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Day 0, 8:30 AM

Total Drama Act III: Odyssey of Performance

Intro #1: The Threshold of the Third Act

Frest Ent. Building - Office

It has been roughly nine months since Total Drama Act II: Musical Power ended, and it didn't help as the ratings for both seasons stayed the same.

Don sighed in disappointment as he shut his laptop. Turning to his co-hosts that he's been with for two years, he could see that the disappointment was present within them as well.

"The same?" asked Brea, the writer and one of the hosts for the whole series. "How the hell did both seasons managed to have the same rating?"

"Maybe we went a little bit TOO overboard with Act II. Sure it was a bit more… intense than Act I, but maybe we took it way too far." Chef shrugged, leaning against his office chair. "Especially when it comes to the challenges."

"And that was all thanks to Chris." Brea muttered towards herselff, remembering that time when they went into an abandoned building only to have all sorts of mayhem happening left and right. She sat up and straightened out her blouse. "So, are we still doing Act III or are we cancelling it?"

"What are we going to do about the offer we gave to the veterans if we cancel it?" Blaineley shot at her. "They'll probably file a case of fake hope or a hoax due to us if we take the negative route and end up cancelling it!"

"What about the theater?" Don asked. "I mean, we already decided that we're gonna be doing the season here. But are we seriously leaving the theater be?"

Brea sighed as she ran a hand through the table. "The theater is being renovated. Again. I can't believe how much I'm spending due to all this renovation…"

"Who's gonna be using the theater now?" Chris asked, without putting too much emotion into his question. It was almost as if he didn't care anymore.

Brea rolled her eyes. You could tell that there was a hint of annoyance in them. She flipped her black hair to her back. "It's for the public now. Since we're not using it, might as well give it to the folks there."

"Well, do what you gotta do." Blaineley shrugged as she crossed her arms, until a question popped on her head. "I'm wondering though… who in the staff are returning?"

"Not all the interns are coming back, I think." Don answered as he opened up his laptop yet again. "I think… two or three of them have terminated their contracts while some chose to renew them."

"Just make sure that that one intern is still in jail because we for sure as hell don't need him in any way." Brea scoffed at them, reminiscing those stand-out but awful memories.

"True." Chef gave off a long sigh. "How about the judges? Are any of them coming back?"

Don skimmed through some paperwork with one hand, which were mostly their own copies of previous applications of the judges. "Maybe some of them. I haven't made contact with any of them so I'm not entirely sure about that."

"We're probably gonna need to hire some new judges if that's the case." Chris pointed out.

Chef had a hand jutting his chin. "What about we hire some of the former Total Drama contestants? You know, the ones from Island? Revenge of the Island? Or even Pahkitew? Don, maybe you could get in contact with some of the others from Ridonculous Race!"

Chris shrugged, a bit unsure if he had ever came across that idea at some point. "I have no idea what's happening to them now, or even their whereabouts honestly."

"Now that you mentioned it, me too." Don looked up towards the ceiling. "What about the contestants from Act I?"

"No." Brea quickly shook her head. "We're gonna need them for the next season. I already finalized that."

"Ah, okay. That makes a lot more sense, actually. Thank you for clearing that up." Don politely responded. "Have you guys contacted any of the veterans?"

"Yes." Blaineley answered right after Don asked his question. "They all took the offer and they're willing to compete for this next season."

"That's good, I honestly thought that they would deny it or something." Brea let out a short chuckled. "So are we going to start the audition process? And film the commercial?"

"Most likely." Don answered, and right after that, they all heard a knock from the door. "Looks like those are the producers. It's time to film the commercial then."


The five hosts stood in position, getting ready for filming for the commercial.

The cameraman cleared his throat as he set his camera into place. "We are rolling in 3… 2… 1… action!"

"Greetings, fellow viewers from all around the globe!" Don stated, giving a lively start to the commercial. "We are-"

"The hosts of the Total Drama Act series!" The five hosts all chortled in unison.

"Due to the success of the preceding seasons of the series," Chris continued.

"Namely Act I: Musical Impact and Act II: Musical Power," Chef followed.

Brea mustered off a rather convincing grin. "The producers, writers, and other staff members are preparing for the production of,"

"Total Drama Act III: Odyssey of Performance!" The five hosts stated together in unison once more.

"Even though both of the previous seasons are more focused towards musicals, we couldn't help but expand into the broader theme of music and performing arts." Blaineley added in the most formal way she could.

"Hence, we decided to name the season, Odyssey of Performance, eliminating the musical title since we're exploring even more aspects of arts and music." Brea followed, who also did so in a formal manner.

"For this season, we will be looking for eighteen fresh new faces who will be competing against each other, joining six of our ace veterans from the recently concluded season, Act II: Musical Power." Don pointed towards the camera. "And who knows, maybe you could be one of our upcoming shooting stars!"

Chris took a slight step forward with a huge smile plastered on his face. "Whether your talents be singing, dancing, acting, rapping, or even have talents that are non-musical related, don't be afraid to try out and audition!"

"So what are you waiting for?" Chef asked in a dramatic manner. "Sign up now, and don't be shy! Because once we have picked the cast, we will officially be seeing you in the big stage, here in,"

"Total Drama Act III: Odyssey of Performance!"

The five hosts gave the camera one final wave of goodbye before the camera fades to black, thus ending the first introduction to yet another season coming ahead.

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