Perhaps this isn't the kind of announcement my readers/followers were hoping for. Rest assured that I still intend to return to my stories – all of them – I've just been buried under my job, the looming prospect of returning to college and my own emotional/mental issues. A fun project on the side will probably help take the edge off, and with a new year, I figure this'll be good to try starting.

Onto the meat of this: I'm starting a YouTube channel. For now, it's only going to be fanfiction readings. I intend to make them fun since I can do a wide range of impressions, but I know it might not appeal to everybody. In the future, I also intend to do animations and even Let's Plays, though I'm still gathering the pieces I'll need and putting plans together.

Rest assured that I don't intend to forget my roots, and I want to finish my stories to make way for so many other ideas I have. I've seen accounts with several, sometimes dozens of unfinished stories, and I don't intend to become the same. But I'm posting this here to offer my readers the chance for new entertainment, and in the hopes of getting a jumpstart in terms of subscribers.

Here's the URL (paste to standard youtube link):

- Edit: I've been having trouble uploading my first post, so I'll just have to make two videos for tomorrow to make up for the wait. Practically par for the course at this point. :/

If any of you want to swing by my channel, it won't be going anywhere. Pop in and enjoy the show. :)