Finding Nemo: Jaws and Claws

Chapter 3: Stories to Tell

We slowed down a bit as we got out to the open sands. If anyone knows seals, they are very curious around humans. I was walking while Lanna swam beside me, "So...what're your thoughts about humans?" she asked, like Cara and Rocko, I had my encounters with humans in the past from my first molt to my last one. Humans are actually not so bad.

"I was measured and weighed once by something humans call a 'conservation group', and...I was thrown back in the water," I replied to Lanna, but I had more tales to tell, "so I do have another one, a couple molt cycles back I got caught up in a fishing line, and I washed up ashore, there were so many humans on the beach that I decided to just dig in,"

"And then what happened?"

"Well, a human found me, a little fella he was, and turned me over on my side, so I was 'claws out' to get myself back on my feet and back into the sand, but then the lil' fella's family came by, and turned me over again, and got me on my back," I explained Lanna looked genuinely interested, "as they began untangling me, I heard the mom say 'knife',"

"One of the fishing hooks was in my back leg, and it hurt like a son-of-a-clam, they got it out of the spot between my leg and shell, and untangled the fishing line, the mom told the little one to carry me out to the waves, and that was it, it goes to show the random acts of kindness from humans do go a long way," I said in conclusion, "what about you?"

"I got a few of my own," said Lanna

"So I get around on these flippers and a tail fin, and I happen to know you're not a Hawaii native, you're a newcomer to the Kona reefs, yeah?" Lanna asked me, I just shrugged my pincers. It's true, but I like it there, "I was on the East Coast visiting family, I saw a lobster having trouble with an octopus, this lobster was a big one, I'd say at least 40lbs,"

"The old guy had a lot of fight in him, let me tell yah," said Lanna, "so he was 'claws out', and circling on the floor, the guy had nowhere to run and the octopus was taunting the poor guy, so as his tentacle was ready to catch him, I sprang in and got myself a meal out of the octopus," I've had my encounters with octopus. There isn't much a crab can do.

"So you let the lobster go?" I asked

"Of course, a Mainer that big? It deserves it's respect, and not boiled and served with drawn butter," Lanna concluded, and sighed sadly, "I confess, I've eaten some of your kind, but hear me out before you scuttle away, I really hate getting pieces of the shell wedged between my teeth, like you said, it hurts like a son-of-a-clam," I did understand the seal

"I'm not leaving you, Lanna, you wanna see the Reefs of Kona? I'm taking you there," I said, staying true to my words, Lanna picked me up with her flippers and hugged me as she was swimming and spinning in a corkscrew, "Okay! Down girl! Down! I don't like these kinds of rides!" I said going 'claws out'. What use is it when she has me by my apron?

"I'm so happy!" Lanna cheered,

"I know! You're making that crystal clear!" I called out, watching the view of the world constantly changing from seeing the sea floor to the sea. Lanna slowed down, and I was placed back on the sea floor, and I had to wait for the ocean to stop spinning for a moment to gather myself. Through she has eaten my kind, I'm not mad at her. That's just life.

"All better?" she asked out of concern, I nodded, "I'm sorry about that, but joy to me is just one of those things that's hard to contain at times, yah know what I'm saying?" she asked, we crabs and lobsters don't have a lot to jump for joy about. Making friends is really something. If someone out there will extend a fin or claw to me. It means a lot to me

"Don't worry about, just be you,"

I scuttled a bit to the left, then to the right before I was able to get moving again, "Okay, I'm good," I said with a ready sigh, I think Lanna is going to like it at the Reef. I might have to find a new home since I've been gone for so long that I think someone else might have taken up residence there. Maybe a lobster? A fish? Another crab? Things happen.

I do worry about one of my kind around the Kona Reefs. Like me, I don't fit in the area as I simply just moved in and made a home for myself. There are the Giant Samoans. Do not get on their bad side. Lanna looked out, seeing a bit of coral that seems to have seen better days in the past, "Let's go there, it looks like a nice place for a rest," said Lanna,

"Ah...a nice little burrow," I purred

The waters soon darkened with the coming of the night. Though I rest my tired legs and Lanna her tired flippers, I keep my senses alert. With open ocean and a flat sea floor for miles, you never know what's going to go bump in the night. I heard the sound of something swimming above, Lanna moved herself in front of my burrow, "Don't make a sound"