Chapter 5

The jungle was silent, save for the never-ending buzz of insects and occasional birdsong.

Michelle let out a shaky breath.

The thing seemed to be gone.

For now.

She delicately stood up and tip-toed to the front, peering out the windshield.

Nothing but the wind seemed to disturb the leaves.

Was it really gone?

She opened the door and crawled out of the flipped van. Everything seemed fine for the moment.

She sighed and poked her head back in, "Ok, everybody out. That thing is gone. But I don't want to be caught belly-up when something comes to investigate."

The group crawled out and looked around apprehensively.

Lawrence frowned, "Now what? We don't have transport anymore, and I'd like to see how you're going to get all of us to safety with that thing, not to mention all the dinosaurs, NOT TO MENTION the snakes, bugs, plant life and God only knows what else is in this jungle."

"We still have transport."

"Our transport is on its back with multiple stab wounds in the bottom. How do we still have it?"

"We flip it back over of course."

He took off his glasses and rubbed his face, "Of course. How silly am I. We just flip it back over using the combined might of six year olds. Any other plans?"

"How about you open your eyes dingbat."

"What does that even-"

"We're on a hill, Lawrence. Simple physics."


"Yeah. Didn't think of that one, did ya?"

"Oh shush."

Michelle turned to the kids huddled next to the car, "All right everybody, we're going to push the car until it starts rolling down the hill."

"Mish, wait. How do we know it will stop on the wheels?"

She shrugged, "We don't. But with luck it'll happen."

"Yes. Luck. Something we've had a plethora of so far."

"Dude, we've survived a huge crash, two Rex attacks, an army of Dilophosaurus, a snake, and a whatever-thing. I'd say we've been really lucky."

Michelle waved Lawrence off as he started to talk, "No more arguing. We're wasting way too much time." She turned back to the group, "Alright everybody. Try to push up. Do it in a rocking motion."

They all stood side by side, pushing on the car, trying to get a rocking motion started. After several minutes of interval pushing, the car was almost ready to tip over.

"All right people, when it comes back, push with everything you've got together. Ready, one two, NOW!"

They all shoved it together. The car tipped over with a huge groan of metal. It tipped over again from the gravity and slowly tumbled down the hill.

Lawrence started, "Wait, we left the doors open!"

"Too late for that now!"

They jogged after it. The car groaned, and they could hear glass crunching as it sped up. Suddenly, one of the doors went flying off into the jungle with a crash.

"We lost a door!"

"Not important Lawrence!"

Eventually, it reached the bottom, rolling over one more time before it ran out of energy. It landed tires down. Lawrence walked around it, giving it a once over.

"We've lost the front doors, I doubt we can open the back now, and the windows in the back are completely gone. The windshield should be gone, but it looks to be bullet-proof, because it's cracked to pieces, but still intact."

"Any flat tires?"

"Not that I can see."

"Then we're good. Everybody hop in. that was way too loud, and we're already on the jungle's bad list."

The kids climbed in the back, buckling their seatbelt. Michelle set herself behind the wheel, turning the key, praying that the car wasn't damaged enough to not start.

The engine clicked, but didn't start.


She punched the wheel. The group jumped as the horn blared through the area. After the sound had died off, it was unnaturally silent.

"Nice going Mish."

She sighed, undid her belt and walk to the front, lifting the hood. Several wires had come undone. Luckily, they weren't destroyed. Michelle stuck the wires back in place and slammed the hood down.

"Alrighty everybody. We should be good to go now."

Twin roars sounded out of the jungle.

The Rexes.

Michelle jumped back in the car, turning the key.

It didn't start.

"Come on, COME ON!"

She kept turning it.

It kept clicking.

The ground started to shake, and the Rexes roared again.

"No, no, NO!"

It wouldn't start.


The engine finally turned over.

The rexes burst out of the foliage, roaring.

The group screamed and Michelle slammed the gas to the floor. It jerked forward, then sped off, the Rexes in hot pursuit. The car stayed right in front of them, but only just barely. The Rexes roared furiously, and Michelle felt a sense of Déjà vu.

She saw a turn in the road ahead.


She turned the wheel violently, almost tipping the car over. Luckily, the leading Rex fell over, and the other tripped over its fallen friend. They sped off down the path, leaving the angry rexes behind.

Lawrence sighed and sat back, "we lost them. AGAIN."

They went over a small bump and his leg slammed into the glove box, which popped open. A small radio almost fell out, but he grabbed it before it could fall out of the car.

"Is that a radio?!"

"Yes it is!"

Michelle cheered, pumping a fist, "All right! Please tell me it's not dead."

"It's solar powered!"

"Even better!"

Lawrence pushed a few buttons and static burst out. They spent the next few minutes listening to static and Lawrence trying to hail anyone.

Then the static broke. A woman's voice came through.


Lawrence looked at Michelle, then pressed a button on the side, "Uh, hello?"


"My name is Lawrence, who are you?"


"We survived a monorail crash on the way to Little Explorer's Camp for Juniors. We're trying to make our way through the jungle to the park. We have 12 children here, and we've gotten through multiple dinosaur attacks. One kid in our group is badly injured. We're running low on gas, lost, and in need of assistance. How fast can you find us?"



Lawrence turned to Michelle, who parked.

She grabbed the radio out of his hand, "We're in front of the main building for the first park. We're also out of gas."




"We did ma'am. We'll be waiting here for you."

Michelle turned off the radio and climbed out. She looked around. The sun was rapidly setting. Within two minutes, they heard a car's engine running.

A jeep burst through the foliage, pulling to a stop next to them. A woman and man jumped out running up to her.

The woman, probably English, put her hand on Michelle's shoulder, "Are you all alright?"

"Roxie I'm guessing. Most of us are fine except for some scrapes, bruises, and some trauma. But Darcy got bitten by a rattlesnake. I gave her some anti-venom and some anti-biotics, cleaned the wound, and been keeping her still as best we can. Which is hard since a pair of Rexes decided we were on their hit list."

The two looked at each other, the tall blond guy, Dave, running to the back of the jeep, rummaging around while Roxie turned back to Michelle.

"How long have you been out here?

"Since around noon yesterday. The monorail crashed, we found this transport, got chased by Rexes, found a hidey-hole, killed a snake, killed a Dilophosaurus, lasted through a night of Rex attacks, fought of an army of Dilophosaurus, started on our way to the park, got attacked by some sort of giant monster, put the car back upright, got chased by the Rexes AGAIN, and now we're here."

Dave stood holding the can of gas, staring at her incredulously, "You went through all THAT?!"

"Yep. Can I have that gas?"

He handed to her silently, and Michelle walked to the other side of the van while Lawrence went to talk to the adults.

"Thanks for finding us. You're lifesavers."

"It's no problem Lawrence. ", Roxie frowned, "But have you seen six other kids out here your age?"

"Sorry, no. But if they're part of the new camp, you might want to search closer to the main park. It was a lot closer than our camp."

"Thank you."

She signaled to Dave, who went back to the jeep and pulled out a tablet. He pushed a few things on it, then waved to Roxie.

"Roxie, I've got them! They're in aquatic area 1!"

"The mosasaurus tank?!"

Lawrence started, "That's in the main park, and you guys have a map!"

"Yes, you lot will follow behind us to the park."

Michelle came back around the car, "Wait, did I just hear that right?"

Lawrence grinned, "Yes you did!"

"We're getting out of here?!"


They cheered and hugged each other, jumping up and down while Roxie giggled.

"Alright you two, back in your transport, and follow us."

They all went back in their respective cars, buckling in and starting the engines up.

They finally had a peaceful drive through the jungle. It was just birdsong and the rumble of the engines. After an hour, they reached the main park. The cars pulled up next to each other and stopped.

Roxie turned to Michelle and Lawrence, "We're going to the lagoon. You lot head to the south ferry docks."

Just then, the ground started rumbling again. A woman ran past them, holding a flare.

Dave frowned, "Was that Ms. Dearing?"

Then a T. Rex ran by, roaring at her.

"I'm pretty sure that was Ms. Dearing."

They started up the cars again, following at a distance. They saw the T. Rex smash through the spinosaurus skeleton. The monster dinosaur that had attacked the kids earlier looked up from a ruined concessions stand.

The two behemoths roared at each other before lunging at each other. The thrashed back and forth, biting and clawing, but the monstrous creature had the advantage. The Rex ended up pinned to the ground.

They saw Claire Dearing and three others run to hide behind rocks. Everything seemed over for the Rex.

Then, they heard a call.

A Velociraptor.

It ran from around a corner, and attacked the monster, which gave the Rex time to get back up. They battled for what seemed like an hour. Eventually, the creature got pushed to the edge of the lagoon, knocking over the fence.

The dinosaurs roared.

And the mosasaurus lept out of its pen, grabbed the creature by the neck, and dragged it down to the bottom. The Rex and Raptor stood staring at the water for a minute, then wandered off.

The two cars pulled forward slowly to the four figures. Roxie stuck her head out the side of her jeep.

"Do you need a ride Ms. Dearing?"

The group laughed tiredly, then climbed in the back of the jeep. They drove to the docks, luckily as the last ferry was boarding.

The groups rushed up the gangplank after everyone and sat down by the rails.

Michelle felt the ship rumble as the engines started.

They made.

They were safe.

They were going home.

Now to tell their mothers how they were never ever going to go on another vacation they planned for their kids ever again.



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