Hey Night Owls! I have been a shitty updater for the rest of my stories bc I have a bunch of crap going on at home. So this is just a short thing that I can do everyday to still be able to write. Hope You Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Characters


Octavian, on a bridge: I'm gonna jump!

Camp Jupiter, not able to show their hate for him: No!

The Seven, have been waiting for him to die: *grabs popcorn* *yells* DO A FLIP ON THE WAY DOWN!*pulls out phone to record*


Ask the Seven-Persassy?

Annabeth: Oh no

Jason: Why?

Leo: Do it Percy!

Percy: People call me Persassy because I'm so sassy that other people are jealous of my sass level and because my ass is the sassiest part of my sassy self




The Seven:...


The Gods:...

The World:...

The PJO fandom: *applauses and hollers*