The Immortal Witch and the Princes of Asgard: one-shot.

Just a little one-shot for you to enjoy while I try to get my feet wet again and start writing again. Warning this has not been beta read. I do not own Thor or Harry Potter.

"You went to war?" Thor spoke in a derisive voice the emphasis placed on the you.

Hermione froze her eyes narrowing. "It was a magical war." She explained.

"So you fought against little tricks?"

Hermione saw red at his patronizing and disdainful tone. "I fought against torture and death! The enemy didn't care that we were just children. Children that fought, using little tricks to fight against Deatheaters that were using far more dangerous curses."

Thor laughed thinking it couldn't have been that bad.

Hermione whipped her wand out pointing it at the condescending Asgardian.

"How about if I show you a little trick I learned from a friend."

"Why don't you show me a far more dangerous curse, I can't imagine it would be all that bad."

"The spells the enemy used are forbidden. However, I will show you a funny little spell my friend taught me." Instantly she cast the bat bogy hex, as well as an Avis and Oppugno at the Asgardian.

He tried using his hammer to destroy the bat bogies but they simply flattened out, multiplied and continued their attack. Instantly the demigod was running around crying out for her to "Call it off, call it off!" While the birds were attacking mercilessly.

Hermione smiled for just a moment then called off the bat bogies and birds. Thor was laying in a puddle of his own snot, and distantly he could hear people laughing.

"How dare you do that to me!" He roared and all laughing stopped.

"Perhaps next time you will show magic a little respect, if not me." Hermione hissed and walked away.

Thor in his anger raised his hammer looking at the retreating back of the young witch obviously considering taking his revenge.

"Thor!" The angry voice of his father called. "Were you seriously considering using Mjolnir against Hermione who is a guest in my house and who had her back turned?"

"Look at what she did to me father!"

"And she could have done far worse. This was child's play for her."

Thor growled. "She attacked me in your home."

"This son, was hardly an attack at all. I would think you would be used to things like this with Loki as a brother. Not to mention I do believe you earned what she did. Son you should know better than to mock a warrior like her. After all she has been through she deserves some respect she deserves your respect."

"And what all has she been through father?" Thor asked starting to calm down but still angry and still thinking that it couldn't have been all that bad.

"That is her story to tell. But I will tell you that she wasn't lying. She faced torture, starvation and death to free Midgard from the slavery of an evil and immortal megalomaniac."

Loki found Hermione in the gardens.

"That was the best thing I have seen in a millennia." He laughed delighted with this new addition to Asgard. Perhaps Midgardians were not as bad as he had always thought. Perhaps, he could make a new friend and maybe, just maybe even more. For once, here was a woman who wasn't enamored of Thor.