"I've never gone house shopping before." Rei smiled at them, her arms flopping with every bouncing step along the way. A few months of visits, and her mother had made progress in leaps and bounds; she had even been granted the ability to leave the hospital for a few hours a day.

With any luck, her mother would be out of the hospital permanently before the year was over.

"So it's a new experience for all of us then." Izuku's cheerful laugh and the way Rei squinted and at him filled Fuyumi with a sense of joy and happiness she really hadn't known she was missing. She squeezed Izuku's hand and took a few steps on her tiptoes to give him a quick smooch on the cheek. "What was that for?"

"Being you." She laughed and looked around the neighborhood they had picked out for a good staging location. There were a few family homes available in this area, and it was close to a few schools that were hiring as well. It just felt like the perfect place to heavily consider starting a family.

In a few years, once they were good and ready. Which, judging by how she leg-locked Izuku last night while digging her nails into his back and screaming for him to put a baby in her, might be as soon as her birth control device failed. Sure, she could speed up the process by going to a doctor and getting it removed, but the sane part of her mind was happy to wait the two years for it to expire.

Besides, that sounded responsible and reasonable for everyone involved.

"Oh my, we better make sure there's some thick walls for you two." Rei placed her hand over her mouth like a gossip monger, her blue eyes sparking with life.

Fuyumi squeezed Izuku's hand harder and played off her embarrassment with a slight laugh. "That'd be good, but I just want to have a nice house, with a yard, a decent sized bath—"

"Big enough for two?"

Fuyumi blinked. If her mother was going to tease her, then she needed to fire right back! "Yep!"

"Oh my, how scandalous," Rei continued to tease, a hop in her step as they approached the first of the three houses they were planning on looking at. All of them were roughly the same; two stories, two restrooms, a small bath, a large bath, a kitchen, and a yard just big enough for Fuyumi to consider taking up gardening—though, considering how her green thumb was poisonous, that probably wasn't going to happen.

Was Izuku good with plants?

He had green hair. That probably wasn't related to having a green thumb.

Still, she had confidence that any yard they got wouldn't go to waste.

The first house was more of a classical design, with many rooms having the tatami mats that her father's home had. That would have made it feel like home for Fuyumi, but spending the last few months living with Izuku and his hardwood floor, and his carpet, made her realize she didn't miss it. Plus, she had many memories of having to replace the mats as a child because of how easy they were to damage. Hell, her father went through a few a month.

The second home was the exact opposite, with it skipping modern and going right into futuristic.

The fact that the house talked to them was not a bonus.

The third and final house was home.

A pleasant foyer, that was connected to a hallway that neatly cut the house in two, with a pleasant living room, dining room, and kitchen all combined into one room that was longer than it was wide dominated one half of the ground floor, and a master bedroom with its own bath, and another room, covered the other half. The top floor had one bedroom on one side of the room, with three more running the length of the building. All of them were small, but easily large enough for a single child.

A bedroom for her and Izuku, and office room for them to share. Three bedrooms for their children.

And one more.

"Wow," Rei looked at the empty room with a wide smile on her face. "What are you guys going to do with the extra rooms? An office maybe? I don't know if you'll be able to have too much workout equipment here, but you could certainly fit some!"

"Actually, Mom," Fuyumi stepped forward and gestured back towards Izuku before she grabbed her mother's hands and held them up, "we talked about this a lot, and we'd love if you were to come live with us when we move in."

A smile appeared on Rei's face that contradicted the tears already gathering at the edges of her eyes. "Are you sure? I mean, I wouldn't want to impose on you two, and, I'm just, you know, a bit of a basket case, so I mean—"

"Rei." Izuku placed a hand on Fuyumi's shoulder and then stood next to her. "We're sure. Besides, Fuyumi isn't that loud."

She swatted him in the chest.

"You two," Rei pawed at the tears falling down the side of her face and let out a wet sob. "You just want a cheap babysitter, don't you?"

"Mom, we just want you to be a part of our family."

She sniffed, and smiled. "Then, I guess I have no choice but to accept!"

AN: Reminder, in Japan, it is common to have elder parents live with the family, and this would be true for Rei's circumstance as well.

Also, i might be running out of steam with this fic. Though, I might need to write more Izuku Fuyumi scenes.