Several months later...

Rey sat just outside the ranch, underneath a large piece of scrap metal that had been suspended above two poles anchored deep in the sand. She used this area usually whenever she wanted to rest, which wasn't that often. She knew in time she could make a proper shelter up above, perhaps a storage shed, or better yet an area where she could eat her meals, and feed her baby, all the while sitting above, staring at the structure of her home as the hot blazing sun shined down. In the last several months she had put all of her focus and attention into transforming the burned down, aged remains of Luke's childhood home into something better. After her part in the fall of the New Order, all parties involved had been rewarded quite successfully, and she used these payments for materials, as well as labor. Here non-stop construction on the ranch was underway. Rey knew she didn't need much, only for it to get back into working order, as it once had for Luke and his family. Sitting here now, all these months later, she smiled staring at the progress she had made. Clean white smoke floated up from one of the many piping systems. Her ship now sat in a docking bay that had just gotten completed less than two weeks before. The ranch was finally starting to feel like the home Rey had longed for her entire life. She used one bay down below for repairs, serving as a garage of sorts whenever she was tinkering with her ship.

Another was an underground garden, with UV lights installed in the ceiling. Here she grew food, as well as herbs. There was the area where she took meals, meditated, slept, and of course right beside her chambers was the nursery. She hadn't really gotten the time to enjoy herself setting it up as she thought she would.

Staring down at the empty crib she knew the real reason why... Ben wasn't here to see it.

Finn and Poe came down three months earlier, originally believing that Rey needed help completing the ranch, and wanted to see her friends after such a long time. Chewie, C3PO, and even R2 came along, buzzing, and growling with excitement. It wasn't until Rey greeted her friends, that she saw the expression on their faces. Finn was speechless, while Poe was confused. Beneath her tunic, showed her already very large pregnant stomach. When she invited them down below, out of the sun, and able to sit in the cool comfortable darkness, sipping of blue milk, Poe was the first to ask.

"Is it Kylo...I'm it Ben's?"

Rey sat back, drumming her fingers against the gentle swell of her stomach before nodding.

"Yes." Finn and Poe exchanged a look. Both had learned about Ben's turn away from the dark side, and the sacrifice he had made. They knew how hurt Rey had been when he died, but never asked any questions simply because of the pain in her eyes whenever she thought of him. Now all these months later, after cutting herself off from everyone, they were learning just now that she was carrying an ex-Sith Lord's baby. Instead of asking questions, which Rey was thankful for, instead they both got up, pulling her in close, causing her to giggle as they carefully hugged her like the two brothers she always wanted.

"Rey, you're gonna have to let me teach this little jerk how to a real pilot."

They laughed, sitting all around together, showing Rey that she didn't have to be alone. She had family. That night, long after Poe and Chewie was asleep, Finn and Rey sat up talking. Just recently Rey had learned that Finn was force sensitive. The two sat up above, watching the smoke stacks as BB8 wheeled around happily after his reunion with Poe. R2 and C3PO were down below bickering back and forth. Faintly in the dark night you could faintly hear them down below in what Rey now called the common area.


Finn finally asked. Sliding her hand over the swollen bump on her stomach she sadly smiled.

"I think when he saved me...he gave his entire self, and without even knowing it...something extra. There's been stories of it happening before, long before any of us were alive. They said Ben's grandfather wasn't convinced naturally. His mother claimed there had never been a father."

"You miss him don't you?"

Rey knew it was hard for Finn, who still had a faint scar on his back from the fight in the forest. He had seen Kylo Ren kill Han, and attack his friends. Still, after the stories Rey had told him he accepted the fact that in the last few moments...Kylo had crossed back from the darkside and saved Rey. They were forever connected, and all these months later Rey was still in mourning over her soulmate being taken from her. She didn't preach that Ben was good, and deserved respect for what he did. She figured after the terrible things he had done, maybe it really was for the best that he died peacefully, going off into the afterlife of the force with his mother. She suspected the reason why he hadn't come back was perhaps he was paying for the crimes he had committed when he was a Sith lord. She had begged Luke and Leia constantly to explain where he was? Everytime they simply told her to be patient, and in time perhaps she would see him. Night after night though, she dreamed of him holding her, kissing, and then smiling, looking so exhausted, but relieved that the very last thing he could do was save the woman he loved. She thought of his large hand placed over her stomach, giving her his lifeforce, and without even knowing it...planting a child deep in her womb.

She sat there as the moons above them shined down, rubbing her stomach before she felt the faint stirling of a kick inside of her. Sitting back surprised, her eyes widened before he felt it again. It was definitely the baby, giving gentle fluttering kicks as it moved inside of her. She gasped before Finn looked over.

"What is it?" Without looking away, Rey grabbed Finn's wrist and planted it firmly on her stomach.

"Feel!" Instantly Finn's face lit up with amazement as he laughed.

"Is that..." Rey nodded happily before laughing.

Finn stared down smiling, feeling the baby kick before he lifted his eyes and stared at her.

"I could you raise it."

Rey smiled before shaking her head.

"You have Jannah waiting for you..."

"Yeah but..."

Rey shook her head.

"You finally have the life you deserve, and a person to share it with. Don't take that for granted. I know you'll be around...and so won't Poe. This baby is very lucky, it already has two uncles who will love it very much."

Finn smiled sitting back before Rey took a deep breath.

"If...anything happens to childbirth...will you take it, raise it...and love it?"

"Rey nothing..."

"I just need to plan in case...will you?"

Finn stared at her stomach before nodding.

"I promise. I will."

Sighing, Rey felt tears well up in her eyes before she laid her head on her friend's stomach, hands planted on her stomach feeling her baby move, wishing more than ever that Ben was here to hold her.

Now all those months later, she sat in the shade, staring at her home which was nearly completed. She had made it her own, and looked forward to sharing this with her child. It was getting harder and harder to train due to her large awkward stomach, which was perfectly round and big sticking out of her tiny frame. She sat there sipping her tea, staring out at the desert smiling. For the first time in months she actually felt hopeful...

That's when it happened. A sharp cramp, causing her to nearly spill her tea. Snapping her eyes shut, she held her stomach and waited, before it drifted away in a small wave. Opening her eyes, she looked over at BB8 who beeped with concern. Sighing, she set her tea down and shook her head.

"Nothing BB8, I think the baby just shifted in the wrong direction...maybe I'll take a nap and..."

She slowly got herself onto her feet, swaying when suddenly a gush of water came from her, splashing down near her feet. Her water had just broken. Eyes widening, she froze staring at her, hands planted firmly on her stomach.

Her baby was coming.