Fuyumi felt her entire body blush as she returned to her usual coffee spot for the day. She stared at the road where she had nearly died yesterday, though instead of thinking about nearly dying, she couldn't stop thinking about him. He barely said two sentences to her! And one was literally proposing that they get married!

And that they should get a house! Which meant living together! And a mortgage! Would she have to struggle to get him to take out the trash? She had to raise her voice to get Natsuo or Shoto to stop brooding long enough to do it. She asked her father once and had to explain to him why burning garbage was illegal and why their house smelled bad now.

And that they should have two kids! Which meant that they first had to have one kid, which meant that they would have to have sex, and that was a whole can of worms that had been so suppressed recently that it was about to explode if touched in the wrong (or in this case right) way. And to make things worse! To make things approximately 50% worse! She had one upped him and demanded that they had a third child!

Which meant more sex!

Sure! The idea of both of them naked had crossed her mind several times and then lingered there as she was trying to do some homework on child development, and she might have spent a good hour daydreaming about having kids of her own, but that was normal. What wasn't normal was the hour or so she spent in the bath last night as she just stared at the corner and let her mind just kind of wander.

She didn't even know his name, but he had literally shown up and reminded her that she could fall in love, and then when he left, part of him remained (his eyes mostly) and they were telling her that she was very much a woman and then promptly became the captain of her desires and sailed into new and uncharted waters.

It was a distraction she didn't need.

So, why was she looking for him then?

Fuyumi flapped her arms and blended in with the crowd, her cheeks warm against her scarf as she made a bee line for her usual coffee shop. She went there enough that like half the staff knew her by name, which, considering how they were in Tokyo, was exponentially more impressive. Hell, she didn't know most of her classmate's names.

It wasn't really like she was looking for him. Or that she was hoping to find him again. It was just. She couldn't get him out of her head. She actually kind of wanted to know his last name. Mostly so she could find out if she liked it better than Todoroki.

"Ahhh…" she let out a silent scream as she entered the coffee shop, the warm air inside blasting her with the scent of coffee. What on earth was she thinking? She didn't know the first thing about him! Okay, she knew that he was a hero, and she was pretty sure that if she googled 'green haired hero' she'd be able to find him easily enough. But. She was actually terrified of that idea.

Besides, if he meant even like a fifth of what he said, then he'd find her.

Was that childish? Probably.

Was it the correct way to handle someone randomly proposing to her? Hell if she knew, but that's what she was going to do!

"Oh, well if it isn't Fuyumi." The usual barista smiled at her; the girl always had a knowing smile on her face that clashed with her lazy, half-lidded eyes. "What can I do for you today?"

"Hi Ollie." She knew her barista's name. She needed to find a new place. "Just the usual."

She reached for her purse.

"Oh, you don't need to do that," Ollie reached down under the register and pulled out a note. "A certain someone left you a note."

"Did he have green hair?"


Crap! Fuck! Crap! What the hell!


He went through the effort of finding her while also putting the choice to actually respond on her! It was both complete and utter bullshit, but probably the nicest way he could have gone about it. Guh.

"Umm." Fuyumi stared at the carefully folded note for what felt like an hour. What would accepting that note mean? What would it cause? What would it change? How much of her life plan would be changed by this moment? If she refused, that would be that. She would go forward. She would get her degree. She would become a teacher. And she would meet some other guy.

She touched the note softly, and then Ollie forced it into her hand.

"Seriously Fuyumi, when Deku came in—"

Deku? That name felt familiar. Well it was a hero, she must have heard someone mention him before right?

"And I described what you looked like his face lit up in like, a 'holy crap this dude is head over heels in love with her' kind of way. Like, I'm just saying, whatever impression you made on him was a strong one."

That wasn't good!

"So, like, I don't know, give him a chance or something. Besides," she pointed towards the wall behind her, "you can do a hell of a lot worse than the youngest hero to ever get into the top three."

"He's in the top three?" Fuyumi muttered and looked at the picture that hadn't been hanging on the wall yesterday. It was of Izuku, Ollie, and the manager in a kind of awkward way. It was sweet.

"Yeah, how did you not know that? Do you like, live under a rock or something?"

"No, it's nothing like that, I just, don't really pay much attention to heroes."

"Ahh, still, maybe this one you should?" Ollie gave her a light wink and then spun on her heels and then slammed down a cup of coffee. "The usual, as paid for by Deku."

Fuyumi grabbed the cup and felt her entire body burn up. "Thank you."

She was halfway to class by the time she managed to calm down and take a seat on a park bench.

Did she text him? Did she call him? Did she send a selfie? She didn't have any make-up on, but she didn't yesterday, either. So that would be fine? Did she even know this was the right number? She didn't even know if there was a number.

There had to be a number. It wasn't going to be like some kind of 'meet me here in a week' message, right?

She'd leave her number.

With enough of a blush that even her coffee felt cold, Fuyumi finally opened that note.

"Can we have a dog too?" The note was signed by Izuku Midoriya, his number left in bold, clear handwriting.

Despite herself, Fuyumi found a smile growing on her face that was impossible to bite back. Her heart was pounding all the way up to her ears, and her entire body was tingling with the kind of happiness she hadn't felt in a long time. With a steadfast diligence, she typed in his information into her phone. Just having him in her contacts somehow felt special. Somehow it felt like this was the point of no return. That this was the moment her life was going to completely change its course.

And she was ready for it.

With a deceptively steady hand, she held the phone up to her ear and heard it ring.



"Hello?" That was his voice.

Her heart pounded. Her breath caught in her throat as she watched as a couple walked their dog off in the distance. Her open mouth turned into a smile as she felt that same daringness that had led to her previous insane response to him. She held that response in her mind, weighing it, judging it, only to find that it was perfect.

"I'd prefer a cat."


Their phone call, their short, miraculous phone call, had one simple result.

A meet up.

A get together.

A date.

Fuyumi couldn't even focus on her class. Every time she thought she could, she found her mind wandering towards her phone and hoping that Izuku had sent her something, only to find that he had, over and over again. His every word seemed to put a smile on her face and she could barely contain herself during class.

She had to resist the urge to run towards their destination. She wondered if it was fine to just meet him right after class like this. She was in her winter class clothes, which were on the modest side of cute and on the very side of conservative. But, then again, she didn't really have date clothes.

She was nervous, excited, slightly nauseous, and more than a little worried about what was going to happen. With every step she took towards their meeting spot, she felt like she was leaving her old life behind. Her old life of cooking for her brothers and never knowing if her father was going to be home for dinner. Her old life of trying to be the only one that wanted a normal happy family.

Her excitement overpowered the pang of guilt she felt.


Her mother always told her to focus on her own happiness.

This was all so crazy. How much of this was she going to regret the moment she could actually think straight? How much of this was she going to be cheering for the second her brain realized what her heart was doing? What would happen if he realized just how crazy all of this was?

She saw him. He was standing there in civilian clothes. The dark winter colors he wore gave him an aura of maturity, but his perfectly messy hair gave him an aura of playfulness. The tight sweater he wore that hugged his frame gave him an aura of confidence.

In short:

Oh no. He was hot.

But she knew that already.

Their eyes met for the second time, and they rushed towards each other, as if pulled by strings attached to their hearts. It was the same magic she felt when they had first met, when he had literally swept her off her feet. Only now, there was no truck. There was no emergency pulling him away.


Now they could see what these sparks meant.

"Fuyumi." The way he smiled when he said her name. The way he said her name. It melted her heart. "I'm really happy you came."

They were standing so close. She flapped her arms and smiled up at him. The five or so inches he had on her were comforting. "Yeah, I'm uhh, thanks for asking me out."

"My pleasure." He held out his hand, and it shook for a moment, then it steadied. "Shall we?"

She stared at his hand for a moment, her own shaking hand reaching out and touching his. The shaking stopped. In less than a moment, their fingers were entwined and they walked around on the waning afternoon hours in the park.

Eventually, by accident or on purpose, they had walked the day away. In Tokyo the stars were a rare sight, but as she looked up to the sky with her fingers joined with Izuku's, the lone moon reflecting on a pond, she swore she could see more stars that night than she had in her entire life.

"So," she finally gathered the courage to ask, "about what you first said to me."

She bit her lip and looked at him. Her entire body was shaking as she searched for the answers. Time seemed to act differently around him. The past few hours had gone by in seconds, but this one single moment seemed to last for a lifetime.

"How serious were you?"

Their hands fell away and Izuku scratched the back of his head. He moved forward and leaned on the red wooden railing of the bridge they had stopped on. "Well," hand still on his neck, he glanced back at her with a look that made her spine tingle. "It was weird. The moment I looked you in the eyes, I couldn't help but feel like this was the woman I wanted to marry and spend the rest of my life with."

What on earth was she supposed to say to that?

"So, then." She wanted to move beside him, but her legs were frozen in place, so she rocked up and down on her heels and clapped her hands behind her back. Her face flushed with what she was about to say. It felt like their entire relationship had been about one-upping the other since the moment they had met.

"Why don't you kiss me?"

The words left her mouth with all the grace of a baby bird falling out of its nest for the first time. Terrified. Panicked. And then, somehow majestic as they took flight.

Izuku turned to look at her, his wide green eyes staring at her as he moved with a slow deliberateness that felt like an age had passed. Their hands joined again. "Are you sure?"

She nodded, tempted to push some hair from her eyes but unwilling to let go. "I mean, isn't that the best way to tell?"

"I…" Izuku paused and then nodded.

He leaned down.

She leaned up.

Their hands moved up each other's arms as they drew closer.

His wrapped around her waist.

Hers went around his shoulders.

Their lips met.


So that's what magic was.

Of all the things Fuyumi had expected that night, getting married wasn't one.

AN: I had a physical need to write this.