her breasts were not huge, just large enough to be covered by his entire palm. He rolled her nipples between his thumb and index finger, making her bite her lip. Odette stroked his arms, while his knee invaded the space between her thighs, pressing up against her sex unyieldingly as he murmured, "Lay down."

She hadn't been paid this much attention to in years, usually settling for a quickie. Yet he took his time, a trail of kisses along her chest, abs and thighs towards her center. She hadn't been planning this, having worn a simple seamless thong, that didn't quite match the bra that she'd been wearing. Despite her self-consciousness that she tried to hide, he wasn't bothered by any of that, in fact he hardly noticed, having other things to focus on.

His tongue tasted her and she let out a weak moan, her back arching off the bed. His stubble felt rough at the insides on her thighs as he ensured her first orgasm, his tongue and lips along with one of his fingers having done the work. If it was the stress release she wanted, she was going to get it, and more.

Jess pulled himself up on top of her, leaning on his elbows, her hips and abdomen still very much aware of his firmness. He kissed her again, the taste of her still on his lips.

"Now you lay back," she whispered. As he complied, she climbed to straddle him, scooting down his boxers and reaching towards her nightstand in search for a condom. While she foraged through her drawer, he allowed his fingers to stroke her slit some more, almost making her lose track of what she was doing. Finally a purple Durex wrapper in hand, she returned, moving her hips along his fingers without a gram of shame in her. It was quite a sight already, but his shaft too demanded attention, almost aching as she touched it with her thigh. She ripped the wrapper open and rolled the contents onto him, appreciating his thickness. She carefully lowered herself on top of him, allowing him to savor it, as his hands held onto her thighs, his fingers digging into her skin as she began to move more rapidly. She played with her breasts, showing him how rough she liked it. His hand soon took over, allowing her one hand to feel his contracting abs that pushed upwards, while leaning on her other, so she could tilt a little more down towards him, so she'd get more friction.

She read him well, seeing him throw his head back, his lips opening slightly as he was coming close, squeezing her muscles around him, getting a wicked grin in return. Instead of erupting right then and there, he pulled himself up to sit, his hands on her hips and around her waist steadying her, changing the pace. Instead of allowing her to keep humping, he controlled her movements now, lifting and lowering her mostly himself. The sensation of being guided that way, did something to her mentally, allowing to forget herself in the sensations rather than the physical motions. The clenching that alerted her second release made him thrust upwards faster, so she came in long trembling runs, the sight of her getting lost in her euphoria finishing him off with a loud groan.

At that memory, the motion of Odette turning her side, next to him, exposing her delicate chest to him again, he was awakened once again, an hour having passed in the blink of an eye since he last peeked around the room. Despite the sight in front of him, he forced himself out of the warmth. A few minutes later he was ready to go, contemplating whether he should leave his number. She'd assured him she wasn't looking for strings, but somehow just ditching the place felt disrespectful, so he looked over her desk that was visible thanks to the streetlights shining in through the window, in search of a piece of paper and a pen. Her desk was not exactly tidy, containing her laptop, a copy of the Financial Times, an old coffee cup, some make up items and a number of uni pins. Not finding any other spare pieces of paper, he wrote his name and number along with a "I had a great time," on the corner of the newspaper and placed it onto the bedside table. He almost felt like he should wake her and say something, a goodbye, or simply state that he was leaving but she slept serenely and he didn't dare to disturb her.

He snuck out, heading down the stairs, holding his breath as the stairs squeaked. As he reached the ground floor he noticed a light on in the kitchen and Rory's familiar shadow observing him. Rory waved wordlessly at him. Despite the slightly awkward walk of shame, he was genuinely curious to whether she was okay, the accident last night having caused the interesting chain of events that had ended in his current presence.

"Hey. Your hand okay?" he asked in a lowered voice.

"It should be fine. It just hurts," Rory replied, wrinkling her nose, and took a few steps back, taking a spoonful of the dessert she was eating. "You want some?" she offered.

"Nah, I'd better go," Jess replied, knowing he had just a couple of hours to change, eat and get back to the office. He briefly wondered what was going through Rory's mind - whether she had an issue with his actions or not, but brushed the thought aside - it was not as if he could change any of it now.

"Okay, we'll talk soon," Rory said, as he slipped out.

He ran his hand through his hair and let out a deep sigh as he reached the bottom of the stairs - what a night. He couldn't help but to smirk at the thought.