Saving Him, Saving Her

Written 1/4/21

I have been going through a criminal minds phase for my fanfiction habit as of late and as both an avid viewer of the show normally I am Spencer/JJ shipper but I would have liked for Lila Archer to have become a long-term love interest. I knocked this out in four hours last night at work. I was going to post this in Imagination Station but have decided this will be my guilty pleasure fic it will be updated when it is updated and not a moment before.

It had been a rough year following Maggie's arrest and trial her publicist had wanted to ride the wave of popularity that it had spawned. All Lila wanted to do was have a moment to herself. It had finally come to a head a few hours ago

"Lila we would like to explore something a little darker and edgier for your character this coming season. Sidney Mercer, the director of the show said "We would like to use your experience with being stalked and having been the subject of an FBI investigation."

When she heard the first part of his statement, she definitely thought maybe something a little more adult like a love interest or something. But the second part at first made her freeze in place as her chest tightened, she drew a short breath and tried to do as her therapist had shown her and breathe but it was hard. "No" she sobbed pushing herself from the oddly shaped table turning her back on the director and corporate executives "I will not use the pain I had work through to raise the ratings of the show. People died, I still have nightmares about it and you want me to relive it for how long an entire season."

"Aren't you overreacting just a little Lila" Sidney asked contempt obvious in his voice "Not bad acting kid but we need more."

"I said no' she turned defiantly staring at the director like he was a bug "I will not be a part of this I am just now getting back to normal."

"Well, if that's the stance you are going to take, we will have to re-evaluate your roll on this show." Mercer sneered again seeing that she was not backing down "you will do this or you have until the end of the day to clean out your trailer"

"That's an easy choice you can have security follow me over right now" Lila stated levelly or perhaps you and Mr. Scott want to personally throw me off the lot."

Mr. Myron Scott the head of their studio had been quiet watching the verbal tennis match he had heard from others that she was just a drama queen but 40 years in business had shown him drama queens her experience would do nothing for the show if it hurt her doing it." That will be enough of that Sid!"

"Myron come on she is just holding out for more money" Sid said thinking Lila was just another desperate starlet "There a hundred of girls waiting to take her place either she plays ball or she is done on my show and in this town."

"I said enough Mercer in case you have forgotten who funded this show to begin with and if you want funding for future projects you will never speak to me again." Myron said scathingly "Miss Archer assuming you will not comply I am willing to offer you a generous severance and relocation package." He handed her a packet which she read through and noticed the one year non-compete but there was a section saying she could audition with them any time. She quickly signed it "Sid you are fired"

Sid looked like a fish out of water as Lila exited the office.

Being a star had lost its luster. She had sold her house. and rather than being spendthrift she had quite the nest egg now with the severance and relocation package she was ready to head east. She had already found a place where she wanted to live with someone, and had a number of interviews lined up. Most importantly she had found someone she knew did not value her for her body. She just had to convince him they were right for each other. She picked up her phone and looked up Dr. spencer Reid she found no listing for either a phone or address.

She then looked up the phone number for the FBI in Quantico Virginia. She slowly dialed it and took a deep breath before pushing the send button "Hello my name is Lila Archer I am looking for Dr spencer Reid. Yes, I can hold."

Penelope was just about to go home when her phone rang noting it was not one of her normal numbers "FBI Technical Analyst Penelope Garcia how can I Help you?"

"This is Lila Archer; I am looking for spencer Reid I will be in the area on vacation and would like to have lunch or dinner with him." she said

"The Lila Archer that kissed our junior G-man … get out of here." She said about to hang up

"Yes, the am the Lila Archer that pulled him into her pool and kissed him and hopefully I can kiss him again" Lila laughed as she told Garcia causing the analyst to pause "Hello Penelope are you there?"

"yes, I am still here. This for real you are really looking to talk to spencer and have a meal maybe more with him?" she said becoming rigid "Please tell me this is real and you aren't going to hurt him?"

"I something wrong? Did something happen to him" she said

"He was kidnapped by an unsub the team was hunting three months ago" Garcia whispered not wanting to break confidence but this girl called for spencer so she figured in for a penny in for a pound "He was nearly killed and has been spiraling lately and none of us can get through to him. Are you sure you want to get involved? You can't just blow into town and leave him after week it would destroy him."

Lila was horrified "I am done acting, the writers wanted to capitalize on the stalker experience I had. I told them no and was let go" She said quietly "Spencer will try to say it is just transference but he is a very special person who I would like to see romantically. I found a work out there with a small theater troupe and I have an interview to teach high school theater." Sitting at her laptop and scheduling a flight on the redeye she would be at Dulles "I will be there in five hours."

'that answers my question' Penelope thought "around midnight for your arrival time." as Lila Told her she nodded to herself "I will be there to pick you up"

She walked out into the bullpen and noted Reid and his messenger bag were gone, Emily, JJ, and Morgan were talking she walked down "Guys you got a minute there is something I need to talk to you guys about."

"Sure, baby girl" Morgan a while the two women seeing the serious look on her face just nodded

"I just received a call from someone who wants to talk to Reid and she was very serious about being in the area on a permanent basis. The writers on her show wanted her to relive her stalking. she said no"
when she saw the blank looks on her coworkers faces "Lila Archer wants to pursue a romantic relationship with the good doctor I told her about what has been going on with Spencer and she did not even flinch she is on the red eye and will be here tonight just shy of midnight she will be staying with me t0night while we make a plan to get through to Reid."

"That's a very good idea Garcia" Jason s voice came from behind her "Did you think of it or come up with it with Lila's help."

"No Jason this was all her" Garcia admitted "I was actually more concerned about her leaving after she was done with spencer."

"Good, Anderson you are with Penelope and Miss Archer this evening whatever they need you help "Hotch said as he was hearing from Jason what was going on. "it's not just transference or obsession is it"

"No sir it sounds like the genuine article" Garcia Said "trust me I know exactly how she feels" she said looking right at Morgan.

Morgan looked lost in thought thinking back to that night with Reid's reaction "Reid could not understand why she was attracted to him"

"He lacks confidence in the dating department it's why he invited Garcia with to the football game we went to." JJ admitted "He was not ready to date although I would be lying if I said I was not interested"

Garcia and Emily sighed as they too thought of dating spencer, they both knew it was a dream.

"Seriously, all of you, baby girl come on you are killing me over here" he said in mock dismay he knew spencer was a good man probably the best man he knew beside Hotch and Gideon "Seriously though spencer is a good guy Lila could do worse I just hope she is ready for the mess that Reid has become.

"Good, Anderson you are with Penelope and Miss Archer this evening whatever they need you help" Gideon ordered "JJ and Emily go sit on Reid's house Garcia I want you to track Reid's phone. Derek once she tracks it, I want you on Reid follow do not let him know you are there. Once he is home, we are going over there with Lila in tow we need to end this before we lose him. "

There was a chorus of yes sir except for Anderson, who said "Ja vol Herr kommendant

This caused Hotch to laugh and Gideon to raise an eyebrow.

An hour later Garcia had tracked Reid's phone going into a scummier part of town that hosted prostitutes, pimps and drug dealers. Before his phone disappeared "Derek I found him he is in a bad neighborhood I sent the information to your phone."

Half an hour later Morgan got him standing on a corner looking every inch the junky 'why didn't you come to me Reid'. 45 minutes later Reid's dealer showed up after some negotiating the dealer handed d Reid a bag and Derek did not know what was in it and had a bad feeling he dialed hotch "Reid is using! You don't think Hankel shot him up with Dilaudid do you."

"I don't know maybe. I will meet you at Reid's, Lila's flight is landing so say 45 minutes. I need to step into a meeting with Strauss and the director." Hotch said as he hung up and texted Garcia with the information.

Lila's flight had gotten in a little before midnight she says the cutest blond in wedge heals in wild colors standing next to the clean-cut obvious FBI Agent with a sign that said Archer

"Are you Penelope Garcia?" Lila asked

"Yes, I am." She responded stepping up and giving her a hug "Thank you for coming I know you still have some things to finish up out in California but we as a group are meeting at Spencer's" she paused as her phone beeped, she looked at the text "Damnit!"

Lila was taken aback "What is it Penelope?"

"There is no easy way to break this to you" she said looking Lila in the eyes "In addition to nearly killing spencer apparently he shot him up with enough Dilaudid to make Reid an addict"

"Then we better get a move on." Lila said sadly "How long to his house?"

"45 minutes normally" Anderson said as they got into the SUV

"Normally?" Lila asked

"Tonight, is not normal" as he turned on the siren as soon as they left the airport

Derek followed spencer home at a goodly distance and ended up circling block before parking behind JJ and Emily. He made his way to their SUV JJ rolled the window down "He is using we tracked him into a rougher part of town so to speak. He bought something from a dealer "after that no one said a thing for ten minutes when a Caravan of SUV's rolled in Hotch and Gideon got out of one, Strauss another, deputy director John Connors out of another and finally Anderson escorting Garcia and Lila.

JJ Noticed the tension in her body "She knows, Penelope talked to her about it on the way over "

"That is Likely" Emily said to her friend knowing it did not help "She needs to know going in and if she is not in for the long haul she should leave now."

"Oh, she is in and in it for the long haul look at her eyes and set of her shoulders." Derek said and the girls had to agree as a group they moved toward spencer's apartment building.

"Deputy Director Connor, thank you for coming tonight, you as well Chief Strauss" Gideon said to his superiors "It would appear that the legacy of Tobias Hankel was for more insidious than we realized it has come to our attention that Tobias drugged Spence multiple times during the two days the ha was a prisoner."

Strauss looked triumphant finally she could break this team up and replace both Gideon and Hotchner "The He is no longer suitable material for the FBI and we will be talking about formal reprimands for both of you. The fact that you did not catch this is deplorable" She said with barely hidden glee.

"You did not catch it either Erin" John said digging out a coin that everyone remembered "It took me six years of trying to get this and I have had it for twelve years. It is constant reminder of everything I have to lose if I ever take another drink. I am not about to throw this boy to the wolves and if you do Erin. You will be next. Miss archer thank you for coming although spencer might not realize it yet one day, he will understand how lucky he is."

"Archer, Archer is this that actress that he kissed?" Erin interrupted him her temper flaring "A civilian, a victim being kissed by an agent it's a disgrace. Come on John you can't think that transference is a good thing."

This piqued Lila's anger "Lady I do not know you from eve, but trust me I have a minor in psychology and I understand what transference is" Lila started heating "let me set the record straight I kissed Spencer Reid not the other way around he was a credit to the FBI trying to be professional. Considering I what us was wearing at the time that is saying something. But I liked him the moment I was introduced to him before that whole mess began. He is a kind decent Man who saw me as more than a hot piece of ass to bed. He has Drugs right now he could be shooting up or he might even have shot up and had a reaction so you can argue all you want but me I am here for him so get the hell out of my way"

Everyone else was speechless

"John are you just going to let here talk to us that way" Erin asked shaken by the young woman's words

"Erin you want to abandon the person she clearly cares about." The deputy director stated grimly "I think I agree with that Bastard Gibbs over at NCIS You don't waste good. Effective immediately you are no longer section chief of the BAU your duties will be split between the unit chiefs until we can appoint someone else. You are on leave pending a meeting with the director and myself at a date to be determined. For Now, Erin you can stay and help or you can go home."

"Here" Garcia said quietly handing her the spare key to his apartment "you will need these to get in "

Derek squared his shoulders and fell in beside her "Just in case he gets violent" Lila nodded understanding that he could indeed become violent.

"Reid talked about you and the night he convinced Maggie to stand down." Derek said as they climbed the steps to get into the building "He doubted that you cared for him as a person but only as a hero."

"He is wrong he had me the first night at the art gallery everything else just cemented it for me" She said to him putting a hand on his arm "Thank you for coming with me"

"Any time any where Lila Archer especially when you are helping my little brother." Derek said with pride. They climbed the stairs to the top floor where spencer's apartment was as they thought the door was locked and Lila unlocked it, she went in first and she saw that spencer's apartment was not pristine as she thought it would be it was completely destroyed, he was sitting hunched over against the couch his head resting on his knees 5 syringes on his left and his Glock on the right.

"I know. you were following me Derek." He looked up at Derek "I know the team knows and I know what has to happen. I am sorry I ruined your date"

"You didn't ruin his date Spencer Reid you ruined Mine" Lila said stepping into his light of sight

Her presence caught spencer off guard "I. Lila what are you doing here? I didn't mean to ruin your date with Derek I am sorry" he said his eyes pooling with tears "All I seem to do lately is screw up. I tried to get Hankel to stop you know I told him I did not want the drugs…. Eight times he shot me up"

"Spencer you don't need those. You never did" Lila said gingerly making her way across the living room where she knelt at his feet, she lifted his head gently she could feel the tremors he had 'must be in withdrawal "Spenser you once helped me when I needed it. Now I want to help you if you will let me that is"

Spencer looked torn and terrified "Why what's in it for you?"

"I get the man of my dreams by my side for the rest of my life there is no downside for me "She said carefully before whispering "Because it's not transference. I liked you at the art opening everything else just cemented it. But its only going to work if you can give those up" Pointing at the vials and give your gun to Derek can you do that."

Spencer rested his head on his legs the pain was nearly unbearable now his mind on fire how had they gotten her here he knew if he wanted to know he would have to be lucid in order to do so. Pushing them away was the hardest thing he had ever done but he did it and then he emptied his clip and weapon and set them on the couch and sagged against Lila softly sobbing.

"Now the healing can begin" Lila said holding the most important person in the world to her as he sobbed "I got you Spencer and I am not going anywhere."

Derek touched his earwig "Situation is secure, Let's give them ten minutes and then we will move Reid where you planned to take him hotch."

Outside everyone relaxed and let go of breaths they did not even know they had been holding.

"Aaron, Jason anything and I do mean anything you call me" The deputy Director said as he walked toward the waiting SUV. Strauss looked lost for a few minutes

"Well, I guess this is good bye for the moment Aaron" she said nastily and she left just as quickly emily blew out a breath

"What did she have on you Prentiss" Gideon asked

"She knew I wanted to work with the best and that's you guys. She wanted me to rat on Aaron and discredit you Jason." Prentiss muttered angrily "I hate intraoffice politics.

In the ten minutes that followed Reid succumbed to his exhaustion and as a result they had to call for an ambulance. By the time they got Reid into the hospital and into a room it was nearly dawn and the team were waiting for news as was Lila.

"Dr. Reid is malnourished as a result he is 15 pounds under weight, he was also exhausted and dehydrated. That is nothing to say of his dependency on Dilaudid. There are needle marks that are easily two to three months old." The Dr. paused "Mr. Hotchner you are spencer's medical proxy anything else should be spoken about privately "

"I would like to Include Spencer's girlfriend in the discussion as she will be taking over as his medical proxy. In the very near future" Aaron bald faced lied which took everyone by surprise except Lila who mouthed thank you. "As such she needs to know."