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"Ah, would you look at that?" the Narrator announced. "Another beautiful day in our Fair Ci—"

"Oh, what's this?" The voice paused as he looked at the new script that he was handed. "Oh, this one takes place in...Freeport City huh? And we're looking at him ?"

He gave a gentle smile. "Aww, I can't wait to see the little boy again!"

He clears his throat as he starts again. "Ahem. It's Christmas time yay! Children are having fun in the snow, carolers are singing warm songs, and everyone is getting into the festive spirit!"

The camera zooms over Freeport City, where the buildings were decorated with glittering lights of red and green. Further below, streets are dashed in heavy streamers and velvet bows, with even the flowerpots adorned with golden ribbons. At the corner of a street intersection, a group of children gather around as they try to lift a humongous snowball to the top of the almost completed snowman. When the children finally place it down, they squeal in excitement as they rush to their parents, asking if they have anything to decorate their new friend.

Across the street, a long line files outside of a quaint cafe. The majority of the crowd shivers as a frigid gust of wind hits them in the face. A couple walks out of the cafe as they both take a long sip out of their hot chocolate. Some people outside started singing some Christmas tunes, hoping to lighten the mood. A few others muttered under their breath, wishing that this line moved along quickly.

"Wait a minute" The Narrator takes another glimpse at his script. "Oh wait, this story takes place in a much more remote area. My bad!"

Further away from the buzzing town, where the snow seemed to fall twice as heavy, a tiny log cabin can be seen hidden away from the prying eyes of the public. If not for the chocolate wooden structure, one would have thought that there was just a vast expanse of white all around.

The cabin looked fairly simple, just a wooden base with a mint colored rooftop. And it seemed to feel that way for showing festive cheer as well. Unlike the majority of the cabins in Freeport, which had Christmas lights hung around the house or blown up holiday balloons sitting upfront, this cabin only had a wreath nailed to the front of the door. Some smoke can be seen puffing out from the chimney, which was the only sign that there was life within these walls.

Inside the wooden house, however, the interior seemed to show a much more festive attitude. All around the house, warm lights are hung on the walls, emitting a soft glow. The windows were trimmed with garlands of red berries, leaves, and pinecones.

Within the living room, the festive cheer was certainly there to be seen. A huge pine tree stood next to the doorway. Colored lights and shiny spheres wrapped around the tree, with a few branches hanging heavy from some handmade metal ornaments. The table in the center held a singular white candle, spreading the smell of warm vanilla all around. Across the room, a fireplace had begun roaring. Above it, three red stockings were nailed to the top, one of them being a bit smaller than the rest.

The Narrator once again clears his throat as he attempts to introduce the story properly. "Umm anywho, on the outskirts of town, a certain little genius is about to have quite an unforgettable holiday…"

At the large window that stood near the tree, a young boy sits at the ledge of it, completely ignoring the snowfall that had just begun outside. A messy ring of gears and metal scrap laid around him, but he didn't seem to give a care. Next to him, a little robot no bigger than his head laid flat on its back, an arm missing.

The boy furrowed his brows as he glared at the piece of metal in his hand. He had already screwed the tiny gears back into place. All that was left was the final bolt that would secure the wire cover.

He adjusted his glasses and reached into his overall pockets, rummaging around until he finally pulled out a tiny screwdriver. Placing the bolt over the hole, he carefully screwed it back into its place, making sure he didn't strip the thread away. Once he couldn't twist it anymore, he reached for the bot and locked the arm back into its shoulder. A loud click can be heard, and at hearing this the boy eagerly flipped the switch located on the back of his metal pal.

The robot's eyes turn red, and as the gears start churning he looks up at his creator. He stares at him for a few seconds, then turns to look at his newly replaced arm. He then jumps up and down in joy as he stretches his new attachment, happy that he won't have to have to rely on one arm anymore.

The boy's face lights up and he claps his hands in glee. "Hooray! Now we'll get to go on more adventures!"

The robot stops his prancing and looks back at the boy. He tilts his head as if questioning the boy's choice of words.

Realizing what he just said, he quickly corrects himself. "Oh! Um, I mean adventures that won't involve us having a snowball fight and me accidentally hitting you into the lake" He looks away sheepishly, still ashamed that his mother had to go rescue his friend after he ran back to her crying about it.

The robot tilts his head back and gives him a thumbs-up, showing that he is okay now.

"Phew. I don't know what I'd do if you were gone! It was starting to get a bit lonely here you know"

The robot plopped down on the ground, waiting to hear all about the boy's day.

"You know, it did take a while for me to fix your arm. Mother said that you were too cold when we brought you back, so she suggested placing you near the fireplace so that you could warm up. But when she put you down, your arm had broken off"

The robot covers his mouth, clearly shocked about this.

"Oh, but don't worry Mate! We didn't lose your arm or any nonsense like that. It just took a wee bit longer for the ice to melt. I replaced your power pack with a new one, and you seemed to be working perfectly fine! Just with one arm"

"However, I was too scared to put it back just yet. So I opened up your arm and replaced the wires and gears just to be sure"

Mate wiped his arm on his head, relieved. He then took a look at his arm again to see if he could find any scratches.

"Of course," the boy bragged, "you should expect nothing less from the great Tobey McCallister III!" He straightens his bow tie as Mate gives him a round of applause. "Thank you, thank you!" He bows a couple of times as if he had completed a difficult magic trick.

He then stops and looks back at his friend. "Oooh, you wanna know what happened at school the other day?" At hearing this Mate shuts his clapping and nods his head.

"Okay then!" he began. "Well if you can recall, last time I went to school I was forced to sit next to Violet, ugh" He blows a raspberry in the air and his robot scoots away, avoiding the mess that came out of him.

"Anywho, the teacher told us that we had to complete this Christmas worksheet packet in order to be done for the day. But she also said that if you finished that early, then you can color a Christmas drawing and eat ice cream!"

Mate watched as the boy's eyes sparkled with excitement. He clasps his claws together in joy at seeing his friend so happy.

"So I tried to finish the worksheet early so that I could get the first scoop of ice cream," he continued. "I finished the spelling sheet, the math sheet, and the cut and paste sheet. I was almost done, and all I had left was the crossword sheet. I finished that one super fast, and so I went up to my teacher to check my work. But turns out that I got one word wrong from the crossword!"

"I told her that she must be wrong, but she said that if I wanted ice cream then I was going to have to figure out what was the last word. I spent the entire day trying to figure out what the word was but I couldn't solve it! It didn't help that the description for the word said 'A popular Christmas jingle'. There are many Christmas songs out there, which one could be the word?!" He slams his fist on the ground, causing some of the metal scraps to fall to the floor.

"It's just super unfair you know?" He pouted. "I clearly deserved my ice cream, but nooo I now need to know all the St. Nick songs in the world!" He folds his arms against his chest and looks towards the window, hoping that the snow can somehow make it better.

Mate, seeing that Tobey was upset about this, gets up and walks over to him. He places his claw on top of his shoe and offers a small pat.

Tobey looks back down at his feet and a small smile tugs his face. Even though his robot doesn't say anything, he sure has a way to comfort him without words. It's no wonder he's such a great friend. People probably wish they had a friend like him around, one that is always willing to listen.

Just then a click-clack sound can be heard behind him. Tobey looks up as a tall blonde woman comes out of the hallway, looking rather angry.

"Theodore McCallister III, just what do you think you're doing?"

Uh oh, he thought. What did he do wrong this time? Well, besides the lake thing and the worksheet thing. He had already gotten a scolding about those two earlier, so he can't imagine it being that.

Unsure what to do, the young genius decided to play the oblivious card.

"Look Mommy!" he announced. "I fixed Mate's arm all by myself! Aren't you proud of me?"

His mother's face softens as she looks at his robot. Sure enough, Mate was fine as he started dancing circles around Tobey until he noticed her stare. He then stops and gives a friendly wave to her.

The woman sighs and gives a light giggle. "Oh, you did? I'm so proud of you indeed, my little genius! Did it take too long?"

"Nope! All it took was me and my tiny screwdriver!" He snatched his screwdriver that he left and held it up in the air like a sword, it's rusty tip shining somehow.

She smiles at her son's new accomplishment, glad that she didn't have to pay for more replacement parts. She then walks up to him, who was now sword fighting with an imaginary knight. Bending down so that she can reach him, she pinches his cheeks. "Oh, that is wonderful my dear! I see you are putting your father's tools to good use".

"Moooom," Tobey whined, "I'm five years old, which means I am clearly not some baby to be doted on!"

She stares back at her son, taken aback by his words. Recalling how she was talking to a young prodigy, she smiles even more and picks up her son. "Yes my dear, but no matter how old you are you will always be my sweet little boy" She pecked his cheek and placed him down on the carpet.

Tobey wipes the cheek that his mother kissed.

Honestly, he didn't understand what was the need to show such affection to him. But he had to admit the attention that he receives from her is quite delightful.

He pulls out his screwdriver again and proceeds to stab at the air as if he was in a battle.

"But now that your friend is fixed," his mother chided, "it's about time that you got ready for dinner, don't you think?"

Tobey pauses his sword fighting for a moment. Drat. He had forgotten that mother had chosen an outfit for him. The other day the two went shopping together and he had promised that if he dressed up for Christmas dinner, then they would go to the local hardware store to pick up some spare parts. He was so eager to fix his friend that he had completely forgotten about their so-called arrangement.

"Oh, don't worry about that Mommy!" he lied. "I haven't forgotten about the grand dinner that we're gonna have with father or anything of the sort…"

"Oh good! I would hate it if your father came back and saw that his family didn't even bother to dress up for his arrival"

She grabbed the robot that was sitting at the window and placed it in her son's hands. "Now run along and go put on the outfit that I bought for you. I'm sure that your father would love it!"

He groaned at the thought of wearing something elegant and sulked over towards his bedroom. "Fine, mother. Come along Mate, we must get ready for tonight"

At the mention of his name the robot dashes over to his creator's side, an extra skip in each step.


Tobey looks back at his mirror, infuriated that he somehow let this happen to himself.

He wore a green long-sleeved plaid shirt, with strips of black and red crossing over. A trail of white buttons ran down the middle, in which he had chosen to leave the very top one unbuttoned. A tiny pocket on the top right of his shirt hid the tiny screwdriver that he refused to part with. Over it, he sported a pair of red leather suspenders with a golden button in the center.

He looked over at the shopping bag sitting next to him and grabbed it. Placing his arm in, he scoured around to see if he had forgotten anything. He felt a tiny ziplock bag inside and pulled it out. It contained a dashing velvet bow tie with golden laces at the ends of it. He squinted his eyes as he saw that a slightly smaller bow was also in the bag.

He grinned to himself. He was glad that his mother hadn't forgotten about Mate, even though he had practically dunked him into the frozen lake. It was nice to know that his friend was included in the family. Why it was almost like having a brother of his own! Well, a brother that constantly needed his power pack replaced.

He rips the bag open and draws out the larger bow tie. He unraveled it and wrapped it around the collar of his neck, murmuring to himself as he tied it back.

"Fold it here, wrap it around...fold it twice and pull it through...and done!"

He stared back at himself in the mirror, proud that he had mastered the art of bow since he was a wee little boy (well, he's still little but of course he won't admit to that). The bow was now tied in a butterfly style, which just so happens to be his second favorite way of tying bow ties.

After admiring his handiwork, he called for his robot. "Mate! Come over, mother bought something for you as well!"

Mate, who was busy playing with a pile of wires, looked back at him. Delighted that he gets to wear something, he drops the wires in his hand and runs back over to Tobey.

"Hmm, wait a minute" the boy remarks. "You're not wearing a collared shirt like me. How are we gonna put the bow on you?"

The robot placed his claw on his chin, puzzled. He plops down on the ground and taps his chin.

"Oh, I got it!" Tobey exclaimed. "Mate, pass me a piece of wire over there" He pointed to the pile of wires that he was playing with earlier.

Mate, upon hearing the boy's command, jumps up and walks over to the pile. He plucked a red wire that lied at the top and ran back to Tobey. He held up his hand and showed him the wire he picked out.

Tobey grabs the wire and holds up the tiny bow. He readjusts his glasses as he notes a small gap within the bow. He carefully threads the wire through the gap, making sure that he doesn't pull it in the wrong direction.

Once the wire has been placed, he gets on the floor and gestures for Mate to come over. The tiny bot steps up to him and waits patiently. Tobey then wraps the wire around Mate's neck and twists the ends together so that it doesn't unravel.

"There you go! Now we both look pretty spiffy huh?"

Mate looks at the mirror and stares at his new adornment. He tugs at the bow tie as he continues to marvel at himself.

Tobey pats his head, glad that at least someone is excited about dinner. He, on the other hand, could care less. Sure, he can't wait to eat the delicious pastries that Mother made, but he can't exactly say much for the special guest.

He let out a small groan as he thought about the man. It wasn't so much the fact that he dreaded seeing him, but more like he doesn't have high hopes for their meeting. Father hasn't been around for a while, and while he did appear a couple of times, he has grown to expect less and less of him.

There was one day though that stood out for him clear as day; his 4th birthday.

That entire day he had grown hopeful of getting to see father again after a whole month, but alas as the hours passed he didn't even show his face or give a call. Distraught, Tobey ran off to his father's workshop and grabbed one of the screwdrivers that laid on his desk. It was a rusty multi screwdriver and, upon further inspection, some of the bits were missing. But it was a perfect gift for himself.

If he couldn't be there for me, he thought, then I might as well put this darn thing to good use.

And of good use it was. He practically used it for all of his projects and "reparations" that he did (well, what he could "repair" when Mother wasn't around). It was especially helpful for building his first robot Mate, which has so far been his most successful build.

And he felt no remorse whatsoever for "gifting" himself. When his mother found out what he did, she demanded that he return it to his father's workshop where it belonged. He cried to his mother that there was no use in leaving it there if no one bothered to go into his shop. Ever since then, he was granted permission to go into his father's shop whenever he pleased.

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard the very same woman call for him. "Tobey! Dinner is almost ready!"

He sighed to himself. Welp, hopefully they won't have to wait too long for father to arrive. Perhaps the old man may even show up earlier than usual. But regardless of what would happen tonight, all that he knew was that he could count on the Yule log that mother prepared earlier today.

He marched over towards his bedroom door and creaked the door open. "Coming, mother!"

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