Here it is, the last one and I believe a wedding is the best way to wrap up the fairy tale. Think of it as a big epilogue chapter. Also, I did have a look at the Zemurian timeline so that I don't advance the ending too far. Although, I had to change a couple of the date events around in order to fit this in. This is just in case I do wish to write the next one in the far future, but that's a topic for another time.

Rean & Alisa's Wedding

Dateline, Feburary 23rd, 1207.

Several months had passed since the Great Twilight ended and Ishmelga was defeated. And holy Aidios, so many events took place since then.

When the Great Twilight was over and after hearing of Osborne's departure from the world, a ceasefire was called on the second day of the great war. Commander Vandyck and General Bright worked together to ensure casualties were kept to a bare minimum during the negotiations that lasted for several days. Until finally, a treaty was signed between Erebonia and Calvard.

During those few days, Emperor Eugent III made an announcement across the world, that he was to return to his throne once he had fully recovered from his operation. He declared that Calvard played no part in the assassination attempt and that it was a lie that was spread by the deceased chancellor and Cedric. But the announcement resulted in shock and anger from the citizens. Governor Regnitz had to step in to keep the situation under control, and ordered all Erebonian troops back to the Empire.

By then, the other nations had begun to criticize Erebonia with conviction. It became quite vocal that in the end, Erebonia was forced to negotiate. And that in return for Calvard promising not to invade Crossbell. Liberl, Remiferia and the Holy City of Arteria would ensure they keep their troops stationed on the borders only. Reparations were made and this resulted in a double-turn for Crossbell.

When the Imperial Army withdrew from Crossbell, only Rufus's personal army refused to withdraw. So, seeing this as an opportunity to do my part, I finally accepted Lloyd's offer and officially joined the SSS, and Juna accepted to join along as well. Our mission was tough, but compared to facing against Ishmelga, it ended up being a little tame. Rufus's personal army was then brought down and subdued by us and many volunteers. At last, Crossbell was finally free.

As the other nations' issues began to be repaired, Erebonia's issues were still a problem. In an attempt to quell the anger against the Imperial family, the newly crowned Princess Alfin and Prince Olivert did their best to try and win back the citizens' trust. But with news of Cedric's involvement in the warmongering being spread, it made the attempt more difficult to overcome. But they never gave up, and sure enough, the citizens began to come around to them.

Meanwhile, as for the people I arrested...after Crossbell regained its independence, all three of the Ironbloods agreed to the declaration of disbanding the group, and they all received their sentences. Rufus was given the harshest, not only was he removed as Mayor of Crossbell, he was sentenced to 'Life' imprisonment, and in solitary confinement. Lecther lost his other job and was sentenced to ten years in prison, a blow that the Intelligence Division still hadn't recovered from. Claire's sentence was the least harsh, after pleading guilty and admitting that she wasn't strong enough to make her own choices when it all happened, she not only lost her job from the RMP, she was sentenced to five years in prison, and a further five years of community service.

As for Shirley Orlando, we heard that she was able to escape from prison before the ceasefire negotiations took place. She remains on the run, but with the reopening and restoration of the Bracer Guilds all across Erebonia, she wouldn't have many places to hide. So I had to assume that someday, we may or may not see her again. But that was the only downside I found in all of that.

But there was one bit of good news for me alone. I had a meeting with the Royal Family, and whilst they were saddened at the loss of Cedric, they vowed to stand by the choice I made. And as they promised, my family's surname was offically changed back to Damon, and I couldn't be happier.

Despite those issues and despite it lasting a few months which involved getting our jobs back at Thors Branch Campus, we finally had the time to go to the Black Workshop with George's help. Which leads me to where all of us were standing inside a large lab room with a big pod in the middle. George had the pod door open and inside was an Oz Model that was just like Millium.

"Whoa..." Alisa whispered.

"A backup Oz74 unit..." Fie said.

"The fact that Franz was able to keep this a secret, even while being possessed." I hummed. "He really was an incredible man, I'll give him that."

"So your dad prepared this, Alisa?" Elliot asked.

"That's right...he must have worked on it in the brief moments when he was himself." She replied.

"It couldn't have been an easy secret to keep from the Ebon Knight." Sharon added.

Laura nodded. "Your father was a great man."

"Damn right." Ash agreed. "Can't be easy foolin' someone who's in your head."

"For real." Crow muttered.

"It seems like the mana inside is stable." Emma said.

"And it should be easy to work with such a pure soul as hers." Roselia added.

Celine nodded. "We'll be right here to help whenever you're ready."

"Go ahead, Jusis." Rean said.

"Yes. Bring out the sword." Gaius added.

"Right..." Jusis held the sword out.

"Altina, you should help out, too." Kurt suggested.

"Don't worry, I know it'll turn out just fine." Musse assured.

Juna nodded. "That's right. Allie, be brave."

Altina sniffed. "...I will."

While Jusis held the sword above Millium's body, Altina helped with the transfer. Roselia, Emma and Celine helped the transfer to remain stable. I could've helped as well, but I chose not to, this is their moment. I already had mine, and I had a lot when I thought about it. Soon, a source of light appeared around the body and then, the sword vanished and I felt Millium's soul dive into her body, for just a fleeting moment.


That was when we saw the greatest miracle of all, she woke up and looked around.

"Huh? Where am I?" She asked. "Rean, Alex, Tilly? What are you guys doing here?"

There was no reply, we were all in shock.

"And Jusis? Haha, what gives? You look like you've seen a ghost."

Jusis and Altina looked like they were ready to cry.

"Wait, what happened? Last thing I remember, I..."

"Millium!" Jusis called

"You're awake!" Altina added.

The two of them hugged her.

"Woah, guys! What's gotten into you?" She asked. "Anyone wanna tell me what this is all about?!"

"Heh, it's kind of a long story." Rean replied.

"We'll explain all of it, but for now...everyone?" I added.

We nodded and gave her a greeting that was long overdue.


Dateline, Feburary 28th.

A few days had passed since Millium was brought back to life. Once she was up to speed on everything that happened, she was a little sad about her iron blood friends, but she understood that it had to be done. We assured her that she won't have to face that, because she now has two people who mean the world to her. Altina officially acknowledged Millium as her big sister, and Jusis finally told her about how he had grown fond of her, and Millium accepted it with a big hug.

But today, it was a special day for all who were involved. Whilst Olivert and Schera were to marry in early March, this special day was all about Rean and Alisa who were getting married. Back in January, they announced their engagement to each other, and that a wedding was to take place near the end of the month. Preparations were already underway, but finding a location for the reception and managing a guest list, was a lot easier said than done.

In the end, Rean and Alisa chose to have the ceremony at the church in Trista, since that was the place where they first met, and the party after it was going to be happening around the Thors' Main Campus Building. As for the guest list, everyone who stood on our side to the very end of the final battle was invited and the amount of guests that replied was surprising. Among the list of guests, was Claire, because Millium insisted she'd come along and try to have a good time.

There were of course, other important people besides the bride and groom. Alisa had her chosen bridesmaids which were Laura, Fie, Sara, and Millium. As for her maid of honor, she chose Emma and she was honored to accept it. Rean had a more difficult choice. He had Elliot, Machias, Jusis, Gaius, Crow and me to pick for his best man, and in the end, it was what I said to him at the Workshop that clinched it, so I became Rean's best man for the wedding.

As for who would be chosen to do the wedding ritual, they went with Roselia and although she was surprised, she felt honored to do so.

I was standing inside the church with the other guys as the several rows of benches were being filled up by several guests. Many of them were those who graduated in Rean and mine's year, and the others were from the Branch Campus. The last two rows were reserved for the more important guests, such as the rest of Class VII, Alisa's family, and of course, Rean's family that although he was adopted, they had become his real family.

"Say, Rean." I said to him. "You worked on your lines yesterday?"

"Yeah, though I nearly fumbled on a few of the words." He replied.

"I suppose that's natural, seeing that this is the biggest day of your life."

"True, but between you and me, it's not only the biggest day of my life. You have something planned, don't you?"

I was then reminded of when Roselia had given me a small box that I needed to keep hidden. "I do, but I'll wait, this is your time."

"Sure...and thanks for being my best man."

"No probs, I guess I should be more cheesy with my words next time."

"That would ruin your street cred, ya' know?" Crow smirked. "Aren't you supposed to be all high and mighty?"

"Hey, I may be a Demon King, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna be acting like a tyrant." I frowned. "Besides, I did a lot more for Rean than you did."

He winked. "Oho, nice comeback, pal."

"Okay, I think that's enough." Elliot intervened. "Still, you've got a lot of work to do today, right?"

"Indeed. Being Rean's best man and also a vocalist for the band will certainly make you tired." Jusis said.

"Well, if I was just a normal guy, then yeah." I replied. "But I've got a responsibility and I need to stick to it."

"Ah, there you are, gentleman." Roselia said as she entered the church.

"Oh, is it almost time?" Rean asked.

She nodded. "Yes. The ceremony is about to begin. I wish you the very best of luck for today."


She walked to the Altar as the last few rows of seats, except for the two front ones, were being filled.

"Ladies and gentleman, I would like to ask you all to rise for our important guests who are attending this event today."

A small piece of classic music played quietly, courtesy of Instructor Mary, Fiona, Mint and Bridget who took the time to come along. The important guests soon entered the church. There was Angelica due to her Rogner family background, next was Patrick and Ferris for obvious reasons, then there was Sharon, and she worked tirelessly in setting up the banquet and buffet for the wedding party later. Next was Alisa's Mother and she gave Rean a smile. Then next up were Rean's adoptive parents, and lastly, Elise and Crown Princess Alfin. Prince Olivert wasn't there as he had a morning meeting to attend, but he and Schera promised to attend the party, along with the Bracers and the SSS.

"When you think about it, there are so many people we've met in a short time." Machias said.

"Indeed. The winds have been very good to us in the years that have passed." Gaius added.

Rean chuckled. "You guys."

"And now, let us remain standing." Roselia announced. "All rise for the last of the honored guests, the bridesmaides and the bride!"

We looked back at the church enterance as the small classical music stopped, that was when Thomas and Rosine started playing the organ with Celine watching over in her normal cat appearence. Kurt was the first to enter in his suit, then Ash who was more or less the same. Next was Juna who wore a light pink dress, and then Musse who was in a mid-long teal dress. Lastly was Altina who wore a pale black dress and she was holding a pillow that contained the two rings for Rean and Alisa. I remembered that she was chosen to be the ring-bearer and she vowed to look after the rings until it was time for them.

We then looked back again and one by one, the bridesmaids entered. First was Millium in a light blue dress and she gave a wave to Jusis who waved back a little, Fie was next and she was in a grey dress, Laura was not far behind and her dress was in dark blue, then came Sara with a light red dress. Lastly, and holding the small flowers was Emma, and her dress was all purple. She looked so beautiful, I wanted to embrace her, but I would save that for later too. She looked at me and I blew a kiss at her in return.

We all then turned back to the enterance one last time, and Rean felt nervous, because coming down the aisle, was Alisa who was in her bride dress and her grandfather, Gwyn, was walking with her. Since Franz was gone, her grandfather was the only other relative free to do the honor of walking down the aisle with her. They stopped at the altar and Gwyn shook Rean's hand before sitting down with Irina and Sharon. Roselia nodded and Rean stood by Alisa before the music stopped.

"Thank you everyone, please be seated." Roselia said.

We all then sat down.

"Good luck, Rean." I whispered.

"Ladies and gentleman, we are gathered here today from all across Erebonia and the nations beyond, to have joined this man and this woman in holy matrimony. These are the two souls who have found each other, and under the watchful eyes of Aidios, they have taken the next step in their quest for eternal companionship."

Rean and Alisa smiled at each other and held hands.

"Unity between husband and wife should always remain as a sacred affair, and these two have chosen to join together in the world of marriage, promising their lives to not only one another, but under the blessing of the Goddess, with endless trust, endless faith and endless love."

There was a short silence before she continued.

"In these trying times, it is often said that in some cases, love is not the blessing that some believe it to be, and that it can lead to the cause of many weaknesses. However, despite those words being mostly true, that isn't the case for these two, and the same can be said for thier friends who have supported them in every step they've taken. They have overcome many burdens that would've broken even the strongest of us. But with their commitment for each other and many others, they never gave up."

We all nodded in agreement on that one.

"Therefore, I believe that love is the ultimate power, not witchcraft or orbal technology. It is the one true source that has guided them to the biggest day of their lives. And that is why, we should be honored in being able to come together and celebrate with them, as they take the next step of their lives."

Rean and Alisa then turned to face each other.

"We will now proceed with the vows." Roselia cleared her throat. "Rean Schwarzer, do you take Alisa Reinford to be your wife, your friend, your faithful partner, and your love? Do you solemny vow to be with her, in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad times, and in joy as well as in sorrow? Do you vow to support, honor, respect, laugh, cry and cherish her for as long as you both shall live?"

"I do." Rean replied.

"Alisa Reinford, do you take Rean Schwarzer to be your husband, your friend, your faithful partner, and your love? Do you solemny vow to be with him, in sickness and in health, in good times and in bad times, and in joy as well as in sorrow? Do you hearby swear to support, honor, respect, laugh, cry and cherish him for as long as you both shall live?"

"I do." Alisa sniffed.

"We may now proceed to their exchanges. Rean, if you would, please."

This was the most nervous part for the both of them, but I had confidence that Rean would nail it.

"Alisa, there is so much I want to say to you and how much you mean to me. But if I do that, we'll be here all week." He said which made us laugh. "So I'll simply say this. The day we first met in Trista, I never once thought that moment would lead us to this. But now, I'm so glad that it did, because I got to meet the most beautiful young woman that will now be my wife. People say it may only happen in dreams, but being able to love and marry you, is a dream come true. I love you, Alisa and no matter where our lives take us, I'll always be with you."


Roselia nodded. "Thank you, Rean. Alisa, if you would, please."

"Rean, I feel the same way." She replied. "I still remember the first day we met in Trista. You were looking at the linoflowers and I bumped into you. It was such a picture-perfect moment. We've gone through a few bumps along the way, and there were times where I didn't want to carry on hurting myself, and that letting you go was the only way I could think of. But now that we're standing here together, I don't regret falling in love with you. I love you too, Rean. You're a hero to all of us, but you will always be my hero, and from now on, my husband."


"Thank you." Roselia said. "Would the ring bearer please come forward for the exchange."

Altina nodded and holding the pillow, she walked up to Rean and Alisa who took the rings. Rean went first and slid a ring on Alisa's ring finger. She then did the same with Rean's ring finger.

"Good job, Altina." Rean praised, head-patting her.

She smiled in return before sitting back down with the pillow.

"Rean and Alisa." Roselia said. "With the promises you have made to each other, with the vows you have exchanged to one another and with the rings you have given to each other. It fills me with great hope and happiness to proudly declare, that I pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Rean lifted up the veil, and he and Alisa kissed with their arms around each other, we all stood up and cheered with huge applause with Rex and Sidney both howling for some reason.

"Ladies and gentleman, let us gladly welcome Mr. and Mrs. Schwarzer!" Roselia confirmed.

We cheered again as Rean and Alisa left the church and then we all began to follow afterwards. Outside the building, there was an orbal limo waiting for the bride and groom. There was a photographer waiting for them too, and even though they had many to choose from, they chose Vivi to be thier wedding album photographer. But before that, it was time for the moment where the bride would need to throw the bouquet.

"All right, ladies, get ready for the bouquet." Angelica said. "Let's see which one of you gets lucky today."

Alisa turned her back as the other girls gathered around, and she then threw it behind her and into the air before it landed in someone's hands.

"Huh? I got it!" Elise said in shock. "I can't believe I got it!"

Patrick laughed nervously and looked away. Poor guy, looks like he's got his work cut out.

"Awww, I wanted the bouquet." Musse said.

"Meh, don't really need one." Ash replied. "You can always catch me if you want."

"That doesn't quite make sense." Kurt pointed out.

"Your intelligence level appears to be decreasing." Altina teased.

Ash rubbed his head. "Shut up..."

Juna laughed at the scene.

"All right, is the newlyweds ready?" Vivi asked.

"We sure are." Alisa replied.

"We'll be back later for the party." Rean said. "See you soon."

"Sure thing, make sure to get lots of pictures." I replied.

The bride and groom got into the limo with Vivi and it drove away from Trista. Everyone else then started making thier way to the campus building where the party would be. The auditorium next to it was where the dancing and the concert with the music band was gonna be, but before I went with them, I waited until Roselia came out of the chruch.

"Well, that was quite an interesting ritual." She said. "But that aside, I believe you wanted to speak with me."

"Yeah, it's kinda private." I replied. "I've already told Emma that I'll catch up with her later."

We then left Trista and stood on the field away from the roadway.

"Now then, I actually wish to speak with you as well." She said. "But you should go first."

"All right, has there been any word from the Society, yet?" I asked.

"Not a word. It seems that they have chosen to lay low for a while. Perhaps the Grandmaster is now aware that you are this world's protector."

"Yeah, I need to prepare for the day when she and the rest of Ouroboros make a move. Though we don't have to worry about Sharon, Bleublanc, or even McBurn, now that he's gone off on a journey to find himself in some other dimension."

"Yes. And speaking of the Blazing Demon, I want to remind you of your destiny going forward."

"Yeah, you told me about it a few months ago." I sighed. "I have become semi-mortal. A human who is half-mortal and half-demon as a result of the newly created soul that saved my life. It would mean that I will eventually meet future generations of this world. But even so, I will make sure thier memories will be ones that will last a lifetime with them, and forever with me."

She nodded. "Well said."

"So anyway, what did you wanna see me for?"

She then winked. "Well...when are you going to take my granddaughter's hand?"

I laughed nervously. "Tonight...I plan to take her to the rooftop of the academy, when the stars are out in the sky."

"Hmm, a good choice. Now then, let us head back to Trista. You have a concert to take part in, correct?"

"Yep, I better go and get ready for that...and thanks."

"Of course, I'm sure that my granddaughter will be happy to welcome you into our family."

Roselia and I shared a hug before we went back to Trista to join up with the others.

The party was in full swing by the time Rean and Alisa returned. Many of us were all around the academy grounds and by then, the rest of the guests finally arrived, even Duvalie made a surprise appearence. After a while of talking with so many others, the buffet had begun and it was taking place inside the auditorium and that lasted for a while, until I had to get ready for the concert with the trio band of Pablo, Gustaf and Valerie who had become quite a famous band across many places in Erebonia. I got to be the lead vocalist for one night only and even sung a few of their songs that they had written themselves.

It was during the buffet that I got a word in with Claire who was with Jusis and Millium.

"So, I hear you two are in love?" She asked.

"Yep, pretty much." Millium replied.

Jusis could only nod, slightly blushing.

"I see. Then I hope you take care of her."

"What's up, you three?" I asked.

"Oh, evening Alex." Claire replied. "I think you should know about my current situation."

"Really? There's been a change?"

She nodded. "Yes. A special request was made from an anonymous client a few weeks ago, and my sentence was lightened."

"Interesting. What is your sentence now?" Jusis asked.

"To serve five years of community service. I'm not sure who made that request, but I have a suspicion that Rufus was involved."

He nodded. "I see. So it would appear that my 'brother' has already started atoning for his sins."

"Well, it doesn't really matter to me on what he does." I said. "Even if he's the only one taking the fall, it won't wash away the betrayal we had to go through with you iron bloods."

"I know that, Alex. But I'm already making progress with my community service." Claire replied. "It may not be much, but I feel like I can finally make my own decisions. After all, I promised Major Michael that I would make up for all the serious trouble I've caused towards you and everyone else."

" least you're finally making your own path, which is a good start. What about Lechter?"

"Oh, well...please don't be mad about this, but Lechter broke out of prison last month."

"Wait, he did?" Millium asked.

"However, he left without telling me where he was going, and I haven't heard anything from him ever since. But I've been told that the Bracer Guild will be on the lookout for him and Shirley."

I sighed for several seconds. "I guess Rufus was right. Keeping you three imprisoned wasn't going to last forever."

"Don't be discouraged, Alex. You did the right thing in handing us over to the military. It's unfortunate that Rufus had many connections from other sources. But nevertheless, I don't plan to do the same. I'll carry out my sentence, just as my family would want me to."

"Right...well, I know it's been several months, and the memories of the betrayal are still lingering." I then gave her a smile. "But maybe in time, or maybe not...I may be willing to work with you again."

Claire smiled back. "Of course...and you're right. I may never be able to make it up for how truly sorry I am, but I'll keep doing my best as I move forward with my life."

She held her hand out, and I could see Millium looking on. I hesitated a little, but I then shook her hand which made Millium feel happy.

When the buffet was over, it was time for the bride and groom to dance. Rean and Alisa got in the middle and a ballad began to play. Rex was taking a few 'questionable' pictures, but he was stopped by Sharon who gave him an innocent smile yet her aura was dark, ending the matter very quickly. A second ballad came on and the rest of the couples joined them. Me and Emma, Kurt and Juna, Ash and Musse, Elise and Patrick, and Jusis and Millium who were dancing very close with each other. There were also other couples too, such as Joshua and Estelle, Lloyd and Elie, and Olivert and Schera. Although, I had to laugh when I saw Crow and Towa dancing before Vita stepped in, it was kinda funny.

Once the second ballad was over, I took Emma's hand.

"Say, Emma, can you come with me to the academy rooftop?" I asked.

"Oh...sure." She replied.

We then left the auditorium, but I did look back to see Roselia, Vita and Celine giving me smiles. Reminding me that getting thier approval was a lot easier said than done. Emma and I went inside the academy and made our way to the outdoor rooftop. The night was clear and the breeze was faint yet warm since the summer was right around the corner. I was relieved that the view of the evening sky had stars shining, this moment was the right time for it.

"All right, we're here." I said. "Sorry if this was sudden, but I feel like I needed to tell you something in private."

"It's okay, I don't mind spending time alone with you." She replied.

I took a deep breath. "It's to do with what we said back at the hotel in Mishelam. About how we'll always be together, and that we'll always be by each other's side. Well, I was wondering if we could continue that talk. About our future and where we go from here."

"Right...Grandmother told you, didn't she?"

I nodded. "Yeah, it reminded me of when you and I discovered the effects I caught when my soul was created into a new one."

"Oh, did upset me a little, knowing that someday, we'll be watching over many generations." She held my hands. "But it's made me more determined to not only do my best as a proud witch, but to make sure our friends will get to enjoy their lives in peace, no matter what we face in the world."

"Yeah, and with you at my side, I wanna do my part as well. But that's half the reason why I brought you up here. The other half is that I wanna tell you that I meant what I said back then. I love you, Emma, and I'll always love you and I never wanna stop loving you. Because you are more than just a witch, you're more than just a person. To me, you are a special, beautiful, young woman, and I am happy to be your lover."

"Alex...I feel exactly the same. I'm happy to be your lover as well. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, I always feel the passion you give to me."

"I'm happy to hear that, but still...I wanna prove that not only can I love and protect you when you need me. I wanna be the only one you'll love and that no matter what happens in the future, you and I can be together for all of our days with one another, and so..."

I paused and got on one knee before pulling out a small box and opening the top to reveal a diamond ring.

Emma gasped and put her hands together as she quickly felt emotional.

"And so, I must ask you something very important." I said as I felt nervous. "Emma Millstein...will you marry me?"

She cried and yet despite looking at me with tears in her eyes, she nodded happily. "Yes...hic...yes!"

I sighed with relief and got up before I took the ring out and placed it on her ring finger. We then hugged each other tight and our lips pressed together, we stayed that way for several minutes until she had calmed down. She had tears falling down, but she was smiling all the way.

"Goodness...that was a big surprise." She said as she rubbed her eyes. "Where did you find the time to get this?"

"Well, I had some help from a few friends who pitched in together to get me that ring, but I had to overcome Roselia's challenge before she would give me the approval." I replied. "It's the real reason why I was tired a few days ago."

"I see...well regardless of how you achieved it, it's a beautiful ring. Thank you so much, Alex...I love you so much, and I'll look forward to the day when we can be husband and wife."

I smiled back. "Yeah, I love you too, and as long as we're together, we'll always find a way to protect this world and the lives that live all around us."

We hugged each other close again and kissed once more as the evening sky remained clear whilst the moonlight shone from above.

Deep down, the two of us were right. We overcame so much to get here and even though the curse is gone, the Grandmaster and the Society still exist. There's no telling when they'll strike again, or when I'll face McBurn again for another duel, but there was one thing I was sure on. Evil can never be stopped forever, it always finds a way to threaten the world it discovers. Many generations will come and go, and that we have to watch over them live out thier days.

But as long as I can fight and protect the ones who mean so much to me, then I will always place in this world.

Story Ending Theme:
Michael W Smith - Place In This World


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