How to Train Your Dragon: Flame of the Isle

Chapter 6: Mount Up and Take Flight

Aoibheann is a strong dragon. She didn't seem to mind the weight as I put on some supplies on the saddle from a goatskin wineskin of water to food supplies. Among with my weapon, I brought out my hunting knife, my longbow, and my arrows. I wrote back to my sender that I would arrive in Berk within two days. As a knight, I do stand by my word

As I put on my chainmail coif and adjusted my sword belt, Aoibheann gave me a 'dragon kiss', a lick on the cheek. I chuckled to her sweet gesture, "I love you too," I giggled as she nuzzled the little curl that always sticks out in front, and out of my coif. I got up on the saddle after a last check to see if I was missing anything. We're all set. We took flight

Sad to say, there was no crowd of villagers to see me off. We had to leave at first light. On my saddle, I had a light breakfast of two oat biscuits. Just enough to have something in my belly. Aoibheann skimmed her lower jaw on the waters of the sea, and plucked out a fish for her breakfast. I patted her lightly on the side of her neck to tell her 'well done'

By the onset of the afternoon, we found a small island and a place to rest. Aoibheann gave a low groan as her way of telling me that she's hungry, "I know, Big Lass, I'll go look around the island, and find us some food," I said to her, keeping my tone calm and friendly to her as I stroked the ridge of her snout. I had my bow and arrow to go on the hunt.

I stroked and petted her belly, "Such a good lass,"

Out of my armor and into my leather tights, long-sleeve top, and my jackboots, I ventured into the island forest. It didn't take long to find something to eat. A wild boar, a male, was foraging for berries on the ground. I'm taking my chances on supper, and aimed my bow. With one aimed shot, I hit the big male in the side. It squealed, and ran until it fell

"This should make a fine meal for her," I said to myself

'Blessed Be to Flidais' I thought with my prayers to the goddess

"Aoibheann! I've got supper!" I called out to my dragon,

I brought back the fruits of the hunt to the campsite. With my hunting knife, I skinned, and cleaned my portion and left the rest to Aoibheann. With my part of the meat, I made a nice wild boar colcannon for supper. After I took the saddle off her, Aoibheann went for a flight to look around the island and keep herself fit. She will often return after an hour.

The food is good, and I found a nearby stream to wash my dishes. With my dishes away in a sack on the saddle, I polished and cleaned my armor. Aoibheann was watching me with interest, "If I am to be a guest of honor, I must try to look my best for a host, which is no problem for you," I said, polishing my plate armor. My brigandine looks good too.

Resting on Aoibheann's belly, I fell asleep as the fire died down. The next morning, I put on my armor piece by piece. As I fastened my sword belt and pulled over my chainmail coif, I heard the sound of wings. I readied my heater shield, and my axe. Aoibheann made a few sniffs in the air. She snarled lightly. She seemed to have caught on to something

"You take the high, and I'll take the low," I said quietly, Aoibheann flew up to the skies to circle the island. I heard her roar off in the distance, and with that a young lady's voice, and the sound of what could be another dragon. I ran with haste to calm my dragon, "Easy now, Aoibheann, she's a good lass, she won't hurt you," I said stepping in to calm her

"Who are you, and what kind of dragon is that?!" she demanded of me

"My name is Aisling, Lady Aisling Finnegan, and I suppose I'm a Dragon-Rider like yourself, and this is my dragon Aoibheann," I replied, introducing myself and my dragon, and offering her a hand to shake. She looked at my armored hand, and back at me. She seemed a bit hesitant. I looked at her dragon. I have never seen dragons that look like that.

"I'm Astrid and this is my dragon Stormfly," she replied, and shook my hand. She looked at my dragon, and Aoibheann seemed rather keen on her as well. She smiled warmly, and touched her scales, "wait until Hiccup gets a look at you," she stated, with that I just remembered something, and pulled out the letter I received from a fellow of said name

"Oh, that reminds me, a fellow named Hiccup sent me a letter saying he's interested in learning about Isle Dragons, and well, I can say I'm quite knowledgeable on the subject," I handed her the letter, and put my battle axe back in the leather frog at my hip, "if you can help us, Aoibheann and I are looking for a village called 'Berk'," I kindly asked of her

"You've come to the right Viking, follow me," said Astrid. I readied the saddle, and my supplies, and mounted Aoibheann. She flew up, and off to easily catch up with Astrid and Stormfly. Through the clouds, I followed her to the peaceful village which came into view. I am excited to be able to teach someone about Isle Dragons, and how special they are