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Day 0, 8:50 AM

Total Drama Act III: Odyssey of Performance

Intro #3: The Veterans


This next intro isn't a continuation of the previous intro.

It was obvious as the camera reeled back a bit right after the commercial filming. The five hosts were seen walking in the dimly lit hallways, discussing about the future season in the waterworks.

"So Blaineley," Chef cleared his throat as they all continued to walk to their office, which was pretty far from the studio room. "Tell me about the veterans for this season."

The hostess in red stopped in her tracks, raising an eyebrow at Chef with a look of confusion plastered on her face. "You… you didn't know? Weren't you in the production meeting last week? We discussed the veterans during that time!"

"I left early, remember?" Chef stated with a sigh, wondering how in the glorious world was possible for her not to know about his absence, or in this case, being undertime. "Had to take care of some things."

Blaineley gave him a slow nod, fishing her phone out of her pocket and scrolled down through an enormous chunk of incoming text messages. "Alright then. Let's see… the first veteran to grab the offer was Toxa."

"Hmm… didn't we have the fans vote for the returnees?" Chris asked, somehow not remembering the process they had done for the veteran selection.

"We did." Brea quickly answered. "Of course we need to get permission from the veterans to compete again. If they don't accept it, the veteran status is passed onto the second person in their category who gained the second most votes." She looked on ahead of the hallway. "But in this case, none of them have rejected the offer so everything wasn't too hard to confirm."

"Ah I see…" Chef nodded in understanding. "Sounds like the fans wanted to see some more of Toxa's mischief. I'm actually surprised that she didn't made it too far last season. Honestly, it was pretty obvious that Janice, Sami, or even Beatrice wouldn't make it to the veteran position. Toxa was just on a whole different level compared to them."

"Shouldn't you avoid any comparison though?" Don asked Chef. "Not to toot your own horn here, but that's kind of rude to do so."

"That's just you. It's only the five of us in here so we can have the opportunity to talk whatever the hell we want." Chris shot back.

"Yeah, same here, I don't know." Blaienley added as she continued to search for messages. "Vanessa was the next one to accept the offer. I was wondering why would our viewers pick her for the Mezzo-Soprano veteran."

"Her compared to May, Adala, and Misha… hmm…" Chris jutted a hand on his chin. "They're the least interesting bunch last season."

"Says you." Brea confronted. "That is your opinion. Of course there was a reason why they chose her to be the veteran. Literally any one of them could've been a veteran."

Blaineley narrowed her eyes at the third message she was viewing. "Anyway, Mag is our third veteran."

"...Oh." was all Chris could say.

"The Altos last season were on a different level." Blaineley chuckled. "Arabelle the overconfident chick, Antoinette the center-of-attention, and even Sybil the problem maker."

"Yeah, things should be interesting with Mag around." Brea rubbed her hands together vigorously and narrowed her eyes.

"...Yeah, of course." Blaineley nonchalantly nodded as she skimmed through a fourth message. "Our next veteran is Colin."

"Ah, that overdramatic fellow?" Don pointed out. "Sometimes, I get confused with him and Carter."

"It happens." Brea shrugged, somehow agreeing with his thought. "I get confused with Antoinette and Arabelle as well. Probably because they both start with the same letter."

Chef had a growing smirk on his face. "How do you guys think he'll go through this season considering his behavior back in Act II?"

"I don't know but as long as it stirs up some drama, then I'm good." Chris chuckled.

Blaineley rolled her eyes in annoyance. "Of course you would. Anyway, our fifth veteran is Therion."

Chris sighed, somehow not liking this choice from the fans. "Not very interesting in my opinion. Probably the reason why he was picked is because of that drama he had with those two interns."

The blonde hostess gave him a look of utter confusion. "I thought you said you were good as long as it stirs up some drama. Right?"

The raven haired host chuckled sheepishly, earning him several weirded out looks from his co-hosts. "Yeah, right."

"Anyway, let us move onto our last veteran now, shall we?" Blaineley gave everyone a thrilled look before looking at the sixth message she had pressed. "Ryder is our last veteran."

"Ah, I see." Don nodded. "I thought someone else was the last veteran. But Ryder does seem like a good choice considering what has happened to his game last season."

"Funny how none of his girls made it for the veteran status." Brea chuckled a bit. "I wonder how will he fare out now." She added, giving everyone a smirk. Her hand trailed down her pocket as she pulled out the keys to the office.

The hosts stood by as Brea unlocked the office door with her keys. After letting everyone in, they all went back to their spots before they went out of the office for shooting.

"So what's next in the list?" Chef asked.

Don saw the screen on the computer lit up. "Let's see how much teens are applying for our show."

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Anyway, as for the SYOC, I got a few more good characters up for consideration… seriously, it's gonna be so hard to pick the final cast. I am really gonna feel bad if someone doesn't make it lol. However, I'm still holding on to that possibility of extending the cast a bit. But for your information, this cast will not reach the cast size of Act II. Handling thirty contestants is hard lol, so I'm most likely leaning this to 26-28 if I'm extending it from 24.

For anyone who still wishes to submit, go ahead! You're not late, I promise. XD I will be picking and posting the final cast list sometime on February 1st to February 7th, (still no official date yet lol) to give time to those who still wants to submit, because the app is kinda hard to fill out lol.

No hints for now, as everything is pretty balanced. If anything, I actually need more Bass submissions (since there's only like… 2 to choose from compared to like, 5 Tenors and 5 Mezzo-Tenors lmao) but that's about it lol.

I wish everyone good luck! I will be updating Act II sometime this weekend as I am a bit close to finishing it, and probably I will give another cast update a few days after I update Act II.

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