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It was within the first hour.

It turns out, Hawk Moth pulled out of the Akumatised battle himself, early on.


His top of the line Future Security system turned on him and he had to pull out to defend himself.

The door shut behind him and he realised too late sleeping gas was being pumped into his basement.

When you're doing something illegal, you lose the ability for Future to protect you from the advancement of technology.

Everybody knew that and yet Gabriel Agreste thought he could bend it so it doesn't apply to him.

No, he could not.

He was knocked out and so was his assistant who was illegally gathering data on her computer and matched the description of Hawk Moth partner in crime Mayura.

The cool-ass Future Police who loved how cool they looked and the technology provided by Future, was at the mansion within seconds.

While they couldn't believe it, the description matched and the system had the data from his old system was sent to them

Gabriel 200 thousand Future security system, lead them to his secret basement and where Nathalie was.

They showed the shocked bodyguard of Adrien, their holographic badges and why they were here.

The large man just stood there in shock.

They then proceeded to Future cuff the two of them and rolled them out.

Adrien Agreste arrived close to the mansion, only to see his dad and Nathalie unconscious and put into hovering squad cars.

"What's going on? Why is my father and Nathalie in squad cars unconscious?" He said, running up.

Oh, boy. Thought everybody, seeing Adrien.

And then the Future ambulance came and went in.

Roger Raincomprix, the chef of the Future police said. "Adrian. Boy. There isn't an easy way to tell you this but we the police have been looking for your father and his assistant for a long time. We just didn't know it was them until now."


Adrien said. "My father wouldn't hurt a fly"

Roger said. "Your father committed crimes not just in Paris but worldwide as well. We have video evidence"

And that's when the ambulance team came out and somebody forgot to dim the lights on the capsule.

Adrien saw who it was inside and couldn't believe it. "Wait, a minute. Is that my mother!?"

It got worse.

Roger said. "Yes." Not going to lie to him since he would find out anyway. "And your mother needs to get to the hospital, urgently. You are welcome to ride in the ambulance with her-"

Adrien didn't even think about it.

Ask more questions and demand answers or go and see more of his mom that had disappeared for so long?

Adrien went into the ambulance.

And the doors closed behind him.

Adrien said. "Is she going to be okay?"

The ambulance people said. "A few months back, we wouldn't have been able to do anything but thanks to the Future Medical department, we've been waking up a coma patient every day"

Adrien was relieved and thanking Future for existing.

They went to the Paris hospital, which was now enjoying a sleeker design in this era.

Now that people didn't need to go to the hospital, just for a cut or burn, the hospital had so breathing room at last.

They walked in and a doctor came up to them with Peekaboo lenses on and immediately said. "My god. This woman should have been here two months ago. We have to get her prepped for surgery. The damage goes far beyond brain damage"

The man did not know that he was looking at what happens when unstable magic destroys its user's mind and body.

"Mr Agreste. Your mother is going to be fine. Please take a seat" said the man, and Adrien did.

Not even a second later there was a news alert.

Adrien opened it up with his Peekaboo.

Nadja Chamack said. "I would like to inform you all that I have just received notice that Paris Supervillian Hawk Moth and his Co-Villian Mayura have been arrested. Paris Future Police not only knows who they are, but they also have video evidence AND both of their Miraculous have been taken into custody. The two were tracked down by Future technology and are currently unconscious behind bars. Here are their names"

Suddenly Plagg and Adrien had a terrible feeling.

Nadja said. "Hawk Moth is none other than Fashion Designer Gabriel Agreste" and then they saw the man transform in his basement and jaws dropped everywhere. "And Mayura is his assistant Nathalie Sancoeur" they saw her transform. "Both of them have terrorised Paris and the world for so long. Their crimes happened mostly in their basement-"

But Adrien couldn't hear anything after that, because he was forced to confront the fact, the person he had been fighting against was really his own dad.

His dad akumatised his own Bodyguard after him, simply for leaving the house.

The man, he kept defending was doing evil right under him.

However, words did breakthrough when Nadja said. "Adrien Agreste, the boy we should feel the most compassion, has just lost his father today. Through Future Data, we know, unlike his father, Adrien Agreste is an outstanding citizen who always does what is right. He never agreed with Hawk Moth and was very vocal about it. Adrian Agreste may have lost his father today but helpfully, Future will give him back his mother. From data, we've learned she too was an outstanding citizen before she disappeared. If she was awake today she would have reported her husband, the moment she knew what he was doing. In this dark time, there is a hope for a child"

Adrian sat there for what must have been an hour before the doctor said. "Mr Agreste. Would you like to meet your mother? She's awake"

Adrien was a zombie on his feet as he followed the man, then he was left alone in the room.

What should have been a woman in a cast, was now a woman who was only bedridden and staring at him.

For a second, Adrien imagined this was his Aunt because it was always his Aunt.

However, Adrien mother smiled her smile and said. "It really has been a few years. With all this technology around, I thought you were an old man with his own family"

It was her.

It was really her!

Adrien then teared up and throw himself at her and said. "Mother!"

And all that pain held in just came rushing out of him.

He had always been holding it in for his father, but he was just a child who needed his dad, needed a parent and yet his dad locked him up in that room.

His father decided he was best seen and not heard.

Every time, he thought things were getting better, his father would do a complete one-eighty and go back to locking him up.

The room they were in was soundproof and yet, anybody walking by could feel his pain.

His mother just let him cry, she was shocked that her bright son could let out such a painful cry.

But she understood that he needed her right now.

Adrien...thought Plagg, in his pocket.

Adrien cried until he was couldn't cry anymore and then he was embarrassed for breaking down so hard in front of his mother.

He then had Peekaboo clean his eyes, the woman looked shocked when his eyes turned back to normal and then a chair moved so he sat down.

She said. "Okay, I have a lot to catch up on."

She was not going to talk about that crying and Adrien was thankfully for it.

Adrien gladly told her all about Future, about Krei, how the world has been changing ever since.

She said. "Wow. It's hard to believe all that happened just a few months ago. I thought I had woken up in the year 3000"

Adrian said. "Yeah, it's pretty amazing" before he said. "Wait. Asleep? I thought you disappeared"

She stared at him and said when she realised he was serious. "God no. I had...some health issues and was using a capsule to heal myself. I usually feel much better after a great sleep. I went to sleep in your father presence, last time. Didn't your father tell you? Didn't he ever bring you to the hospital to come and see me?"


Dead silence.

The air got hella awkward, even Plagg could feel it.

How do you tell, your mom, your husband kept you in his basement for months instead of keeping you at a top hospital when you didn't wake up?

She said. "And now, that we're on the subject of your father. Where is your father? Is he halfway across the world doing a fashion show? That man is such a work-a-"

Suddenly Adrien shouted. "Mom, stop!"

She was stunned.

He said. "Please. Let's not talk about father. He changed. I thought I could fix him, but he's. He's."

She put her hand on his and looked him in the eye and said. "Adrien, whatever it is. I can handle it. We are going to go through this together"

Adrien sighed, he knew she was going to find out eventually.

He said. "Father...he changed after you...ur..went to sleep. He was colder, he barely left the house only for work. He became obsessed with keeping me safe. He locked away everything I could get my hands on about you."

Oh, Gabriel...thought Emilie.

He said. "I thought if I was there for him, he would realise I was there for him. He didn't. It was worse. He forced me to model against my will. He would force me to learn Panio, no matter how many times I voiced that I hated it. My daily exercise was walking around the compound. The only reason I went anywhere was to promote father brand. Father let me go to public school but then he would take it away as a form of Punishment."

Emile eyes we're wide.

He said. "My best friend Nino could see how bad, my father was treating me. Everybody in class could see how bad father was treating me. Father refused to show up unless it was for a fashion show. He refused to come for Show and Tell, he refused to come to Parents evening. Father was at home when this was going down. I begged him to show up, left him voicemails but he just didn't care. He stopped celebrating my birthday all together. I found out thanks to Peekaboo that my one gift after you slept was actually from a classmate. Nathalie always got me a pen and said it was from my dad. He truly didn't care. Not only that he despised any friend I made that wasn't rich"

Emilie's mouth was open.

He said. "There were moments where I thought he genuinely cared for me. But then this afternoon, Father and Nathalie were arrested"

Emilie's eyes widened in shock.

He said. "There is this super villain named Hawk Moth. He has been using people negative emotions to transform people and terrorise the city. He is always blabbering about what getting the Ladybug and Cat Miraculous"


Emilie looked like she was having a heart attack when she heard those words.

He said. "We thought the two was a key to rule the world. He was so persistent. He Akumatised a baby to even a Robot. He went to New York and almost started World War 3. Hawk Moth was evil, he controlled people using their emotions."

And then he paused and said. "And it turns out it was Father all along." He chocked. "Father did so many terrible things. I thought I was helping to fix him. Meanwhile, he was committing crimes. He went after me, I was thrown off a skyscraper by the bodyguard he was controlling. Nathalie started helping him, or maybe she helped him from the beginning. I know Nathalie likes Father but I never know she would use a miraculous to help him commit crimes. Sometimes, they didn't just use people, they committed crimes themselves. I don't know what to do. My whole world is falling apart"

Adrien...thought Plagg and Emilie.

Emilie then spoke up and said. "Adrien, you need to listen to me." He turned his head and saw the seriousness in her eyes. "Does everybody know about the Miraculous?"

He said. "Yeah, thanks to Father, Nathalie and an Akumatised Chloe Bourgeois, everybody knows about the Miraculous. Even the heroes in New York, know about it. The Miraculous temple came back. It's common knowledge"

"Dear god. Gabriel...if I get my hands on you" she said, and Adrien was confused.

And then she told him who she was before she comatose and he and Plagg were shocked.

He was apparently a part of a family of Miraculous holders.

She said. "The Peacock Miraculous is no doubt in police custody. That thing is broken, it's dangerous"

"Hawk Moth fixed it," said Adrien.

She couldn't hide her surprise.

He said. "Yeah, but he tracked down and beat up the only guardian left to do it. The man was 186 years old so it wasn't much of a fight. The old man had to leave the city and a new guardian was appointed"

"My god," she said.

How could this be the same man she married?

So he would beat up old people too?

This wasn't trying to get her back, this was just his excuse to be a garbage human being and gain more power.

If she knew this is what she would be married to, she would have listened to her sister.

She said. "We can't let this go on. When I'm okay to move, I have some serious yelling and work to do. All this time, I thought if anything happened to me, your father will be there but I was wrong." She then said. "I am so sorry for what you went through. Your mother will now take care of this. It's about time an adult actually acts as a parent to you and not a thug holding you hostage"

An hour later, something new hit the deadlines and Krei and the world were shocked.

Emilie Agreste was not only good, she was divorcing her husband and taking back her family name, Adrien last name was changed too.

Krei checked and saw Gabriel Agreste still unconscious in his jail cell.

He looked and found that pissed costumers were already rioting over finding out who Hawk Moth is and causing millions in damages.

Damages, the Agreste estate didnt have.

He wished he could be there, when the man woke up and realised he was broke, the world hated him, his wife was alive and divorcing him and taking back her old name and changing their son name too.

Imagine, being on top of the world before your knocked out and then waking up as Criminal, no family trash.

For a man who claimed to be doing evil to revive his wife, you would think he would be the first one demanding his wife be treated the moment he heard about the success with comatose patients.

Instead he kept her down there for months, continuing doing evil.

Hearing whoever was appointed to defend him try to spin that, was going to be glorious to watch.