A/N: Another drabble about our favorite couple! Please enjoy! Thank You to SWWoman for EVERYTHING you do.

A Beautiful Prison

She was trapped. At least that's how Joss felt. How long must she stay in this beautiful, luxurious prison? How long must she go on without John?

He said it was for her safety. That his past had finally caught up with him and that she was now a target. But she didn't care. She wanted to be by his side giving him her strength: more than that she wanted him. The touch of his strong hands that could be so gentle, his soft lips that could set her on fire, the whisper of his sensual voice in passion as his warm breath washes over her ear.

It was so unfair. They had just found each other and given in to the desire that had always been simmering beneath the surface. Always the secret looks, the slight brush of a hand or even a flirtatious word or two. They had decided to stop playing games and 'fess up to the unique connection that drew them together.

Turning she placed her hands on the sliding glass door and as she looked into the shadows across the street one shadow detached itself from the rest and began to move towards her.

She reached down to unlock the door and slide it open just as John reached her.

Standing in front of him, her heart racing, she looked into his silvery blue eyes, his intent is clear and she yields to his passion…..

John stood outside in the wooded area that surrounded the backyard of the safe-house Finch had settled Joss after Mark Snow had surfaced and tried to kill John while he was talking with Joss outside her brownstone after a beautiful night on the town. It had been one of the rare occasions that they both had free time with no numbers and no dead bodies.

They hadn't been together long, just a month, but, god, what a month. They had finally acknowledged the connection between them and decided to try to make it work; and it was working great! That is up until two weeks ago. That's when all hell broke loose and John had hid Joss away and sent Taylor to his grandmother. John himself had been in hiding too, somewhat. He still had to work the numbers. He was just more low key about it now than before; trying not to bring unwanted attention to himself.

He was brought out of his musings when he saw movement at the sliding glass door at the back of the house. It was Joss. God, she was beautiful. He shifted a little to get a better look through the glass door. She looked so sad and alone. It broke his heart because he knew how she felt. He felt the same. He missed her smile, her laugh, even her chewing him out about some unorthodox method he used.

He wanted to go to her so he could hold her again, touch her soft skin, run his fingers through her silky tresses, kiss her exquisite lips, and love her from dusk till dawn.

Suddenly he found himself walking towards her as if his life depended on it; in this case it did. He had to have her, to be with her. He could not stand another minute without being in her orbit. As he stopped in front of her she had already opened the door and his heart was racing as he looked into her ebony eyes her intent is clear and he yields to her passion…