Chapter 16: It Has Multiple Quirks

All Might managed to get free from Nomu's grip. It was thanks to Todoroki's quirk that he was able to get away.

Everyone was looking at the half frozen Nomu.

It was clearly stuck which meant it wasn't going anywhere.

However all Might was still injured and he was holding has injury.

Things were looking up due to the fact that Katsuki was holding down Kurogiri. He was also explain to the amorphous cloud he figured out the truth involving his quirk and how he was able to hold him down.

He was now to effectively hold down the cloud man and they couldn't escape.

"Kids today… honestly… not only did you beat our level but you did it at full health." Said Shigaraki.

Yes… he spoke in video game lingo.

"Now Nomu why don't you kill the kid and free our escape route." Said Shigaraki.

That was when Nomu got up ripping off its arm and leg.

Everyone was watching in horror as it struggled to stand.

However that was when its arm and leg began to grow back.

It was a horrifying site in many ways.

Nearby Mineta had to keep himself from vomiting.

"I thought you said that his quirk was shock absorption!" yelled All Might making sure the students were back.

"I don't remember saying that's all it can do!" said Shigaraki, "It also has hyper recreation!"

Nomu sped towards them ready to take out Katsuki.

That was when Nomu smacked into a wall. As it turned out Hoshiko had trapped it in a bubble shield.

As it turned out Aizawa, Tamaki and Hoshiko has managed to finish off the rest of the villains.

And because they were free they could evacuate the other students from the area.

And obviously Hoshiko put Nomu into one of her bubble shields.

"Yes!" cheered Hoshiko, "Since I'm no way close to being exhausted! That thing's going to be trapped there for a while."

That was when the thing punched the shield hard… so hard there was a gust of wind as it shattered.

Hoshiko stared at what happened with dot eyes.

"What! I'm not exhausted at all!" yelled Hoshiko.

"Looks like you are Pig Head." Said Katsuki.

However All Might stopped before they could argue.

"I don't think it's because you're exhausted… I think that is just that strong." Said All Might.

Hoshiko was shocked.

The Nomu turned to Katsuki knew it had to get rid of him.

However Tamaki once again turned his fingers into tentacles and pulled Katsuki away before that thing could attack him.

Yes Kurogiri was able to escape but Katsuki's life was more important.

"What the fuck!" yelled Katsuki angry about that.

"You want to die?" asked Hoshiko.

Katsuki grumbled…

"Shooting Star. I trust you to evacuate the students." Said Aizawa, "Suneater. We'll back up All Might."

"You can't be serious." Said Kirishima.

"Sorry! But Eraser is right!" said Hoshiko.

"But thanks to Kacchan we know his weakness and…" said Izuku.

Hoshiko looked at her little brother.

That was when Izuku found himself in a bubble. A complete one as in one he can move and walk around in.

"Why fuck did you say that you iodic!" yelled Katsuki knowing that Hoshiko was clearly in protective big sister mode.

Izuku just face palmed.

"All right if the rest of you five try to butting into the fight I will put all of you into bubbles and roil you away! Got it!" scolded Hoshiko.

Tsuyu and Mineta had joined the other four.

However Shigaraki noticed something.

"There's something more going on with them…" laughed Shigaraki.

Meanwhile in the Mountain Zone…

It was a good thing that Nejire had chosen the mountain zone.

Because as it turned out there was another villain there.

But not just any villain, a villain with an electric quirk wearing a skull like mask.

And it was clear he was the guy jamming any signal.

But thankfully they made sure that he didn't take any hostages.

"So you're the one who's been jamming the signal." Said Nejire.

"Yes! Unless you take me out then there's no hope for help coming." Mocked the villain.

"Oh help is already coming." Said Nejire.

"What?" asked the villain.

"They should be here any minute. The fact that we can't get in contact with the school means that they already sent the teachers." Said Nejire.

"What?" the villain asked again.

"In fact it's because you jammed the signal that we knew what was wrong with everything going on." Said Nejire.

"Are you fucking kidding me!" yelled the villain.

The two younger girls sighed in relief that help was coming.

The villain however just stood in shock.

Back in the central plaza…

Hoshiko had gathered all six students.

Of course Izuku was sighing, because he was embraced by the fact that his sister was doing this.

Granted he did have a habit of throwing himself headfirst into things.

At he was mobile unlike the other bubble.

"All right! We need to get out of here and now." Said Hoshiko.

That was when Shigaraki who was sparingly fast ran towards Hoshiko with his hands extended.

"Hoshiko!" yelled Izuku.

"It's fine." Said Hoshiko, "You think I didn't notice him."

"That was when you think." Said Shigaraki.

However he soon found his hands covered in the shield.

"Oh come on!" yelled Shigaraki.

"I guess I should have known you'd try to attack me…" said Hoshiko.

She turned to the two that were supposed to be keeping her eye of them.,

"You two need to pay attention!" she yelled.

Shigaraki managed to touch the shields, however they didn't decay as all.

He quickly realized that the shields were some sort of energy constructs. Because of that they were immune to his quirk.

However he quickly put two and two together.

He had noticed that she was able to hit hard with the shield.

And while Hoshiko can control her shields she wasn't immune them. If someone hit her with one it would hit her hard too.

And he did manage to hit her hard in the back of her head.

The six first year students were shocked by this.

"What the fuck!" yelled Katsuki.

Due to the attack, Hoshiko ended up becoming drained emotionally (she was just hit in the head after all) so it was easy for Izuku to once again break his sister's shield.

"How dare you!" yelled Izuku comply and utterly angry and punched Shigaraki, sending the man flying.

However Kurogiri saw this and managed to catch Shigaraki in the air and brought him back to the ground. Though it wasn't a soft landing.

Shigaraki was laughing as he managed to get up.

"You know… it's a real shame that you reacted to violence first…" said Shigaraki, "I mean with that powerful punch… just because you're a hero."

"Shut up!" yelled Izuku glaring at the villain.

"Oh what is she a touchy subject for you?" asked Shigaraki.

Tsuyu and Katsuki were both checking on Hoshiko, who seemed to be doing fine though a little dazed.

"You okay Pig Head?" asked Katsuki.

"Don't call me that right now… or should I call you Kacchan right now?" asked Hoshiko.

"She's fine." Muttered Katsuki.

"I take it that Midoriya's sister…" said Kirishima.

"It seems that way." Said Todoroki.

Hoshiko looked at her little brother and sighed knowing that he wasn't going to back down from the fight, not after she had gotten attacked.

"I really hope something happens so that Zuku doesn't have to fight him." Said Hoshiko.

That was when gunshots rang through the facility and Shigaraki was shot.

"What!" yelled Shigaraki as he laid there bleeding.

They turned to the where the gunshots came from.

As it turned out that teachers had arrived.

Meanwhile in the mountain Zone, the villain was also shot.

The three girls looked at the villain collapsed in pain.

"Well… that was lucky." Said Nejire.

"But where did those gunshots come from?" asked Jiro.

"I think it was Snipe." Said Yaoyorozu.

"Sounds about right." Said Nejire.

"yay!" said Kaminari still out of it.

Back in the central plaza.

"Shigaraki… we need to leave now…" said Kurogiri.

"Nomu… make sure you kill all of them!" said Shigaraki, "Even with all of the heroes here I doubt they'll be able to survive."

With that Kurogiri got Shigaraki away, with Kurogiri ensuring to cover their tracks by practically exploding in the black mist.

However Nomu was still there… and tried to punch All Might wo managed to dodge, despite the harsh punch.

All Might however grinned at the monster in front of him.

"I have a plan." Said All Might, "Don't worry."

"But those quirks…" said Aizawa.

"It's Shock Absorption, not nullification." Said All Might.

Aizawa looked at the symbol of Peace.

"Please tell you have a plan." Said Aizawa.

"Yes… I have to go Beyond Plus ultra." Said All Might.

Everyone within ear shot just stared at him.

"That's not a plan." Said Todoroki.

"You might not think of it as one… but it is." Said All Might.

He ran towards the monster, and discovered a harsh punch and then another, and then another and another.

Izuku watched… he could tell that each of those punches were way beyond his normal punching strength.

Nomu was soon sent flying being sent flying away, even crashing through the dorm.

"I'm getting old. Back in the day it would have only taken five of those punches to knock him out." Said All Might.

The 6 first years students stared in awe of this.

However that was when suddenly All Might collapsed.

Kirishima started to run towards him.

However suddenly the ground suddenly turned into a wall and cut him off.

"What?" asked Kirishima.

"All Might had an intense fight. He doesn't need you bothering him right now." Said Aizawa.

"It's better that way." Said Hoshiko.

"Shooting Star." Said Aizawa.

"I'm fine." Said Hoshiko.

Aizawa nodded.

"But you should still bring them to the entrance…" said Aizawa,. "Though I should ask which zones you were in."

Izuku looked at his sister and breathed a sigh of relief that she was fine.

He could tell everyone could have been a lot worse…

But what Izuku didn't know was that Shigaraki had gained a hatred for him due to everything that happened during the fight… and that Shigaraki was going to be after him from now on…

Though he wouldn't know for quite a while…

But thankfully the USJ came and went without any too serious injuries… which was way better than how it could have gone without Hiroki checking up on things… it really was one of the best case scenarios there was.

Next Time: They have to deal with the aftermath of the USJ. What will happen? Find out next time!