Title: Take me Home (you Silly boy)
Author: dustytiger aka Trista Groulx
Rating: T to be safe
Disclaimer: I don't own Prodigal Son; it belongs to its network, creator, writers, actors, and actresses that bring it to life every week. Don't sue me, I'm poor on disability. I also don't own the little quote at the beginning; it belongs to Tom Waits.
Summary: Eve has baby news for Malcolm and their relationship reignites from there.
Notes: The title is from a Tom Waits song I had always written this from the song but already had a fic of the same title hence the addiction you Silly boy to the title. I really liked Malcolm and Eve together so I kept her alive making this AU and because I'm not dealing with Covid. This is pretty much just fuzzies I love fuzzies heheā€¦ I will be updating daily and hope to get a few reviews on this little fic. The chapters are a little short but it's what I came up with.

"Take me home, you silly boy. put your arms around me, take me home, you silly boy,
all the world's not round without you

I'm so sorry that I broke your heart, please don't leave my side, take me home, you silly boy,
'cause I'm still in love with you"

Malcolm Bright was at his favourite coffee shop enjoying a dirty chai still contemplating leaving. Eve Blanchard had called him out of the blue wanting to talk six weeks after leaving him a message to break up with him. Somehow she still had a hold on him and he was here waiting for her despite how much that had hurt. She came into the cafe and didn't even get a drink before joining him. He stood up and they shared an awkward hug.

"You came," she said, clearly relieved.

"You said it was important," he reminded her. "Have a seat."

She sat down across from him. "It is, Malcolm I don't know how to say this."

"Just tell me so we can get this over with."

"I- I'm pregnant."

Malcolm wasn't sure what to say, he certainly hadn't expected that when she said she wanted to talk to him. He always wanted to be a father but he didn't like the idea of being a part time father he wanted to be there for everything. After the childhood he had he wanted to give his kids everything.

"What are you looking for from me?" he asked finally.

"I don't know. I know I want to keep it."

"I want to be involved. I know that."

"I want that too," she admitted.

"So where does that leave us?"

"We could try again?"

"It's not going to be easy to trust you again."

"I know but I want to try for this baby," she told him. "I want to give it what I didn't have growing up."

"I'd like that too but we'll need to work at this."

"I'm ready for that."

"Did you want a drink?" he offered.

"I could go for a hot chocolate."

"All right."

She was not surprised he was getting her drink; knowing he would probably get them a snack too. He got in line again.

"Another dirty chai, Malcolm?" asked the barista at the cash.

"And a medium hot chocolate with a brownie cut in half please Sam," he answered.

"How do you sleep man?"

"I don't," laughed Malcolm.

The barista got him his pastry and gave the drink order to the other barista who had already started steaming milk for Malcom's drink.

"Extra foam right Malcolm?" asked the other barista.

"Please, Jarrod," he replied, soon the drinks were up. "Thank you."

"No problem man see you soon."

He went over to where Eve was sitting. "I got us a brownie to share."

"You didn't have to do that," she told him.

"I know." He offered her the pastry bag and she took half of the brownie.

She took a bite. "Oh my god that's good."

"They have the best pastries, maybe you can tell my mother I actually do eat."

She laughed. "If it comes up I will."

They soon finished up their drinks. "Do you want to head over to my place?"

"Sure, I've missed Sunshine."

"She's missed you too."

They left the coffee shop and hailed a cab to his place. When they got in they were all over each other. It felt good and it felt familiar to be together even if they were on shaky ground.

Notes: So what do you think? That's part one I hope you liked it. A dirty chai is a chai tea latte with a shot of espresso in it (and is so good). Thank you in advance for any support on this part two will be up tomorrow.