Hey there readers, welcome to my first story. This is a personal AU that I've thought up where my first Pokemon Shield character grew up and became the champion, and the adventures of his sister, who was my second playthrough. The story may be patchy here and there, especially since I don't know if I'll take this in a special direction or not. As for my inspirations for writing this, I've been in a rough spot mentally recently, and thought that writing would take my mind off of it.

I hope you enjoy!

"Welcome your new Champion everyone!" Chairman Rose shouted, extending his arms to the crowd, who just watched the excellent display. To Rose's right, is the now-former Champion, Leon. A man who can take a loss quite well, as his opponent discovered, as he is now waving at the crowd, full of adrenaline from their fight. To the man's left, stood a taller, although lanky man, with golden hair styled in an undercut. Deep blue eyes became slightly obscured due to the grime on his glasses. His turquoise-blue tuxedo slightly dirty from the Pokémon tournament that he just powered through, aceing almost everyone but the Champion himself. His black slacks, gloves, and shoes were similarly dirtied, albeit more noticeably, due to their darker color. Much like the Champion, he had a cape of his own, styled yellow with lines going down it, much like the wingsuit of an Inteleon. After 6 years of trying to take the throne of the Unbeatable Leon, 21 year-old Kent Alden has become the new Champion of the Galar Region.

As the crowd cheered for Kent, he patted one of the pokéballs on his belt, the last one to have remained conscious at the end of the fight. It wobbled, though only slightly, in response Smiling down at it, Kent turned towards the crowd and looked around, the adrenaline of the whole situation still not wearing off. The cheers never seemed to die down.

"Now then, I'm sure that you and your team are exhausted and would like to take a rest." Rose said, turning towards Kent, a genuine smile on his face.

"I would bet that they are, after that long of a fight." Kent admitted, looking at Rose, who is adorned in a similarly classy outfit, albeit more clean. "And I'm sure Leon's are too." he commented, taking a glance at Leon, who either didn't hear him or wasn't paying attention. Rose tapped Leon on the shoulder, telling him something that Kent didn't listen into. He was too busy recollecting his calm demeanor, though it was quite difficult to do so with his fans in the crowd cheering him on. Though that was only half of what he was distracted by. He was also thinking about his Number One fan, in the whole wide world. He doubted that she could buy a ticket to the stadium, but he'd still look for her anyways. He didn't get very far before he was pulled out of his thoughts by the sound of Rose over the loud-speakers again.

"Now that this amazing fight has concluded, we shall take our leave. This has been a wonderful time watching these talented folks duke it out, but like all things, it must come to an end." He finished, bringing the noise level from an ear-shattering roar, down to a comparably dull murmur. "But not before our brand new Champion leaves a message for all of us!" As he finishes speaking, he puts a hand onto Kent's back, ushering him to speak as the crowd lets out another cheer.

"I know you all are done with the appreciative comments, but I would like to offer you my own sincere thanks for coming all the way out here to Wyndon," Kent began. "Not only do I thank all of you, but I also thank my partners that have taken me this far in my adventure. This was an exhilarating match that's put an end to this six-year losing streak of mine. The first loss was hard enough, but at least it didn't carry on for too long!" He chuckled, interrupting his speech. "I hope that I can fill the role that I've taken upon myself well enough for all of you. Leon left me quite the position to fill in," He said, glancing at the former Champion, he took on a sly smirk. "Now, why don't we all have a Champion Time? Oh I'm just kidding with you guys, I won't copy his catchphrase," Parts of the audience laughed at this, with a couple boo's leaking through. "I know, I know, that was a poor joke. I'm sure all of you would love to have more excitement, but for now I need to take a break after that fight. Once again, I cannot express my gratitude enough for all of you, have a safe trip to your homes! And to those of you that are home..." He cheered, looking for the nearest Rotom-camera, "Take Aim for your Next Goal!" As he finished the speech, he pointed his right hand at the camera, making a finger gun and clicking his tongue.

In his locker room, the adrenaline in Kent's veins finally started to die down, being replaced with a mixture of excitement and anxiety for the coming years. Pacing back and force, he finally steels himself, and checks his phone, expecting exactly what he saw.

15 missed calls - Alexa Alden

Oh boy...


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