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Green Valley Pines

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: A Second Chance

Bill Cipher was considering many options as he chased down the twins. One was to kill one of the twins in front of him to get him to agree. Then he thought of something even more diabolical.

Kill them right away. Then promise that if Ford agrees to revive them.

And then have them come back wrong.

Oh boy that was a fun plan.

After all there were so many ways they could come back in the wrong way.

They could have no memoires of them. Or they could be in content pain. They could be some sort of undead. Or even just soul less abominations. Or even utterly devoted to him as slaves.

Or even all sorts of combinations…

This was going to be fun.

"There you two are!" said Bill.

The young twins screamed.

However Bill just pointed at them.

And suddenly it turned black for the twins.

Suddenly Dipper and Mabel found themselves in a strange starry void.

"Dipper?" asked Mabel, "Where are we?"

"I don't know…" said dipper.

That was when Dipper realized something horrible.

"Wait… it can't be…" whispered Dipper.

"What?" asked Mabel.

"I think we're dead." Said Dipper.

"what…" whispered Mabel, "No… no… no…'

That was when suddenly a screen appeared, showing Bill carrying their bodies and dumping them on the floor in front of their uncles.

They watched as bill promised that he'd revive them if Ford agreed to let him into his mind.

"No!' yelled Mabel.

"Don't do it!" yelled Dipper.

However Ford agreed to it and both of them winced.

However Dipper noticed something off with Ford's hand .

"what are they doing?" asked dipper .

"What?" asked Mabel.

They watched bill entered Ford's mind and his real body turned to stone .

However they watched as Stan set up the memory gun.

"No…" said dipper.

"dipper what's going on?" asked Mabel .

"Ford is defeating Bill by erasing Stan's memories." Said dipper .

"What!" yelled Mabel confused.

It was true they watched as the real ford took of the fez and erase the real Stan's memories.

They watched as Weirdmageddeon was sucked back through the rift and the town returned to normal.

They watched as Stan who had his memories completely gone not recognizing his own twin brother. But when he saw the younger twins bodies something inside him snapped and he remember them.

The two twin s just hugged each other as they broke down.

And it didn't help when Wendy and Soos arrived.

It was all wrong…

"We have to go back!" said Mabel.

"what/' asked dipper.

"As ghosts!" yelled Mabel, 'We can go back as ghosts.'

"Wait! Can that work! We don't even know where we are!" said Dipper.

"I don't know,…. We'll see…" said Mabel.

"sorry but it won't work." Said a voice .

They turned and saw a giant Axolotl.

"Okay… am I the only one seeing the giant… pink lizard thing?" asked Mabel.

"Mabel… that's a type of salamander.' Sighed Dipper.

"Oh." Said Mabel.

"I'm afraid there are other things for you." Said the giant Axolotl.

"What do you mean?" asked Mabel.

'I will give you another chance at life…" said the Axolotl, "but there will be a price…"

"What do you mean there will be a price?" asked Dipper.

"You can never return to your old life… the damage done to your bodies are something only Bill was able to undo…" said the Axolotl, "You will be given another chance in another world…"

"will we remember?" asked Mabel.

"You will." Said the Axolotl.

"Will we be together?" asked Dipper remembering how everything got started.

"Don't worry you will still have a twin bond…" said the Axolotl.

They looked at each other.

They weren't sure what else to do…

They were dead after all.

"Don't worry… I will let you give good byes… and you will get to rest until it's time." Said the Axolotl.

The two looked at each other unsure really how to handle this.

That night was a pain for Stan.

He couldn't not call them.

He had to inform his nephew and his niece in law about what happened and he could 't protect them.

He just hoped that the fact that that a logical apology would be something they accept;.

It wasn't like they didn't know about the strangest, when they were dating they visited and they knew the dangers of the town.

It wasn't like it was a secret.

He wasn't sure if he could fall to sleep.

If he could…

But he fell himself fall asleep.

He found himself in a strange starry void.

"Mr. Pines!" he heard a shout.

He turned and saw Soos, Wendy, Pacifica and Old Man McGucket were there.

'Dude are we dead?" asked Soos;.

'no I remember trying to fall asleep…" muttered Pacifica.

"Same…" said Wendy.

McGucket sighed… he could feel the tension .

'I believe the reason for the shared dream has to do with… what we tried to do today." Said Ford as he suddenly appeared .

"So we're in a dream?" asked Soos.

He created a gigantic pizza.

That was when Gideon and Robbie finally appeared.

"Okay… so that we thing we tried to do is making dream like this?" muttered Robbie.

"I believe so…" said Ford.

"But you beat him… didn't you…" said Pacifica looking like she was about to cry.

IT was hard not to at the moment.

After all she had just lost the only people she considered her real friends.

"That might night be necessarily true…" said a voice.

They turned and saw the Axolotl.

"The Axolotl…" whispered Ford in awe.

"What?" asked Stan.

"It's a very powerful being… one that one saw a god…" said Ford .

"So god is a lizard." Said Robbie Rollin g his eyes.

"Salamander…" corrected Soos.

'he's right;…" said Ford, 'Wait… how do you know axolotls are salamanders?"

"They're really popular in japan." Said Soos, 'They get referenced in anime all the time…"

"IO see…" said Ford.

"you know one of the reasons why you're here…" the Axolotl, "But it's not the only one…"

"Oh really? What's the other reason for dragging us here?" asked Stan.

That was when suddenly Stan was tackled by Mabel who was hugging him.

"I'm so glad you remember everything… even if the reason was because of us…" cried Mabel.

"Hey…" said Dipper appearing.

"I guess your souls had to go somewhere…" said Stan.

"Why haven't you become ghosts?" asked Pacifica.

"it's because they're needed elsewhere…" said the axolotl.

"What?" asked Stan.

"We're here to say our goodbyes…" said Dipper.

"Seriously!" yelled Pacifica.

"no…" said Soos who started to eat more pizza.

"they will be given new chance in another world…" said the Axolotl.

"You're a god… fix their bodies!" yelled Stan.

"I can't…" shad the Adonitol..

Mabel hugged him harder.

Stan started to cry.

"This is my fault!" yelled Stan, "If I had just calm then none of this would have ever happened."

"No it's my fault!" yelled Mabel, "If I hadn't given Blendin the rift then none of this would have happened… So it's better if I stay dead…"

"Mabel…" whispered Dipper.

"I'm sorry! I'm so, so sorry… I just wish Dipper didn't have to die too." Cried Mabel.

Dipper looked at his sister and felt his heart break.

"I'm sorry… there's nothing I can do other than give them another chance at life…" said the Axolotl.

"So what/ You're just going to reincarnate them somewhere?" asked Stan.

"I'm sorry to say but they're needed most in another world… to be a beacon of hope to someone who will truly need it…" said the Axolotl.

"So we'll never see you again?" asked Pacifica.

"I doubt it…" muttered Dipper not even looking Pacifica in the eye.

"However I do have a warning…" said the Axolotl, "There is a chance Bill could return to the way he is…"

"What do you mean?" asked Ford.

"We made a deal many years ago that he would invoke me and I would give him another chance at life… however there is a chance that other chance will return to what he was during all of your life times…" said the Axolotl.

"What are the chances?" asked Ford.

"1 in 38." Said the Axolotl.

"so… basically like trying to get a 38 in DD N' More D…" said Dipper.

"well it's more like rolling a fail." Said ford.

"Good point…" said Dipper.

"It could be worse." Said Stan.

"but it could be better…" said Wendy.

"I do not know what will happen… but please always be aware of that… for all of you and your families…" said the Axolotl.

All of them flinched.

"He will go after us in our new lives if that happens… won't it?" asked Dipper.

"He will… but there chances are in your favor that it won't happen." Said the Axolotl.

I should let you have your goodbyes…

The Axolotl left the 10 alone.

Apologies were made and other things were talked about.

With the Pines all agreeing that they each had a hand in in it.

Stan also told the younger twins that their parents did know about the strangeness of the town while they were very much upset they knew that the town was dangerous and wasn't too upset with Sta.

They said their final goodbyes which was very painful for almost everyone involved.

Though Robbie's goodbyes to Dipper were filled with glares.

They still didn't like each other…

The next day in Gravity Falls… Ford had gathered the 8 members of the zodiac.

"All right! The truth is we need to talk about this and how to handle things… after all we don't know if he'll be back… but if he does come back he will come after us…" said Ford.

"For Dipper and Mabel…" said Pacifica.

With her saying that they knew that she had a point.

"all right the first thing we need to agree… we don't try to find out where Dipper and Mabel are…" said Ford, "They will having new lives and we shouldn't complicate things with their past lives…"

The others all looked at each other unsure. But in the y agreed to what would be known as The Vow.

Even as their family got bigger and more complicated, even once thanks to an incident that Stan and ford would never talk about involving oddly enough a mutual acquaintance by the name of Rick Sanchez… no matter what happened… for many years The Vow would remain.

On the day what would have been their 13th birthday.

They knew what it was time for as they looked at a light in front of them.

"It's time…" said the Axolotl .

"you ready for this…" said Mabel.

"no…" said Dipper.

"Me neither…" said Mabel.

The two of them ran towards the light.

In another dimension a woman with green hair was giving birth.

"All right! The first one is coming out!" said the doctor.

The doctor was ready for the baby.

Only he wasn't expecting something to happen.

For the newborn baby to punch him right in the nose.

"Gah! The baby punched me!" yelled the doctor.

The woman's husband started to laugh.

"now's not the time to be laughing." Muttered the woman, 'I'm still pushing out babies here.'

"It's a girl by the way!" yelled the doctor who gave it to a nurse.

The woman kept pushing and she let out the second baby.

'No punches! And it's a boy!' called out the doctor.

"you did…" said the husband.

Once things had calmed down, the woman held the two babies who cuddling up to their mother.

"So Inko… what are we going on to name them?" asked her husband.

"I… I just can't right now… I just pushed out two babies and one of them punched a doctor…" said Inko, "I'm in no mood Hisashi."

"she's going to be a handful for sure." Joked her husband named Hisashi.

Inko just glared at her husband.

"I did think of names." Hisashi said.

"really?" asked Inko.

"I was thinking for a girl Hoshiko and a for a boy Hiroki." Said

"Really?" asked Inko, "She looked at the twins…"

"Hoshiko and Hiroki… I think I like that…" said Inko.

However she looked at her newborn twins she didn't know the truth.

The two twins in her arms were somewhat aware of what was going on.

Because they were the recantations of Dipper and Mabel .

"Mabel…" thought Dipper.

"Whap… do we finally have twin telepathy:?" responded Mabel, "Or does it work like Who's Talking?"

"I… don't know…" thought Dipper.

"Do have any idea what everyone's saying?" asked Mabel.

"I have no idea…." Responded Dipper.

It wasn't because they were just born, it was because they were in alternate version of Japan.

And little did they know was just the type of world they were born in…

Next Time: Dipper and Mabel or Hiroki and Hoshiko as they are known as in their new lives grow up learning the type of world they now live in. Not only that but they also gain a little brother in this life! However he had something most people in the world don't have! And they plan to give him hope... What will happen/ Find out next time!

A/N: If you're wondering... Hoshiko means Star Child and one of the meanings of Hiroki is Great or Big Tree. So yeah...