Private's Predicament

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Summary: Private's past is one that's never really been mentioned since he joined his team at Central Park Zoo- if you don't include his Mr. Tux episode. But his past had been a dangerous one, one that he thought was behind him. But now, five years since he joined his team and family, and that past has come back. A dangerous animal back from the dead brings dangers with Private at the center. This danger has brought Private's uncle and others running to protect him, leading to a clash between his past and present. A past revealed and problems arising. His team is over protective, becoming paranoid to even their fellow zoo mates. He can't get a moments peace. The zoo is now playing host to three more animals- all overprotective and mistrustful. Threats from old enemies, it's a fight to protect the youngest. And Private, he just wants to keep the fighting to a minimum and keep their zoo friends from being caught in the crossfire. Can the two warring groups put aside their differences aside when the danger gets too close to the youngest?

Chapter 1: Private's Past

Three animals were rushing through the dark trees, trying to get to the rendezvous point before their pursuers could catch up to them. The one in the lead was a handsome red fox. Above him was a golden hawk with black talons who kept an eye on the last animal of the group, a young, midnight black penguin. When the hawk saw the penguin stumble, he couldn't help his worried cry. "Pyre!" the fox came to an abrupt halt at the cry.

"Barrage, how is he?" the fox asked. Pyre answered before Barrage could.

"I'm fine Eyre. Let's keep pressing on." Pyre insisted. Eyre looked over the young avian, eyes narrowed at the blood on his side. He made a decision.

"Barrage, put him on my back." Eyre ordered. The young penguin squawked as he was lifted and gently deposited by the hawk.

"But Eyre, you're hurt too!" Pyre tried to protest as the fox sped up once more, Barrage close behind him.

"I just have bruises Pyre, you have a bloody gash!" Eyre retorted. He nodded to Barrage. The hawk nodded and flew above the tree tops to check their progress. "You care about others too much Pyre. For once, worry about yourself and let us help you." Eyre told the young avian. Pyre remained silent, knowing he couldn't say anything to that.

"We're about 40 yards from the clearing. I lost track of our pursuers though, so I have no idea if we lost them or not." Barrage suddenly called, rejoining them. Eyre nodded.

"Let's hurry. Pyre needs medical attention fast and the higher ups need to know the situation." They rushed faster, knowing they could be there soon. When they finally arrived to the meeting point, Pyre was nearly unconscious and five agents were pacing in the clearing. A large cat, a sheep, a mole, a dog. And above them all was a tall, dignified penguin.

"Thank goodness. We were getting worried." the sheep agent told them.

"You're an agent short." the mole said, eyes narrowed. "Where is agent Bastion?"

"Bastion has betrayed us." Eyre said in a grave voice.

"What happened agents?" the cat agent demanded as she began to make her way to them. Her and the other agents- minus the tall penguin- stepped back, when Eyre and Barrage bared talons and fangs at them. It was only then that they realized fully the state the small penguin was in, and that the two other agents before them where in a feral mind set, only dead set on protecting Pyre. The tall penguin made a single step towards them, no fear on him.

"I'm not going to hurt him. I just want to treat my nephew's injuries." he told them soothingly. But underneath that soothing tone was another tone: firm and commanding. Eyre's hackles lowered and Barrage's ruffled feathers relaxed once more.

"Sorry Agent Nigel." Barrage whispered, sending an apologetic look to the others. It took a moment longer for Eyre's own feral mindset to calm down a notch. Nigel took Pyre from them the moment he saw the calmness return to the fox. Nigel settled his nephew on the grass and accepted the first aid box from his feline companion.

"What. Happened." Nigel demanded, his voice thick with held back fury and his own feral side just on the brink of escaping his control. The agents- other than Eyre and Barrage- moved back swiftly, knowing how deadly the older penguin could be when he was so close to the edge of his own tight leashed control.

"We arrived at the meeting spot on time, but the clearing was empty except for a large crate." Eyre began as Nigel started the first aid. "It was suspicious, but we felt it was the perfect oppurtunity before the targets arrived. When we opened the box though, it turned out to hold a smoke screen in it. It was at that moment that Bastion struck, separating Pyre from the two of us, and injuring him in the process."

"When the smoke cleared, Trapper and Scales were there with all of their minions. We were surrounded. Then Bastion was congratulated on leading us into the trap in the first place and they all attacked." Barrage continued for his team mate.

"Bastion hurt Pyre, Agent Nigel. The penguin who admired him and looked up to him as a brother!" Eyre's own voice was thick with fury and heart break. "How could he do that to Pyre of all animals?" It was almost like he expected the more senior agent to have all the answers. But Nigel didn't. And that made the penguin angry at himself. His anger at Bastion the traitor though, was much more powerful.

"I don't know, but he's a dead penguin when I get my flippers on the bloody bastard." Nigel snarled, and even Eyre and Barrage had to flinch at that. Suddenly, just as Nigel tied off the last of the bandages needed for Pyre's wound, a shout sounded through out the clearing. Then they were surrounded.

"Well, well. If it isn't the MIA6." Scales said. Scales was a rather large, yellow-green snake, reaching nearly six feet at his full length. Next to him was Trapper, a camel spider that had illegally entered the country. Trapper was larger than the average camel spider, reaching 9 inches in diameter. He was a rather vicious and aggressive beast and both were two of the most wanted criminals in the animal kingdom. Around them were roughly 10 minions apiece for both- these beings including lizards and a few of the smaller snake species. And standing with the two criminals was a tall tuxedo penguin with red eyes. Pyre's team and the other agents snarled at the traitor before them.

"Nice work Bastion. You lead us right to them." Trapper said, before he lifted a leg to toss a small spider silk pouch to the bird. Bastion accepted the parcel. "The agreed upon payment for the work."

"Pleasure doing business with you." Bastion replied with a smirk on his beak.

"Why did you do it Bastion?" Eyre demanded. "Why did you hurt Pyre?!" the fox snarled.

"Because he posed a problem for me. So, I dealt with it." the traitor grinned as he shrugged, like severely harming someone he had lead and taught over the past two years wasn't a big deal. Nigel snarled, nearly feral, at his reply. Bastion flinched rather violently as did his new associates. Before anyone could react, the minions attacked the group in one large surge.

"Bloody hell! Keep Pyre safe!" Nigel shouted, pushing his nephew urgently into his teammates. The fight lasted longer than any of the agents had assumed, since taking down one minion had another replace it from no where. It was grating on their nerves. And of course, Bastion chose to go after his ex-teammates to rub salt in the wound.

Eyre and Barrage worked swiftly and effectively to keep Pyre safe from the minions, but when Bastion took over, they were in for a struggle. After all, Bastion was older and more skilled than any of them. And it began to show. Seeing his teammates fighting to protect him, Pyre also joined the fray, kicking Bastion away when the older one had attempted to pounce on Eyre when the fox's attention had been on a larger snake. "Get back Pyre!" Barrage demanded, talons sinking into a lizard before tossing said creature into a few that were about to pounce on the sheep agent from earlier.

"I'm not leaving you to fight him alone. We are a team and we will fight him together." Pyre insisted instead. Barrage had succeeded in clawing down Bastion's flipper, before Bastion took Barrage down after landing a lucky shot on the flight avian's wing. They cried out in alarm as their teammate was sent crashing into a large rock, and left unmoving at the base.

"DAMN YOU!" Eyre snarled, pouncing and sinking fangs into the tall penguin's shoulder. Bastion hissed and shook the fox off, sending him into a large pile of snakes and lizards with a well placed, powerful kick that most assuredly broke a couple of the fox's ribs. Then he went flying after a well placed kick from the only one from his old team left. Nigel and the others tried desperately to get to the two penguins who found themselves in a fierce fight. But none could reach him before Bastion sent Pyre flying and landing near the edge of a cliff that decorated a side of the clearing as the rain began and the thunder rumbled.

"You can't beat me Pyre." Bastion shouted over the thunder. "You never could and you never will." Pyre ignored his words as best he could, flippers scrambling for anything he could use against the older bird. To his relief, he found something. He flipped over just as Bastion came diving towards him. Using all the strength he could muster, Pyre brought the jagged rock he had found up and across the bird's face, sending him flying off to the side and much closer to the edge of the cliff with a pained hiss. Bastion got up and looked at the younger with a narrowed eye, the other closed as blood ran over it, keeping it sightless for now. "I'm going to hurt you." Bastion's voice was cold with promise. And Pyre could do nothing, already too weakened by his current state to do more than sit up.

But as Bastion jumped to deliver a blow that could very well kill Pyre, Nigel appeared and gave a painful round-house kick to the air-born bird- "Not my nephew!"- sending the traitor plummeting over the cliff's edge and into the stormy and rolling sea below. Nigel couldn't bring himself to care about the traitor as he rushed over to his nephew who fell once more, unable to hold himself up any longer. "Pyre!" Nigel knelt next to Pyre.

"Are Eyre and Barrage okay?" Pyre asked before Nigel could open his beak once more.

Nigel couldn't help the slight eye roll. "Yes, they're fine. Hurt and battered but alive and going to make a full recovery." Seeing his nephew open his beak, he added. "So is everyone else. Trapper and Scales escaped but we have most of their minions tied up and unconscious now. We won this battle." he assured.

"That's good." Pyre whispered before he descended into oblivion, his uncle's frantic and worried calls his only companion down to a certain depth of darkness. Then no one's voices were heard.

-Two Weeks Later-

Pyre couldn't help the affectionate smile on his beak when his uncle came and collected him that morning. He had been unconscious for five days after the battle in the cliff side clearing. And had only just finished healing from his injuries. Eyre and Barrage had been sent to far away safe houses to recover and train by the time he had awoken, though they had been able to get in one last call before they went off grid for an unforeseeable amount of time. Ever since he had awoken, his uncle was by his side. It took him three days to convince the older avian to get some sleep and food. They had only just finished his last check-up when an agent approached them. "Agent Nigel, you and Agent Pyre have been requested by the board." the cat told them. They shared a look before nodding and following their guide. Once they arrived at the meeting room of the agency, the cat left them and they were before the P.A Council. (Primate Avian Council- in charge of most Primate and Avian Agents)

The council was made up of some of the agency's bests primates and avian. A lemur who hailed from the rain forest originally, and was the oldest among the trio. He was great with disguises, acting, and backstory feeding. A monkey who reigned from Africa, and was the youngest of the council. Though only a few years younger than her male council members, she was older than Nigel by 15. Her expertise lied with advanced fighting techniques and strategy. And finally, an emperor penguin who had actually escaped a smuggling ring 20 years ago and proved to be a valuable asset for information gathering. These were some of the best in the agency... and they had called on Nigel and Pyre. Already Nigel could feel the dread crawl into the pit of his stomach. "What are we here for?" Nigel asked tiredly.

"Now that Agent Pyre has fully recovered physically and has already placed in his report, we wish to relocate him." the monkey replied, already knowing how this meeting would go. "Place him under the wings of a new team."

"What?" Nigel asked in disbelief. "No. Absolutely not! I almost lost him to a former bloody teammate, why would I allow the risk of it happening again with another bloody team?" the older penguin demanded, his British accent more pronounced in his disbelief.

"We understand your reluctance Agent Nigel." the lemur began. "But after a discussion with Agent Pyre's doctor, it was agreed that a change of environment could help him fully recovery emotionally and mentally as well."

"Where would I be going?" Pyre asked.

"I forbid this!" Nigel protested.

"Uncle Nigel, I think this would be good for me. A new location. A fresh start." Pyre told his uncle.

"I can't let this happen. You're all I have left Pri, and I can't lose you." Nigel's voice was thick with emotion, and they could all hear the pain in the older agent's voice. Their hearts broke for the older penguin.

Despite the agency's large size, family members were surprisingly rare in the system. Many agents preferred to either not have a family in general- leading to a lack of mates with most agents unless it was another agent- or to keep immediate family- such as siblings, parents, or children- a secret so enemies wouldn't find them. And while there was an odd family pairing here or there, they had outside family who weren't agents that they could be with. Nigel and Priam- code name Pyre; subject to change- Adelaide were a unique case, even for MIA6. Nigel had been an agent for nearly thirty years, having been in the agency since he was quite young, something that hadn't been aloud in over a decade as MIA6 stepped away from using child soldiers. He was deeply respected and was high in the ranks due to pure hard work and skill.

It had been less than 10 years ago when Nigel left for a family emergency- a family no one had even known about- and returned with a chick and blood on his flippers. No one bothered too deeply with finding out more than what was in his report: Roxy Adelaide and her mate were revealed to be abusive and neglectful to their chick. When Nigel attempted to remove the chick from the abusive and neglectful home- as was his right as the next blood kin to the chick- they attacked and the fight ended in the death of Roxy's mate and Roxy's imprisonment where she later took her life. And so, Priam Adelaide was raised by Nigel Adelaide within the system of MIA6, and later their own home. The two were closer than any family that had come through the walls and they shared a deep bond.

The P.A Council was brought from their thoughts as Pyre once more tried to convince his uncle it was for the best. "Please Uncle Nigel? I'll keep in touch and I'll be careful. You won't lose me."

"You will also receive reports on your nephew's health every five to six months and a progress report every 11 to 12." The penguin added. Nigel was silent for a long moment, as he looked his nephew in the eyes. Finally, he sighed in reluctant acceptance.

"Where will I be going?" Pyre asked once more, flipper on his uncle's shoulder who refused to release his nephew's own.

"You'll be going across the pond to New York City. Your locale will be Central Park Zoo where you will join an all penguin team who does water and land missions in the area. Your code name will be Private, which will also be your new rank once you arrive."

"Why does he need a new name?" Nigel asked.

"While Bastion is considered dead, we lack the body to prove it. Plus, Scales and the Trapper are still on the loose. So this is for safety purposes for your nephew." The penguin replied.

"Who's this new team?" Nigel grumbled.

"We have the files ready for you now. You leave tonight Private and you'll meet your new team in the morning." the monkey answered as she handed them the files. None were very thick, and just contained basics. Names, ranks, and some things from their missions. The two Adelaides left to prepare...Private, for his flight. They looked over the files before the flight arrived.

"Promise to be careful?" Nigel asked as he was seeing the younger one off.

"Only if you promise the same." Private replied with a cheeky grin. Nigel nodded before he grabbed his nephew up in a tight hug.

"Keep in touch. Tell me in your own words how this new team is treating you. Be yourself and don't you dare die on me." Nigel said.

"I promise Uncle Nigel. Don't take too many missions at once. Give yourself time to rest in between missions. And for the love of fishcakes eat properly and don't go without sleep for more than a day or two at a time." Private added his own conditions into the conversation. As much as he wanted to tell his uncle to not die on him and leave him alone, he knew it would always be a possibility. Uncle Nigel just hadn't accepted the possibility being the same for Private. The last call was made and soon Private was in the box and in the plane, gone across the pond to a new team and a new land.

As Nigel watched the plane disappear, he made a vow. 'If any of you hurt him,' he thought, Private's new teammates flashing in his mind. 'So help me, I can and will make you disappear. Forever.'


Private looked around as the re-haired, human female named Alice took him to the place he would call home for the unforeseeable future. "Here we go trouble makers. Be nice to your new buddy." the woman said as he was gently deposited on the iceberg habitat. He watched the lady disappear around the corner before taking a deep breath and turning to face his new team. Two were tall, while the third was only a few inches taller than him. But he could easily tell that the three penguins were all older than him. And for a brief second, reddish eyes and blood flashed through his mind before he snapped out of it and stood to attention.

"Private, reporting in." he said, nerves barely hidden. The silence went on for a bit, allowing him to study them and vice versa. The tallest of the group seemed to be the serious and calculating type, from the way he seemed to be dissecting the youngest penguin. The next tallest had a mo-hawk and a scar across his face. And the shorter one had a very commanding aura around him despite being the shortest before him.

"At ease soldier." the shorter one said, re-affirming who the leader was in Private's mind as his baby blue clashed with the other's darker blue. "We were expecting you, though when they said you were young, we weren't expecting you so young." Private remained silent. "Introductions are in order. I am your captain Skipper. Next to me is my lieutenant, Kowalski. He's the brains, scientist, and technician of the team."

"Nice to meet you," Kowalski said softly, light brown eyes studying the younger one.

"Nice to meet you too."

"On my other side is my corporal, Rico. He's our weapons and demolitions expertise."

"Ello." the tall penguin rasped, hazel eyes studying their newest team mate.


"Why are you here?" Skipper asked the young penguin.

"To train and become a member of your team sir!" Private replied. Skipper studied the younger one for a moment before grinning and putting Private at ease.

"Welcome to the team soldier. Let's see what you're made of."

"Aye Skippah." Private replied. And so began his new life. Private of Central Park Zoo. Five years passed that he was happy and made a new family. Unfortunately, it was about to come to an end.

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