How to Train Your Dragon: Flame of the Isle

Chapter 1: Emerald

Hello there. Good to meet yah. You have caught at a good time. I was about see to a good friend of mine. Apologies. You're wondering who I am, and where you are. Well then, where you are is a land of enchantment. This isle is my home, and my best friend is not what some might expect. My name is Aisling, and I bid you a warm welcome to Ireland.

What? Expected my hair to be ginger, yeah? Don't worry yourself, it's a common misconception. Mine is a head of long nut-brown curly locks. My eyes are brown, and my skin is fair. I'm not like other lasses in my village. I'm quite tall at 5'9, and a bit of a weight at 175lbs. That's without my armor. I'd rather not go in much detail. Some lasses call me fat

My father went against the English and the Old Code, and trained me as a knight. Where there are knights, there's bound to be a mortal adversary. It was I who learned a lesson I took to heart. You see, what gives our land it's mystique is that we live alongside dragons. Some hear how Saint George slew a dragon. Let me tell yah, that is only one dragon

I was called upon by the Sheriff of County Sligo for my services. I was told that a dragon had been burning the crops of the nearby village of Keash, and the villagers want it to be slain. I took up the challenge in plate armor, chainmail, and my semi-sculpted brigandine which displayed the Finnegan Family coat-of-arms. With my armor, I have my arms.

Behind my back is my heater shield. At my sides on a sword belt are an arming sword, and a dagger. At hand, I'm armed with a Trifoil Cross battle-axe. I set off on foot up the summit of Keshcorran Hill. I happen to know there are sixteen caves up here. Which one could possibly hide a dragon? Your best guess is my guess if that's not too much to ask.


I went into the caves, not knowing what to expect. I ventured further in, and my ears came across the sound of breathing. The kind that sounds when someone, or something, is sleeping. There's a thing about armor. It's good for protection, but it's lousy when it comes to being discreet. What I didn't know yet is that what is residing here knows I'm here.

I looked about the cave. I didn't see any bones from people, but those of fish, sheep, and goats. There was no hoard of treasure to be found as told in the tales. And there after much walking about, I saw the dragon. The dragon was no drake, but a dragoness. She was laying on it's side, and staring at me. It's gaze was not threatening, but questioning.

Those pupil-less eyes are like molten gold. She has a long pointed snout lined with three rows of small spikes the size of bear fangs, and cheeks like those of a horse. She has a pair of horns behind her head as long and straight as the blade of a sword. Her black claws are like those of an eagle, and whose size can pin down a man in one hand with ease

She looked fit, and mature of body with strong front legs, and smooth, well-muscled, but still feminine back legs. Her wings, though folded back, looked immense and can most likely blow down a house as if it were caught in a storm. She had three rows of spikes on her back. The middle row is the largest of the three. Her long tail had spade-shaped tip.

The dragoness blinked her eyes, and stared at me. As I was about to attack, I began to question myself. There was something in those eyes. I saw innocence. I dropped my axe to my side. I just couldn't do it. I went down on one knee to her. I rested my hands on the haft of my axe. The dragoness came up to me, and felt the warm air from her nostrils.

"I can't..."

I looked up to see that the dragoness looked ready to eat me. She nuzzled my cheek. As strong and intimidating as she looked, she seemed rather docile. From her green scales covering her body, there is no doubt. This specimen is a 'Benbulbin Emerald'. One of three common dragons on the Isle include the 'Mount Gabriel Copper' and 'Lowland Bronze'.

I touched my fine mesh chainmail-covered forehead to hers, and stroked her cheek and neck. It is amazing that armor so smooth to the touch is impervious to spears, arrows, and most manners of weaponry, "You are innocent, aren't yah?" I asked, flock thievery aside. The dragoness nodded, "if you didn't do it, then can you help me find out who did?"

The dragoness nodded, and pointed her snout to a saddle. Is there a knight out there missing a horse? Between two spikes on her mid-back, I strapped on the saddle. She flew out of the cave with me mounted on her back. There was no better feeling in all the isles. I pulled back my chainmail coif to feel the sea breeze through my fluffy and curly locks

As she flew back down to the top of Keshcorran Hill, I made a friend like no other, "Do you have a name?" I asked, figuring that she understands me, "I know one most fitting for yah...Aoibheann," I concluded, she seemed to like that name and lightly nudged my arm with her snout. Now I have a friend, and her trust. Now it's time to prove her innocence