Title: Hyacinth

Prompt: Purple Hyacinth: sadness/asking for forgiveness + Tsuchigomori

A/N: For littleredfox, for the Hanakotoba raffle! I forgot how challenging it is writing an exact drabble (100 words)! Tscuhigomori's such a tsundere.

Summary: Tsuchigomori didn't regret what happened with Amane. It was easier that way.

Tsuchigomori didn't regret. He'd long since moved past such human feelings of loss and rue. There were no uncomfortable pangs when he saw Hanako, unchanging decade after decade. No aches when he saw that fairy-tale in his library, of a future that never happened, of a teacher who looked for the stars. Not even a lump in his throat as Hanako laughed away his death just as he laughed away every bruise and cut Tsuchigomori had bandaged before.

He didn't regret, and so he didn't feel joy either at the sight of this lost boy's first real smile as Nene and Kou peppered him with questions.