Title: cherry blossom

Prompt: nene + cherry blossom: kind, gentle, transience of life

A/N: For yokesimental! I wanted to play a little with Nene learning why she can see the supernatural and what it meant for her lifespan.

Summary: Nene had always admired the cherry blossoms and their beautiful, short lives.

A pink petal fluttered through the air and Nene held out a hand to catch it. Soft, fragile, delicate: cherry blossoms were the embodiment of everything she wanted to be as a woman.

Hanako-kun peeked up at her from under his hat, his expression nervous. "Nene?"

She curled her fingers, pressing the petal to her skin. It seemed she'd gotten her wish. "How long?"

He looked away. "Soon."

Of all the things she'd have in common with these beautiful flowers, she'd never thought a short life would be one of them.