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He loved the future.

Well, humanity dream of the future but even at the age of 120, he never saw that dream realised and it had been his biggest regret in life.

Imagine, being on your death bed realising though you are 120 years, Humanity still had not obtained that Utopia.

Children still did not go to school on actual hoverboards, there were no hovering vehicles, nobody was dressing like they were from space, people couldn't cure their wounds from a spray and so much more.

He realised that Humanity may never reach this dream.

That is why, even if he was reborn again as a human being, he would make sure that dream happens.

If humanity is waiting for the right people to be born, then he would drag the future here, kicking and screaming.

A certain God saw his drive and wish and shrugged and thought 'Why not?'

The soul was reborn as a background character, he was not the main star of the universe, but that didn't mean he sat still and did nothing.

From a young age, he did work, he sold whatever he could, he cashed in money all for the sole purpose of opening up his own company.

Although young, the true him talked like he was a senior and the workers quickly fell silent and shut up about his age.

With the blessing of God himself, the people who were just looking for a paycheck grew in leaps and bounds, good things came their way.

However, despite their true focus being things that hover, the grants needed to actually put it on the market was slow processing.

So while the main story wrapped up, Krei had entered his company 'Future' in Paris yearly tech show.

It was a show where the whole world would tune in and see what they can look forward too.

He showed up there in a suit and tie and the guards let him in after they had been shocked to see his legit badge.

He ignored all the people turning around to see this blond 14-year-old walking right passed them.

He sat down and waited for his turn, the show went on for hours but he was still willing to wait.

He waited for 4 hours until his company was called up, he went to the person who called his company up, only to pause seeing him but he had his badge on so he was fitted with a headset.

He walked up onto the biggest stage of his life and he took in the shock and surprise on every rich person and those who managed to get in face.

He was probably shocking some bored viewers beyond the screen too.

He smiled and said. "Hello, my name is Krei and I am the Ceo of a company called Future"

And then the professional logo popped up behind him on screen.

He then said in a big voice that surprised everybody. "The Future! If I were to ask anybody here or watching on the devices right now, what they think the Future is. What would your response be?" He walked to the left. "Would you say its a new phone? Would you say its a new update for your favourite program? What about a new version of your favourite product or praise God, that your favourite company finally has that god damn drone service that you have always wanted. Hallelujah!"

People nodded.

He then rubbed his temple together and said. "If you think this is the Future than we as the human race have finally settled for second best. We have settled for a watered down version of what the Future actually is and people from the past would actually at all of you with sadness. This isn't the Future. This is our Future!"

The screen changed and they saw pictures of a Utopia, the same Utopia that has been swarming for 100 years and everybody face changed.

"This is our Future!" He said. "We as a race haved dreamed of this Utopia for hundreds of years. Don't tell me you haven't seen at least one movie where everybody drives around in Hovering cars? Where they wear future fashion, children and young people get to school on their hoverbikes and hoverboards and people teleport from country to country. Tell me, that you haven't at least had one dream in your life where you have lived in this Utopia or have seen it through somebody else eyes!"

Everybody was silent because they had.

He then stopped and said. "Now, I want to ask you, the viewer, the people who appear before me today. What the hell happened to us?"

Everybody was silent.

"We have drawn this Utopia since 1912!" He said. "Where are our boards?" He saw the look on their faces. "Where is the fashion? Where is the teleportation? Where are the hovering vehicles? Where is the hovering screen that shows up when you swipe in the air? Where is our Future? Doesn't it frustrate you that the most talked-about gadget each year is just an upgrade to a phone that was released 6 months ago?"


Now that, he put it that way, it was frustrating that the most talked up thing was just an upgrade to a phone from 6 months ago.

Everybody was listening because he was clearly a genius and the viewership was growing.

He said. "I'll tell you were our Future went. We as a species have grown so used to not being able to do what we want that if we make even the slightest improvement, we go wild for it and treat it like its the best thing since this decade."


He said. "This is the mindset, that will make sure, every single person one of you will never be alive to see our Future. Our children will never be alive to see it and our great-great-grandchildren will never be alive to see it. This is exactly where we are headed, and it has bothered me for years. So this is where my Company comes in"

Everybody saw the logo again.

"The company Future was born out of my frustration with humanity settling for Mediocrity." He said. "Future is the company that will drag Humanity true Future, kicking and screaming into the present. Let me show you what I mean"

And then he took out something from his pocket.

It was a small knife and spray.

Everybody took a step back.

"Don't worry." He said. "I just want to show you, what we have brought into the present"

And then he cut his palm, they all saw it start to bleed on live tv.

Those who were squeamish became green.

However, Krei merely opened the top of the spray and sprayed his palm with his left hand.

Before their very eyes, the palm magically healed itself and you couldn't even tell there was a cut!

They were all amazed, it caused an uproar.

He said. "Self-healing spray. Using nano-technology, we can restore skin that has been cut. Do you have a paper cut? Spray this on your thumb and it's as good as new. A big gash on your leg? Spray this on your leg and it heals before it gets infected. This spray eliminates the need to go to the doctor for infections that came through a cut. Imagine, the money you will save. Isn't this Futuristic?"


Yes, it was.


Many people were extremely interested in this spray, especially those who self medicate.

He said. "This can be in every home for the low, low price of 10 cents per spray but only if my company finds a business willing to mass-produce this item"

He saw the looks on businessman's faces and know he was about to open the flood gates to a bidding war.

"Now, let's talk about Future other invention," he said.


There's more? Everybody thought.

He then snapped his fingers and his suit changed into a red and white pocket suit.

Everybody mouth was open.

He said. "Changing design clothing and the best part is, my company will fit your clothes with this technology and you can choose any new designs from an app. This offer will go live after my talk and it will only cost you 30 euros per 3 outfits. In the future, clothing companies may decide to embed this naturally in their clothes"

He clicked and he had a futuristic looking suit with an animation on.

Everybody mouth was open.

He said. "Now onto my companies biggest accomplishment to date. Hovering vehicles!"


Then uproar!


Hovering vehicles, his company had made them!?

He said, with a smile. "Yes, my company has made vehicles. We have made the hovering bike. The hovering motorbike. The hovering bus. The hovering tram and the hovering car. We have even made the hovering limousine with road signs"

They were all blown away as they looked around expecting to see a hovering vehicle to drop before them.

Take our money!

He said. "However, I couldn't bring them with me to show it to you"

And he saw the disappointment on their faces.

He said. "I didn't bring them because of they were too big. I couldn't bring them because I'm not allowed to." he saw the confusion on their faces. "It's easy to make a spray and technology for clothes, but when it comes to vehicles, it's a whole different beast. My company has filed the paperwork and yet, legally, we can not drive these vehicles anywhere but the company. Legally, we can not even look for a manufacturing buyer for these vehicles. So until we get approval, there is absolutely no way people can ride their hovering bikes anywhere or use the hovering bus to their destination. What is stopping us, is really that we lack that approval. So sorry everybody"

And with that, a bunch of people around the world were determined to go off on the people who give approval for vehicles in this part of the world.

They wanted their hovering vehicle, damn it!

He said. "Well, that was my presentation. We will try to find a manufacturer for the spray and let you know when it's coming to the market, while in the meantime, please use our app and services to modify your clothes. My company Future will try to bring the future to the market as fast as we can"


He then said. "And speaking of that. If there are any young or talented people out there who are looking to join or apply for an internship. It will be on my companies website. The final stage will be an interview with me. I will fly you over to come meet me and you will present your dream to me. No dream is too big for my company. You either go big or you go home. You are aiming to be on the team that will bring the Future here, if I see that your idea of ths Future is to make another phone and it doesn't have a hovering screen coming out it, then I'll tell you to leave within 5 seconds. I'm serious."

Dead silence.

"Well, thank you for your time," he said, and then he walked off.

The whole place was silent as he went home by taxi of all things.

He went back to the apartment he rented.

Well, he had an employee put his name down and he paid him for it because being a child blows.

Tomorrow he will find out just how huge his presentation was.

He wondered if the school he was going to, would let him graduate early?