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The ground shook as the rexes charged. The group screamed. Most frozen in fear as the two titanic creatures approached at full speed.

For Michelle, everything seemed to slow down to a snail's pace. Her heart beat felt heavy in her chest, pounding slowly away as the rexes inched closer. A part of her mind was wrapped up in child-like wonder at the massive beasts, another screaming in a shrill voice in fear, absolutely sure they were going to die.

A tiny voice said in her head, "What the hell do you think you're doing girl? This isn't no live action movie! This is LIFE. Now get the fuck outta Dodge BEFORE YOU BECOME DINO CHOW!"

Michelle shook her head, eyes narrowing as the world sped up again. She stomped on the gas pedal, the van shooting forward so hard the group was thrown back at first.

She barked to her cousin, eyes not staying off the forest they were rapidly barreling to, "Left, right?"

"Yes! Go left! Left, left, left, left!"

She spun the wheel aggressively, barreling through a gap between two trees. The rexes followed, still roaring, in pursuit of their prey. Michelle dodged between trees, running over bushes indiscriminately, in their attempt to get away.

Most of the children had dissolved into hysterical sobbing. The rexes were biting at the ACU, and they could see the teeth snapping shut right next to the window, able to look down their throats as they roared.

Michelle's hands were in a death grip on the wheel as she pressed the pedal even further into the floor. The car started slowly inching forward a little bit more.

But so did the rexes.

Their pace increased tenfold as they drew up to the side of the transport. Michelle and Lawrence looked out the windows in horror as the rexes ran next to them, looking inside, their huge yellow eyes staring at the cousins.

With ear shattering roars, they slowed down a fraction of their rate so they were running side by side with the van. The kids could see the teeth through the small windows on either side above their heads. The rexes slammed into the side of the ACU again and again, as if trying to knock it over.

Luckily, the vehicle was apparently Rex Proof, as all their blows did was shake the vehicle a bit and traumatize the passengers inside.

Unluckily, the previous owner apparently didn't care about locking up their car correctly. On one of the devastating strikes from the rexes, the back doors, not secured correctly, swung open.

Lawrence turned and cursed under his breath as the kids started screaming louder.

He turned to his cousin, "Uh, hey, are there any buttons to close that?"

"I highly doubt it. This isn't one of those cars. And if it was, by the way they're swinging, I'd say the mechanism is broken. And besides, I'm a little busy trying to evade two fucking Tyrannosaurus Rexes to be worrying about looking for a button that probably doesn't exist! Tell the kids to pipe down. If those rexes-"

Her statement was cut off by the rexes, who roared and slowed down so they were running behind the group again.

They had noticed the doors.

The larger Rex, probably the buck, sped up again so he was right in front of the doors. Leaning in, he poked his head in to grab one of the kids. Their shrieks were shrill, hoarse, and harsh from screaming almost the entire time. They all edged away from the huge head as it looked at them best as it could, and roared once before retreating.

Lawrence felt a flicker of hope. It couldn't reach the kids while everything was moving. He looked out the front of the window and spotted a tiny hill.



"Drive towards that hill! I have a plan!"

"Scariest four words ever!" she yelled, but adjusted their path so they were headed straight for it.

Lawrence unbuckled his seat belt and crawled into the back.

Michelle looked after him, eyes wide, "Dude, what the fuck do you think you're doing?!"

"I said I have a plan! Don't worry!"

"And what's your plan? Getting eaten?!" she turned back to the windshield, "I think I should be worrying here! Driving up that hill is going to make you slide out, into the rexes path!"

He grabbed onto a bar attached to the ceiling, "I know! I'm counting on it!"

Michelle laughed hysterically, "Oh, good! You've gone bat-shit insane! How is you getting yourself killed going to help anyone?! Are you planning to sacrifice yourself to feed the rexes so they stop chasing us? Because that's an absolute shit plan!"

"How about you just shut the fuck up AND DRIVE FOR THE HILL!"

Michelle yelled angrily and hit the gas pedal so far down into the floor it was probably going to be stuck. As they started going up the hill, Lawrence felt himself slightly falling. He smiled and let go, sliding towards the open doors- and the ravenous and pissed rexes.

The kids screamed as he fell, absolutely sure he was going to be eaten. But at the last second, right as they reached the crest of the hill, he jumped, latching onto another ceiling bar and hoisting himself up as the female rex made a snap for where he previously was.

They started down the hill, leaving the rexes behind for just a few seconds. It was all the time he needed. The doors swung back inwards from the gravity, and Lawrence jumped down, grabbed them both quick as a whip, and yanked them back into place, locking them securely.

He pounded on the side of the van, "Michelle! Go, go, go, go!"

She smirked and yanked the wheel violently to the left, making a very sharp turn. The rexes slid, falling over each other, but getting back up and continuing the chase. Michelle kept making aggressive turns, causing the rexes to fall over themselves again and again.

Eventually, the rexes stopped chasing, roaring after them in an angry and tired defeat. Lawrence watched through the back window as they turned and lumbered off.

He whooped in relief and joy. He smiled at the kids, who went from scared to happy in a millisecond, starting to laugh.

Michelle looked back at her cousin, the turned around, tipped her head back and laughed loudly, whooping in excited relief.

A few seconds later, she eased off the gas and started applying the brakes. They had reached another clearing. There was a tiny building with a damaged fence around it.

As they pulled slowly up to it, shuddering to a stop, Michelle noticed the building had no windows, a single door, and was made of what appeared to be a very thick stone.

They sat for a couple minutes in silence, staring at the building, the jungle around them, and each other.

Lawrence crawled back up front, "So, we made it to the clearing. What's the plan? Do you think anyone's in there?"

Michelle shook her head, "Look at the state of the fence, and the spider webs on the edge of the roof. No-one's been in there for a while. As for a plan…"

She paused, considering their option. She took a deep breath.

"We go in. there might be supplies, or a way to contact someone. Look at that satellite dish, and the sensory equipment on the walls, and the cable running from the building to underground. Theres a high chance we can get some power in there, and maybe contact someone. We could find a map to tell us where we are at the very least."

He nodded, "All right. But you said this place is old. How old?"

"Judging from the size and state of the webs, the deterioration of the fence, and the general architecture of the building, I'd say this is from around the time of the original park. About 22 years ago."

"That's old."

"Especially on Dino Murder Island." She turned, eyeing the rifle hung on the side of the van, "Take the gun, see if theres some armor in here, if so, put it on, and go scout out the building. Don't engage unless you have no other choice. We don't want to alert anything else that we're here."

Lawrence nodded, turning to grab the gun. He hopped out of the car as Michelle undid her belt, stood, and faced the kids.

"Everyone all right?"

There was a chorus of hoarse "Yeah"'s as most of them nodded.

Michelle sighed, "I know that was scary for you guys. Lawrence is heading into that building to see if it's safe. If it is, I'm taking you all in there. Hopefully we can get you all fed. We can see if we can contact anyone at the park and get some help."

Abby looked down at her feet and whispered, "Mr. L got eaten by the dino's… didn't he?"

Michelle sighed again, looking down, "Yeah. I'm afraid he did. We didn't know where he went, so the rexes, or something else must have gotten him. I'm sorry guys."

The kids started whimpering, tears rolling down their cheeks.

"Hey. No crying. Lawrence and I are still here. We haven't left you yet, and we sure as hell aren't going to do so anytime soon. We will get you all home. It'll be ok."

Lawrence pounded on the door, opening it, "It's clear inside. Let's get everyone in and out of the open."

Michelle undid their belts, running another head count as they all exited. Everyone was accounted for. Tired, but there.

Lawrence led them inside and sat them around a table in the center of the first room. They all sat in silence, some resting their heads on the wood.

Michelle pulled out some dried fruit and jerky form the cabinet and passed it out. The kids started to eat as Lawrence waved her over.

"All right kids. Eat your food. I've got to go talk with Lawrence. Stay there, don't explore, and do NOT go outside. I'll be right back."

She jogged over to her cousin, who started cleaning his glasses on his shirt.

"What's up?"

He put his glasses back on, "Well, no dinosaurs, but also no people. There are plenty of supplies, and what looks like a map with a sextant and compass. The map looks old though, so I think you're right on this place being form the old park. Theres some old science equipment, and a really old radio. If I can get some power in here, I can work on them and see if I can bet into the system and contact someone."

"That's great news." She turned to go back to the kids, then turned around again, "And by the way, good job. In the car. That was… pretty brilliant."

"You look like you're in physical pain saying that."

"I am a little bit. Now shut up and get to work. We need to get out of this place. Who knows what's in this building."

Michelle walked back to the kids and sat down, watching the door. A couple minutes went by, then they heard the gentle hum of electricity. The overhead light bars flickered on, allowing Michelle to switch off the hand-held lanterns they'd been using for light.

The kids smiled and clapped at the power. Michelle stood up, grabbed some stacks of paper from a nearby desk, some pencils, and distributed them among the kids, who eagerly took them and started coloring.

Her eyes drifted to the map with the sextant and compass lying on it. Grabbing her own pencil, she marked from memory the main park at the southern tip, and the boundaries between the dangerous north and safe south, and the protected day camp at the northernmost peak of the island.

Tapping the mark for an ACU post in the general area of where they could have possibly crashed, she looked around. There was no identification markers inside, or outside.

According to the map, the visitor's center was three miles away from the post, and a bunker laid halfway in between. Michelle put her pencil down and did some mental math. They didn't have much gas to start with, and the run from the rexes ate up a good amount of what was left.

If they were careful, they might make it to the bunker with some left over, if they didn't find any here. If Lawrence could get the radio working, they might not need to move at all, and just wait for someone professional to get here.

Speaking of, she looked up and saw him waving at her, covered in dust. She stood and walked over, getting worried at the fearful look on his face.


She didn't even have a chance to ask before he interrupted her, "We're fucked. Major time. I got the radio to work."

"How is that a bad thing?"

"Most of the lines didn't work. And on the ones that did… I heard pained screams, roaring of so many different dinosaurs, and lots of people yelling 'Shoot her!' I figure something big is going down. Bigger than us."

"So we're stuck here while another emergency goes down?"

"Yeah. I got the computers up and running. They're still hooked up to the main system, same as the new computers in the main center. According to what I could find, a new dinosaur was set to be revealed to the public in a month, but something went really wrong and it escaped. It's now on a rampage in our area, sort of."

"Oh, that's just perfect."

"Trust me, it gets worse. A bunch of professionals have gone against it. It's dangerous and smart. Everyone in the initial attack on it died some way or another."

Michelle chuckled ruefully.

"Plus, something went wrong on their end, and now fences all over are down. All the dinosaurs are free. They're all over."

Michelle started cackling softly.

"No-ones coming for us. And, some old sensors in the mountain are picking up heightened seismic activity. I did the math. We could have an eruption in two to five years."

"We don't have two or five years Lawrence. We have a couple days at best. Is there anything on the island not going to shit?"

He shrugged, "Not that I could find. Please tell me you know where we are so we can get out."

"Yes, and theres a bunker one and a half miles away that we might be able to find gas at. We also know it's connected to the main park, because it's the one Malcolm was delivered to when the original Rex injured him."

Lawrence sighed and rubbed his face, "We are so fucked."

"That would be an accurate summary."

Lawrence met her eyes, mouth open to say something when a shrill scream rang through the building. They froze, then ran for the group of kids.